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Vegan Prague Local’s Guide – 20 Best Vegan Restaurants in Prague

Looking for a vegan Prague guide written by a local? Wanna know where the best vegan restaurants in Prague are?

Then you’re in the right place! I’ve been living in Prague for years and know exactly where to, and where not to go.

If you’re surprised to learn that there are ANY vegan restaurants in Prague, you’re not alone. I was too when I first came here. In fact, the capital of the Czech Republic is a paradise for vegans.

Despite Czech cuisine being all about stewed meats, dumplings, and heavy sauces vegan and vegetarian restaurants are all over Prague.

A whopping 47 of them are vegan! Plus, nearly every month it seems like a new vegan restaurant in Prague opens.

Best Vegan Restaurants in Prague

Vegan Dining in Prague, Czech Republid

Before we dive in…here are a few other articles about the vegan scene in Prague and the Czech Republic:

Without further delay, here are some of the best vegan restaurants in Prague Czech Republic. I’ve also included my favorite vegan-friendly restaurants in this guide so you have all the best options in Prague.

Please note – Some of my selections contain affiliate links. These allow me to earn a small percentage every time you make a booking. Using our links enables me to provide all the information found on this site free of charge.

Palo Verde – Vegan Restaurant

Vegan mushroom tortellini from Palo Verde in Prague
  • Restaurant Type: Totally vegan
  • What to Try: Waffles, Spanish Croquettes, tortellini

Palo Verde is an all vegan restaurant and cafe that specializes in homemade pasta dishes and desserts. Additionally, they serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The stunning restaurant is cozy and spacious and has a beautiful, verdant garden in the back that is perfect for an outdoor dining on a nice sunny day.

Dinner options include fresh pasta dishes like mushroom tortellini, and bolognese lasagna. Additionally, there is a tapas plate for two that comes with arancini, chickn poppers, Spanish crouquettes sin jamon, hummus, olives, and bread. An excellent starter for two. Organic wine, sparkling wine, and cocktails are also on offer.

For breakfast there are an array of options like waffles, tofu scramble, porridge, and more. If you want to visit for coffee and dessert, you’re in luck.

Their desserts are homemade and include cakes, tarts, and more. They also offer premium quality coffee and tea too.

One other thing to note, Palo Verde is located inside the Salvator Boutique Hotel. So, if you’re visiting Prague and prefer to start the day with a conveniently located vegan breakfast, it’s the perfect place to lay your head.

Check out Episode 9 of Eating Vegan in Prague to see inside!

Pastva – Vegan Restaurant

Vegan foie gras at Pastva in Prague
  • Restaurant Type: Totally Vegan
  • What to Try: The menu changes regularly but their pate or foie gras are always excellent

Pastva (which means grazing in Czech, not pasta) is a spectacular vegan restaurant in the Anděl neighborhood of Prague. It’s the perfect place for a celebration dinner or romantic meal. The food is absolutely phenomenal, and it’s obvious that the kitchen staff know what they’re doing!

The restaurant offers a reasonably priced daily lunch menu as well as a fantastic dinner menu with a wide variety of options to choose from. Some of my favorite items on the menu include the vegan foie gras and the lasagna. Pure heaven.

Before you leave, check out the dessert case where they have an ever-changing variety of vegan and raw sweets.

VIDEO: Check out Eating Vegan in Prague: Ep. 06 to see inside!

Shromaždiště – Vegan Pub in Prague

Shromaždiště Vegan Pub in Prague
  • Restaurant Type: Totally Vegan
  • What to Try: The fish(less) spread is incredible, but then again everything I’ve had on the menu is great!

Shromaždiště (which means assembly place or meeting point) is a vegan Czech pub in Žižkov with nicely priced beer and food.

This traditionally decorated pub is a few steps below ground and has a cozy atmosphere, and super friendly and welcoming staff. They offer Czech beer on tap, including pilsen and pale ale, and bottled gluten free beer. They also have wine, liquor, and soft drinks.

Zucchini Fries from Shromaždiště Vegan Pub in Prague

Shromaždiště has a fantastic pub grub menu with options like soup, fish(less) spread, beer battered hot dogs, soy curls with Czech dumplings, pickled sausages, and crunchy zucchini fries. Everything I’ve had so far has been delicious!

