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23 Vegan Clothing Brands You’ll Love

Yes, there is such a thing as vegan clothes and vegan clothing brands!

When it comes to living a vegan lifestyle, people often forget that clothes factor into the equation.  But what are they, why does it matter, and which awesome brands are out there?

Consumers are not only becoming more aware of where their food comes from, but also about how their clothes are produced.

More and more of us are ditching wool, fur, and leather to seek out cruelty-free alternatives.

Major fashion brands are clueing into this too and are now providing sophisticated pieces – from designer labels to affordable basics!

Which makes it easy for us to find ethical wear that suits our style.

Additionally, a multitude of vegan clothing brands are popping up all the time.

They’re both developing innovative new materials and utilizing existing materials to create beautiful harm-free garments.

Vegan Clothing Brands - Store with Women's Clothing

By the way, if you want to learn more about what it means to be vegan and live a vegan lifestyle take a peek at my articles on veganism.

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Vegan Clothes – Why Care?

Woman shopping

For most of my life I never gave a thought about the materials that went into my clothes and their impact. I only cared about if my clothes were trendy and chic. Seeking out vegan clothing brands wasn’t even an afterthought.

I thought sheep need to be sheared. We were doing them a favor by using the wool for our own purposes.

The truth is quite the opposite. Commercial production of clothing often uses cruel practices to obtain animal hairs, skins, and feathers. Efficiency and output is valued over ethics.

Additionally, companies often outsource leather and animal skin from developing countries where businesses have lower accountability and standards for animal welfare.

It’s actually surprising how many pieces of clothing contain animal materials. Of course, most of us are familiar with the big ones like leather, fur, and wool.

However, there are others to look out for as well.

So, here’s a list to help you out.

  • Down (feathers commonly used to insulate winter jackets)
  • Silk (extract from boiling silkworms)
  • Angora (rabbit fur)
  • Cashmere (soft hair from goats)
  • Suede (derived from various animal skins)

Luckily, if you know where to shop, finding animal-free clothing is a breeze. Here are some of the best vegan clothing brands making amazing products.

Best Vegan Clothing Brands!

Here are just some of the many vegan clothing brands on the market. For a total vegan shopping experience, check out Immaculate Vegan’s website. They offer vegan clothes from some of the best vegan clothing brands in the world!

Oh, before we get started, if you want to know all about vegan shoes check this guide out.

Vegan Leather Brands

The perfect leather jacket is something that even vegans don’t have to miss out on. Yup! Vegan leather has taken off in the past few years, and there are plenty of vegan clothing brands making vegan leather nowadays.

Stunning cruelty-free versions made from plant fibers and recycled materials are now on the market.

No, we’re not talking about pleather either. Pleather, or synthetic leather, has been around for ages and is certainly vegan-friendly. Some vegan clothing brands are even using recycled polyester or plastic bottles to create their faux-leather items.

For those of us who want to ditch the plastic completely there are more environmentally friendly options. Pinatex is a vegan leather made from pineapple leaves.

Muskin is another option made from mushrooms, and Pellemela is made from dehydrated apple peels! Also, new vegan leathers are being created all the time, so the options are vast.

Here are some notable vegan clothing brands making outstanding vegan leather items.

Delikate Rayne

From faux-leather skirts, shorts, to bustiers, this American brand provides “cruelty-free women’s contemporary luxury” using PU (polyurethane) from recycled materials.

Created by sisters Komie and Meg, Delikate Rayne offers sophisticated, minimalistic vegan clothing that not only looks classically stylish, but hopes to reverse the effects of fast fashion.

Plus, their designs are meant to last. So, there’s no need to discard their products when the new season hits.

Stella McCartney

This high-end vegetarian brand is one of the original pioneers of vegan leather. Their “skin free” items include jackets, shorts, and pants.

Plus, they even have faux-leather purses.

Stella McCartney proudly state that their vegan leather products create 24 times less of an environmental impact than their traditional leather counterparts.

