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20 Vegan Sneakers & Ethical Vegan Sneaker Brands!

Looking for a new pair of vegan sneakers? You’ve come to the right place!

We all have our favorite pair of sneakers. Maybe it’s a stylish pair that we wear that look cool, or a pair that we wear regularly to play sports. Sneakers are an essential part of any shoe collection. But are the shoes you pack in your gym bag every day vegan sneakers?

If not, don’t worry, there are plenty of brands making vegan trainers, sneakers, or tennis shoes…whatever you call them. Here are 20 of my favorites:

  1. Ethletic – Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Skater Shoes 
  2. BEFLAMBOYANT – Ethical, Handmade Vegan Sneakers
  3. Will’s Vegan Shoes – Carbon Neutral Vegan Shoes
  4. Good Guys Don’t Wear Leather – French Vegan Shoes
  5. 8000Kicks – Waterproof Cannabis Vegan Sneakers
  6. Veja – French Vegan Sneakers
  7. Vans – Classic Skater Sneakers
  8. Bohempia – Czech Hemp Vegan Shoes
  9. KAVE Footwear – Vegan, Limited Edition, Recycled Shoes 
  10. Native Shoes – Beast Free Vegan Shoes
  11. Vegetarian Shoes – Affordable Vegan Shoes
  12. soleRebels – Artisan Vegan Shoes
  13. Matt & Nat – Vegan Accessory & Shoe Company
  14. Freewaters – Vegan Shoes & Clean Water Cause
  15. Inkkas – Vegan Shoes & Trees
  16. Vivo Barefoot – Minimalist & Sustainable Vegan Shoes
  17. Rothy’s – Casual Vegan Sneakers
  18. Keep – Vegan, Unisex Sneakers
  19. NAE’s – Ethical Vegan Sneakers

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Before we dive straight into all those brands making awesome vegan sneakers, let’s set the record straight…

What Are Vegan Sneakers?

person wearing Vegan Sneakers

Vegan sneakers, vegan trainers, or vegan runners – whatever you like to call them – may not have crossed your mind before. Unfortunately, many shoes on the market today are made using animal materials. These include leather fabrics, wool padding, beeswax proofing, and even animal bones in the shoe glue!

Some companies will indicate which materials they use (e.g. leather or manmade) on the label. However, it’s impossible to know if all the components of that shoe are actually vegan, unless they’re clearly labelled so. Vegan sneakers may use synthetic materials like nylon or PU. They may also use more natural materials like cotton, rubber, cork, or plant leaves.

Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of vegan sneakers from around the world to make your next shopping experience easier. These range from large brands that you’ve likely heard of, to small, fair-trade, local companies.

For even more vegan shoe options, check out this article on the best vegan shoe brands! If you’re looking for vegan clothing we have an article on that too!

Here Are 19 Brands That Are Making High Quality Vegan Sneakers!

Please note – Some of the selections in this article contain affiliate links. These allow me to earn a small percentage every time you make a purchase. Using these links enables me to provide all the information found on this site free of charge. Thank you to Ethletic for sending samples to try. Thank you to BEFLAMBOYANT for its sponsorship. As always, opinions expressed are 100% our own.

Ethletic – Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Skater Shoes 

randi wearing ethletic vegan sneakers

  • Personally Tested – Yes, have tried several pairs of their shoes and love them. They’re excellent and stylish everyday wear shoes!
  • Totally Vegan Company – Yes, all their shoes are 100% vegan

Fairtrade, sustainable, eco-friendly, PETA-approved – this German shoe company has it all!

Ethletic creates skater shoes, athletic vegan sneakers, and lounging runners to suit everyone’s preference. The company uses materials like organic cotton, natural rubber, and latex glue. It prides itself in its fair-trade practices in Pakistan and India and donates money from each pair sold to sustainable projects that support these local economies.

Ethletic is currently creating a program to completely recycle its shoes. This is in addition to the shoes themselves being mostly biodegradable to begin with.

They Even Dance!


Beflamboyant vegan sneakers
  • Personally Tested – Nope, but their fresh designs and European manufacturing landed them on the list!
  • Totally Vegan Company – Yes, a 100% vegan brand from the beginning.

The 100% vegan ethical sneaker brand, BEFLAMBOYANT, makes all of their sneakers by hand in Portugal.

This young Spanish brand has already made a strong name for itself in Europe in a short period of time. They produce a variety of vegan sneaker styles and colors, ranging from earthy monotone designs to brightly colored, flamboyant patterns.

Their latest collection launched in March 2021. It includes, the LIFE collection with shoes made using recycled cotton, and the STREET collection with shoes made using corn waste and recycled PET. Additionally, both have recycled rubber soles and an ultra-comfy removable insole. It is made from 100% recycled foam and includes activated carbon from vegetable origin!