Note: Keep an eye on their Facebook page for special events and discount days, like “Thirsty Thursdays”.

VIDEO: Check out Episode 5 of Eating Vegan in Prague to see inside!

Belzepub – Vegan Burgers in Prague

Vegan Beyond Burger at Belzepub in Prague
  • Restaurant Type: Totally Vegan
  • What to try: The Vegan Chili Cheese Burger.

As of January 2020 Belzepub is totally vegan!! This change isn’t really a surprise to me since they have always had some of…or maybe THE best vegan burgers in Prague.

The Zizkov bar has a variety of vegan burger options including vegan cheese and vegan mayo, as well as delicious fries, vegan onion rings, vegan fish’n’chips, vegan cheese sticks, and vegan coleslaw. Wash it all down with a frosty Pilsner Urquell (they have some of the best beer on tap in Prague in my opinion) and it’s the perfect greasy meal before a big night out.

Just make sure to check their website before you head there because they have weird hours, including not being open on Saturday or Sunday. Also, they stop serving food at 10:00 pm, so go early!

VIDEO: Check out Eating Vegan in Prague: Ep. 06 to see inside!

Sociální bistro Střecha – Vegan Restaurant Helping the Homeless

Vegan Schnitzel and Potato Salad from Bistro Strecha in Prague
  • Restaurant Type: Totally Vegan
  • What to try: The vegan schnitzel and Saturday brunch.

Social bistro Střecha is a vegan restaurant and cafe is a social enterprise that offers work to people who are homeless or who have recently served time in prison.

The charming, spacious restaurant is located in New Town and offers diners simple vegan dishes, desserts, fair-trade coffee, and drinks at reasonable prices.

They serve a daily lunch menu from Monday to Friday and a set menu in the evenings. They also have a Saturday breakfast offer that changes weekly.

The food is simple, homestyle cooking but will leave you feeling totally satisfied and happy you visited, especially since the bill will never break your budget.

VIDEO: Check out Episode 2 of Eating Vegan in Prague to see!


Vegan Hot Dog from Eaternia in Prague
  • Restaurant Type: Totally Vegan
  • What to try: Hot dog and Fries!

Hot dogs, and burgers, and fries! Oh, my!

The all vegan EATERNIA restaurant is a junk food Mecca. This 50s diner style spot in Smíchov dishes up veganized American, Canadian, Italian, Hungarian, and Czech favorites. The menu included vegan hot dogs, hamburgers, poutine, gnocchi, langos, and fries.

In typical Czech style, the restaurant also has a daily lunch menu with a soup and main to choose from. When I went it was a potato pancake with sauerkraut and tofu.

Having had a Beyond Burger the night before I visited EATERNIA, I opted for the vegan hot dog. A choice I did not regret! The sausage was smokey, the bread buttery, sauerkraut tangy, and the mayo…mayoey?

Of course, I got a side of fries which perfectly crispy and perfectly salted…something all too often not done well in Prague.

EATERNIA also has some awesome looking desserts which I opted to leave for my next visit since I was absolutely stuffed from the hot dog, fries, and delicious Vinohradský pivovar beer I washed it all down with.

If you’re in the mood for stellar vegan junk food in Prague, EATERNIA is one of the best options in the city!

Check out Episode 7 of Eating Vegan in Prague to see inside!

Linh’s Vegan Corner

Linh's Vegan Corner in Prague - Vegan Dragon Tofu

Linh’s Vegan Corner, recently relocated to Havelská 508/9 in Old Town, is a vegan Vietnamese restaurant, cafe, and grocery store.

It’s the perfect spot to grab a hearty and filling lunch after hitting Old Town Square. The large menu features Vietnamese, Thai, Japanese, and Western dishes.

My suggestion, stick to the Vietnamese dishes, because Linh’s does it right! Especially the Dragon Tofu. It’s a dish I had nearly daily when I was in Vietnam and this version is on point. Crispy tofu, slightly spicy chilis, zesty lemongrass. What’s not to like? It’s served with rice, salad, and sauerkraut (giving it a Czech flair).

