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19 Top Vegan Boots Brands – Protect Your Feet & Furry Friends!

Everyone who is vegan or who is thinking about making the leap into veganism knows just how difficult it is to find a reliable pair of vegan boots. Even though vegan food options are starting to catch on, many of your favorite clothing brands are probably still lacking in vegan boots brands. 

This means that sometimes it can be tricky to truly live a cruelty-free lifestyle. However, it certainly isn’t impossible. Luckily, people are becoming more and more conscientious of all of the benefits of veganism and today there are more great vegan boots brands than ever.

And lucky for you, you’ve found your way to a great list of some of the best options for vegan boots out there. So whether you’re a full-blown fashionista or you just want one reliable pair of vegan winter boots, there’s bound to be something you’ll love here.

Now go on and read ahead to find your new favorite pair of kicks that look great on you and the planet!

  1. Ahinsa Barefoot Shoes
  2. Good Guys Don’t Wear Leather
  3. Will’s Vegan Shoes
  4. Collection and Co.
  5. Matisse Footwear
  6. Matt & Nat
  7. Beyond Skin
  8. Ethletic
  9. Astral Designs
  10. A Perfect Jane
  11. Allkind
  12. Bohema
  13. Carmona Collection
  14. GURU Mtp
  15. Humans Are Vain
  16. Mireia Playà 
  17. NOAH – Italian Vegan Shoes
  18. Sylven New York
  19. Taylor + Thomas

What Makes Them Vegan Boots?

Will's Vegan Boots Aviator Style
Aviator 2 Boots

When buying any kind of shoes, you need to keep in mind not only the materials that are used, but also the entire manufacturing process.

For example, even though a specific shoe doesn’t have leather in it, that doesn’t mean they weren’t testing their products on animals or using an animal-based cartilage glue.

That’s why you should always do some research before buying, even if they appear like a vegan boots brand at first glance. 

Thank you Ahinsa for gifting me two pairs of boots to try.

Top 19 Vegan Boots Brands

The following list of vegan boots do not contain or use any animal products whatsoever during the entire process. No fur, no leather, no animal-based glue.

In addition, many of the brands take environmental measures to reduce their carbon footprint and include other steps to improve their sustainability. 

Isn’t that the best part? You can rest assured knowing that you have comfy vegan boots or vegan winter boots and at the same time, know that your money is going towards companies that support sustainable practices.

Ahinsa Barefoot Shoes – Jaya and Winter Ankle Boots

Ahinsa Vegan Winter Boots - Jaya

When you think of barefoot shoes you probably don’t think of vegan boots. 

For me, the image that used to come to mind were toe shoes worn in the forrest by hippies or people living on the fringe. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but before I met with the owners ofAhinsa shoes, I really did not see myself wearing barefoot shoes.

They, and their incredible handmade vegan barefoot shoes, changed my mind!

Ahinsa graciously gifted me three pairs of shoes to try, two of which are vegan boots. I have their Jaya Vegan Boots (above) and their Winter Ankle boots (below). Let’s just say, for the first time in my life I look forward to winter just so I can test the latter in cold and dreary Prague.

Ahinsa Vegan Winter Boots

The Winter Ankle Boots are equipped with a soft and furry interior lining to keep your bare feet warm and cozy during in super cold climates. Of course, the lining is not made with animal products because everythingAhinsa makes is vegan. 

The Jaya boots can be worn as 100% barefoot shoes, or as “comfort” shoes with an insertAhinsa makes. I opted for the comfort insert. These boots, which I’ve worn most days since I got them, have really changed my relationship with my feet. I know that sounds absurd, but they actually have. 

For one, I can feel the ground under my feet when I walk, which makes me more aware of how I move. The positioning is quite different from when I’m wearing standard shoes. My feet hit softer, and toward the front of my foot. Which, for me, means that I don’t have any foot pain or discomfort at the end of the day.

Secondly, I can notice a huge difference in toe space. Especially after I put on a pair of “regular” shoes. Barefoot shoes are made so your toes have room to spread out (the way they should be naturally). I really didn’t know this was going to be such a big deal, but I can 100% feel the difference now.

The Jaya Vegan Boots from Ahinsa are definitely the most comfortable boots I’ve ever worn. I don’t even feel the need to take them off at the end of the day. They’re kind of like wearing a second, protective skin rather than shoes. Can you tell how much I love these vegan boots?

Regarding warmth, I am pretty confident the Jaya boots will get me through the cold winter months without issue. But, if you live in incredibly cold climate or spend a lot of time outdoors, you may want to consider their Winter Ankle Boots. I’ve yet to wear them outdoors because it’s not cold enough here yet, but when I tried them on I could instantly tell they are super warm!

Ahinsa’s boots range in price between $156 and $167 USD.

I highly recommend them to anyone looking to invest in a fantastic pair of vegan boots that are going to treat your feet right!