Check out BEFLAMBOYANT’s vegan sneakers here.

Will’s Vegan Shoes – Carbon Neutral Vegan Shoes

Will's Vegan Store Biodegradable Sneakers
  • Personally Tested – Yes, have tried several different styles of their shoes and other products and love, love, love them. The company has a wide variety of shoes for every occasion.
  • Totally Vegan Company – Yes, all their shoes are 100% vegan

One of the more popular, yet small, vegan shoe brands out there is Will’s Vegan Shoes. This carbon neutral and PETA approved company offers all styles of shoes, with a dedicated vegan sneaker section. With styles for both men and women, their vegan sneakers are made from eco-friendly materials and recycled rubber.

You’ll easily find both casual lounging vegan sneakers as well as active vegan sneakers for exercise. Their prices are reasonable, and the quality is high – you won’t be throwing these away after just a year!

Good Guys Don’t Wear Leather

Good Guys Don't Wear Leather - Vegan Sneakers
  • Personally Tested – Yes, I have a pair of their sandals and love them!
  • Totally Vegan Company – Yes, all their shoes are 100% vegan

French brand, Good Guys Don’t Wear Leather, is producing a wide range of super funky, fun, and sometimes colorful vegan sneakers!

After trying out their Jenny Mustard vegan sandals, I became a huge fan of GGDWL. After sneaking a peak at their sneaker page, I have serious shoe envy. The styles are right up my alley. There’s everything from multi-color 80s throwbacks, to low top skater styles, to slip-on sneakers in muted tones.

Plus, the styles change every season! So, there’s always something new to get excited about!

Good Guys Don’t Wear Leather was founded in 2011 and was the very first French vegan shoe company. Everything they make are cruelty-free and sweatshop-free. Plus, they’re fair-trade, made in Europe, and the company follows eco-friendly and sustainable practices. So, choosing a pair of vegan sneakers from them will make your feet and your heart happy!

DISCOUNT CODE – Use my discount code “veggievisa” for 5% off purchases with Good Guys Don’t Wear Leather!

8000Kicks – Waterproof Cannabis Vegan Sneakers

8000Kicks Vegan Hemp Sneakers
  • Personally Tested – No, but they have an excellent reputation.
  • Totally Vegan Company – Yes, all their shoes are 100% vegan.

A company with its roots in Kickstarter, 8000Kicks is really taking the vegan sneaker world by storm. They are the world’s first waterproof cannabis (hemp) sneakers that are made from 100% vegan and eco-friendly materials.

Besides hemp, the shoes also have insoles made from cork and recycled rubber. That’s right – each shoe uses upcycled materials. Each pair of 8000Kicks actually contains 100g of old recycled shoes from Portugal. With styles for both men and women, the product reviews are raving about how comfortable 8000Kicks vegan sneakers are.

DISCOUNT CODE – Check them out and get a 10% DISCOUNT CODE “VEGGIEVISA”

Veja – French Vegan Sneakers

  • Personally Tested – No, but they have an excellent reputation.
  • Totally Vegan Company – No, but they have over 40 styles of vegan sneakers.

With over 40 styles of vegan sneakers, this French shoe company is a strong contender in the vegan sneaker game. Veja’s vegan shoes are made from a combination of recycled polyester, corn waste, wild rubber, organic cotton, plastic bottles, and synthetic materials.

The shoes are made in Brazil and use high quality materials often sourced directly from the farmers there. Their Campo sneaker is biodegradable too, as it’s made from waxed canvas. So cool!

Vans – Classic Skater Sneakers

Vans Sneakers
  • Personally Tested – Yes, and we love them.
  • Totally Vegan Company – No but they have loads of vegan options.

A famous name in the skater shoe world, Vans has many vegan sneaker styles . You can shop according to material type, which makes finding the vegan styles a breeze.

By selecting “canvas” instead of “suede” or “leather,” you’ll be able to find animal-free styles. Their EU website even has a “vegan” filter. Many of Vans top-selling shoes just happen to be vegan!

Vans uses cotton in both its canvas shoes and vegan shoelaces, as it’s durable, natural, and breathable. They also use rubber that’s beeswax-free for the shoes’ outsoles. The company states proudly that its vegan sneakers are just as durable as its non-vegan versions.

Matt & Nat – Vegan Accessory & Shoe Company

  • Personally Tested – No, but they have an excellent reputation.
  • Totally Vegan Company – Yes, 100% vegan company!

Respected Canadian vegan company Matt & Nat is famous for its animal-free bags and wallets. Did you know that they also make vegan sneakers? With both athletic and casual styles, Matt + Nat’s sneakers use rubber, recycled canvas, and synthetic materials to craft its vegan sneaker styles.

You can find Matt & Nat in the US, UK, Germany, Japan, Canada and Australia. Their vegan sneakers look incredibly comfortable yet super stylish.

