Vegan Guide to Prague, Czech Republic

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Vegan Dining in Prague, Czech Republid

When I discovered that Prague was a paradise for vegans I was thrilled…and a little confused. Wasn’t the country’s cuisine mostly made up of stewed meats, dumplings, and root vegetables? Why then does Prague have such a vibrant vegan food scene?

In the past decade vegetarian restaurants have been popping up all over Prague and at least twenty nine of them are vegan. Nearly every day I find a new one. No matter where I am in this magnificent city I never have to go far to fill my belly.

​Apparently the growth is organic. According to one vegan restaurant owner, Czechs have started to change their thinking and are very curious. They are happy to try vegan food even if traditional thinking is,”if you don’t have meat in your food then you don’t have food.”

Additionally, even though the past few years have brought about most of the new restaurants, vegetarian dining is nothing new to this city. Prague had four vegetarian restaurants before World War II .

There has been an influx of health food stores in recent years and since Czech’s are embracing international nutrition trends there is more of a market for vegan products and cuisine in Prague.

Thanks to the curious nature of Czechs, vegan options are everywhere and Prague has become my favorite city in Europe (sorry Paris).

Vegan Dining in Prague, Czech Republid

Here are some of the best vegan restaurants in Prague.


Moment Vegan Bistro and Cafe, Prague

Moment Vegan Bistro and Cafe has a daily lunch menu, burgers, falafel, breakfast, and wraps. They also have amazing, foodgasm-worthy desserts, and coffee, tea, beer, and wine. The setting is relaxed, cozy, animal-friendly, and a great place for people watching or reading a book.

Vegan Breakfast, Prague


Incruenti Restaurant Prague

Incruenti is my new favorite vegan restaurant in Prague! 

Opened in 2016, Incruenti serves up delicious Mediterranean cuisine. Although every dish I’ve had there is fantastic, as you can see their homemade pasta steals the show.

For one of the best deals in Prague, go at lunch for a two course menu under $6.00.

Best Vegan Restaurant in Prague

Restaurant Plevel

Vegan Restaurants in Prague

Plevel has two locations, one in the center near Wenceslas Square, and one located in the neighborhood Vršovice. Atmosphere and decor wise, I prefer the one in Vršovice but the food is exceptional at both locations.

Vegan restaurants in Prague

My favorite dish at the Vršovice location is the BBQ tofu marinated in a homemade sauce with with vegetable bulgur and a creamy garlic dip. The dish is utterly satisfying, yet still manages to feel healthy.

Vegan Restaurants in Prague

If you’d like to try a veganized version of a traditional Bohemian dish head to the location near Wenceslas Square and order the Wheat Seitan with Plum-Apple Sauce and “Bacon” Dumplings. It’s spectacular and the kind of dish that will fill you up and warm you on a cold winter night.

Be sure to save a little room for dessert. Plevel has a nice selection of daily desserts and some are even raw. 

Secret of Raw

Secret of Raw

Photo Credit: Secret of Raw

Secret of Raw was opened in 2013. The owners Jan Plajner and Eva Kavkova want to share the Raw Diet with Prague and all the health benefits that come along with it. Their aim isn’t to convert people but to simply provide the option to try something new.


I adore their Mushroom Crepes with Spinach and Garlic Spread. This dish converted me to a raw dining fan. The crepes are delicate, yet hearty, and the mushrooms are robust, earthy, and flavorful. The zesty garlic spread perfectly compliments the opposing earthy flavors. 

Whether you eat raw every day or have never tried it, Secret of Raw is a must visit for an invigorating and fully satisfying meal while in Prague.

Country Life

Country Life

Country Life, open since 1998, is located a few meters from Old Town Square and next door to its health food store, also named Country Life.


The Country Life restaurant offers a wide variety of simple, country style food to choose from. It’s a self serve dining experience where you pay for food by weight. The daily options include beans, pasta, pizza, salad, veggies, and mock meats. To be honest, at first glance I didn’t think I was going to love my meal but the dishes surpassed my expectations. Each was well seasoned, tasty, and comforting.

With its location, daily changing menu, and cozy atmosphere Country Life is a great place to frequent for a relaxed and casual lunch while in Prague.

Loving Hut

Loving Hut Vinohrady Prague

Loving Hut is a worldwide chain of vegan restaurants. There are multiple locations scattered about Prague that offer a vegan buffet as well as a menu. It’s definitely vegan comfort food and when I’m in Prague, a week doesn’t go by without a visit to Loving Hut in Vinohrady.

Vegan Pho at Loving Hut

For a real treat, try their Vegan Pho! You won’t regret it.


Dhaba Beas – Vegetarian Indian Restaurant

Dhaba Beas Vegetarian Indian Restaurant

Another pay by weight, buffet style restaurant, Dhaba Beas Vegetarian Restaurant has a nice selection of vegan Indian dishes. Most of the items on their buffet are vegetarian but everything is clearly marked to show which items are vegan and which include dairy products.

Dhaba Beas is a chain restaurant with eight locations around Prague.


Puro Vegan Restaurant in Prague

Puro is a casual vegan restaurant with a nice selection of sandwiches, bagels, daily hot dishes, fresh juices, smoothies, and desserts. It’s a great lunch spot but is pretty small and can get crowded at peak hours. 

One of the best things about Puro is that it is also a Veganz grocery store and has a fantastic selection of vegan supplies like chocolate, ice cream, sausages, lunch meat, condiments, plant based milk, and cheese.

Puro Vegan Restaurant in Prague


Pastva vegan restaurant, Prague

Pastva (which means feast in Czech) is a fairly new vegan restaurant in the Andel neighborhood of Prague. The food is phenomenal and it’s obvious that someone in the kitchen really knows what they’re doing. Prices are reasonable but for the best deal, go at lunch for the two course menu that’s under $6.00.

Before you leave, check out the dessert case where they have an ever changing variety of vegan and raw sweets.

Vegan Restaurant in Andel Prague

Also, here is a list of other vegan or vegetarian restaurants in Prague I haven’t had a chance to try (or have only been to once).

  • Radost FX – Food can be hit or miss.
  • Lehká Hlava – Clear Head – Nice vegetarian restaurant with a few vegan options. Good atmosphere but a bit over rated in my opinion.
  • My Raw Cafe – Haven’t tried.
  • Mr Hau – Haven’t tried.
  • Maitrea – Nice vegetarian restaurant with a few vegan options. Good atmosphere but a bit over rated in my opinion.
  • RawCHA – Haven’t tried.
  • Raw For You – Haven’t tried.
  • Krmelec Vrsky – Haven’t tried.
  • Vegan’s Prague – Formerly LoVeg. Restaurant was better before changing owners.

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