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Vegan Berlin Guide – 18 Best Vegan Restaurants in Berlin

Vegan Berlin? Yes, that’s a pretty accurate description of the city. There are so many options it’s hard to know what the best vegan restaurants in Berlin are. Well…I’m here to help!

Berlin is a city known for its wild nightlife, spectacular vegan food, and “anything goes” attitude. It’s a city where one’s inhibitions can take a back seat to fulfilling hidden fantasies and desires.

So, it’s no surprise that Berlin’s vegan culinary scene is full of fanciful concoctions that, at times, feel like they’re straight out of a decadent dream. It’s even possible for your tastebuds to take you on a long journey down memory lane to a time before you were vegan, because Berlin has some of the best veganized dishes in the world. Nearly anything you an imagine including vegan burgers, vegan sushi, vegan donuts, vegan tacos, and more are there for the taking. All ready to be devoured, cruelty free, of course.

My vegan Berlin guide is full of my absolute favorite dishes at some of the best vegan restaurants in Berlin. I’ve also included some vegan-friendly restaurants in Berlin here too, because what they’re serving is unmissable!

Vegan Berlin Guide – Best Vegan Restaurants in Berlin

Berlin Vegan Guide - East Side Gallery

Note: I’ve included a few affiliate links in this article in case you want to book accommodations. I receive a small commission for any sales made, without any additional cost to you.

Lily Burger

lily vegan burger berlin

Go big or go home. That’s a saying Lily Burger seems to embrace. It’s blatantly obvious from the moment you’re handed their 20+ page menu, to the very last naughty bite. This is a must visit restaurant for any vegan in Berlin.

Lily Burger is not a vegan establishment, so it’s shocking just how incredibly imaginative and fantastic their veganized burgers are.

You can get their towering meat-free masterpieces stuffed full of a variety of toppings, including vegan cheese, onion rings, bbq sauce, and even vegan bacon. These monster burgers can be on the pricy side, but they’re worth every last cent.

If you have a healthy appetite, love vegan burgers, and want Instagram worthy pics then Lily Burger in Berlin is the place for you to live out all your dirty burger fantasies. This is definitely some of the best vegan food in Berlin.

Secret Garden

Vegan Dumplings - Secret Garden Vegan Sushi Berlin

No vegan Berlin guide would be complete without this restaurant!

With all the incredible vegan options in Berlin it’s no surprise that vegan sushi is available. There are plenty of options for the typical avocado or cucumber roll, but for something truly special head to Secret Garden Vegan Sushi.

Located in Friedrichshain this beautiful vegan restaurant is serving absolutely delicious vegan sushi and other Japanese dishes.

Vegan Dumplings - Secret Garden Vegan Sushi Berlin

I’d recommend a selection of the fancy rolls (especially the tempura one), and one or two orders of dumplings to feed the hunger you worked up after shoe shopping.

Actually, I recommend you go crazy. Order a lot of different options. The prices are pretty reasonable. Plus, when else do you get to have such creative vegan sushi?


voner berlin

Doner kebab was first brought to Berlin in the 1970s by Turkish workers. Since then, the entire country has embraced this meaty dish. You can’t really walk far without running into a doner shop in Berlin. They’re literally everywhere.

No longer do hungry vegans in Berlin have to settle for falafel. Vöner, which opened in 2006, veganized the Doner kebab thus filling a void that once existed in the city’s vegan fast food/junk food scene.

I opted for the Vöner-Teller, a plate full of thinly sliced, roasted seitan shaved right onto a plate and served with greasy crisp french fries, salad, and garlic sauce. The Voner was so good, I teared up a little after the first bite and knew I had to add it to my vegan Berlin guide.


kopps Vegan Egg Salad Berlin

Kopps is probably the most fancy and best vegan restaurant in Berlin. It’s famously known for its beautiful food and fine dining experience.

Unfortunately, a full meal at Kopps was out of my budget at the time, but the restaurant has two veganized dishes I knew I had to try – the cheese plate and the egg salad. Lucky for me both are appetizers.

Honestly, the cheese plate was a bit underwhelming. It was fine, but nothing to write home about. On the other hand, the egg salad was superb. This mayo and chickpea concoction came in a mason jar served with freshly baked bread. It tasted incredibly similar to the “real” thing and was well worth the trip to Kopps alone.

If you have the budget, opt for a full meal at this vegan Berlin staple.

1990 Vegan Living

With a family vibe of home-cooked meals, take in the the exotic dishes of Vietnam at 1990 Vegan Living. A fully vegan restaurant with the emphasis on quality ingredients and real family cooking. 

Food is served up fresh, fast full of flavor, and is quite affordable. 

There is a tapas feel to the menu, with small bowls and plates… although larger single dishes are also available. Crispy fried dumplings come stuffed with radish, carrots, and garlic. Eggplant comes wok style with shiitake mushrooms and chili. Wontons are also crispy fried and packed with tofu, and fried rolls and tofu curry are flavorful.