Good Guys Don’t Wear Leather

Good Guys Don't Wear Leather Vegan Cowboy Boots
Blaze APPLESKIN™ – Good Guys

French, vegan, cowboy boots? Yes…it exists.

If you’re looking for a unique pair of vegan boots, look no further than Good Guys Don’t Wear Leather.

This totally vegan brand based in Paris France is creating some of the most fashionable vegan boots on the market. From cowboy boots, to vegan motorcycle boots, to ankle boots they have oodles of options to choose from. They even have a vegan clog boot! I bet you can’t find that anywhere else.

GGDWL specializes in vegan leather and vegan suede footwear. They make their products from durable and sustainable materials that are of course cruelty-free and also eco-friendly.

I own a pair of GGDWL vegan sandals, and I can confidently say you will love their shoes!

In terms of price, their vegan boots range from $100 – $220.

Will’s Vegan Shoes

vegan boots from Will's Vegan Shoes

I currently own three pairs of Will’s Vegan Shoes vegan boots. So, this brand is a favorite when it comes to vegan shoes.

In fact, my very first pair of vegan boots was from Will’s. I grew tired of cheap, synthetic leather winter boots that would just fall apart after a few months. So, I bought a pair of Will’s Chelsea boots. Several years later they are still in great shape.

Will’s is a British brand, but their shoes are available worldwide. They are a 100% vegan brand and are PETA-approved.

Will’s is also a truly sustainable company. Their shoes are made from eco-certified materials and the footbeds are made with recycled rubber. Plus, and all of their packaging is carbon neutral and plastic-free.

Will’s has a wide range of vegan boots for men and women, including vegan Chelsea boots, dock boots, knee high boots, ankle booties, hiking boots, cowboy boots, biker boots, sneaker boots, and many more styles.

Check out Will’s Vegan boots here.

In terms of price, their vegan boots range from $84 – $200.

Collection and Co

This vegan boots brand falls under the parent company of Immaculate Vegan. Collection and Co are a well-known, fashionable vegan shoes brand that features high-quality vegan products (clothes, shoes, and accessories) that respect the environment and look great. 

The London-based company primarily sells women’s shoes with a decent variety of styles. This vegan boots brand is quite different from Astral Designs, as this one is focusing more on the fashion side of the vegan boots world. Some of their more popular styles include a faux-suede Chelsea boot and an up-cycled vegan leather knee-high boot. 

Their up-cycling method is one of the biggest reasons they make it on this list (besides the fact that the boots look great!). Their vegan boots are produced in one small factory in Greece using pineapple tree leaves, recycled plastics, and leftover materials from previous collections. This way, even when the seasons change and they move on to a new style of vegan boots, there is no wasted materials. 

In terms of price, they are certainly reasonable for a high-end fashion brand. Most of their vegan winter boots are around 100 – 120 British Pounds (around $160 US dollars). However, considering the style, the company’s values, and their responsible manufacturing process, this vegan boots brand is definitely worth splurging on every once and a while. 

Matisse’s Vegan Boots

Matisse Footwear is a great vegan boots brand that is exclusively for women’s fashion. They are based in Los Angeles and strive to create a unique style of vegan boots that are meticulously designed with quality craftsmanship. 

Just to be clear, the brand does sell boots that are not vegan, but everything under their large Coconuts collection is 100% vegan. And while not the entirety of their store is vegan, they use sustainable practices and up-cycle as much as possible. Their website says that their non-vegan leather is all recycled, so while it’s not a perfect solution, at least they make environmentally conscious decisions. 

The Coconuts collection is enormous, with a very wide variety of styles and sizes to choose from. They have everything from sandals to heavy vegan winter boots. If you’re looking into buying several different pairs of boots to match any possible outfit, this brand likely has what you need.

Matisse’s Coconuts collection includes vegan ankle boots, vegan combat boots, vegan western boots, and a whole lot more!

In terms of price, it has a rather large range. Boots go from $75 to $260, but with the most common price being $100. For being a company with such a focus on high-quality craftsmanship, it’s not a bad price for a good pair of vegan boots. 

Matt & Nat

©Matt & Nat

Similar to Collections & Co, this vegan boots company has an enormous selection of styles. 

Based in Montreal, the brand has now become internationally recognized and has boutiques all over the world. 

Again, Matt & Nat is committed to sustainable business practices. Absolutely all of their shoe linings are made out of recycled plastic bottles, claiming to reuse 9 million plastic bottles annually. They also seem to have a good deal of transparency when it comes to their factory conditions, which is great to hear – a truly cruelty-free brand should be treating their employees well and avoiding exploitative business practices. 

Like we mentioned, they have a huge selection of shoes for every different style. They have vegan winter boots, vegan rain boots, and even vegan high-heeled boots. They also have a selection of styles for men, although it is quite a bit more limited compared to the women’s options. 

