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VEGAN PARIS – 21 Awesome Vegan Restaurants in Paris You Can’t Miss!

Need a Vegan Paris Guide? Look no further! Here are some of the best vegan restaurants in Paris. Plus, the best vegetarian and vegan friendly restaurants in Paris!

Paris doesn’t exactly have a reputation for being an overly vegan-friendly city, especially with the legendary cheese, croissants, pain au chocolat, and steak frites. But not to fear, there are plenty of options.

I’ve tried some of the best vegan restaurants in Paris in an effort to supply you with the best Vegan Paris guide possible, and couldn’t be happier!

Paris Vegan Guide to the Best vegan Restaurants in Paris

There are over 60 vegan restaurants in Paris and hundreds of vegetarian and vegan-friendly restaurants spread out all over the city! For vegans in Paris that should be music to your ears! The city is your (vegan) oyster, and a multitude of vegan burgers, pizza, asian food, vegan cheese, and more are all up for grabs. You can even find exceptional vegan croissants, pastry, and cakes in Paris to satisfy your sweet tooth.

I’ve spent several months in the French capital since going vegan and had the opportunity to try a lot of vegan restaurants in Paris. This vegan Paris guide includes my favorite vegan restaurants in Paris! Plus, some other vegetarian, and vegan-friendly spots.

Vegan Paris  – Best Vegan Restaurants in Paris & Some Awesome Vegan Friendly Ones!

I’ve spent several months in the French capital since going vegan and had the opportunity to try a lot of vegan restaurants in Paris. This vegan Paris guide includes my favorite vegan restaurants in Paris! Plus, some other vegetarian, and vegan-friendly spots.

Le Faitout Vegan Restaurant – Vegan Cheese & French Country Cuisine in Paris

Vegan Cheese Plate at Le Faitout Paris

  • Restaurant Type: Totally Vegan

There seems no better way to start an article on food in Paris than by talking about a superb French cheese plate. It just so happens that this one doesn’t contain a single drop of milk.

Le Faitout is a lively vegan Paris restaurant and bar serving up veganized versions of French classics, including an incredible vegan cheese and charcuterie plate. The contents of the plate are, in fact, so good that as the very last slice of luscious, creamy cheese passes your lips you’ll start to fantasize about the day you return for a second helping.

Six to eight different vegan cheeses are arranged in an O at one end of the plate, as if to imply the orgasmic pleasure that awaits your mouth. Playing second fiddle, only because the cheese is so good, are the mock-meats that are displayed in a less symbolic, yet, equally appealing manner on the other side of the plate. The selection is served with crusty slices of fresh baguette (obviously), cornichons, red onion marmalade, and a mysterious pot of some creamy concoction that reeks (in a very good way) of onions.

Visiting Le Faitout is an absolute must for anyone who thinks vegan cheese can’t be as good as the “real” thing, or for those of us who are just plain obsessed with the stuff.

In addition to the cheese and charcuterie plate, the restaurant serves a number of other French classics like steak frites (which is also phenomenal) and steak tartare, and plenty of stellar desserts.

Tip: Keep an eye out for the sweet (yet extremely shy) resident cat. She’ll make you fall in love with more than just the food!

Sol Semilla – Healthy Organic Vegan Food in Paris

Healthy Vegan Food in Paris

  • Restaurant Type: Totally Vegan

If you’re hankering a bit of healthy bio goodness, head to Sol Semilla in Paris. This cozy little restaurant and shop has a menu packed full of flavorful veggies that changes daily. Everything is organic, gluten free, homemade, perfectly cooked, and seasoned to perfection.

Vegan Dessert at Sol Semilla in Paris

In addition to the daily plate the restaurant also has a daily soup option, lots of desserts to choose from, and even a raw plate option. Organic, bio, and natural wines round out the menu nicely. If you’re not in the mood for an alcoholic beverage there are plenty of fresh juices and other non-alcoholic drinks to choose from.

42 Degrés – Upscale Raw Vegan Cuisine


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  • Restaurant Type: Totally Vegan

If you’re in Paris and craving an upscale dining experience, consider 42 Degrés. This raw vegan restaurant serves food that is created below 42 degrees Celsius. If you think that means carrot sticks and hummus, you’re wrong…sort of. There is a mashed sprouted chickpea dish with dill & pickled cucumber slices on the menu. The beautifully presented food is nothing short of artwork. You can expect dishes like, Tartare de champignons, raw portobello burgers, veloute de courgette, and mousse au chocolat!

