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Glorious Vegan Donuts in NYC – 10 Spots in 2024

Can you imagine life without donuts? Pretty sad picture, huh? Well, if you’re vegan and in New York, you don’t have to worry. There are loads of options for incredible vegan donuts in NYC.

In fact, the options have grown considerably over the past 10 years and abound. From your classic glazed, to passionfruit and oreo topped, to scallion stuffed, and even doggy donuts, this city has it all!

Best Vegan Donuts in NYC

New York City

There are quite a lot of spots offering vegan donuts in New York City. Some are totally vegan, and some offer their vegan delights alongside the traditional variety.

So, where you decide to go really depends on what you’re craving and what borough you happen to find yourself in.

Read on and find out where you should grab your next vegan donut in New York City!

Clementine Bakery & Le Petit Monstre

Clementine Bakery vegan donuts in NYC
Credit: Clementine Bakery

Working as a dynamic duo from the same owner-creator, both Clementine Bakery and its sister cafe Le Petit Monstre do exceptional vegan donuts. As two of the best vegan bakeries in NYC, these spots knows exactly what they’re doing when it comes to donuts.

They come glazed, with cinnamon and sugar, covered in cookie crumbles or sprinkles, and more. They even have cronuts and sometimes they serve up gluten-free cake donuts. YUM!

  • Borough: Brooklyn
  • Neighborhood/Address: Clinton Hill (395 Classon Ave) & (82 Washington Ave)
  • Vegan Status: Vegan
  • Standout Vegan Donut: Pumpkin

Cloudy Donut

Dynamite donut selections abound at this little all-vegan bakery in Brooklyn Heights and NOLITA.

With flavors like strawberry, salted caramel whiskey, and lemon poppy—to name a few—there are plenty of unique options at Cloudy Donut.

It’s a tidy place with a welcoming staff. Traditional size donuts and minis are on offer, as are cream-filled. They also cater to the canines with their donuts for dogs like the Lil Bow Wow and Snoop Doggy Donut.

  • Borough: Brooklyn & Manhattan
  • Neighborhood/Address: Brooklyn Heights (14 Columbia Pl.) & NOLITA (209 Mott Street)
  • Vegan Status: Vegan
  • Standout Vegan Donut: Cookie Monster

Dun-Well Doughnuts

Dun-Well Vegan Donuts in NYC
Credit: Dun-Well Doughnuts

With easy access at the Montrose L stop, this Williamsburg vegan donut spot is an all-star in every aspect of their operation.

Dun-Well Doughnuts strives to be the best in the world, not just in the Big Apple. And we say, they just might be meeting their goal!

Plump daily-made artisanal doughnuts sidle up next to locally roasted coffee. With glazed, powdered, and sprinkles—this little gem has it all.

Innovative flavors can be found here, like maple French toast, almondine, pistachio raspberry pie, and even some unusual sweet and savory combinations like the everything bagel donut. You won’t be disappointed here!

  • Borough: Brooklyn
  • Neighborhood/Address: Williamsburg (222 Montrose Ave)
  • Vegan Status: Vegan
  • Standout Vegan Donut: Cinnamon Roll Donut with Sweet Cream Cheese

Erin McKenna’s Bakery

As a vegan and gluten-free bakery, Erin McKenna’s hovers at the top of the tier. With locations in New York, LA, and Orlando, they also offer nationwide shipping.

Their Lower East Side spot is tiny, but packs a wallop of sweet sensations. Flavors include, maple, vanilla-dipped, cinnamon sugar, salted caramel, and chocolate dipped.

But the star of the vegan donut show is the coffee crunch—it’s a VV Banger An outstanding, must try item according to Veggie Visa. for sure.

  • Borough: Manhattan
  • Neighborhood/Address: Lower East Side (248 Broome St)
  • Vegan Status: Vegan
  • Standout Vegan Donut: Coffee Crunch

Happy Zoe Vegan Bakery

Donuts from Happy Zoe Vegan Bakery
Credit: Happy Zoe Vegan Bakery

Only natural and organic ingredients are used by the people at the ethically conscious Happy Zoe Vegan Bakery in Greenpoint. It’s a cozy spot with excellent warm service.

The gluten-free vegan donuts come in the usual flavors of vanilla and dark chocolate, but also come on the fruitier side with flavors like raspberry and lavender. In fact, fruit is a prominent accoutrement as their vegan cake donuts are topped with delights like raspberries and strawberries, and even stuffed with fruity fillings.

