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Veggie Visa is a vegan website devoted to helping you live a cruelty-free life!

The site contains content and articles meant to inspire and educate anyone interested in living a vegan lifestyle.

You’ll find topics geared to vegan lifestyle, vegan eating and cooking, and vegan travel to help you out in every aspect of your vegan life.

For more information about me or the site, check out the about page.

About Me

Live Vegan.

Vegan Lifestyle Articles

Veganism isn’t just about food. It’s also about lifestyle.

If you want to learn about veganism as it pertains to other parts of life, check out these articles!

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red foods that are non-vegan food

Surprising Non-Vegan Foods↗

Watch out for these 48 non-vegan foods!

Condoms Aren’t Vegan!↗

+ 12 vegan condoms for your protection!

Ethletic Vegan Sneakers

Vegan Shoes Explained!

+39 vegan shoe brands to support!

Veggie Visa Newsletter

Travel Vegan.

Vegan Travel Articles

Just cause you want to get out and see the world doesn’t mean you have to change your lifestyle!

Here are just a few vegan travel articles to start with!

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best vegan luggage

Start Here↗

25 tips for traveling as a vegan. Don’t leave home before reading it.

Best Vegan Restaurants in NYC - Manhattan Skyline

Vegan NYC Guide!↗

9 years in the city, here are my picks!

Vegan Prague Guide!

My home for 8 years, here are my picks!

Randi Delano

Vegan Lifestyle & Travel Videos on YouTube

I recently launched a YouTube Channel with videos on vegan product reviews, vegan taste testes, vegan travel, and more!

Veggie Visa on Youtube!

Cook Vegan.

Vegan Recipes

Craving scones? Want to make tacos for dinner? How about pancakes for Sunday morning breakfast?

Girl, I’ve got you covered!

I’ve been cooking since I was a little girl. Fast forward a bit and I took myself to NYC to go to culinary school.

Give my recipes a try! Don’t worry, they’re easy.

Check Them Out!

vegan scones

Vegan Scones↗

Dessert first? Yup! My favorite meal of the day.

Vegan Bolognese Sauce

Vegan Bolognese!↗

Italian approved, get ready to fall in love!

Easy Vegan Taco Meat Recipe

Vegan Tacos!

Cause life without tacos is no life at all!