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Best Vegan Breakfast in Prague Czech Republic

Vegan breakfast in Prague at Satsang

When I first moved here there were very few options for vegan breakfast in Prague. Finding brunch, especially vegan brunch in Prague was almost unheard of too.

Well, things have changed…a lot. Not only are there loads of places you can get vegan breakfast and brunch in Prague, but the options are also absolutely delicious. Think pancakes, tofu scramble, avocado toast, and donuts. Oh so glorious vegan donuts.

I recently started a Youtube Series to showcase some of my favorite vegan finds around Prague. Below is the latest video. Here is the full playlist.

So let’s dive in and talk about the best vegan breakfast in Prague (and some brunch options too)!

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Satsang – Vegan Brunch in Prague

vegan breakfast in Prague at Satsang

The fist time I visited Satsang I was blown away. The restaurant’s decor and vibes remind me of ones I’d frequent when I lived in Brooklyn…thankfully minus shitty loud music.

When I first tried the vegan brunch options at Satsang I was again blown away. The options are excellent here and include tofu scramble and vegan pancakes.

Let’s talk about that scramble first. It’s unlike any other tofu scramble I’ve ever had. In fact, I have no clue how they make it but I love it. Plus you can choose toppings to add to it from a long list of ingredients. My favorites are mushroom, jalapeños, spinach, and scallions. The tofu scramble comes with a side of toast and either potatoes or salad. Don’t act crazy. Opt for the potatoes.

The pancakes are also a delight. You can choose to top them with candied walnuts, strawberries, bananas, or blueberries and they come with pure maple syrup. Add the bottomless coffee and you have a recipe for a proper morning sugar and caffeine rush. If that sounds intense, you can always order the bottomless mimosas to level yourself out.

Forrest Bistro

Forrest Bistro Vegan Breakfast - Tofu Scramble

I usually go to Forrest Bistro for lunch. They have a different menu every day and the best vegan Pho I’ve ever had. 

However, Forrest also has an awesome breakfast menu. Their tofu scramble is incredible and, while I haven’t tried them, their pancakes and omelettes look amazing too. They also have superb coffee and high quality tea from Tea Mountain (the best tea supplier in Prague).

Slow Cafe

Slow Cafe is my favorite spot for a lazy afternoon coffee, but they also serve breakfast. The cafe is vegetarian so the options are a bit limited and change regularly but there is usually at least one option on the menu. When they have vegan pancakes on it, do yourself a favor and order them. They are delightful.

Just check with them in advance to see what they have on offer. Give them a call or message them on Instagram, they’re usually pretty responsive.

La Donuteria

La Donuteria is a donut shop chain with locations around the world. But don’t let mar your expectations. This donut shop sells both vegan and non-vegan donuts in two their two shops in Prague.

These sugary delights come in a loads of yummy flavors. Most are fruit based, but chocolate, coconut, and caramel are also in the mix.

My favorite is the Caramel Lotus donut. It’s simply to die for!

These donuts are incredibly. The texture is pillowy with a slight crunch on the outside.

Mama Coffee

Vegan Cake from Mama Coffee in Prague

If you’re in a pinch, running late to get out and explore all those beautiful sites in Prague, and just want a quick coffee and breakfast cake then head to one of the several Mama Coffee shops in Prague.

They serve some of the best coffee in the city and have a few sweets in their case that are vegan. The vegan poppy seed koláček is my favorite, but it’s rarely available. The banana bread, chocolate bábovička, and cinnamon rolls are all good options too.

Mama roasts their own coffee, so you know quality is a big deal to them. Plus, you can even buy some beans take home with you. Win Win.

Coffee Room

Vegan Desserts at Coffee Room in Prague

Awesome vegan avocado bread (if you live in Prague you know how rare that is), smoothie bowls, vegan porridge, and usually vegan sweets. That’s what vegan breakfast at Coffee Room is all about. Oh, and of course delicious coffee. 

The one drawback to Coffee Room is that it’s hella busy and pretty difficult to get a chair at one of the few tables in the cafe. So go early…or you’ll likely end up going elsewhere.

Fun fact: Coffee Room is the sister cafe to my favorite Donut Shop (above).

Places I Am Planning to Try Soon in Prague that have Vegan Breakfast Options – 

  • Happy Bean – I hear they have vegan pancakes!

Did you have an awesome vegan breakfast in Prague that’s not on my list? What about brunch? Tell me all about it in the comments section below!