If you’re a vegan, gluten-free, donut loving New Yorker head straight to Happy Zoe!

  • Borough: Brooklyn
  • Neighborhood/Address: Greenpoint (102 B Nassau Ave.)
  • Vegan Status: Vegan
  • Standout Vegan Donut: Dragon Fruit Chocolate

Doughnut Plant

As another big dough star for quite some time now, Doughnut Plant has jumped into the vegan donut mix and has risen to the top with their limited selections.

When your donuts are this delectable, you don’t need a lot of variety. Long praised for their delicious treats before adding vegan donuts to their menu, their Brooklyn location will satisfy your sweet-tooth cravings with knockout doughnuts.

Their vegan donuts are moist, and executed to perfection. As mentioned, there’s only two or three choices on hand on any given day, but you can’t go wrong with any of them.

Plant milk is also available for your coffee to wash down your donuts.

  • Borough: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens
  • Neighborhood/Address: Lower East Side (237 Grand Street), Midtown East (89 East 42nd Street), Williamsburg (198 Bedford Ave.), Downtown Brooklyn (245 Flatbush Ave), Long Island City (31-00 47th Ave)
  • Vegan Status: Vegan-friendly
  • Standout Vegan Donut: Dark Chocolate Sourdough

Dough Doughnuts

Since their opening in 2010 in Bedstuy, Dough Doughnuts has always been the big bad doughnut of New York.

The heavy two-handers here are certified kosher, and now they’ve added vegan donuts to their menu. The vegan choices are limited, but just as bold in flavor as their non-vegan cousins.

With six locations in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens, it’s easy to dive into the fluffy vegan donuts at Dough. They also offer catering and nationwide shipping.

Fun fact, their vegan donuts are shaped differently than the regular ones. So, no need to worry about an accidental non-vegan serve here.

  • Borough: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens
  • Neighborhood/Address: Flatiron (14 W 19th St), Midtown East (10 Rockefeller Center) and (230 Park Avenue), Prospect Heights (646 Vanderbilt Ave.), Williamsburg (90 Kent Ave), and Astoria (21-70 31st St)
  • Vegan Status: Vegan-friendly
  • Standout Vegan Donut: Vegan Blood Orange

The Donut Pub

Limited options are on hand at The Donut Pub including chocolate, powdered sugar and something fruity like blueberry usually.

They do offer seasonal vegan donuts, like pumpkin spice, too. These donuts are crispy and on the drier cakey side, but still tasty. Plus, NYU students receive a discount.

They have oat and soy milks on offer for coffee too.

  • Borough: Manhattan
  • Neighborhood/Address: Astor Place (740 Broadway) & West Village (203 West 14th Street)
  • Vegan Status: Vegan-friendly
  • Standout Vegan Donut: Cinnamon

Ugly Donuts

UGLY Vegan Donuts in New York City
Credit: UGLY Donuts

For something unique and off the traditional donut path, dive into the vegan donut paradise Ugly Donuts. This is one of the most exciting additions to the donut scene since the vaunted Voodoo Doughnuts popped up in Portland many years ago.

These donuts are not your old school mom and pop breakfast treats. Firstly, they are based in a Korean foundation of culinary ingredients and style, which gives the texture of the dough a chewy delicious bite.

You got two options for form here. Their “ugnuts” are U-shaped with the ends crossing over, as if a traditional donut was created in a laid-back fashion. All three in this style are vegan, and come as sugar cinnamon, blueberry, or a savory scallion. The latter being a VV BangerAn outstanding, must try item according to Veggie Visa..

Their other variety of donuts are stuffed and flat, not puffy. Inside the thin dough is either a red bean filling or red bean with walnuts. Both are excellent choices for any vegan donut lover to delve into.

We expect this place to continue to grow, as they have added a location in New Jersey and two in Houston. In New York they have two spots in Queens and one in Brooklyn.

PS: if you’re ever at the American Dream Mall in New Jersey, head to their location there. They have vegan corndogs too!

  • Borough: Brooklyn & Queens
  • Neighborhood/Address: Bushwick (398 Knickerbocker Ave), Jackson Heights (84-06 37th Ave.), Forest Hills (71-11 Austin Street)
  • Vegan Status: Vegan-friendly
  • Standout Vegan Donut: Scallion Ugnut

Vegan Donuts in NYC Wrap-up

Are you pleasantly surprised by all the Vegan Donuts in NYC? We certainly are!

So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and dive into your next crispy, creamy, vegan delight!