So if you’re looking for what is possibly the best vegan raw cuisine in Paris, 42 Degrés is the spot.

Le Tricycle – Caribbean Inspired Vegan Paris Food & Vegan Hotdogs

Tricycle Vegan Cafe in Paris

  • Restaurant Type: Totally Vegan

Super healthy veggie brown rice bowls with a side of vegan hotdog? That’s my recommendation for Le Tricycle vegan restaurant in Paris.

This tiny restaurant is the perfect spot for lunch. The Caribbean inspired menu is simple. Two bowls on offer, options change daily, and a set menu of vegan hot dogs.

The ingredients are super fresh and perfectly ripe. Bowls are packed full of veggies, brown rice, and herbs and  are super tasty, healthy, and totally filling. The hot dogs, which are named for hip hop stars, are also pretty fantastic.

Jah Jah By Le Tricycle – Healthy Caribbean Vegan Food & Gluten Free Desserts

Jah Jah Vegan Restaurant in Paris

  • Restaurant Type: Totally Vegan

For awesome vibes and more of the delicious and healthy food served at Le Tricycle head to their sister restaurant Jah Jah By Le Tricycle.

The restaurant serves a similar, yet larger, menu with healthy and comforting Caribbean dishes as you’ll find at Le Tricycle but in a larger space. Thing big bowls full of vibrant veggies and quinoa, curries, and other rice dishes.

Vegan Cake at Jah Jah By The Tricycle

Additionally, Jah Jah has some pretty stellar healthy vegan and gluten free desserts on offer.

Hank Vegan Burger – Vegan Burgers in Paris

Hank Vegan Burger in Paris

  • Restaurant Type: Totally Vegan

Hank Burger is an adorable little vegan restaurant serving up incredible vegan burgers and fries in Paris.  There are five different burger options on the menu with delicious toppings like olives, rocket, fig sauce, and creamy mustard.

You can also compose your own burger with whatever toppings you like, and now you can even upgrade your Hank burger with Beyond Meat patty for an additional Euro.

The regular “vegan steak” is organic, and the soft buns are locally made just for the restaurant. The vegan cheese is even melty.  Don’t forget to add a side of crispy seasoned wedge fries to go with your burger for a match made in heaven.

 Aujourd’hui Demain – Vegan Sweets, Burgers, & Breakfast

Aujourd'hui Demain Vegan Restaurant in Paris

  • Restaurant Type: Totally Vegan

Behold the best vegan burger in Paris!

Aujourd’hui Demain is a vegan cafe, restaurant, grocery, and clothing store in Paris. The incredibly popular cafe serves simple, yet mouthwatering, dishes, delicious desserts, coffee, beer, wine, and juices. It may just be my favorite vegan Paris restaurant.

The Great Blue Burger at Aujourd’hui Demain is by far the best vegan burger I’ve had in my life. The Beyond Meat patty is topped with a fat slices of vegan blue cheese, figs, carmelized onions, lettuce, and tomato, and drizzled…no drenched in even more blue cheese sauce.

Aujourd’hui Demain can get incredibly busy but this burger is seriously worth the wait.

Hank Vegan Pizza – Vegan Pizza in Paris

Hank vegan pizza in Paris

  • Restaurant Type: Totally Vegan

What’s better than vegan burgers? Maybe vegan pizza, and of course Paris has it on offer.

Hank Burger has now opened Hank Pizza, and let’s just say it’s totally worth a visit. I mean look at those slices. Wow!

The pizza, which is more like a topped focaccia than what you might think of as traditional pizza, comes in a variety of toppings like cheese sauce with potato, mushroom, and sautéed red onion, spinach with pine nuts, or tomato sauce with fresh tomatoes, house made vegan ricotta, and pesto, and more.

The Hank Burger and Hank Pizza restaurants are only a few blocks from one another, so if you’re really in the mood to splurge on comfort food then the Hank restaurants are a great choice.