Linh’s also has a variety of homemade dessert (try the homemade mochi), bubble teas, coffee, and regular teas. Which makes for the perfect ending to an excellent meal!

After you eat, be sure to have a look around the shop for some truly fantastic vegan grocery options. Mock meats, mochi, cookies, ice cream (including Czech made Patipatti), milks, cheeses, and more are all on offer.

Loving Hut – Cafeteria Style Vegan Restaurant

Loving Hut Vinohrady Prague
  • Restaurant Type: Totally Vegan
  • What to try: For a real treat, try their Vegan Pho! The buffet is always good too.

Loving Hut is a worldwide vegan restaurant chain with multiple locations scattered all over Prague.

The restaurants in Prague serve Asian style food like curries, pho, fried rice, noodles, and spring rolls. There is a vegan pay-by-weight buffet or a full menu to choose from.

Vegan Pho at Loving Hut


Country Life – Vegan Cafeteria Style Restaurant

Country Life
  • Restaurant Type: Totally Vegan
  • What to Try: Anything that looks good.

Country Life has been around since 1998. It’s located a few meters from Old Town Square so it’s a great vegan food option for anyone staying in the center of Prague. It’s also located next door to a health food store by the same name.


The Country Life restaurant offers a wide variety of simple, country style food to choose from. It’s a self serve dining experience where you pay for food by weight. The daily options include beans, pasta, pizza, salad, veggies, and mock meats.

To be honest, at first glance I didn’t think I was going to love my meal, but the food surpassed my expectations. It is very simple, and homey, but well seasoned, tasty, and comforting.

If you’re in Old Town and want a quick and affordable vegan meal, this is a good option.

Chutnej – Vegan Fast Food

chutnej vegan prague
  • Restaurant Type: Totally Vegan
  • What to try: Them burgers obviously!

When I saw Chutnej pop up on HappyCow for the first time I was not inclined to run over and give it a try. The pics on their website and Facebook page are a bit misleading. I was expecting it to be akin to a vegan version of Mc Donalds or Burger King and wasn’t enticed. After a few positive reviews from friends and some junk food cravings I decided to give it a try.

The restaurant is much larger and more open than I expected. The space is clean and has a minimalistic feel complete with unvarnished wooden tables and chairs, and the big windows at the front of the restaurant let in loads of light.

Their burgers are solid and they have nice fixin’s like vegan mayo and cheese, pickles, lettuce, red onion, and tomato. They’re a big mess and a touch challenging to eat, but what burger worth its salt isn’t? The onion rings were a bit lackluster but not bad overall, and the lemonades (what Czech call sodas) were up to any hipsters standards.

For the price – 225 kc for burger/side/drink – the quality could be higher, but if you’re craving flavorful vegan junk food and are in the neighborhood, Chutnej is a good option.

Electric Sheep Book Bar

Electric Sheep Book Bar - all vegan cocktail bar in Prague

If you’re looking for a cozy way to end the night, check out The Electric Sheep Book Bar.

This all vegan cocktail bar and English book store serves delicious, classic cocktails, specialty cocktails, and vegan snacks.

The cocktail list is looong. It includes classics like the Sazerac, Old Fashioned, Dark and Stormy, and more. They also have speciality drinks crafted in-house, including a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster. If you want to know what that is, you’re going to have to go find out for yourself.

The menu changes regularly, but you can expect hearty bar snacks and sweets.

Be sure to also take a look at the wall of books while you’re there! They have new and used English books from all genres.

NOTE: Electric Sheep is currently closed for repairs. Check their IG for updates on when they reopen.

Mlsná Kavka

mlsna kavka vegetarian restaurant in prague

  • Restaurant Type: Vegetarian
  • What to Try: Daily Lunch Menu

Mlsná kavka is a straight up cozy and casual vegetarian restaurant in Karlin. When I’m in the neighborhood around lunch time it’s my go-to spot.

Their down-to-earth homestyle cooking is delightful and typically pretty healthy. Their daily lunch menu features vegan options, and on my most recent visit the dessert was even vegan!

In addition to the delicious food and lovely setting, the restaurant is a social company. They employ people who have experienced mental illness. So, when you visit Mlsná kavka, you support two compassionate causes.

VIDEO: Check out Episode 1 of Eating Vegan in Prague to see inside!

