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20 Best Vegan Restaurants in San Francisco

There are so many vegan restaurants in San Francisco that you will be spoiled for choice!

One of the best things about San Francisco is that, as with many California cities, there are so many different cultures living in this vibrant city. This mix of cultures is reflected in the variety of delicious, vegan food! 

From Thai food to soul food, doughnuts to pizza, whatever vegan dish, dessert, or snack you’re craving, you can find it in this amazing city!

Best Vegan Restaurants in San Francisco

Best Vegan Restaurants in San Francisco

If you’re visiting and not sure where to eat, then check out this guide for the 20 best vegan restaurants in San Francisco!

1. Golden Era Vegan Restaurant

  • Cuisine: Asian Fusion, 100% Vegan
  • Price: $$
  • Address: 395 Golden Gate Ave., San Francisco, California

Golden Era Vegan Cuisine has a massive menu with different Vietnamese, Thai, and Chinese cuisine.

Considered one of the best vegan restaurants in San Francisco, you will have a difficult time trying to decide what to order! 

Pho is one of the most popular dishes ordered at Golden Era for a good reason! It’s a delicious, fragrant Vietnamese soup with rice noodles, vegetables, tofu, and assorted soy meat.

The “Lemongrass Deluxe”, a spicy lemongrass soy chicken dish, is also a big hit. You should also try their sweet and yummy Thai iced tea!

2. Vegan Mob

  • Cuisine: BBQ & Soul Food, 100% Vegan
  • Price: $$
  • Address: Check out their IG page to see their most up-to-date location.

Soul food is an American staple that makes you feel happy and comforted when you eat it. Vegan Mob makes delicious, comforting vegan soul food that does not skimp on portions! 

Try the “mob plate” which gives you a choice of protein and three sides. The plant-based brisket, creamy “smackaroni,” Southern-style collard green, and Cajun potato salad are amazing. The fully-loaded nachos also can’t be missed! 

Vegan Mob has a huge menu and everything is insanely good. Make sure you’re really hungry before you eat there because you’re going to need a lot of room!

3. Vida Cantina SF

  • Cuisine: Mexican, 100% Vegan
  • Price: $$
  • Address: 56 Belden Place, San Francisco, California

Vida Cantina SF is an all-vegan Mexican restaurant that makes healthier, vegan versions of traditional Mexican food. They make their food with love and promote compassion for all animals.

Order the tamales or chile relleno (stuffed chili peppers) for an authentic, Mexican experience.

For dessert, try their decadent “ChocoFlan” which has coconut, cajeta (Mexican caramel sauce,) and toasted almonds.

4. BAIA 

(Note: BAIA is temporarily closed, but will reopen on November 16, 2022.)

  • Cuisine: Italian, 100% Vegan
  • Price: $$$
  • Address: 300 Grove Street, San Francisco, California

If you’re craving amazing Italian vegan food in San Francisco, check out BAIA. It’s a bit pricier than other restaurants on this list, but the ambiance is nice and the food is even better.

It’s one of the best vegan restaurants in San Francisco!

Their Margherita pizza with cashew mozzarella cheese is a tried-and-true classic. They also have mouthwatering lasagna with macadamia ricotta cheese.

Their vegan pasta is made fresh daily! They also change up their menu every season, so check out their website to see what incredible pasta dishes are on offer.

5. Nourish Cafe

Nourish Cafe Vegan Restaurant in San Francisco
PC: Nourish Cafe
  • Cuisine: Healthy American, 100% Vegan
  • Price: $$
  • Address: 1030 Hyde St, San Francisco, California & 189 6th Ave, San Francisco, California

With two locations in Nob Hill and Richmond District, Nourish Cafe is a healthy vegan restaurant that focuses on whole foods and clean ingredients.

They serve healthy bowls, sandwiches, soups, and smoothies.

Their frittata sandwich with vegan frittata, artichoke cashew mayo, avocado, lettuce, tomato, and delicious “seed feast bread” is really good.

They also have a great selection of bowls like the “Nourish bowl” with quinoa, yams, avocado, loads of fresh veggies, and oil-free creamy dill hemp dressing. 

6. Shizen Vegan Sushi Bar & Izakaya

  • Cuisine: Japanese, 100% Vegan
  • Price: $$$
  • Address: 370 14th St (at Valencia, Mission District)

Located in the heart of the mission district, Shizen Vegan Sushi bar is a 100% vegan restaurant with a huge selection of vegan sushi that looks like a work of art!

The vegan sushi bar alone makes Shizen Vegan Sushi one of the best vegan restaurants in San Francisco.