The price range is also on the cheaper end compared to the previous brands. It’s the only brand so far where you can find several different vegan boots for less than $100. In fact, you can find some for as low as $78, so this is a great option if you need a quality pair of boots but don’t want to pay an arm and a leg. 

Beyond Skin

This vegan shoe brand is different from the rest in that it is a luxury fashion brand. The brand is based in England, but ethically handmade in Spain. They focus on creating high fashion styles with cruelty-free methods. 

They claim that every single boot is handmade with 100% recycled faux leather and shipped in recycled/recyclable materials. So you can rest easy knowing that a lot of love went into making these vegan boots for you. 

Beyond Skin doesn’t filter their selections between men’s or women’s designs, opting instead for styles suitable for anyone and everyone. They have a wide selection as well, offer vegan winter boots, sneakers, loafers, and much more. They even have some UGG-style vegan boots.

In terms of price, it is certainly the most expensive of any of the brands on this list, as the term luxury fashion brand would suggest. So if you’re the type of person that prefers to splurge on one amazing pair of shoes, then your perfect pair of vegan boots is right here. 


Ethletic Vegan Boots - Brec Style

Ethletic is a Pakistani company now based in Berlin and is committed to creating great vegan shoes using sustainable practices. They were the first shoe company to use 100% fair-trade cotton, one of the many awards they’ve won for their ethical practices.  

In fact, the company has made great strides in terms of workers’ conditions and make great efforts to improve the community in Pakistan where the company started. Actually, by looking at their website, you’ll see that they didn’t even start off as a fashion brand! They started by manufacturing the first fair-trade soccer ball. So as you can see, this company is full of ethical firsts. 

Moving on to the style of the shoes, they offer a much more casual type of vegan boots, great for walking around in the city. They also have good options for fair priced vegan winter boots, obviously catering to the style of their new location in Berlin.

All of their different styles come in a ton of different colors, so it’ll be easy to find something you’ll love! And, unlike some of the other brands mentioned, they offer men’s and unisex boots – so there’s something for everyone. 

The prices are quite fair, as well. Nearly all their boots and shoes are priced equally at €99 with €20 shipping worldwide. While it may not be the cheapest vegan boots brand on the market, but they make up for it in their quality and sustainable business model. 

Astral Designs

An obvious first choice for the vegan boots, the founders of Astral Design have been in the sustainability business for decades. Based in Asheville, North Carolina, this company is committed to creating high-quality outdoor equipment that is environmentally friendly and, as a result, vegan. 

This brand specializes in hiking and trekking gear for both men and women. So if you love going on hikes, whether they be short walks through the woods or climbing through the mountains, Astral Designs has some great vegan hiking boots to fit your needs. 

They also have boots that are specially made to dry quickly, making them a great option if you want something sturdy to go kayaking or hiking past rivers. You can definitely tell that the local environment of Asheville, NC helped inspire the brand, since it’s the smack-dab in the middle of the Appalachian Mountains. 

In terms of price, they are around the average for vegan boots. Their shoes range from $90 – 130, which tends to be a frequent cost for a decent pair of vegan boots and are definitely worth it. 

A Perfect Jane

A Perfect Jane is an all-women’s footwear brand that makes high-quality fashion classics. Their vegan boots collection is 100% plant-based, with a strong emphasis on reducing their carbon footprint.

The European company is a Netherlands-based fashion brand with production happening in Portugal and sustainable materials coming from Italy. They use vegan apple leather that comes from the byproduct of the fruit juice industry. This means they’re an all-European company set on reducing their environmental impact.

They have four main styles of vegan footwear- a classic ankle boot, biker, high boots, and loafers. Most of their designs are timeless and gorgeous – but they have a few pleasantly surprising styles for those of you looking for something different.

Their prices range from €100 to €200, making them a fairly affordable brand. So the best news is they’re sustainable for the planet and your wallet!


Allkind is a vegan luxury shoe brand that was launched in 2020. With a wide variety of fashionable designs, this up-and-coming brand is sure to be giving other luxury brands a run for their money.

They’re an England-based company with all of their production based in Spain. Recycled options are a priority for them – all of their soles are 100% upcycled materials. Even their packaging comes in recycled materials!

Allkind cites themselves to have “classic designs without any compromise” and they definitely live up to their statement. Their vegan boots are beautifully designed and are 100% cruelty-free.

All of their boots are either £180 or £220, but it’s definitely worth the price when you’re getting high-fashion and plant-based!


Bohema is a minimalist vegan fashion brand with timeless shoe designs made from vegetable leather. They combine innovative materials with handmade craftsmanship to produce beautifully-vegan shoes.

In 2013, founders Wiola and Sebastian started the first vegan fashion brand in Poland and, since then, have continued to innovate. Their current men’s boots utilize cactus leather – and they were possibly the first to do so!