Tien Hiang: Asian Vegetarian Restaurant in Paris

Tien Hiang Vegan Bo Bun Paris

  • Restaurant Type: Vegetarian

The more time I spend in Paris the more vegan and vegetarian Asian restaurants I find, eat at, and am blown away by. I recently paid a visit to Tien Hiang Vegetarian Restaurant for a hearty  hangover Sunday lunch.

Let’s just say, I left thinking more about the food I had just enjoyed and less about how my previous night’s activities were putting a damper on my mood.

Tien Hiang is vegan fried food and mock meats heaven. In addition to the usual vegan spring rolls and dumplings Tien Hiang also has fried vegan chicken on the menu.

Obviously I couldn’t pass up the chance to give this a try. They were crispy, salty, fried bits of some kind of mock meat which I assume was made from some kind of seitan. Dipped in sweet and sour BBQ sauce, these meaty delights were a godsend.

As for main dishes, I would highly recommend the mock beef Bo Bun and the chicken stir fry. Both are exceptional.

La Palanche d’Âulac – Asian Vegan Paris Restaurant

Best Vegan Vietnamese Food in Paris at La Palanche d'Aulac

  • Restaurant Type: Totally Vegan

For absolutely delicious vegan Asian food in Paris head straight to La Palanche d’Aulac. The all vegan menu has a large selection of veganized Vietnamese and Thai dishes including pho, Vietnamese spring rolls, curry noodle soups, and more.

The coconut curry noodle soup came with bits of mock beef, tofu, julienne carrots, rice noodles, and lime, mint, and beansprouts on the side. It was exceptionally well seasoned, tasty, and satisfying. I can’t wait until the day I can return.

Bodhi Vegan – Asian Vegan Paris Restaurant

Bohdi Vegan Restaurant in Paris Vietnamese Ravioli

  • Restaurant Type: Totally Vegan

Another amazing Asian vegan restaurant that should absolutely be on your radar is Bodhi Vegan in Paris. This little restaurant’s massive menu is full of mock meat delights, and the staff are super friendly and welcoming.

Bohdi Vegan Paris - Vegan Chicken Hotpot

I ended up visiting twice in one week because I loved the food so much. I’d highly recommend the chicken hotpot which came to the table sizzling hot. Paired with a side of white rice, the tangy sauce and the mock chicken were fabulous.

The Vietnamese ravioli were also exceptional and the perfect starter. Delicately thin rice paper filled with tiny bits of mock meat and peanuts, and topped with mint and a tangy vinegar sauce, chili, and soy sauce. I could eat this every day!

Le Potager de Charlotte

  • Restaurant Type: Totally Vegan

Le Potager de Charlotte is an all vegan gourmet restaurant in Paris serving healthy and environmentally food. Most of the food on the menu is gluten free, and has little or no added salt, sugar, or oil.

Sounds boring, right? Actually, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Fresh (mostly local) and seasonal ingredients with big flavors are used to create each dish. Sauces are infused with bold flavors, and dishes are topped with various nuts and seeds to give varied textures and big bursts of flavor.

The highlights of my meal included the chickpea and rice pancake with cashew cream, and the millet and green asparagus curry with button mushrooms. Every dish, however, was extremely flavorful and fresh, and tasted quite healthy.

If you’re looking for a gourmet vegan experience in Paris that won’t leave you feeling weighed down, look no further than Le Potager de Charlotte.

Le Potager du Marais


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  • Restaurant Type: Totally Vegan

If you’ve spent a few hours wandering around Maris and indulged in a bit of retail therapy, chances are you’re feeling a bit peckish. If that’s the case, and you have a hankering for a bit of classic French cuisine, then head to Le Potager du Maris.

This vegan restaurant serves the big French classics, but with a vegan twist. You’ll find cassoulet, boeuf bourguignon, pâté and French onion soup. All vegan of course!

A rustic restaurant in the heart of the Marais, Le Potager du Marais offers vegan adaptations of classic French fare: hachis parmentier, cassoulet and even bœuf bourguignon. It is very popular with locals, so make sure to book in advance.

VG Pâtisserie Végétale – Vegan French Croissants & Pastry

Pâtisserie Végétale Paris France

  • Restaurant Type: Totally Vegan

Look no further, I’ve found the best vegan croissant in Paris.