Satsang – Vegetarian Restaurant

Vegan Tofu at Satsang in Prague
  • Restaurant Type: Vegetarian
  • What to Try: The brunch and curry.

Satsang vegetarian restaurant has, hands down, the best vegan brunch in Prague.

Not only do they have a build-your-own scrambled tofu menu where you can add loads of different things to your scramble, like vegan cheese and homemade vegan bacon, but they also have big and fluffy vegan American style pancakes, and bottomless mimosas and coffee on the menu.

It’s the perfect weekend brunch option!

Satsang Vegan Curry in Prague

Satsang also has an excellent dinner menu with plenty of vegan options like curry, pad thai, bahn xiao (coconut milk savory pancakes), and vegan mezze. They also have vegan wine on the menu!

If you’re looking for a lovely restaurant for a cozy dinner, date, or a hearty hangover curing weekend brunch, Satsang is the place to go.

VIDEO: Check out Episode 4 of Eating Vegan in Prague to see inside!

Dhaba Beas – Cafeteria Style Vegetarian Restaurant

Dhaba Beas Vegetarian Indian Restaurant
  • Restaurant Type: Vegetarian
  • What to try: Make sure you save room on your plate for the vegan samosas.

Another pay by weight, buffet style restaurant, Dhaba Beas Vegetarian Restaurant has a nice selection of vegan Indian dishes. Most of the items on their buffet are vegetarian but everything is clearly marked to show which items are vegan and which include dairy.

Dhaba Beas is a chain restaurant with 12 locations around Prague.

Paprika – Mediterranean Bistro & Bar – Vegan Falafel & Shawarma

Vegan falafel and hummus prague at Paprika
  • Restaurant Type: Vegan Friendly (Not Vegan or Vegetarian)
  • What to try: The falafel!

Another non-vegan restaurant in Prague serving up delicious vegan food.

Paprika Mediterranean Bistro & Bar serves tasty Israeli food including vegan falafel, vegan shawarma, hummus, and fluffy homemade pita bread. It’s a great spot for a quick lunch, dinner, or takeaway.

They have two locations, one near IP Pavlova and another in Andel. Head to their larger Andel restaurant if you want to guarantee a table and seat.

Check out Episode 7 of Eating Vegan in Prague to see inside!

Arepas de Lyna – Vegan Arepas and Empanadas

Vegan Arepas in Prague
  • Restaurant Type: Vegan Friendly (not Vegan or Vegetarian)
  • What to Try: the Vegan Arepas

Arepas de Lyna is a non-vegan Venezuelan restaurant serving home made food, including delicious vegan arepas and empanadas!

If you’ve never had arepas your tastebuds are in for a real treat. They’re a type of bread/cake usually made from ground corn. They’re cooked on a griddle and stuffed with almost anything you can imagine. I haven’t had them since I was in Colombia so this was kind of a special moment.

The vegan arepas at Arepas de Lyna are served with beans, salad, avocado, and toasted sesame seeds on top. The portions are a bit small for a meal but they’re an excellent snack! Highly recommended.

Vegan Prague Guide to Vegan Pizza

manna vegan pizza Karlin Prague

There are a few places where you can get vegan pizza with vegan cheese in Prague.

To be totally honest, pizza isn’t great in Prague in general. So scoring a vegan pizza is no easy feat. But, there are a few places I recommend.


Chutnej (see above) also has tasty vegan pizzas and the restaurant is 100% vegan!

  • Restaurant Type: 100% Vegan

Pizza Letná

Pizza Letná – a takeaway pizza place near Letná park. Perfect for picnics; just grab a pizza (there are four different size options) and plop down on a patch of grass in the park. If you’re near the beer garden you can get a glass or two of Pilsner to wash it all down.

  • Restaurant Type: Vegan Friendly (Not Vegan or Vegetarian)

Pizza Bertoldi

Pizza Bertoldi is a pizza restaurant in Vinohrady offering four different vegan pizzas on their menu. In addition to vegan cheese, they also have vegan salami.