So, that’s a win for everyone!

Vegan Everyday Wear Brands

loveco vegan sweaters

Most of us would agree that what we wear in our day-to-day lives needs to be comfortable and stylish.

Unfortunately, fast fashion has saturated the market, providing us with clothing that’s not meant to last and is intended to be discarded shortly after buying.

Many vegan clothing brands seem to have taken this into account, giving us options that not only look great but are durable and high-quality.

Additionally, they’re meant to be worn and loved for a long time. Here are some notable ones worth checking out.

Thought Clothing

Originating from the UK, Thought Clothing uses sustainable materials like organic cotton, bamboo, and hemp to create comfortable and classic clothing for men and women.

Plus, they have a vegan clothing collection, and a quirky “sustainable socks” line that makes this company super unique.

Armed Angels

Armed Angels proudly states that it’s 90% vegan!

You can even find PETA-approved logos on most of its products. this assures customers that items contain no animal-derived components.

With their wide selection of denim, coats, t-shirts, sweaters, and more, it’s easy to fill an entire wardrobe with Armed Angels vegan clothes.

MUD Jeans

With all denim items fully vegan, MUD Jeans is transparent about the entire manufacturing process. Additionally, they even go so far as to take back old jeans for recycling.

Currently, they feature a jean line collaboration with marine conservation society Sea Shepherd.

The best part is their jeans come in a variety of styles and sizes. So, everyone can find that perfect pair.

Recolution Vegan Clothes

vegan hoodie in europe

“Organic. Fair. Vegan” is how Recolution describes themselves.

This German brand has all sorts of everyday clothing items such as cardigans, shorts, and vegan hoodies for both men and women.

Their unique bicycle-themed line is worth checking out!

Alabama Chanin

Using repurposed materials and 100% organic cotton, Alabama Chanin is exceptional in the fact that they produce sustainable hand-sewn clothing in Florence, Alabama, USA.

Plus, they even use storytelling and community to influence the designs of sweatshirts, skirts, and coats.

In the Soulshine

Completely vegan and cruelty-free. Soulshine uses organic cotton to produce their vegan clothes.

Plus, they even donate a portion of proceeds to animal charities.

All of their items are made in Bali. So, their collection of sweaters and t-shirts for men and women invoke laid-back beach vibes.

Vegan Coat Brands

Vegan coat brands

As a Canadian, I can attest to the importance of having a long-lasting vegan winter coat. It’s got to be well insulated and withstand cold winters!

It is quite difficult to find a good coat that’s not made from down, wool, or fur.

Fortunately, there are some wonderful brands offering perfect coats for those freezing winter months.


LOVECO is a German vegan clothing website offering sophisticated and functional coats and clothing for both men and women.

With a variety of styles and colors, the coats on their site are vegan-friendly and provide all the warmth you’d want from a winter coat.


Made in Canada, Wuxly coats are made to withstand temperatures of -30 degrees Celsius! Their linings are made of recycled materials and a water-resistant vegan tech shell.

The coats come in various styles to suit all tastes. They even have features and pockets to keep gadgets (and limbs!) warm and dry.

Hemp Tailor, Formerly Hoodlamb

“Fashion with a conscience” is what Hemp Tailor proudly declares. They use hemp in their clothing because it’s a sustainable and high-quality material.

Hemp Tailor creates attractive coats for both men in women, that are understated and classic.


Czech turned German vegan clothing brand Ragwear is PETA-approved, and has coats for men and women.

They’re simple and stylish, and prices are within the affordable range.  Most importantly, they’re vegan and they’ll keep you warm all winter long!

Check out my article on vegan winter coats here!

Vegan Formal Wear

Vegan Formal Wear

You don’t need to sacrifice style to wear ethical clothing these days. There are actually vegan clothing brands making formal wear.

The best part is not only looking good in an elegant gown or a tailored suit, but also feeling good about goes into your clothes.

So, here are two notable brands worth checking out.

