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13 Best Vegan Restaurants in Minneapolis

Looking for the best vegan restaurants in Minneapolis? So were we! And we found them!

If you’re planning a trip to Minneapolis anytime soon, you will be quite surprised to discover just how vegan friendly the city is! There’s a wide selection of options when it comes to vegan food in Minneapolis. Plus, St. Paul is just across the river! So, you’ll get even more bang for your vegan-dining-buck!

Also, since Minneapolis is the city of lakes, there are plenty of activities to partake in. Especially important for burning calories and making a little space in your belly to try even more awesome vegan food in Minneapolis. Want some outdoor activity ideas? I recommend checking out the Minneapolis Chain of Lakes Regional Park for paddle-boarding, kayaking, and biking in between feasting on all the delicious vegan food!

Best Vegan Restaurants in Minneapolis & St. Paul

Minneapolis Skyline - Vegan Restaurants in Minneapolis Article

Convinced? Great, let’s dig in!

Here’s a list of what I consider to be the best vegan restaurants in Minneapolis and a few in St. Paul!

I’ve included some vegan friendly restaurants too down below…because we love any restaurant that goes the extra mile and serves delicious vegan food on the non-vegan menu!

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Crepe and Spoon – Vegan Ice Cream & Crepes in Minneapolis

Crepe and Spoon Vegan Crepes in Minnepolis - Vegan Restaurants Minneapolis
  • Location: Northeast Minneapolis
  • Restaurant Type: Totally Vegan Restaurant in Minneapolis
  • What to try: Crepe & Jam

This ice cream and crepe spot just opened in 2017 and they specialize in vegan treats. Crepe and Spoon is one of the totally vegan restaurants in Minneapolis that offers around 12 rotating ice cream flavors, and offer the option to add a crepe! I mean, why not?!

They also have a couple savory crepe options served with Herbivorous Butcher meats and cheeses.

My all-time-favorite flavor for just about anything sweet is pistachio, and their ice cream made from these delicious nuts didn’t disappoint.

The Herbivorous Butcher

  • Location: Northeast Minneapolis
  • Restaurant Type: Totally Vegan Restaurant in Minneapolis
  • What to try: Cheeses – Gouda & Brie, Meat – Chorizo

Being the first ever vegan butcher and cheese shop to hit Minneapolis, The Herbivorous Butcher is a vegan haven. Everything is made on-site, and they serve weekly hot sandwich & soup specials. They have meat and cheese plates for purchase, different packages during the holidays, and even a vegan starter kit. I recommend checking them out online too for home deliveries.

If you go to any vegan restaurants in Minneapolis, go to this one!

Hark! Cafe

  • Address: 430 N 1st Ave Ste 150, Minneapolis
  • Restaurant Type: Totally Vegan Restaurant Minneapolis
  • What to try: Biscuits & Gravy Y’all

Hark! the herald angels sing – glory to this vegan and gluten-free cafe and bakery!

Among the best vegan restaurants in Minneapolis, this bakery serves up delicious bagels, muffins, quickes, and other baked goods. Plus they dish out a weekend brunch for the hungry and/or hungover.

If you’re hankering a plate of vegan biscuits and gravy, craving a frosted pop tart, or looking to tuck into a decadent cinnamon roll head straight to Hark! 

Reverie Cafe and Bar

  • Address: 1517 East 35th S, Minneapolis
  • Restaurant Type: Totally Vegan Restaurant Minneapolis
  • What to try: That mac n’cheese, mac n’cheese!

If you’re craving some good ol’ comforting classics head to Reverie Cafe and Bar! This all vegan restaurant serves up a mouthwatering dishes in an absolutely beautiful space.

Vegan biscuits and gravy – check! Vegan Mac n’cheese with shiitake bacon – check! Cauliflower wings, cauliflower tacos, and Cubano sandwiches – check! And let’s not forget the jackfruit nachos and burgers…they have that too!

Is your mouth watering yet? Mine sure is!

Trio Plant-Based

  • Address: 610 W Lake St, Minneapolis
  • Restaurant Type: Totally Vegan Restaurant Minneapolis
  • What to try: BBQ Ribs…cause why not?

“The way to someone’s hear is through their stomach.” It’s an old expression but a good one and it rings true at Trio Plant-Based

Not only does this totally vegan restaurant in Minneapolis serve up tasty treats like lasagna, tomato soup, grilled cheeses, bbq ribs, and peach cobbler it also advocates for inter-sectional veganism and the advancement of people of color! If that combination doesn’t warm your heart and soul, I don’t know what will!