  • Restaurant Type: Vegan Friendly (Not Vegan or Vegetarian)

Le Pizze di Frankie

Le Pizze di Frankie has one vegan pizza on the menu, the Marinara, and it might not sound all that enticing to you. However, their pizzas are the closest to actual Neapolitan pizza (best pizza in the world, hands down) than any I’ve had outside of Naples.

The Marinara is a traditionally basic pizza that is crust topped with marinara sauce and garlic. Theirs is delicious, albeit simple.

  • Restaurant Type: Vegan Friendly (Not Vegan or Vegetarian)

Vegan Prague – More Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurants in Prague

Here is a list of other vegan or vegetarian restaurants in Prague I haven’t had a chance to try, don’t like that much, or have only been to once.

  • Radost FX – Food can be hit or miss.
  • Lehká Hlava – Clear Head – Nice vegetarian restaurant with a few vegan options. Good atmosphere but a bit over rated in my opinion.
  • My Raw Cafe – I’ve tried one of their vegan desserts and it was really good but haven’t tried the food.
  • Maitrea – Nice vegetarian restaurant with a few vegan options. Good atmosphere but quite overrated in my opinion.
  • RawCHA – Haven’t tried.
  • Raw For You – Haven’t tried.
  • Vegan’s Prague – Formerly LoVeg. Restaurant was better before changing owners. It’s very touristy and I don’t really recommend going there. My dish was overpriced and underwhelming.

Ready For Vegan Dessert in Prague?

The results are in. Prague has a lot of amazing vegan dessert! Check out my guide. for the best places in Prague for vegan desserts!

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A local's guide to being vegan in Prague! Here are my top picks for the best vegan restaurants in Prague, the best vegetarian restaurants in Prague, and the best vegan-friendly restaurants in Prague!

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Thursday 19th of October 2023

Lifehouse Bistro no longer operates, so maybe update the article so people do not go there :)

Randi Delano, Creator & Owner

Friday 20th of October 2023

Thanks for letting me know! I haven't been to that part of town in a while. I've removed it from the article :)


Friday 13th of August 2021

Wiw, thanks for this post! So much has changed in the past 6/7 years since moving to Prague and going vegan. The choice is wide, the quality of vegan food is not always high but it's getting better :) it's a great list, only a couple of these I don't know and I will be visiting them for sure. Thank you for this comprehensive guide :)

Randi Delano, Creator & Owner

Friday 13th of August 2021

You said it! So much has changed in that time. I mean, Prague has been vegan friendly for at least the past 6 years, but there have been so many new options popping up in the past few.

I'm happy you like my article! :)

What's your favorite place for vegan food here?


Monday 6th of January 2020

Just leaving Prague now! And while they do have a very medieval vibe of meat and potatoes I was thoroughly impressed with every restaurant or food stall market I visited. I didn’t need a specific vegan eatery, every place offered a full complete meal or snack of vegan offerings. Thing perogies with veggies, cabbage and mushrooms, potato dishes for days. None of them boring to appeal as an after thought for a vegan/vegetarian rather a wonderfully flavored dish for all to enjoy.

Randi Delano, Creator and Owner, Veggie Visa

Monday 6th of January 2020

Hi Sid, Thanks for leaving this comment. Prague has indeed become more vegan friendly recently. Just curious where you ate? I'm always looking for new vegan-friendly places to add to my other article about non-vegan places that serve vegan dishes. I know that most traditional Czech places still do not serve vegan dishes and will look at you funny for asking. So curious to hear what restaurants you visited. Thanks! :)


Thursday 12th of December 2019

Krmelec Vršky has actually closed a long time ago.

I would also mention Herbivore, they are just amazing.


Friday 13th of December 2019

Thanks for the update on Krmelec Vršky... I agree, Herbivore is nice. :)

Veronika Engeman

Friday 31st of May 2019

Hi there I wonder whether you could suggest one or two restaurants in Prague that are vegan 'friendly'? I'm the only vegan in my family of four and as supportive as they are they would prefer a non vegan menu when we travel. Thanks for your help Veronika


Saturday 1st of June 2019

Hi Veronika, many of the restaurants in this article are "vegan friendly" non-vegan restaurants. Here they are:

Javanka Mr. Hotdog Paprika Belzepub Pizzeria Manna Letna Pizza Arepas de Lyna

Hope that helps! Have fun in Prague. :)