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Where to Get Vegan Pizza in New York City – 12 Hot Spots

There are very few other cities in the world that are as associated with pizza as New York City is. Perhaps, Naples, Rome, or Chicago…if you can even call that pizza!

But, everyone who has been to, or lived in, New York City knows that it has some of the best pizza in the world. And, let’s be honest, it also has some of the worst too. Ray’s (and every clone) I’m talking about you.

But, what about vegan pizza? Surely by this point there is incredible vegan pizza in New York City, right?

The answer is YES! So, vegans of NYC, read on for some of the best options the city has to offer.

Best Vegan Pizza in New York City

Here are 12 places where you can enjoy delicious vegan pizza in New York City.

Double Zero

Vegan Pizza in New York City - Double Zero
Credit: Double Zero

Double Zero in New York City’s East Village is a unique dining destination for vegan pizza lovers.

Founded by Matthew Kenney, this restaurant specializes in plant-based pizza prepared in a wood-burning oven, along with offering small plates, vegan ice cream, and organic wines. The concept highlights Kenney’s commitment to delicious, beautiful, vibrant, and nutritious cuisine, making it a standout in one of New York’s favorite neighborhoods.

The menu boasts a variety of innovative pizzas, featuring homemade rice and nut cheeses and a selection of organic ingredients that elevate the traditional pizza experience to new, health-conscious heights.

Whether you’re a long-time vegan or just curious about plant-based dining, Double Zero offers a welcoming, casual environment to explore a modern take on classic pizza.

Note: Double Zero has a second, takeaway, location in Times Square.

Screamer’s Pizzeria

  • Neighborhood: Crown Heights, Brooklyn
  • Address: 685 Franklin Ave
  • Vegan Status: Fully Vegan

Screamer’s is probably the most well known spot to get vegan pizza in New York City. It serves an array of all-vegan New York-style pies, fries, mozzarella sticks, wings, calzones, and sandwiches, in a casual and welcoming setting.

Known for its creative pies, which are available by the slice or as a whole pizza, Screamer’s brings a unique vegan twist to the classic New York pizzeria experience.

This Crown Heights based restaurant has filled a niche for high-quality vegan pizza in NYC. Whether you’re vegan or just curious to try something new, Screamer’s Pizzeria promises a tasty and memorable experience.

Artistic Pizza

  • Neighborhood: Greenwich Village, Manhattan
  • Address: 123 W 3rd St
  • Vegan Status: Vegan-friendly

Artistic Pizza in NYC is an unassuming little gem nestled in the West Village, celebrated for its exceptional approach to vegan pizza.

This cozy establishment distinguishes itself with two menus: one showcasing classic pies and another dedicated entirely to vegan delights, catering to a diverse array of tastes.

Their commitment to quality is evident in their use of high-quality, freshest ingredients, ensuring every bite surpasses expectations.

Artistic Pizza’s innovative vegan options offer a delectable experience for both vegans and non-vegans alike, making it a must-visit spot for anyone looking to indulge in top-notch, plant-based vegan pizza in New York City​​.

Village Square Pizza

Vegan Pizza from VSP Village Square Pizza in NYC
Credit: Village Square Pizza

Village Square Pizza stands out in New York’s pizza scene by putting a classic spin on America’s beloved dish. They’re committed to crafting gourmet New York-style pizza using premium ingredients and a generations-old family recipe that has delighted taste buds for years. Their menu is diverse, appealing to various dietary preferences, including standout vegan options that ensure everyone gets to enjoy their delicious offerings.

One of their vegan highlights is the Eggplant Pizza that has fresh mozzarella, fried eggplant, hand crushed tomoatoes, and extra virgin olive oil. All served up on a crispy garlic crust. Other vegan options include the Bruschetta and the Vegan, which comes topped with mushrooms, peppers, and onions.

The pizzeria has received positive feedback for its quality, with customers praising the crunchiness, crispiness, and the perfect balance of sweet and savory flavors in every bite.

So, the next time you’re craving vegan pizza in NYC, head over to Village Square and “Get Lost in the Sauce”​​​​​​.

Tavola Restaurant

vegan pizza from Tavola Restaurant in Hell's Kitchen
Credit: Tavola Restaurant
  • Neighborhood: Hell’s Kitchen
  • Address: 488 9th Avenue
  • Vegan Status: Vegan-friendly

Tavola Restaurant is a Hell’s Kitchen joint that features Neopolitan pizzas with vegan options like the Margherita with Pleese Cheese, along with a Sicilian inspired square grandma pizza with eggplant, and also a vegan gluten-free lasagna loaded up with plant-based meat. Mama mia!

Check out their Penne Giardino; their own take on a Sicilian classic, where old meets new in style and flavor. They create their own pesto sauce with fava beans, garlic, basil, and a bit of lemon, which is perfectly sautéed with penne, cherry tomatoes, and vegan mozzarella.

They tout themselves as one of the top 10 wood-burning oven pizza places in the United States–a must try for any vegan pizza lover.

Two Boots

Two Boots, a pizza chain known for its colorful and quirky ambiance, has been a pioneer in the New York City pizza scene since 1987. With multiple locations across the city, Two Boots offers a unique blend of Cajun and New Haven-style pizzas, with a particular emphasis on catering to vegan customers.

They are celebrated for their diverse range of vegan pizza options, incorporating inventive toppings and vegan cheeses to create mouthwatering plant-based pies that stand out in NYC’s competitive pizza landscape. Among their offerings, the “V for Vegan” pizza has gained popularity for its tasty combination of vegan cheese and rich, flavorful toppings.

Try the Vegan Mr. Pink. The name of the pizza is a nod to Brooklyn’s own Steve Buscemi’s character in the classic film, Reservoir Dogs. Vegan chicken, plum tomatoes, and fresh garlic all accompany Daiya cheese.