J. Selby’s

Vegan Tacos at J. Shelbys in Minneapolis - Vegan restaurants in Minneapolis
  • Location: Summit area, St. Paul
  • Restaurant Type: Totally Vegan Restaurant in St. Paul
  • What to try: EVERYTHING

Opened in 2017, J. Selby’s is one of the few 100% vegan restaurants in St. Paul that not only offers lunch and dinner but an incredible weekend brunch as well. You will find everything you ever dreamed of eating here – so come hungry and I promise, you will leave happy. It’s well worth the cross over the river.

Other Fully Vegan Restaurants in Minneapolis

  • Infusedlife Plant Based Emporium – vegan soups, salads, smoothies, baked goods and infused teas.
  • Vegan East – vegan bakery & catering company. They have cakes, cupcakes, muffins, rolls, cookies and a few savory items on offer.

Best Vegan-friendly Restaurants in Minneapolis & St. Paul

Let’s be real. Vegan-friendly restaurants deserve to be on this list of the best vegan restaurants in Minneapolis. Why? Because, while they aren’t 100% plant based, they are serving up some awesome vegan food in Minneapolis!

Peoples Organic

  • Location: Uptown Minneapolis
  • Restaurant Type: Vegan Friendly
  • What to try: Black bean chili or the veggie hash

Whether you are craving breakfast or lunch, Peoples Organic serves both all day. I often head here when I need comfort or healthy food. With sandwiches, buddha bowls, and chili, People’s Organic will hit the spot. Bonus: feel free to do a little shopping on nearby Hennepin Avenue afterwards.

French Meadow

Vegan Pasta at French Meadow in Minneapolis
  • Location: Lyndale Ave
  • Restaurant Type: Vegan Friendly
  • What to try: Earth wings & Veggie Burger

If you are looking for a good place to go for just about any meal, French Meadow is the place you need to be. Located in uptown, they serve a wide variety of choices. From pastas to salads to sustainable bowls and more. They also have the best tempeh reuben I’ve ever had.

Although not all items are vegan, you can veganize just about everything on their menu.

Namaste Cafe

Nameste Minneapolis
  • Location: Uptown Minneapolis
  • Restaurant Type: Vegan Friendly
  • What to try: Coconut Spinach Curry or Chili namaste if you like something extra spicy

My go-to restaurant in Minneapolis is Namaste Cafe, I just LOVE this place. Almost everything that isn’t listed as vegan on the menu can be veganized upon request and they have daily lunch box specials. It’s a great place for lunch or dinner. Monday is 1/2 off bottles of wine night, and Tuesday is date night.

Pizza Luce

  • Location: Downtown, Uptown & Seward Minneapolis
  • Restaurant Type: Vegan Friendly
  • What to try: The Rustler

If you are looking for a great pizza joint, that serves up huge slices topped with lots of veggies and other toppings, then head straight to Pizza Luce in Minneapolis. With multiple locations, you’ll be near one no matter where you’re staying in the city.

Luce also serves pastas, hoagies, and great appetizer choices for when you’re craving something other than pizza.

Glam Doll Donuts

  • Location: 2605 Nicollet Ave in Minneapolis
  • Restaurant Type: Vegan Friendly
  • What to try: Cosmopolitan Girl

Serving up all the donuts you can fit into your mouth, Glam Doll has been all the rage since they opened in 2013. If you are a donut lover (who isn’t?) they cater to vegans with 8-10 delectable daily varieties. Note: Only the Eat Street location serves vegan donuts.

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Vegan in Minneapolis? Don't worry! There are loads of vegan restaurants in Minneapolis and across the river in St. Paul! Here's a local's guide to the best vegan and vegan friendly restaurants in the twin cities!

Author Bio

Alli is an environmental science teacher in Minneapolis who enjoys eating as much vegan food as is available. She has been a vegan since 2012 and when she isn’t trying a new restaurant, she enjoys cooking up dishes at home. Her favorite dishes include a good tofu scramble, banana nice cream and of course, pizza.

Alli is a part-time travel blogger at Alli’s Adventures and enjoys traveling the world as much as possible and experiencing other cultures, a few favorite locations are Rome and Stockholm. She enjoys spending her summers at the lake in Minnesota, reading, running and enjoying nature.

Kerri McGrail

Thursday 11th of April 2019

Love this!! Moving to Minneapolis soon and excited that theres such a vibrant vegan scene!!


Friday 23rd of March 2018

The Northeast location of Glam Doll does not have vegan donuts - only the Eat Street location does. Something to do with the kitchen being smaller, so they couldn’t prevent cross-contamination.


Saturday 31st of March 2018

Good to know. Thanks Angela!