Though they make a variety of different fashion accessories plant-based, their vegan boots are what stands out. They use classic black-and-white designs for a timeless look.

All of their boots range from €159 – €239, giving them an average price tag when compared to other plant-based brands.

Carmona Collection

Carmona uses 100% organic cactus to produce expertly crafted vegan boots. The nopal skin makes for sustainable and sturdy footwear that anyone can love.

They were founded by three sisters in León Guanajuato, Mexico – an area with a strong shoemaking tradition. So, it’s no wonder that the Carmona Collection is so amazing!

Lola, their cactus leather combat boot is a hand-crafted classic. It’s a 100% fair trade, high-fashion addition to your wardrobe. Though Carmona Collection definitely has a higher price mark at $1,529.10, you know your money will go towards a high-quality and sustainable product.


GURU Mtp is a French, Peta-Approved fashion brand with great taste. With unique designs, sustainable materials, and an all-vegan store model, GURU Mtp definitely needs to be on your shopping list.

This fashion brand is absolutely notable for its commitment to sustainable practices. They have a continual production model (rather than seasonal) and are constantly innovating to use sustainable materials. So not only are they cruelty-free, they’re environmentally friendly as well, avoiding petroleum-based materials.

Their gorgeous designs stand out from the rest of the vegan boot brands, so if you’re looking for something different – this is the store for you. Plus, most of their boots are €120 or less, so you’re getting beautiful and affordable!

Humans Are Vain

Labeling themselves as “Swedish Conscious Fashion”, Humans Are Vain is a remarkable unisex brand with contemporary designs. With contemporary styles and sustainable materials, they’re a great Peta-Approved brand.

They utilize pineapple leaves and recycled plastic ocean trash as their primary materials with the goal of creating sustainable fashion styles that are easy to recycle.

The brand was founded by Chris Margetts who worked in the fashion industry for 20 years but was upset with the fast-fashion model. So he made his own brand – something we’re all thankful for!

All of their vegan boots are around €120, so they’re at the average price for plant-based footwear.

Mireia Playà

This cruelty-free vegan footwear brand is full of striking designs that are a perfect addition to any woman’s shoe collection. They have unique styles made from sustainable materials, i.e, an absolute must!

They’re committed to a cruelty-free and environmentally-friendly business model. All of their materials are either plant-based or recycled and they don’t use any plastic at all in their packaging.

They have a huge collection of unique vegan boots – flats, low heel, platform – whatever you’re in the mood for, they have it! Whether you’re looking for a contemporary platform or a purple faux-suede boot, you’ll want to check out Mireia Playà.

Their boots average €150, but they have plenty of sales year-round and you’ll easily be able to snag some for under €100.

NOAH – Italian Vegan Shoes

NOAH is a fair trade, handcrafted Italian shoe brand with 100% vegan materials. They’ve re-designed traditional shoemaking techniques to create modern plant-based shoes.

This Peta-Approved brand has a huge collection of vegan boots and accessories that mimic that classic Italian fashion style. Their elegant Chelsea boots are sleek, chic, and a must-have.

NOAH’s vegan boots are slightly on the pricier end, averaging around €200, but if you’re looking for a timeless Italian boot, you won’t be disappointed.

Sylven New York

Sylven New York is a vegan brand that takes sustainability seriously. From the designing process to the packaging, they make sure their thoughtful footwear is good for the planet and looks great on you.

They’re an incredibly transparent footwear brand, detailing the origin and production process of every single material used to create their luxury vegan boots. For example, their shoe linings come from barley byproducts – a great bio alternative to the traditionally plastic component.

They have a select collection of apple leather boots that are trend-setting and beautiful. That being said, they are a high-fashion brand so they’ll set you back around $425. But at least you know exactly where your money is going!

Taylor + Thomas

Taylor + Thomas is a unique vegan fashion brand that is set on making a dent in the traditionally male-dominated industry. This girl-powered company makes sustainable and thoughtful designs that are a staple in any ethical wardrobe.

They’re up-front with their commitment to make the world a better place, all while providing you with high-quality, beautiful shoes. They believe in corporate accountability and strive to help consumers make ethical purchases.

They have a unique and bold style to their vegan boots with just a dash of extravagance. They’re typically priced at close to $600, but you’ll often be able to find them on sale for $292, so make sure to keep an eye out!

Still Unsure About Vegan Boots?

Finding the perfect pair of vegan boots might not be as easy as walking into any store in the mall, but rest assured that it’s getting easier and easier every day! These are just a few of the best brands that offer vegan services. That means that not only are the materials cruelty-free, but so are their company practices. 

So what are you waiting for? It’s about time you finally buy a nice pair of vegan boots like you’ve always wanted to and, plus, now you can’t say you don’t know where to look!