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12 Best Vegan Dessert in Prague – Local’s Guide for 2024

Looking for the vegan dessert in Prague? I’ve lived in Prague for years, so I know exactly where to go to feed that sweet tooth!

Prague was recently named the city with the most vegan restaurants per capita in Europe. That means not only can you finding marvelous vegan food in Prague for any meal and plenty of vegan shopping options, but you can also find magnificent vegan dessert in Prague.

Sinking your teeth into superb vegan cakes, donuts, ice cream, and even raw desserts are all possible in Prague!

Best Vegan Desserts in Prague

Before we dive in…here are a few other articles about the vegan scene in Prague and the Czech Republic:

Share Sweetbar

Share Sweetbar - Vegan Desserts in Prague

Share Sweetbar is owned and operated by the same folks as Palo Verde and Moment. So, you know it’s good!

This all vegan, almost all desserts bar has a large variety of sweets including cakes, cake pops, mousse, tarts, sweet breads and more.

Vegan Poppy Cheesecake from Share Sweetbar in Prague
Vegan Poppy Cheesecake from Share Sweetbar in Prague

When I visited, I opted for the vegan poppy cheesecake. It was creamy and sweet, and the crust was buttery and flaky. I really could not ask for more in a cheesecake. It was excellent.

I also tried their vegan chai latte, which was a creamy concoction of delicious spices and black tea.

In addition to their daily vegan desserts, you can order entire cakes for special occasions like birthdays and weddings. So, keep them in mind for your next celebration!


When I hear about people trying desperately to find vegan trdelník in Prague I cringe. Why? Because the stuff is just one big tourist trend, isn’t Czech, and isn’t even good. If you want something that is actually Czech and delicious, then opt for a koláče.

If you’re smart, and follow my advice, head to Kolacherie in Old Town Prague. They have five different vegan options on offer. They include the poppy, poppy and plum, strawberry and rhubarb in coconut cream, blueberry, and forest fruit in coconut cream.

The poppy is hands down my favorite.

KRAFIN Café & Bakery

Fancy a vegan croissant? Maybe a muffin? Well, Krafin has the best of both worlds with their vegan+croissant combination.

If you aren’t up on your pastry trends, a krafin (or cruffin in english) is a muffin shaped croissant that usually comes stuffed with creamy or fruity concoctions.

Krafin has exceptional ones too. Fan favorites include the pistachio, hazelnut, and the panna cotta and currant filled ones.

If you’re in the mood for something more traditional, I highly suggest the almond croissants. They are my favorite! And, if you want to try a few things here, opt for the mini-Krafins because the regular ones are pretty huge.

Krafin also has a few savory options, regular croissants, chocolate croissants, danishes, and pastels.

You can head to Krafin’s cafe, or find them around town at multiple cafes and farmers markets.

La Donuteria

La Donuteria is a chain of donut shops around the world. With two locations in Prague, this donut shop dishes out both vegan and non-vegan donuts.

These fried, sugared delights come in a variety of interesting flavors. Mostly fruit centric, but caramel, coconut, and chocolate are also up for grabs.

My favorite? The Caramel Lotus. To die for!

What I really love about these donuts are their pillowy interior and crunchy exterior.

Truly a fantastic way to start the day, or get your sugar rush in the afternoon.

Blue Vegan Pig Shop

Blue Vegan Pig Shop

Blue Vegan Pig Shop is an all vegan donut shop in the Vršovice neighborhood of Prague. These donuts are uber fluffy and come in a wide variety of flavors. 

Most donuts are cream filled topped with sweetly flavored icing. This is where they really shine! The Pistachio donut is stuffed with decadent sweet cream and topped with bright green icing. Topped with three salty crunchy pistachio nuts for a contrasting flavor makes for a well balanced flavor experience. The Crème brûlée donut lives up to the name. Topped with burnt sugar icing and stuffed with creamy vanilla custard, it smacks of the original French masterpiece.

The downside of Blue Pig is its opening hours. If you are craving a donut for breakfast, you’re out of luck. They don’t open till noon!

Creme de la Creme

best vegan ice cream in prague creme de la creme

Seriously, this is the best vegan ice cream I’ve ever had in my life. Full stop!

With four locations in Prague, including Old Town Prague, New Town, and Vinohrady, Creme de la Creme serves Italian gelato and offers vegan options. I’m not talking about sorbet either, they have legit vegan ice cream. Flavors include salted peanut, pistachio, dark chocolate, and walnut.They even have vegan cones.

Lines tend to be long at the Old Town and New Town locations, but it’s well worth the wait.

The vegan ice cream flavors weren’t on display in the Old Town location the last time I visited, so ask a friendly staff member what the daily options are. If salted peanut is on the menu, don’t pass it up. It’s ooey-gooey-creamy-good!

Check out Episode 7 of Eating Vegan in Prague to see inside!

Palo Verde

Palo Verde Vegan Waffles in Prague

Palo Verde is a totally vegan restaurant that serves all kinds of delicious food, like tapas, homemade pasta, and delicious desserts.

Depending on the day Palo Verde could have vegan cronuts, macaroons, croissants, cakes, tarts, cupcakes, and breads on offer.

What I like about Palo Verde’s vegan desserts, aside from the deliciousness of them, is that they are all beautifully presented. Some are even downright artistic. It’s the only place in Prague I know if that sells class French style vegan desserts that you might expect to see in a Parisian pastry shop window.

