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Vegan Food in Prague – Guide to Eating Out With Non-Vegans

View of Prague from Kampa Island

Looking for vegan food in Prague? Hanging with omni friends that can’t seem to wrap their heads around the idea that vegan food can be tasty? Or maybe they just really “need” meat for dinner one night? Then this guide is for you!

Luckily my friends in Prague are pretty awesome. They don’t mind venturing into a vegan restaurant or two with me, but sometimes I want to repay the effort and head to a “regular” restaurant with them and still be able to have something more than liquid bread…aka Czech beer.

David Cerny Babies at Kampa Island in Prague

I’m not going to lie, sometimes you can feel like an alien being vegan in Prague. It’s a bit tricky to find vegan food at non-vegan restaurant.

In fact, many traditional Czech pub restaurants won’t even allow patrons to order a side dish without first ordering a main course. Attempts to combat copious amounts of beer with a few sides of fries will likely be met with a stern “NO” from Czech waitstaff. If you’ve been in Prague long enough you know there’s no point in arguing with a Czech waiter, or trying to butter them up with smiles and pleas. You’re efforts will be unrewarded and your belly unsatisfied.

So what’s a vegan to do? Is eating before heading out in Prague with non-vegan friends the only option? Not always. Luckily there are some great restaurants in Prague offering vegan food. It’s a matter of knowing where to find them.

I recently started a Youtube Series to showcase some of my favorite vegan finds around Prague. Below is the latest video. Here is the full playlist

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Vegan Food in Prague – Where to eat in Prague with Omni Friends

Javánka & Co.

Vegan Food in Prague - Javanka Rice starter

Javánka, an Indonesian inspired restaurant, is one of my favorite places to eat at with non-vegan friends. Not only are there several vegan options on the menu but they are all clearly marked.

My favorite dish is the Vegan Javanka with Tempeh. It comes served with a variety of dishes, each full of different flavors. The highlights are the tempeh and the peanut sauce they put on the salad. It’s really incredible. Also, there is usually a small bowl of spicy sauce on each table. Do yourself a favor and use it liberally.

Vegan Javanka Dish at Javanka Indonesian Restaurant in Prague

Tip: I always order the small version of the Javanka (shown in the pic above) even though I tend to have a pretty healthy appetite. I’ve never left the restaurant hungry.

VIDEO: Check out Episode 8 of Eating Vegan in Prague to see inside!

Bon Fresh Ramen & Soba

Vegan Ramen at Bon Fresh Ramen & Soba in Prague

Just around the corner from Namesti Miru, BON Fresh Ramen & Soba is a little ramen restaurant serving dishes with authentic hand-made ramen & soba noodles.

The usual ramen suspects like chicken, beef, and pork are all featured on the menu, but not to worry vegans are also welcome with open arms by the incredibly friendly staff. Two of the main dishes on the menu are vegan, the VEGE Ramen and VEGE Soba.

The VEGE ramen is served with savory toppings like roasted mushroom, eggplant, tomato, soy sprouts, corn, and spring onions. The broth is mildly flavored and perfect with a spoonful of the spicy chili and sesame sauce displayed on each table. The VEGA soba comes topped with avocado, corn, green beans, sprouts, and sesame seeds.

Dim Sum Spot

vegan dumplings in Prague at Dim Sum Spot

Prague finally has a proper dim sum spot, and it happens to be called…Dim Sum Spot! 

Dim Sum Spot is a cozy restaurant in Letna serving traditional Chinese dumplings and traditional tea. Lucky for us, they didn’t leave out vegans! There are always some enticing vegan options on the menu. 

When I’ve visited they have had at least three vegan options. They have included tofu and spinach, pumpkin peanut, potato and cabbage, potato and dill, tempeh and sauerkraut, and tofu with pea. In my opinion, the potato dill, and tempeh sauerkraut are the best, but all were delicious! They also have vegan kimchi, pickled veggies, and all sorts of different vegan sauces to dip your dumplings in. Finally, they have a selection of vegan desserts daily, including vegan mochi.

I recommend getting the 10-12 dumpling if you’re hungry, but eight is enough for a light meal.

If you’re visiting with non-vegan friends there are plenty of options for them too. Everyone will be happy!

Sumi Garden

Sumi Garden Edamame Vegan Sushi in Prague

Sumi Garden has been my secret go-to for vegan sushi in Prague.

Until now, I’ve only shared it with a few close friends and on my Youtube channel. I guess it’s about time I let the word out on though.