Dalia McPhee

With 95% of its clothing being vegan, Dalia McPhee creates stunning formal gowns. They have even been featured in magazines like Vogue.

Their designs are carpet ready, and dresses are not only absolutely gorgeous but they’re also made with ethical materials.

Brave GentleMan

Brave GentleMan, the first vegan menswear company, has some remarkable made-to-order suits.

What’s most impressive is that this company has its own vegan versions of leather, wool, and silk made from recycled materials.

Plus, their “future-ivory” is made from tagua nuts. So, even the buttons are vegan-friendly!

Vegan Pajamas & Lingerie Brands

Vegan Lingerie Brands

With many highly sought lingerie items being made with silk, finding vegan alternatives that are comfortable and soft can be a challenge.

Luckily, here are two fantastic vegan lingerie companies.

Billy Sleep

The mother/daughter duo behind this 100% vegan sleepwear company, started Billy Sleeps back in 2018 from their home.

Fast forward to today, the Welsh vegan company offers comfy vegan pajamas in bamboo and cotton.

Charlotte Dunn

If you’re looking for vegan silk pajamas, look no further. British vegan clothing brand, Charlotte Dunn Design, offers luxury pajamas made from bamboo silk.

Sokoloff Lingerie

With bras, panties, and nightwear that are consciously made, Sokoloff Lingerie hails from Montreal, Canada.

Their lingerie is suitable for all shapes and sizes, and they have plus-sized line available.

Plus, they even have bridal and organic collections!

WAMA Underwear

As a Green American certified business, WAMA underwear uses hemp material that’s naturally breathable and soft.

Their underwear comes in a variety of styles and is available for both men and women.

Vegan Faux Fur Brands

Vegan Faux Fur

Most people are aware of the ethical problems of wearing real fur. So, fortunately vegan-friendly fur brands have become mainstream.

That said,, it’s important to shop with a reputable brand as some cheap faux furs have been known to contain traces of real animal fur. Some so called “fake fur” even includes cat and dog fur!

Unreal Fur

Unreal Fur is a top-tier vegan clothing brand from Melbourne, Australia. They provide the most in-vogue designs with equally high quality.

From animal prints to sequins, these faux-fur jackets and coats are fun, stylish and colorful. Plus, they’re vegan!


Having won several awards for their trendy and modern faux-fur designs, Jakke creates exquisite faux-fur coats, shawls, and hats for women.

This London-based brand acknowledges the detrimental impact fur farming has on animals and the environment. So, they aim to create pieces you can wear with a “clear conscience.”

Vegan Activewear Brands

Activewear is so prominent these days that people are even wearing it outside the gym. It’s important to have quality clothing that fits right and is functional for exercising.

So, here are some brands that provide vegan-friendly activewear to make working out even more enjoyable.


This sustainable, vegan clothing brand offers eco-friendly, sustainable activewear.

Reflexone has a variety of tanks, tops, bras, and leggings, and many of their options are made from recycled post-consumer certified plastic fibers.

Blossom Yoga Wear

The UK-based Blossom Yoga Wear is an activewear brand that uses materials made from recycled bottles. They are also breathable and comfortable.

They have leggings in funky colors and designs; yoga tops with inspirational text; and even an eco-friendly collection!

Alternative Apparel

Using low-impact dyes, eco-friendly materials, and organic cotton, Alternative Apparel has many styles of t-shirts, leggings, shorts, and hoodies.

They’re perfect for yoga or other sports, for both men and women.

Last Thoughts on Vegan Clothing Brands & Vegan Clothing

These are just some of the vegan clothing brands out there that are truly making a difference in sustainable and ethical clothing.

Proving that we don’t need to sacrifice style or comfort by choosing vegan alternatives.

Have you shopped at any of these places? Are there any other vegan clothing brands you would recommend? Leave a comment below.

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What is vegan clothing? Why should you care? Answered. Plus 20 brands creating amazing vegan clothing!

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