At Shizen, everything tastes amazing, but if you want some suggestions, their “Proud Peacock” roll with avocado, cucumber, tofu, shiitake, eggplant, pickled mango, roasted peppers, and seaweed pearls looks just as amazing as it tastes.

You also should try a bowl of their spicy garlic miso ramen since it tastes amazing and ramen is life!

7. Loving Hut

  • Cuisine: Asian Fusion, 100% Vegan
  • Price: $
  • Address: 524 Irving St, San Francisco, California

Loving Hut is a vegan restaurant chain with branches all over the world. The chain is owned by Supreme Master Ching Hai from Vietnam. She has dedicated her life to spreading the message of love and compassion toward animals.

Their menu is huge, so you’ll be overwhelmed with options. Try the “Broccoli Delight” which can be ordered gluten-free and oil-free. It has marinated Teriyaki soy protein, broccoli, and organic carrots.

Their “Bun Hue” spicy noodle soup with lemongrass, soy protein, organic tofu, and rice noodles will leave you feeling happy and satisfied.

8. Wildseed

  • Cuisine: International, 100% Vegan
  • Price: $$$
  • Address: 2000 Union St, San Francisco, California

This vegan restaurant in San Francisco has food from all over the world, from American to Mexican…whatever you’re craving, you can find it at Wildseed!

The Red Velvet Flaxseed Pancakes are perfect for brunch.

You can also try the carbonara pizza or the “Ensalada Andalusia” which is a hearty salad with coconut bacon, cashew cheese, fresh veggies, and agave vinaigrette.

9. Indochine Vegan

Indochine Vegan Restaurant in San Francisco
PC Indochine
  • Cuisine: Asian Fusion, 100% Vegan
  • Price: $$
  • Address: 508 Valencia St (at Mission District), San Francisco, California

If you’re looking for good vegan food in San Francisco, look no further than Indochine Vegan! This restaurant has dishes from all over Asia. 

Their sizzling teriyaki chicken is flavorful and filling. Also, try the crispy pot stickers for a yummy appetizer.

To wash down all that amazing food, you can try their organic raw kombucha ginger ale.

10. VeganBurg

  • Cuisine: American Fast Food, 100% Vegan
  • Price: $$
  • Address: 1466 Haight St., San Francisco, California

If you’re craving an award-winning vegan burger, VeganBurg has you covered! This vegan burger chain is one of many amazing vegan restaurants in San Francisco.

Their avocado beetroot burger is a best-seller for a good reason. Avocados are the best fruit in the world and make any dish better.

You can also try the Hawaiian teriyaki which comes with a juicy pineapple slice. Their “sidekick” of cheesy fries is American comfort food at its best!

11. Peña Pachamama

  • Cuisine: Bolivian, 100% Vegan
  • Price: $$$
  • Address: 1630 Powell St (at North Beach), San Francisco, California

Vegan restaurants in San Francisco are some of the most international in the world. You have the best food from all over the world in one place!

Serving a half-cooked and half-raw menu, Peña Pachamama uses organic ingredients and has gluten-free options.

Try the plantains with organic, black bean puree for a true taste of Latin America. For something raw and extra healthy, the raw corn tacos are crunchy and filling.

They also have a great selection of desserts like the chocolate fudge pecan brownie which can be served with vegan ice cream.

12. Next Level Burger

  • Cuisine: American Fast Food, 100% Vegan
  • Price: $S
  • Address: 450 Rhode Island St, San Francisco, California

One of the top-rated vegan restaurants on Happy Cow, Next Level Burger serves next-level vegan food in San Francisco. 

Try the “Organic Yukon Gold Tater Tots” which are tater tots smothered in vegan chili, cheese, sour cream, and green onions.

The “Spicy Stacked Chik’n Burger” is bigger than your head but packed with American comfort food goodness. If you have room, their peanut butter cup shake is heavenly!

13. Beach’n SF

  • Cuisine: American, 100% Vegan
  • Price: $$
  • Address: 4300 Judah St, San Francisco, California

A lot of vegan restaurants in San Francisco have a huge menu, but Beach’n SF makes it easier to narrow down your choice with a smaller menu.

They serve “cafe-style” comfort food with a selection of breakfast foods, sandwiches, salad, and lots of great, vegan coffee.

For breakfast or brunch, try their French toast with powdered sugar and seasonal fruit.

The “Buffalo Mac’n Cheezen” is so gooey and yummy, you’ll wonder why non-vegan cheese still exists when something this amazing and vegan is available.