Sumi Garden has a LOT of fantastic vegan options, despite the fact that most of the options are not on the menu.

If you inform the staff that you are vegan, they can tell you all of the options.

My favorites are the edamame, vegan tempura (fried avocado), vegan tempura roll (sushi roll with tofu, avocado, pepper, and cucumber), the avocado maki, and the veggie roll. I also really enjoy their edamame.

Sumi Garden Vegan Sushi in Prague

Sumi Garden can even create a vegan tasting menu if you’re super hungry or looking to celebrate a special occasion.


Vegan Food in Prague - Kofein Restaurant

I’ve been planning to write this article for about a year now, always pushing it aside. Visiting Kofein today for the first time inspired me to get my ass in gear.

What I really like about this restaurant is the vegan dish I tried didn’t at all seem like an afterthought. But before I get into that I should start by saying that the restaurant offers a lunch menu that changes each week and always includes one vegan option. Additionally, many of the dishes on the dinner menu can be made vegan. Finally, the staff are quite friendly and helpful.

I visited Kofein at lunch. The menu, which changes weekly, includes a soup or salad, main dish, and an iced tea. The soup wasn’t vegan and the salad was just lettuce with oil and vinegar, however it was actually quite tasty. But the highlight of the whole experience was the main dish.

It was a savory spinach strudel with oyster mushrooms, tomato sauce and olive tapenade. The exceptionally well seasoned spinach and mushrooms were wrapped in puff pastry and baked till crispy. It was served on a bed of arugula and a rich tomato sauce dotted with salty olive tapenade.

After that lunch I’m pretty sure Kofein will be one of my favorite lunch spots in Prague.

Mr. Hotdog

Mr Hotdog Vegan Hotdog in Prague

Mr. Hotdog is one of the most hipster restaurants in Prague. As the name implies it mainly serves hot dogs but also has sliders and killer french fries.

For vegans, they offer a vegan Chicago Style hot dog. The soy sausage is served in a toasted poppyseed roll and topped with onions, pickles, banana peppers, mustard and tomatoes. It’s not huge so best to pair it with some of their homemade fries and a large pivo from Vinohradska brewery.

Not a beer fan? You can opt for a coriander martini, which sounds disgusting to me, but if you’re into cilantro then it could be right up your alley.

Note: the only difference between the vegetarian and vegan hot dog is that the vegetarian dog is served on a buttered bun, so make sure you specify which one you want.


Typika vegan brunch in Prague

Typika, located in Nusle, is a bit off the beaten path but well worth the tram ride. Delicious food and even more delicious coffee keep me coming back time and time again.

They currently only serve food at breakfast, brunch, and lunch so opt to visit earlier in the day. The menu changes monthly but when I visited there were three (out of four) vegan options on the menu including vegan porridge, vegan pancakes, and a vegan poke bowl.

Additionally, the restaurant usually has at least a few vegan dessert options. So stick around and satisfy your sweet tooth…and don’t forget to wash it all down with some of their stellar coffee!


Vegan falafel and hummus prague at Paprika

Finally, good falafel has come to Prague!

Paprika Mediterranean Bistro & Bar is an excellent lunch time option. The Israeli restaurant serves superb falafel, hummus, and vegan schwarma. For non-vegans they have omelettes and other egg dishes, and chicken schwarma on the menu.

One word of warning, the seating area is tiny and it is often difficult to get a spot. You can make a reservation or if you’re visiting on a sunny day you can opt to get takeaway and enjoy your food in the nearby IP Pavlova Square.

Check out Episode 7 of Eating Vegan in Prague to see inside!

Hana Sushi House

Vegan Sushi in Prague at Hana Sushi House

Good sushi certainly isn’t around ever corner in Prague, and vegan sushi in Prague is even more sparse. Even so, most sushi shops have at least one vegetarian roll on the menu that happens to be vegan. But Hana Sushi House is my favorite for a few reasons.

The restaurant is beautiful, elegant, and has a relaxed vibes. The sushi is made with care by an actual sushi chef, and the wait staff are the epitome of polite. Last, but not least, the sushi is exactly what you’d expect from a quality sushi restaurant.

The rice is fresh, still slightly warm, perfectly cooked and perfectly seasoned. The veggies are ripe and tasty, and the tofu nigiri is savory, meaty, and delicious. Finally, the rolls are uniformly cut and beautifully presented.

