The Best Vegan Dessert in Prague

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best vegan ice cream in prague creme de la creme

Prague was recently named the city with the most vegan restaurants per capita in Europe. That means not only can you finding marvelous vegan food for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner but you can also find magnificent desserts all over the city.

Here are my favorite spots for the best vegan desserts in Prague.

Moment Vegan Cafe & Bistro

Moment Cafe, Prague, Czech Republic

It’s not a coincidence that  Moment Vegan Cafe & Bistro tops the list of places for vegan dessert in Prague. Moment has a savory food menu that includes tasty burgers, breakfast bagels, falafel, soups, and sandwiches but their vegan dessert are where they really shine. I could write an article solely devoted to how much I love their desserts..seriously, they are that good.

Vegan Dessert in Prague

Vegan Dessert Cup

When you go, look for the dessert cup (a whipped “cream” and chocolate cake layered dessert in a cup), the chocolate banana cream cake, or the banana bread. Passing any of them up would be, in my opinion, a mistake.

Vegan Dessert Prague, Czech Republic

Chocolate Tart

Donut Shop Prague

I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time. I even told a friend I felt like the day was coming very soon. And now it’s here. Vegan donuts have arrived in Prague!

The newly opened Donut Shop Prague, serves at least three flavors of vegan donuts daily. The dough is light and fluffy, and the toppings are sweet and seductive. I’m absolutely in love with this place!

If you’re in or near Jiřího z Poděbrad make sure you pop in to see what they have on offer. Grab a few (and some coffee) to take away, and head to one of the nearby park benches on a sunny morning for a sinfully sweet breakfast picnic. Oh and while you’re at it, can you pick up a few for me too?

Coffee Room

vegan dessert prague

Coffee room is a vegetarian and vegan coffee shop in Vinohrady. They serve delicious coffee from roasters in Berlin and Amsterdam, and have a nice selection of vegan cakes, bowls, and sandwiches.

Even though there are only a few vegan dessert options, I really like this place because they usually have some unusual and interesting flavors. The above is a blueberry and rosemary cake. It was extremely moist and flavorful, and not too sweet. Perfect with a cup of their high quality coffee. Bonus, the cafe is really cute and each table is adorned with sweet little cactus plants.

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Sweet Secret of Raw

Sweet Secret of Raw, Prague

As the name implies, all of the desserts at Sweet Secret of Raw are raw. They offer a daily selection of cakes, smoothies, shakes, ice cream, and even cocktails. My favorites slices of dessert heaven here are the peanut butter chocolate cake, pistachio cake, and chocolate maca cake.

Sweet Secret of Raw has delightfully quaint atmosphere and is a great place to catch up with friends over dessert and coffee.

Sweet Secret of Raw Vegan Dessert

Macha Tea Cake with Chocolate

Creme de la Creme

best vegan ice cream in prague creme de la creme

Seriously, this is the best vegan ice cream I’ve ever had in my life. Full stop!

Located in Old Town Prague, Creme de la Creme is just steps from the town square. This Italian Gelato shop in Prague has 5 or 6 vegan options and vegan cones. Lines tend to be long but it’s well worth the wait.

Vegan ice cream flavors aren’t on display so ask a friendly staff member what the daily options are. If salted peanut is on the menu, don’t pass it up. It’s ooey-gooey-creamy-good!

Restaurant Plevel

IMG_0381 (2)

Plevel Restaurant has a full menu offering raw and vegan food, a daily selection of vegan desserts, and tasty beer, wine and cocktails.

Vegan Oreo Cupcake Prague

Vegan Oreo Cupcakes

Although the restaurant can get very busy during peak times, it’s a great place spend a few hours reading a book, nibbling on dessert, and sipping coffee.

The selection is constantly changing but make sure you try the Oreo Cupcake if they have it.

Vegan Restaurants in Prague

Czech Christmas Bread


Puro Vegan Desserts in Prague

Puro is a casual vegan restaurant with a nice selection of sandwiches, bagels, daily hot dishes, fresh juices, and smoothies. They also have a tempting dessert display case filled with vegan chocolates, cakes, muffins, and bars. My go-to dessert here is the chocolate chip and banana muffin or the hemp chocolate smoothie.

Additionally, Puro is also a Veganz vegan grocery store and sells vegan sweets like Coconut Bliss Dairy Free Ice Cream, vegan chocolate bars, hazelnut and chocolate spreads, cookies, candy, and energy bars.

Loving Hut

Loving Hut Vegan Dessert

Carrot and Walnut Cake

Loving Hut, my favorite vegan buffet chain, also has desserts. They have a small, but nice selection to choose from and the best thing about them (aside from how good they are) is that they are cheap! The dessert above cost less than $2.00. The worst thing about Loving Hut desserts is that I’m usually too full from loading up at the buffet to eat them.


Vegan Sorbet, Prague

Mango and Raspberry Sorbet

Angelato is a gelato shop located in Prague’s historic center. It’s been open since 2007 and offers a variety of vegan sorbet flavors that change on a monthly basis (check their website for current offers). The servers are knowledgeable about the ingredients so just ask if the flavor you desire is vegan or not. I highly recommend trying the mango sorbet. It’s sweet, tangy, and exotically delicious.

NOTE: The above list of places to get vegan desserts in Prague reflects my personal favorites. Here are a few other establishments that offer at least one vegan dessert on the menu. If you know of others, please leave a comment below so I can add them to this list.

  • Incruienti Restaurant
  • MamaCoffee
  • Pastva
  • My Raw Cafe
  • Lehká Hlava – Clear Head
  • Maitrea
  • RawCHA
  • Raw For You

Craving something savory? Check out my Vegan Dining Guide to Prague.

The Best Vegan Friendly Hotel in Prague

vegan friendly hostel in Prague

Sophie’s Hostel in Prague is a great choice for vegan travelers. This lovely hostel is located about 10 minutes from the city center, has 14 dorm rooms, 6 private rooms, a small garden, and an onsite cafe and bar. The best part of staying at Sophie’s Hostel is their massive brunch. Just let them know you’re vegan and they’ll do everything they can to accommodate you, including prepare soy milk porridge, and hot roasted veggies. Their friendly wait staff will be happy to walk you through the entire buffet to point out the vegan options. Not sure about the bread? Just ask, they’ll be happy to let you know what’s vegan and what’s not.

Sophie’s Hostel also has a beautiful small 16 room boutique hotel called Miss Sophie’s that’s located directly across the street in case you fancy more, err fancy accommodations.

For more info, or independent reviews of Sophie’s Hostel click here. Want more accommodation options in Prague? Check out my hostel guide on Just a Pack.

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vegan dessert in Prague

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  1. Thank you! Any idea where to buy vegan bread in Prague, is there a vegan bakery or any other place that sells bread that is confirmed to be vegan?

    1. Hey Tarma, you could try the Country Life stores. They have an entire section of breads and baked items. Ask them which ones are vegan. Also, there is a shop on Londynska Street (sorry can’t remember the name of it) between Mama Coffee and Loving hut that has vegan breads. Just ask the clerk and they can help you. 🙂

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