VG Pâtisserie Végétale is a spectacular little pastry shop selling incredible vegan croissant, pain au chocolate, and croissant aux amandes. VG Pâtisserie also serves beautifully composed vegan versions of french pastry like macarons, Paris-Brest, lemon curd tartlets, chocolate cakes, and more.

VG Pâtisserie vegan croissant in paris

If  you long for your pre-vegan, pre-croissant eating days, there is no better place to head than VG Pâtisserie in Paris.

Vegan French Pastry in Paris

Want to see more? Check out the below video from my friend at Rated V.

PARIS VEGAN FOOD TOUR | TRAVEL VLOG- What I ate vegan in Paris.

Cloud Cakes – Vegan Cakes, Cupcakes & Muffins

Cloud Cakes Vegan Cakes in Paris

  • Restaurant Type: Totally Vegan

If you’re ready to sink your teeth into delicious vegan cakes, cupcakes, and pastries in Paris, Cloud Cakes is another awesome option.

This all vegan cafe and bakery is the perfect place to get your mid-day sugar rush on while out exploring all the best sites in Paris, but don’t be surprised though if you have to wait around for a seat because this place gets packed.

Favorite options include the blueberry and rosemary cake, the red fruits muffin, and the red velvet cupcake. Paired with one of their delicious coffees and you’ve got 10 minutes in heaven.

Grounded – Vegan Cafe

Vegan Date Scone from Grounded Cafe in Paris

  • Restaurant Type: Totally Vegan

Grounded is a lovely little vegan cafe in Paris serving freshly baked sweets, simple savory meals, and high-quality coffee. The cafe is fairly new and opened in July 2018.

Since most vegan cafes in Paris can get uber busy (I’m looking at you Cloud Cakes), Grounded is a haven.

Quiet and cozy, it’s the perfect place to relax, sip your coffee, and munch on a sweet vegan treat in peace. The date scone with apple compote is the perfect rainy day treat. Paired with one of their delicious coffees and you’ll be in heaven. The best thing on offer though? Their delicious buns. The flavor combos change daily but regardless of which one you get, you’ll love it!


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Just try not to let the word out, I rather like this uncrowded slice of vegan Paris life the way it is!

Toutofu – Chinese Vegan Restaurant & Homemade Tofu

Vegan Dan Dan Noodles at Toutofu in Paris

  • Restaurant Type: Totally Vegan

Toutofu is an all vegan Chinese Restaurant in Paris that makes their own organic tofu on site, which is obvious by the giant bags of soy beans stacked in the corner of the restaurant.

The dishes are Toutofu are simple but superbly seasoned, and of course, feature their homemade tofu. My favorites were the Spicy Dan Dan Noodles and the Soy and lentil beignets with a sweet and spicy dipping sauce.

The dishes here are all pretty affordable as far as Paris is concerned, and the staff are super friendly. Additionally, you can buy their tofu for under 4 euros a block to take away.

Vegebowl – Asian Vegan Restaurant

Vegan Daily Bento Box at Vegebowl in Paris

  • Restaurant Type: Vegetarian

Vegebowl is a vegetarian restaurant in Paris serving veganized versions of Asian dishes. The large menu is 90% vegan and features a wide variety of dishes with mock meats like chicken, beef, pork, duck, and fish. Soups, spring rolls, curries, and stir fries are all on offer.

I visited at lunch and opted for the daily bento box which came with several mock meats, a salad, rice, and fruits. The portion was on the smaller side but the flavors were big and it was a good way to sample more than one dish without going broke.

Chiche Hummusiya – Best Hummus in Paris!

Chiche Vegan Hummus in Paris

  • Restaurant Type: Vegan Friendly

“A warm and creamy hummus, a soft pita, a sun-drenched fresh salad, all served on a large table with friends or strangers, is the concept of hummusiya found in every street in Tel Aviv.” That and more is what you get at Chiche, Paris’s first hummusiya.

Creamy hummus – check! Soft pita – double check. Sun-drenched fresh salad – not entirely sure as I’ve never made it past the amazing hummus to bother with leafy veg. Friends and strangers dining together – check. And on top of that, the service is some of the friendliest in Paris.

Even though Chiche isn’t vegan, or even vegetarian, and they only have a few vegan dishes on the menu I’m including them in this article because the hummus is by far the best I’ve ever had…and I’ve eaten a lot of hummus all over the world.