Two Boots’ dedication to providing delicious vegan options makes it a must-visit for both locals and visitors looking for plant-based pizza delights​​.

Vito’s Slices and Ices

  • Neighborhood: Hell’s Kitchen
  • Address: 464 9th Ave.
  • Vegan Status: Vegan-friendly

Notalgia is on hand at Vito’s Slices and Ices in Hell’s Kitchen. A small place that harks back to a bygone time of pizza paradise in the Big Apple. They offer a standout vegan pizza option that’s not just an afterthought but a main attraction. It comes as a thick grandma pie with basil, cheese, oregano, garlic, olive oil, tomato sauce and is bolstered with a rice and corn flour crust.

Their commitment to quality shines through in their choice of premium, plant-based ingredients, ensuring a delicious experience for those seeking dairy-free alternatives. With a crust that strikes the perfect balance between crispy and chewy, topped with melty vegan cheese and a robust tomato sauce, it’s a must-try for anyone in the area craving a vegan slice.​​

Scarr’s Pizza

  • Neighborhood: Lower East Side
  • Address: 35 Orchard St.
  • Vegan Status: Vegan-friendly

Scarr’s Pizza, nestled in the Lower East Side, is renowned for its ultra flavorful dough and a variety of pizza options that make it a local favorite. Following its recent relocation to a new space on Orchard Street, the most significant change is the addition of more seating. This cozy pizzeria continues to serve its beloved slices and now also offers more space in the back for customers to enjoy full pies in a relaxed setting, complete with a Mike’s Hot Honey arcade game​​.

Slices come on paper plates, but that’s the way it should be at a serious pizzeria that’s consistently in the top tier of New York pizza spots. The vegan options are limited to sauce, cheese and basil, but are tasty and made with all natural and organic ingredients.

The Caesar Salad is a standout, and is served with a cashew dressing. They also have vegan garlic knots, which seem to be a staple now for any place with a vegan pizza menu. Beer, cocktails, sake, and wine are all freshly updated throughout the year.

Paulie Gee’s

Vegan Pizza from Paulie Gee's in New York City
Credit: Paulie Gee’s

Paulie Gee’s, located in Brooklyn, is a paradise for vegan pizza lovers, featuring a variety of options like the vaunted Vegan Regina. Their creative use of vegan ingredients such as NUMU vegan mozzarella and cashew ricotta offers a delightful experience.

The Vegan Daniela Spinaci dazzles with baby spinach, fresh garlic, parmesan, sea salt, and mild Aleppo chili oil.

A bevy of wines are available in both white and red, including some excellent Italian reds like Neo d’Avola and a fine Chianti Classico, all to round out your vegan pizza experience.

Adding to the allure, customers have the option to enhance any pizza with house-made vegan sausage, making Paulie Gee’s a must-visit for those seeking exceptional plant-based pizzas​​.

Williamsburg Pizza

Williamsburg Pizza - Vegan Pizza in New York City
Credit: Williamsburg Pizza

Williamsburg Pizza offers a delightful Vegan pizza option for plant-based diners. This pizza comes in the grandma square, and it features Violife vegan mozzarella and is topped with a colorful array of marinated artichokes, basil, roasted red peppers, red onions, spinach, and garlic, all laid over a savory tomato sauce.

The “build your own pie” option is a nice offer that few places provide. These delicious vegan pizzas are available at all Williamsburg Pizza locations for both takeout and delivery, ensuring that vegan customers can enjoy a delicious, cruelty-free slice of New York-style pizza​​.

Emmy Squared

Emmy Squared Pizza in NYC has married Detroit-style pizza with NYC-style pizza to create an incredibly unique pie unlike any other the city has to offer.

The restaurant has introduced three vegan Detroit-style pizzas, catering to a wider audience with delicious and inclusive meal options.

Their vegan menu features the Classic pizza with red sauce and vegan shredded mozzarella, and the Artie Bucco with garlic confit cloves and caramelized onions. The Seoul Mate merges east and west with vegan spicy kimchi, sausage, peppers, and mushrooms.

These offerings showcase Emmy Squared’s commitment to quality ingredients and unique, flavorful toppings for everyone to enjoy​​.

Vinnie’s Pizzeria

Dishing out old-school New York pies since 1960 in the same Brooklyn hood, Vinnie’s Pizzeria has changed over the years with the times, and now they are a top contender for some of the best vegan Pizza in the city.

The place is cozy inside, a typical old style New York pizza joint with very limited seating inside–there’s a small bench out front for people-watching on Bedford Ave while eating your slice.

The vegan pizza comes as whole pies, either small or large, or as slices. The pizza styles are a wacky combination of ingredients and flavors, which is befitting of their Williamsburg location. These aren’t just the simple pepperoni pizzas. A bevy of delicious and interesting options are available like Mac’s Surprise that comes with elbow pasta, ground beef, and hot sauce. Or, the Black Bean Taco featuring ground beef, hot sauce, mozzarella, cheddar, and pico de gallo all atop a black bean base.

Don’t worry though, there are also more tame and traditional vegan pizzas like the classic Margherita, and the Parm Initiative, which is topped with breaded baked eggplant and a marinara sauce.

Other vegan bites abound in the form of heroes, vegan chicken nuggets, and baked ziti. The vegan garlic knots are a must try and come six to an order.

VV Tip: Check out there world famous “Special Boreds”, which are the specials written out on a white board in truly artistic and imaginative fashion.

Vegan Pizza in New York City Wrap-up

I hate to say, “I told you so!” but seriously, if you’re not convinced that NYC has some amazing vegan pizza options then you’re out of your mind.

So, get yourself to the City and go hungry. Because, there are loads of incredible options to choose from.

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