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vegan french baguette paris

best vegan food in paris

Paris doesn’t exactly have a reputation for being an overly vegan-friendly city, especially with the legendary cheese, croissants, pan au chocolat, and steak frites. Unfortunately, you’ll be hard pressed to find anything vegan at a “regular” restaurant.

Don’t despair, with 50 vegan and 54 vegetarian restaurants in Paris, and some great local French delights there is plenty to choose from!

Here is some of the best vegan food in Paris!

best vegan restaurants in Paris

French Food that Happens to be Vegan

The Baguette

vegan french baguette paris

One of the symbols of French food, and the god of bread worldwide is the baguette. This masterpiece is crusty yet chewy, simple yet complex, and basically the stuff of dreams. Luckily the traditional French baguette happens to be vegan!

In Paris baguettes are available at any of the hundreds of boulangeries you pass on the street. They are also incredibly inexpensive. So when paired with slices of vine ripe tomatoes, cucumbers, and red leaf lettuce and you can have an cheap sandwich for a lunch. Take it to one of Paris’s breathtaking parks on a sunny day with a bottle of wine for an unforgettable picnic.

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Lunch isn’t the only meal this versatile bread can be used for. Pick one up at the local shop in the morning while it’s fresh and warm, and slather it with raspberry jam. It’s the perfect petit dejeuner with a fresh cup of hot coffee.

In my opinion the baguette is nothing short of a man made miracle. Versatile, delicious, cheap, and vegan. Absolutely perfect.

French Produce and Markets

best vegan food in paris

One of my favorite things about France is that there are still stores that specialize in one thing and do it exceptionally well, including produce shops. They dot the streets of neighborhoods in Paris, and have a bounty of gorgeous goodies on display.

Fresh strawberries, raspberries, and cherries entice with their sweet aroma. An invitation I could never deny, and one my stomach is always happy to accept. The possibilities for fresh and healthy meals from these shops are endless.

The Best Vegan Restaurants in Paris

Le Potager du Marais

Le Potager du Marais Vegan Restaurant Paris

PC: “Surprise aubergine” by Jim McDonough is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Le Potager du Marais has been opened since 2003, first as a vegetarian restaurant and now vegan. Their goal is to build a bridge between traditional French cuisine and vegan cuisine, while using local and seasonal ingredients.

The small, rustic restaurant serves a selection of vegan soups, pates, tarts, main courses, and desserts. If you’re dying to try French cuisine and are vegan, this is the place to go.

Tips: Try the seitan Burgounion and book a table in advance as the restaurant can get very busy.

Hank Vegan Burger

hank vegan burger paris

Photo Credit: Steve GoThryv

Hank Burger is an adorable little restaurant serving up incredible vegan burgers and fries in Paris.  There are five different burger options on the menu with delicious toppings like olives, rocket, fig sauce, and creamy mustard. The “vegan steak” is organic, and the buns are locally made just for the restaurant. The vegan cheese is even melty.  Don’t forget to add a side of crispy wedge fries to go with your burger for a match made in heaven.

vegan dessert at hank burger paris

Hank Burger also has some pretty great vegan desserts, so try to save room!

Hank Pizza

Hank Vegan Pizza in Paris

What’s better than vegan burgers? Maybe vegan pizza, and of course Paris has plenty.

Hank Burger has now opened Hank Pizza, and let’s just say it’s totally worth a visit. I mean look at that melted vegan cheese. Wow!

The Hank Burger and Hank Pizza restaurants are only a few blocks from one another, so if you’re really in the mood to splurge on comfort food then the Hank restaurants are a great choice.

Be Veggie at Grains Nobles et Plus

A vegan lunch spot that serves both vegan and vegetarian cuisine, Be Veggie at Grains Nobles et Plus serves up all sorts of delicious vegan cuisine including vegan cheese! They even have organic wine and fresh juices. If you’re looking for a delicious vegan lunch, consider Be Veggie!

Cloud Cakes

Vegan Pastry in Paris at Cloud Cakes

Photo courtesy of Cloud Cakes

If you’re ready to sink your teeth into vegan croissants, cakes, or pastries in Paris, Cloud Cakes is the place to be. Just a few blocks from Notre Dame Basilica it’s the perfect place to get your mid-day sugar rush on!

Falafel at Chez le Libanais

vegan falafel in paris chez le libanais

PC: “Chez le Libanais” by Serge Melki is licensed under CC BY 2.0

​Okay, this is not a vegan restaurant but Chez le Libanais is totally worth a visit. The restaurant has, hands down, the best falafel I’ve ever had in my life. They also have a large vegetarian menu, but I didn’t manage to tear myself away from the falafel every time I visited, so I can’t attest to the quality of anything else they serve.

For a full list of all the vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Paris, click here!

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the best vegan food in Paris

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