14. Judahlicious

  • Cuisine: International, Raw Food & Juice, Vegetarian
  • Price: $$
  • Address: 3906 Judah St (at Outer Sunset District), San Francisco, California

Judahlicious is a great raw food and juice joint that serves healthy, vegan food in San Francisco.

They also have a selection of cooked food if you crave something heavier and more filling. This place is perfect for breakfast or brunch. 

The acai bowl is the perfect blend of sweet and tangy. The “Dahnu wrap” is a scrumptious raw wrap made with a dehydrated raw flax tortilla and has avocado, marinated kale, almond pâté and then topped with sun-dried tomato sauce & curry cashew crème.

The “Buzzed” juice is also really refreshing. Watch out for the Tonic though, it has bee pollen which is not vegan.

15. Cha-Ya

  • Cuisine: Japanese, 100% Vegan
  • Price: $$
  • Address: 762 Valencia St (at 18th, Mission District), San Francisco, California

Another amazing Japanese, vegan restaurant in San Francisco, Cha-Ya serves typical Japanese fare like sushi, gyoza, noodles, salad, and tempura. 

If you love avocados, try the Starlight Roll or the Garden Roll.

Their gyoza pot stickers are also extremely good and flavorful. For an extra protein boost, try the edamame. 

16. Vegan Picnic

  • Cuisine: American, 100% Vegan
  • Price: $$
  • Address: 1323 Polk St., San Francisco, California

When you’re a vegan in San Francisco, you have incredible options for vegan food. San Francisco even has a vegan deli!

Vegan Picnic serves breakfast all day and has delicious, vegan deli food like sandwiches, burritos, and salad.

Try their classic grilled cheese or crispy chicken sandwich. They also have a “Chicken N’ Waffles” breakfast sandwich if you want something extra comforting and yummy.

17. Rad Radish

  • Cuisine: International, 100% Vegan
  • Price: $$
  • Address: 301 Hayes St., San Francisco, California

With a focus on sustainability, Rad Radish tries to leave a small carbon footprint by buying organic and locally sourced ingredients.

Rad Radish has a great selection of juices, bowls, flatbread, salads, sandwiches, and burgers.

The French toast with berries and coconut whipped cream is tasty and has the perfect amount of sweetness.

The sausage flatbread is very popular and shouldn’t be missed. To drink, try their “Iced Golden Latte” for a refreshing caffeine kick!

18. Om Sabor

  • Cuisine: International, 100% Vegan
  • Price: $
  • Address: 370 Grove St (at Phonobar), San Francisco, California

Food trucks are very popular in San Francisco and add to the variety of vegan restaurants in San Francisco. The Om Sabor food truck has a variety of international foods that focus on Latin American cuisine. This vegan restaurant is also plastic-free!

For something filling but not too heavy, you can try the “Corn Picadillo Empanada” which has handmade with corn masa and is loaded with both cooked and fresh veggies and salsa.

You should also try the “Michoacán Ceviche” which is a secret menu item and has oyster mushrooms, cauliflower, mango, and “Pico de Gallo” salsa. 

19. Enjoy Vegetarian Restaurant

  • Cuisine: Chinese, 100% Vegan
  • Price: $$
  • Address: 839 Kearny St (at Financial District), San Francisco, California

If you’re a vegan in San Francisco, you must try some vegan Chinese food! Enjoy Vegetarian Restaurant is located in the financial district, this yummy take-out restaurant serves Buddhist vegan food, so they do not use garlic or onion in any of their dishes.

The “General Tso’s Chicken” is spicy, savory, and packed with flavor. For something crispy and fried, you can try their samosas and veggie rolls.

They also have a good selection of different chow mein dishes if you’re craving sumptuous noodles. 

20. Thai Idea Vegetarian

  • Cuisine: Thai, Vegetarian
  • Price: $$
  • Address: 710 Polk St., San Francisco, California

You can’t do a food tour of amazing vegan restaurants in San Francisco and skip Thai Idea Vegetarian! California has the largest population of Thai people outside of Thailand, so trying Thai food while you’re there is a must!

If you want to try a popular Thai dish, then try the “Som Tum” papaya salad which is a refreshing salad with a mix of sweet, spicy, savory, and sour flavors.

The “Pad See-Ew” noodles are also very delicious. It has large, flat rice noodles, broccoli, cabbage, and carrot. Just be sure to order it without the egg.

Vegan San Francisco Guide Wrap-up

San Francisco Vegan Guide
Cable Car and San Francisco street view and golden light behind it

Hopefully, this list of amazing vegan restaurants in San Francisco will get you excited for your trip to “The Golden City.”

With so many options to choose from, which restaurant stood out to you the most? 


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