Fresh veggies and fruits mingle with noodles and sauces that delight the palate. Juices, cocktails, wine, beer, and tea are all on offer to satisfy your thirst.

They have an avocado cheesecake that’s a hit if you’re in the mood for something sweet with unique flare.

The atmosphere is warm and pleasant, but it’s a cash-only place, so keep that in mind when you visit this cozy spot.

Lia’s Kitchen

For a cozy burger joint with a warm cafe vibe, head to Lia’s Kitchen for hearty portions of plant-based comfort food.

The burgers are splashed with a tasty sauce, and are top notch, as are the fries which also come in the sweet potato variety. And if you are craving something fresh, then try the fresh salads or the bowls with quinoa and berries.

The place is intimate and also offers small patio seating. Prices are affordable and the staff are friendly. Apple and other fruity spritzes are on hand to quench your thirst too.

The restaurant opens late on Monday to Wednesday at 17:00 from Monday to Wednesday, and at noon the rest of the week.

La Stella Nera

best vegan pizza in berlin

Eight years in New York changed me in a lot of ways. Most importantly it altered the way I thought about pizza. My first apartment, on the Upper East Side, was half a block from one of the best brick oven pizza places in the city, so let’s just say my standards are high.

La Stella Nera in Berlin serves one of the best vegan pizzas I’ve had outside of NYC.

The heavenly pie was delivered to our table piping hot, straight out of the brick oven. The crust was exactly how I like it – thin, chewy, crispy and slightly charred. The molten vegan cheese was the perfect partner to the thin slices of peppery oily vegan sausage.

It was a delightful experience. So, if you’re seeking the perfect vegan pizza in Berlin, head to La Stella Nera now!

Swing Kitchen

Swing Kitchen Vegan Burgers - Vegan Restaurants Berlin

With two locations, Swing Kitchen is a burger bar that serves up vegan fare on both sides of the river. 

Burgers come in different styles, from a Chicago burger to a Vienna burger, to what they call their special, a nice bacon burger. They also have wraps, garden salads, and a crispy nugget salad. Sides are Americana style and include onion rings, and fries doused in garlic sauce or done up Greek style.

Coffees, teas, and lemonades are available to wash back your bites while swing music jazzes up the scene.

Deserts include cheesecake and tiramisu in this fully vegan eatery with an upbeat vibe.


Momos are fluffy, crispy, little pockets of heaven. It’s perfectly acceptable to eat these South Asian dumplings by the dozen, and the best place in Berlin to do so is at the aptly named Momos.

Four of the six options on their menu are vegan and all of their sauces are vegan. I highly recommend getting the pan fried version and choosing as many as you can possibly stuff yourself with.

Momos is one of the best options for vegan Berlin dining.

No Milk Today

Another 100 percent vegan joint with a homey vibe is No Milk Today. Cluttered bookshelves against the wall, long seating with throw pillows and cushioned seats. This place has a light and airy feel, much like their dishes.

Salads come as fresh lettuce topped with walnuts and radish. The quiches are also well done. Cinnamon rolls, bagels, croissants, and spelt breads with spread anchor a solid breakfast menu. Smoothie bowls and oatmeal is also available.

The coffee is stellar, and the options include a Vietnamese style serving with coconut milk. The carrot, orange, and ginger juices are all freshly prepared.

They shun artificial flavors and preservatives for fresh regional ingredients.

Cakes and pies are on offer for those that want to indulge. Breakfast is served all day.

Sunshine Vegan Restaurant

For a chill vibe with delicious Asian-influenced food, head to Sunshine Vegan Restaurant.

The atmosphere is laid-back, and there’s plenty of sidewalk seating outside. The focus here is on traditional Vietnamese and Thais fare, done 100% vegan. From soups to rice dishes and noodles, curries, and rolls.

The dumplings are round and packed with flavor. The menu is massive, and the meat alternatives are done well and accompany the dishes nicely, including fish and scallops.

Drinks consist of a variety of red and white wines, a few beers, and a few fruity options like lychee.

Plant Base 

Latte art abounds at this vegan cafe that keeps the food comfy and the vibe light and airy, functioning as a book store also, Plant Base is a must stop for every vegan visiting Berlin. With local sustainable delights, the food here feels homemade and executed with care.

Coffee, pastries, granola bowls, dips, and salads are all available, along with nice vegan scrambled eggs. Check out their delicious and eclectic selections of cakes.

They also offer a vegan book club and vegan cooking classes at this little powerhouse of vegan delights, for those that want to take their vegan culinary skills to the next level.

Feel Seoul Good 

For Korean done the vegan way, soak up the vibrant scene inside of Feel Seoul Good, or opt for one of their many sidewalk tables.

The Korean pancakes are to die for, and the kimchi on its own is also stellar. Although the emphasis is on Korean cuisine, their sushi rolls dazzle the senses with zesty flare.

And what Korean eatery can exist without the bimimbap, these bowls are created with passion and the tastes comes through. As with the sushi rolls, there are a few Vietnamese options on the menu. 

A bevy of drinks are on hand, from beer to tea to lemonades to coffee Vietnamese style.