These are not designer rolls slathered in spicy mayo. Instead they include a single high-quality ingredient left alone to shine on its own.

Pizza Letna

manna vegan pizza Karlin Prague

Pizza Letna is a hole-in-the-wall pizza joint near Letná park. They also offer vegan cheese as an option and it’s a great place to get takeaway and enjoy your pie in the park.

The Tavern

Vegan Burger from The Tavern in Prague

The Tavern has been serving American diner style burgers since 2010. Tucked comfortably into the corner of a building right across from Riegrovy Sady, The Tavern is immensely popular with local expats and Czechs. Impossible to get into on the weekends, but it’s a great place for a quick weekday lunch.

Despite offering vegetarian burgers for years, The Tavern only recently added vegan burgers to their menu. Rather than the go-to portobello “burger” many joints offer as a vegan option, The Tavern went a few steps further with their spinach, mushroom, garlic, soy and thyme patty and their beyond burger topped with HOMEMADE cashew cheese, truffle oil, grilled onions, and mushrooms on a homemade pretzel bun. The latter of which is currently my favorite vegan burger in Prague!

You can also get their yummy vegan burgers at their sister restaurant, U Kurelů, as well as vegan chicken and waffles at Sunday brunch!


Vegan cinnamon rolls from Conductor in Prague

Conductor is a tiny, mostly takeaway, restaurant with an equally tiny menu. The focus here is on sandwiches and wraps but they also have some daily specials which are usually vegan and usually Asian or Caribbean inspired.

The biggest reason to head to Conductor, though, is to try their incredible vegan cinnamon rolls. They are gooey, soft, fluffy, sweet, and downright decadent. Washed down with a cup of their incredible coffee, it’s an excellent snack. In addition to the vegan version, Conductor also has a traditional cinnamon roll on offer.

Manifesto Market

Manifesto Market in Prague

Manifesto Market Florenc is an outdoor food and culture market composed of repurposed industrial containers. The space has over 17 restaurants, 3 bars, and a few design shops. It’s a great place to head to with friends because everyone can choose food from a different restaurant and meet up at one communal table.

Vegan Falafel and Hummus at Manifesto Market

Vegan options include vegan poke bowls, hummus and falafel, french fries with vegan dipping sauce, tofu Teriyaki, Asian noodle dishes, and even vegan rolled ice cream.


Bowl & Tonic

Vegan Bowl from Bowl & Tonic in Prague

As the name implies, this restaurant focuses on food in a bowl and G&Ts. 

Bowl & Tonic has a surprisingly vegan-friendly menu including two vegan main courses, a vegan soup, and a vegan starter to choose from. Additionally, their brunch menu includes a fully vegan English breakfast with vegan sausages, avocado, tomatoes, mushrooms, baked beans, and toast. Hangover be gone! If you’re only peckish then you can opt for the avocado toast, which is also vegan.

I visited at lunch, and to be honest, had low expectations. I’ve been burned a few times recently by non-vegan restaurants with lackluster vegan options on the menu, so wasn’t expecting much. Thankfully, I’m not always right and my dish was incredibly good.

The Seitan Poke bowl came with a savory seitan, mushroom, and bamboo roulade, and brown rice, onion, carrots, sugar snap peas, roasted kohlrabi and ginger dressing. It was topped with a healthy sprinkling of fried onions, and a big dollop of tangy avocado cream. I was a very happy camper after this meal.

In addition to beautifully presented food, the restaurant also has a long list of tonics, and G&T inspired cocktails, which I can’t wait to return and sample.

Bowl & Tonic Vegan Dessert in Prague

I had only one complaint after my first visit. There wasn’t a vegan dessert on the menu. My boyfriend mentioned this to a friendly member of the staff who vowed to add one shortly. In a week or so when we returned, a new vegan dessert was available and boy was it tasty!

It was an oatmeal flapjack topped with Mango gelée and tangy soy yogurt. A sprinkling of crunchy, salty popcorn gave it added texture and flavor.

The Pind

Vegan Indian Dish at The Pind in Prague

The Pind is an authentic Indian restaurant in Vinohrady. They serve an array of vegan starters and main dishes.

The vegetable samosas, vegetable pakoras, and plain naan are already vegan. Additionally, the Baingan Barta is vegan if you ask for no cream. This dish, which is made with smoked eggplant, is almost the sole reason to go to The Pind. Yes, it’s that good!