The vegan items on the menu are the Classique and Khatzil hummus plates. The first being hummus topped with a healthy spooning of tahini, stewed chickpeas, plenty of pickled red onions, and parsley. The latter, which is my favorite, is topped with spiced roasted eggplant, lots of pickled red onions, and parsley.

Both options are served with a warm fluffy pita. If you’re super hungry you can also opt for the baked sweet potato, sans aioli. Even naked, it’s a treat.

El Guacamole – Veganized Burritos & Tacos

Vegan Burrito at El Guacamole in Paris

  • Restaurant Type: Vegan Friendly

El Guacamole Taqueria isn’t a vegan or vegetarian restaurant in Paris, but I’m including it because I love Mexican food. It’s is a Mexican owned and operated restaurant that serves tacos, burritos, nachos, and other Mexican dishes.

The vegetarian burrito without cheese is vegan and is loaded with cactus, mushrooms, guacamole, onions, lettuce, and tomatoes. The flour tortillas are homemade and the whole thing is grilled to perfection.

It’s a big messy, delicious dish that will satisfy even the most hungry vegan appetite. Highly recommended if you’re craving Mexican food, hungover, or just looking for something a little different in Paris.

Liife – Sports Food


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  • Restaurant Type: Vegan Friendly

Have a favorite sport? Looking for some health food in Paris? Then head straight to Liife. This unique, restaurant has created dishes around sports. So if physical activity is your jam, they’ve got the bread for you! Oh, and it could be gluten-free too!

Vegan Shopping in Paris

Aenima Vegan Tattoo & Piercing in Paris

Looking for a great vegan grocery store in Paris? Want some vegan cheese to bring home? Maybe you want to get a vegan tattoo or piercing? Or perhaps you’re looking for some vegan clothes.

Then check out my GUIDE TO VEGAN SHOPPING IN PARIS here!

By the way, if you’re visiting Paris on a budget check out this guide to the best hostels in Paris on my other site!

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Disclaimer – I’ve included a few handy little affiliate links in case any of my readers want to book accommodations. I receive a small credit, without any additional cost to you dear reader.

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Tuesday 28th of July 2020

Tien Hiang and VG are great littles finds <3 Definitely on my favs list. Thank you for compiling this!

On the other hand Aujourd'hui Demain is really not worth the hype. I found great reviews, went a couple of time and it was a such a let down. The desserts are oversaturated with sugar, tacos are bland and the chef still calls himself South American...? Smh. Also, dirty kitchen and tables so definitely not as appealing as theire IG makes it up to be. BIG NONO : the chef wans't using gloves????????

Randi Delano, Creator and Owner, Veggie Visa

Thursday 30th of July 2020

Hi Melissa, thank you for the comment :) I'm glad the list is helpful to you. While we don't agree about Aujourd'hui Demain I hope you enjoy the rest of the places on the list. I highly recommend Le Faitout. That vegan cheese...mmmm. Also, tacos are not from South America so I'm not sure what you mean. :P


Thursday 5th of March 2020

I'm surprised you didn't include Wholywood which is one of my favourite spots in town now. Best prices for best quality and quantity too! And I think Vietnam in Paris is no longer a vegan or vegetarian restaurant from a recent change in ownership and menu redesign

Randi Delano, Creator and Owner, Veggie Visa

Thursday 5th of March 2020

Hi Kate! Thanks for the comment. I've never even heard of Wholywood, which makes me very, very sad. I will absolutely try it next time! Thanks for letting me know about Vietnam in Paris too. What a shame! :(


Friday 29th of November 2019

I would also highly recommend adding Veget'halles to the list! So many delicious vegetarian and vegan options that are so affordable!


Friday 29th of November 2019

Oh, wow! Thank you. I'll check that out next time I'm there. :)


Monday 25th of February 2019

I’m heading to Paris in April! So happy to find your page! Thank you!!


Tuesday 26th of February 2019

That's awesome! You'll love it :)


Thursday 10th of January 2019

It's my dream to get to Paris one day and this article has cemented it. I'll have to save it so I can look at it later! ;)


Thursday 10th of January 2019

Reading this puts a big smile on my face. I hope you get to go very soon! :)