Finally, if you want to start your morning off with sweets, Palo Verde has scrumptious vegan waffles! YUM!

Mama Coffee

Vegan Cake from Mama Coffee in Prague

For excellent, Prague brewed coffee and a few vegan dessert options head to any one of the Mama Coffee shops in Prague.

Some of their sweets change depending on the season. For example, my absolute favorite is the vegan poppy seed koláček but it’s rarely available. They also usually have yummy cinnamon rolls, pumpkin cream filled cinnamon rolls, and berry rolls. Just check to see if they’re fresh. After a day they dry out and are not really good.

Most recently they’ve added an absolutely delicious vegan carrot bread to the menu. The icing is caramel and sesame seed flavored. It’s outstanding!

Their vegan banana bread and chocolate bábovička (shown above) are almost always available. Both are really great options if they are fresh. Unfortunately, like the rolls, they do tend to dry out a bit if they’ve been around for a while.

Mama is a great option if you want to head somewhere that isn’t 100% vegan but is almost guaranteed to have some kind of yummy vegan sweets.

Coffee Room

Vegan Desserts at Coffee Room in Prague

Coffee room is a vegetarian and vegan coffee shop in Vinohrady. They serve delicious coffee from roasters in Berlin and Amsterdam, and have a nice selection of vegan cakes, bowls, and chlebíčky (Czech open faced sandwiches).

There are usually vegan options from Mercy bakery (excellent vegan whole seller) like the outstanding vegan carrot muffin (above). If you don’t see it in the case, ask for it. Sometimes they have it but haven’t displayed it for some reason.

Additionally, their coffee is always of the highest quality!

Bonus, the cafe is really cute and each table is adorned with sweet little cactus plants.


Vegan cinnamon rolls from Conductor in Prague

Conductor is a tiny, mostly takeaway, restaurant with an equally tiny menu. The restaurant serves sandwiches and wraps and also have some daily specials which are usually vegan and usually Asian or Caribbean inspired.

So, anyway on to the reason Conductor made it to this article about the best vegan desserts in Prague!

Conductor only has one vegan dessert, vegan cinnamon rolls, but it’s totally worth visiting just to try them. They’re ooey-gooey-soft, fluffy, and sweet. The perfect answer to a mid-day energy crash, especially if you pair it with some of their stellar coffee!

Just note, the restaurant is tiny. There aren’t tables but you can grab a spot at the counter or take the rolls away to gobble up in the privacy of a near-by park.

Loving Hut in Prague

Loving Hut Vegan Dessert

Loving Hut, my favorite vegan buffet chain, also has desserts.

They have a small, but nice selection to choose from and the best thing about them (aside from how good they are) is that they are cheap! The dessert above cost less than $2.00. The worst thing about Loving Hut desserts is that I’m usually too full from loading up at the buffet to eat them.

For the best and biggest selection of vegan desserts visit the Na Poříčí location which is conveniently located above an all vegan grocery store, World Vegan.


Vegan Sorbet, Prague

Angelato is a gelato shop located in Prague’s historic center. It’s been open since 2007 and offers a variety of vegan sorbet flavors that change on a monthly basis (check their website for current offers).

The servers are knowledgeable about the ingredients so just ask if the flavor you desire is vegan or not. I highly recommend trying the mango sorbet. It’s sweet, tangy, and exotically delicious.

Vegan Desserts in Prague Wrap-up

The above list of places to get vegan desserts in Prague reflects my personal favorites.
If you know of others, please leave a comment below so I can visit and potentially add them to this list.

Craving something savory? Check out my Vegan Dining Guide to Prague.

Disclaimer – I’ve included a few handy little affiliate links in case any of my readers want to book accommodations. I receive a small commission for any sales made, without any additional cost to you dear reader.

Randi Delano, Creator & Owner

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Saturday 30th of October 2021

I ate the best vegan cheese cake at Můj šálek kávy


Friday 25th of June 2021

Palo Verde! Vegan restaurant with EPIC vegan desserts on a rotating basis from local baker. ???

Randi Delano, Creator & Owner

Saturday 26th of June 2021

Yes, Palo Verde is awesome. It's in my main vegan guide. I need to update this one with it. Thanks for reminding me!


Friday 7th of August 2020

Hey :) is there anywhere to get vegan chimney cakes or Czech little pancakes? thank you in advance!

Johanna Gintenstorfer

Sunday 7th of May 2023

@Randi Delano, Creator and Owner, Veggie Visa, Sweet Dreams doesn’t offer vegan chimney cake anymore.

Randi Delano, Creator and Owner, Veggie Visa

Friday 7th of August 2020

HI Jodie, I hear that there is a place near Charles Bridge called Sweet Dreams that sells vegan trdelnik. I've had the pancakes you are talking about at Moment before. I'm not sure if they are still on the breakfast menu but when they were, they were delicious!! :)


Thursday 12th of December 2019

Mercy has closed now, as far as I know - the owner will keep baking for other cafés, but not operating her own.

Donut shop and Coffee room have the same owner, and I am proud to say he's my classmate from uni! :) Very proud of him indeed!


Friday 13th of December 2019

Super sad about Mercy! I've just messaged them to confirm. Hope it's not the case :(


Saturday 9th of November 2019

I love desserts!!