Bohempia – Czech Hemp Vegan Shoes

  • Personally Tested – No, but they have an excellent reputation.
  • Totally Vegan Company – Yes, all their shoes are 100% vegan.

A PETA-approved brand, Bohempia uses small European workshops to create sustainable, eco-friendly products based in Prague. They use hemp as their main material, which is durable, moisture-wicking, and antimicrobial.

With an environmental focus, Bohempia proudly shows how hemp production uses less water, chemicals, and land than its alternatives.

With vegan sneaker styles for both men and women, you can rest assured that Bohempia’s shoes are ethically made and will last for a long time. They offer slip on, laced, and boot style vegan sneakers to suit everyone’s preference.

KAVE  – Recycled, Limited Edition Vegan Shoes

  • Personally Tested – Yes, just got a pair and LOVE them!!
  • Totally Vegan Company – Yes, all their shoes are 100% vegan.

KAVE Footwear may be making the coolest looking vegan shoes that you might not be able to get your hands on! These vegan shoes are made in the Czech Republic and in limited editions.

KAVE is a super conscious footwear company. Their shoes are not only vegan but they are also made from 100% recycled materials by hand.

Worried about the whole animal glue thing? Don’t. They don’t even use glue! Also, they’re PETA approved vegan.

In their own words, “KAVE is a new creative platform that aims to change the footwear industry using only existing materials and tools that, combined with creative thinking, create a new current product. Sneakers made of waste or residual materials with an emphasis on a minimum environmental footprint.”

Wearing their vegan sneakers is almost like wearing artwork on your feet. These limited edition designs are modeled after fun ideas like bubble gum, newspaper, and coffee addictions.

They even collaborated with the known Czech tattoo artist, Ondrej Konupcik, to create a line of super trippy shoes.

KAVE ships internationally and you can see all their current offers on their website. But, if you find one you love, order it quickly. It might not be available tomorrow!

Native Shoes – Beast Free Vegan Shoes

  • Personally Tested – No, but they have an excellent reputation.
  • Totally Vegan Company – Yes, all their shoes are 100% vegan.

Native Shoes is PETA approved and self-appointed “beast free”, meaning they use no animal products whatsoever.

This unique vegan company hopes to be 100% “Life Cycle Managed” by the year 2023. This means that you can return your old Native Shoes back to the company who will then recycle the materials to create seating, insulation or playground flooring.

There are many vegan sneaker styles and colors available for both men and women. The vegan sneakers feature lightweight materials such as rubber, algae, and animal-free microfibre. Native Shoes prides itself on using less water and creating less CO2 emissions compared to traditional shoe companies.

Vegetarian Shoes – One of the Oldest Vegan Shoe Companies

  • Personally Tested – Yes, and we love them.
  • Totally Vegan Company – Yes, all their shoes are 100% vegan.

The name might throw you off, but don’t worry, these shoes are vegan! Vegetarian Shoes have been around for decades. They have vegan shoes ranging from all styles and sizes, including vegan sneakers.

Founder Robin Webb started making shoes by hand (self-taught!) in the 1990s. The brand now has factories in Europe and the UK, but still operates as a small company.

The materials the company uses are plentiful – cork, vegan microfiber, cotton, hemp, and many more. Their vegan sneakers are breathable and are made to be ultra-comfortable, with squishy soles.

soleRebels – Artisan Vegan Shoes

  • Personally Tested – No, but they have an excellent reputation.
  • Totally Vegan Company – No, but they have a vegan range.

Based in Ethiopia, soleRebels is an artisan, ethical company that combines the creative designs of Ethiopian locals with a traditional recycled tire shoe.

Their vegan range is called b*knd and uses materials like organic cotton, koba plant fiber, hemp, and recycled tires. All the shoes are hand-made to order in Ethiopia and use authentic hand-crafting techniques from the region, like hand-spun cotton.

The company prides itself an almost zero-waste establishment, using recycled and reusable packaging to ship shoes across the world. Their vegan sneakers boast extreme comfort, and even use recycled truck tires inner tubes as the laces!

Freewaters – Vegan Shoes & Clean Water Cause

  • Personally Tested – No, but they have an excellent reputation.
  • Totally Vegan Company – No, but they have a vegan range.

Freewaters do not only make fantastic vegan sneakers, but they’re also a company that gives back. With each pair of shoes purchased, the company partners with grassroots organizations to provide clean drinking water to communities in the Philippines, Haiti, and Kenya.

You can browse the materials in each shoe to check if it’s in their vegan range – all vegan styles are clearly labelled. The vegan sneakers use knit fabrics and foam rubber, which are shipped in recycled packaging. In addition, you can shop for vegan sneakers according to your destination and climate, which is incredibly useful.