Note: if the wait staff tell you they aren’t sure if the eggplant dish can be made vegan, just ask them to check with the kitchen. This happens to me nearly every time I go but the answer always comes back positive.

Arepas de Lyna

Vegan Arepas in Prague

Arepas de Lyna is a Venezuelan restaurant that serves homemade dishes including arepas and empanadas. If you’ve never had either then you’re in for a real treat. Both arepas and empanadas come in vegan, vegetarian, or meat filled versions.

It’s an excellent option if you’re looking for something a bit “different” or craving food from South America.

Mr. Banh Mi

Mr. Banh Mi is a restaurant serving, you guessed it, Vietnamese Banh Mi sandwiches. They also have rolls, soups, salads, and rice and noodle dishes.

The only reason to visit, in my opinion, is for one of their delicious sandwiches. Vegans can choose from two different banh mi options (tofu and mushroom) and meat-eaters have five options (two pork options, chicken, beef, and omelette). Add a side of fries and you’ll be full for hours.

Las Adelitas

Vegan Tacos at Las Adelitas in Prague

Las Adelitas is a chain of Mexican-owned and operated restaurants in Prague.

For a while they included a few vegan items on their menu but have again changed it. They now have a vegetarian taco with cactus and potatoes that can be made vegan if you ask for it without the cheese.  Additionally, their guacamole is very good and vegan. Unfortunately their vegetarian burrito can’t be made vegan because they stuff and wrap them in advance and heat them upon order. So the cheese can’t be removed…and they aren’t fond on making them fresh.

As someone who is from Texas, and has spent a decent amount of time in Mexico, I can confirm the food is pretty close to being authentic.

Burrito Loco

Burrito Loco is a trippy place. It’s a take-away Mexican-inspired chain serving burritos, nachos, tacos, and burgers. It’s one of the only late-night food options in Prague and they are open 24/hrs.

The staff are almost all young stoner dudes that are not usually concerned about keeping the open kitchen tidy. If you’re wasted and looking to curb your hunger at 2am in Prague it’s your best bet.

Vegans – ask for the vegan burrito, which comes with a red flour tortilla (the other tortillas are not vegan), and opt for the “spicy” beans (again, the other beans are not vegan). Don’t worry the beans are Czech-spicy, which means they aren’t spicy at all.

A word of caution, don’t rely on the staff to be knowledgable about what veganism is…remember what I said earlier about the stoner thing? You have to stay alert when ordering here, especially when they move your tortilla off the grill to the selection of cold toppings. These guys are often keen to get your order finished and get back to doing whatever they were doing before you arrived. So they very well could throw some cheese on your burrito if you don’t pay attention.

Burrito Loco also has a vegan burger on the menu but, honestly, I don’t know why one would want a burger at a burrito place.

Restaurant Jelica

I’m still surprised that Jelica has so many vegan dishes on the menu. Tucked away in Prague 5, in the middle of nowhere, this lovely homey restaurant serves delicious traditional Serbian dishes.

An entire section of their large menu is devoted to vegan and vegetarian dishes (most of which are vegan). I highly recommend the vegan Čevapčiči or the vegan mushroom goulash. Both are incredibly hearty, filling, and will warm your vegan heart!

The trek to Jelica is well worth it! Visiting is not only a treat for your stomach but also for your senses. The cozy decor makes you feel like you stepped back in time to visit your great-grandmother…who happens to live in Serbia. It’s a lovely experience.

Cross Club Restaurant

If you’re looking for an awesome night out at one of the most unique clubs in Prague then Cross Club is a great options. But wait…this article is about food, right?

Yes! Cross Club also has a restaurant with lots of vegan options on the menu. I’m not going to mislead you here, when I visited my dish was less than stellar but it’s a solid option if you want to get something substantial in your stomach before a big (long) night out.


Friday 1st of November 2019

Hi, I can't see the vegan burger on The Tavern menu, did you have to ask to make it vegan?


Friday 1st of November 2019

Hi Sona, the vegan burger is on their menu. I was just there a few days ago so I know it's still there. :) If you're looking online they probably just have an old menu there. Enjoy!


Thursday 31st of October 2019

Great trip!


Sunday 28th of July 2019

Going to Berlin, Prague and Cracovie this summer with 3 teenagers and I'm the only vegan ^^ so thanks a lot for those address, think it could be ok for all the family :)


Thursday 31st of October 2019

Amazing! Sound like an awesome trip. Glad the article is helpful. <3