Hot Dog Soup

vegan hot dogs berlin

Hot Dog Soup serves stellar dirty-ballpark-style vegan hot dogs that seem like they’re straight out of a childhood memory. Not a totally plant-based restaurant but a must vegan Berlin spot for anyone craving a good dog.

Their simple soy dogs are served on a soft fluffy bun, piled high with fresh and tasty ingredients like pickles, onions, sauerkraut, peppers, tomato, and mustard.

The menu has several tempting pre-designed hot dogs to choose from, but I couldn’t resist the Red Hot Chili dog both times I went. It was a composition of hot chili pepper sauce, pickles, and onions. Absolutely outstanding, and possibly the best vegan hot dogs in Berlin.

The restaurant also serves soup, hence the name, but really, who cares? The hot dogs are the main star here.

The Best Vegan Desserts in Berlin

Obviously no vegan Berlin guide would be complete without dessert options. It’s the most important course of any meal after all!

Here are my favorite spots for vegan sweets in Berlin.

Cafe Vux

Vux Vegan Cakes in Berlin

See that cupcake in the back? That’s the best cupcake I’ve ever ever had in my life, and it’s vegan!

Cafe Vux is a sweet little vegan cafe in Berlin with a daily variety of outstanding desserts. I really don’t think there is a bad choice to be made, but if you do go and they have the peanut butter cupcake, get that one.

The other desserts I had that day (an apricot vanilla cake and the cinnamon chocolate cupcake) were stellar, but the peanut butter cupcake is the stuff of dreams.

Vux also has, from what I’ve heard, an outstanding vegan brunch on Sundays. Unfortunately, my bus arrived in Berlin late and I didn’t get there before it ended. Sad but an excellent reason to go back!

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, and are looking for the best vegan cupcakes in Berlin get to Cafe Vux.

SammyS Berliner Donuts

If you’re in Berlin and you’re craving donuts, head to SammyS Berliner Donuts for a Voodooesque experience.

Is it a donut or a Berliner? You’re not going to care which is which after you bite into these fluffy little devils of deliciousness. 

Strawberry jam, peanut butter and jelly, and chocolate are just of few of the Berliners — or donuts — on offer in these hip bakery shops. Colors delight, as do flavors, like their vanilla butter crumble. Lotus Biscoff and blueberry cheesecake are both a must.

With three locations in this vegan saturated city, this little donut — or Berliner — spot is easy to find.


brammibals vegan donuts in berlin

To say that I’m a fan of donuts is a massive understatement. In fact, on my last trip to New York, I made it my sole mission to discover the best vegan donuts in the city.

Visiting Brammibals in Berlin was a bit like what I assume visiting the Vatican would be to a devout Catholic. Anticipation and excitement filled my body on bike ride over and became almost uncontrollable at the first glance of all the doughy gems.

My choice? The coconut bacon maple donut of course. It was everything a good donut should be. Fluffy interior, crispy exterior, and crystalized sugar glaze. I could have eaten 20 because these are the best vegan donuts in Berlin. So, it easily wins a spot on this vegan Berlin guide.

FREA Bakery

Another fully plant-based spot that’s full of tasty pastries is FREA Bakery, which bills itself as a “zero waste” establishment. 

More of a cafe feel than a bakery, the setting is light and airy with plenty of seating indoors, and minimal seating outside.

Fresh focaccia dazzles the senses. The avocado toast is awesome. Croissants come in a variety of flavors… try the pistachio, you won’t regret it.

French toast come bulky and smothered in syrupy jam and fresh fruit.

The sandwiches are stellar for the lunch crowd, and a few soups are on hand also.

The coffee is top level, and what you’d expect from a place that takes pride in what they offer. There are teas and matcha also available.

Randi Delano, Creator & Owner

Randi is the creator and owner of Veggie Visa, a leading vegan travel and lifestyle website. With over a decade of experience as a vegan, combined with her classical training in culinary arts from the Institute of Culinary Education and her certification as a health coach, she expert advice on the topic of veganism. A seasoned traveler who has explored more than 30 countries, Randi brings a wealth of experience and insight into vegan travel. Her work has been featured in renowned publications such as Marie Claire, A Women’s Thing, XOJane, and Happy Cow, underscoring her authority and influence.

Kai Franco

Thursday 19th of April 2018

hi, next time check the great african-italian vegan brunch at AtayaCaffe in prenzlauerberg wou need a reservation«««««for sure one of the most amazing brunches in berlin

Kai Franco

Thursday 19th of April 2018

hi, next time check the great african-italian vegan brunch at AtayaCaffe in prenzlauerberg wou need a reservation«««««

Veggie Vagabonds

Thursday 14th of December 2017

WOW! I have a sudden urge to get my bum over to Berlin! Your pictures alone are enough to win me over. I had heard that Berlin was a vegan's dream but I had no idea it was this good! And vegan hotels - the possibilities are endless! Thank you for sharing!


Thursday 14th of December 2017

Do it! You wont be sorry...except maybe if you OD from amazing vegan food :D