Inkkas – Vegan Shoes & Trees

  • Personally Tested – No, but they have an excellent reputation.
  • Totally Vegan Company – No, but they have a vegan range.

Offering both vegan runners and vegan joggers (in addition to many other shoe styles), Inkkas has their vegan shoe range clearly labelled. The best part about this company is that they plant a tree for each pair of shoes sold, resulting in thousands of trees being planted in larger reforestation projects.

The vegan sneakers come in plenty of colors and designs, with materials including rubber, cotton, and fabrics sourced from Latin American artists. Inkkas operates following fair trade principles and empowers local farmers and artisans in Peruvian and Mexican communities.

Vivo Barefoot – Minimalist & Sustainable Vegan Shoes

  • Personally Tested – No, but they have an excellent reputation.
  • Totally Vegan Company – No, but they have a vegan range.

Vivo Barefoot really are pioneers in minimalist and sustainable shoes. Their goal by 2020 is to use 90% sustainable materials in their shoe range. They are currently designing a Primus Bio shoe, made from a vegan polymer derived from corn.

It’s easy to find their vegan shoe range on their website. The materials used range from algae insoles to lining made from repurposed plastic waste. Plus, minimalist shoes are also meant to be better for your feet and body by using less padding than conventional sneakers.

Rothy’s – Casual Vegan Sneakers

Rothy’s is another brand that offers casual vegan sneakers – just make sure not to buy shoes from their Merino line (which contain wool).

Rothy’s uses signature thread made from plastic water bottles, of which they’ve recycled millions. Additionally, they use carbon-free rubber and vegan leather for the outsoles of many of their designs.

The company currently makes vegan sneakers for women and kids. The best part about Rothy’s vegan sneakers is that they’re machine washable, meaning you can let your sneakers live their best life!

Keep – Vegan, Unisex Sneakers

  • Personally Tested – No, but they have an excellent reputation.
  • Totally Vegan Company – Yes, totally vegan!

Keep offers cruelty-free, vegan, unisex sneakers. The materials used include rubber, cotton, and synthetic leather. Some styles even use natural vegan indigo dye to create distinctive patterns. The company often teams up with special artists, musicians, or non-profit organizations to tell a story with each shoe collection.

A great thing about Keep is that they offer a “uniform program” for companies that employ workers in the hospitality industry. Their kitchen shoes are non-slip, water-resistant, and offer arch support. These vegan sneakers help improve safety conditions for workers — a win for everyone.

NAE’s Vegan Sneakers

Nae Vegan Sneakers - Berlin Green
Credit: Nae Vegan Shoes
  • Personally Tested – Yes and I love them.
  • Totally Vegan Company – Yes, totally vegan!

NAE is a staple in vegan fashion. They have stunning vegan leather products like shoes, wallets, bags, and also vegan sneakers. 

Their large collection includes vegan sneakers in all varieties including slip ons, lace up sneakers, zip up, and even velcro strapped sneakers. Want a pair of shiny gold Pinatex leather vegan sneakers? They have it! How about a pair of rose adorned slip ons? Yup, they have those too. Or perhaps you’re in the market for a throwback to the 80s look? They have loads of options.

Plus, these vegan sneakers are all ethically produced in Portugal. So, you know humans and animals alike weren’t harmed in the process. 

Vegan Sneaker Wrap-up

There you have it! As you can see, it’s easier than you think to find your next pair of kicks that are vegan and cruelty-free. Do you have a favorite pair of vegan sneakers that wasn’t mentioned here? Let us know in the comments below!

Rebecca Gade Sawicki

Sunday 3rd of January 2021

Oy! Animal bones in the glue, who would have thought! Really helpful list. I really like veja although they were a bit of a pain to break in. Maybe the blisters are worth it! Ha!

Randi Delano, Creator and Owner, Veggie Visa

Thursday 7th of January 2021

Right? It's wild (sad/gross) how many hidden animal parts there are in products. Good to hear your thoughts about veja. They are such cute shoes, so yeah...maybe worth it, lol. Thanks for stopping by :)


Saturday 12th of September 2020

Hi Kayla,

Great article and thanks for writing.

It might be worth double checking Vans. I called and asked a shop assistant to confirm if their sneakers advertised as vegan friendly were 100% vegan including the adhesives. I was told they cannot confirm that they are 100% vegan because they are not sure about all the adhesives or something like that, so she had been told to describe them instead as vegan friendly to anyone interested.

Randi Delano, Creator and Owner, Veggie Visa

Wednesday 23rd of December 2020

Hey Jeremy, Thank you for the heads-up! The article I linked to on the Vans site clearly states that there are Vans that are free from any animal derivatives. Check it out. I think the official statement from Vans, on their site, is more reliable than the information from a shop assistant. Of course, if you don't agree you should make a buying decision based on what feels right for you. :)