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17 Best Vegan Winter Coats On the Market in 2022

Now that summer is over, it’s time to start looking for ways to stay warm, and as you probably know, finding high-quality vegan winter coats can be a tricky.

The struggle to find cruelty-free clothing is real and the vegan community knows how tiring it can be to find vegan jackets that are both stylish and ethical.

That’s why this article is going to provide you with a list of all the best vegan winter coats from some amazing brands.

My fellow vegans, the search is over. Keep on reading to check out the best vegan winter coats available in 2021-2022.

LBLC the LabelNoizeJakke
RagwearCulthreadMatt & Nat
Will’s VeganThokkThokkCotton On
Save the DuckRainsBoohooman
KomodoUnreal FurSuperdry
Frank & OakWuxly Movement

Vegan Winter Coats?

Vegan Winter Coat Girl in Snow Forrest

Being vegan doesn’t only mean avoiding meat and dairy, but it also means avoiding animal cruelty in all aspects of life. So that’s why we need to be aware of everything we purchase, not just think about our food. 

Traditional winter coats tend to be lined with fur or leather since both of these animal-based materials are good insulators. However, these aren’t the only materials available to us that are great at keeping us warm, so using these animal products is in no way necessary. 

And while many believe that wool can be collected harmlessly and sustainably, the truth is that the fast-fashion industry has led to cruel treatment of these animals, regardless. That’s why the best idea is to always avoid animal products at all costs. 

So now that you know why it’s so important to only wear ethically-made clothes, check out this list of great vegan winter coats:

Please note – Some of my selections contain affiliate links. These allow me to earn a small percentage every time you make a purchase. Using our links enables me to provide all the information found on this site free of charge.

LBLC The Label

Vegan Jacket from LBLC - Cari Oversized Jacket in Camel
© LBLC The Label

One thing everyone needs to have in their closet for the winter is a good vegan wool coat. These large topcoats are great for keeping the rest of your clothes protected from rain and snow. LBLC The Label provides high-quality, affordable vegan wool coats.

The Cari Oversized Jacket is a great option for those of you who want some simple, stylish, and classic. 

All of the products from this Palm Springs-based company are completely cruelty-free, with their prices ranging from $150 – $300, depending on the style. 


Ragwear is a PETA-Approved vegan company with many options for both men and women, as well. They offer a wide selection for everyone, with several classic styles for vegan winter jackets. 

For example, this minimalist Monadis jacket comes in several different colors and sizes, making sure you can stay warm and look good at the same time! 

For men, they have simplistic styles that can combine well with any of your favorite outfits. Their Stewie jacket is perfect for when those first days of cold arrive. 

Their prices range from $50 – $200+, so they are certainly on the more affordable end for those with a tighter clothing budget. In fact, they often have their products on sale, so subscribe to their newsletter to keep an eye out for your favorite products!

I personally own three vegan winter coats from Ragwear, so you can tell I’m a big fan. They are comfortable, stylish, high-quality, and very, very warm! Note: this brand runs on the small size. So, opt for a larger size than you normally wear.

Will’s Vegan

© Will’s Vegan

Will’s Vegan is one of the best places to look for vegan winter coats. They have a huge selection for both men and women and have every kind of vegan coat you could possibly need. 

For women, one great item is a classic vegan pea coat. This is an absolute must-have for those who want a simple, yet stylish coat to last them all winter. They also have a vegan Teddy Coat and some cardigans that are best-sellers. 

For men, they offer many of the same classics, but they also have some extra styles that are great for both the winter and the fall (depending on how cold your region is). For example, this vegan biker jacket is an essential closet staple for men.

Their prices range from $85 – $300+, depending on the vegan jackets you’re looking at. So they likely have something for you, whatever your budget may be. 

One of the best aspects of this brand is that all of their products are vegan, their materials are sustainably sourced, have a carbon-neutral supply chain, and are plastic-free where possible. So this means that no matter what you buy from them, you can be happy with where your money is going. 

Save the Duck

The description on Save the Ducks’ homepage is: “Stylish outwear without animal suffering”, and that is exactly what they offer. Their patented Plumtech design allows for highly insulating vegan winter coats without the cruelty that comes from the down industry. 

This vegan puffer jacket for women is a great option to keep you warm even in the coldest places. It’s lightweight and resistant to both water and wind. 

Most of their vegan winter coats have a price tag of around $228, but the high-quality, sustainable fashion will keep you at ease, knowing you can rest easy with where your money is going. 


Komodo is a GOTS-certified brand with an entirely vegan line knitwear and outerwear. They pen themselves “The Original Ethical Brand Since ’88”. A bold statement implying they were one of the first ethical brands on the market.

When it comes to vegan winter coats, Komodo has a range of recycled PET fleeces, organic cotton zip-ups, and water resistant raincoats.

Their prices range from $150 – $205.

Frank and Oak

While they are not a purely vegan company, this Canadian-based company brand themselves as sustainable with an emphasis on their environmental impact. Nearly all their products are either vegan or use recycled materials. 

For example, this stylish vegan winter coat for men is made with all recycled vegan materials and is a great option for the beginning of winter, when it’s just starting to get cold. 

Their prices range from below $100 to $350, while most of the vegan products are, luckily, on the lower end.  


Noize Seaport Vegan Puffer Jacket
© Noize

Back to another brand that is 100% Peta-Approved, Noize offers vegan puffer jackets and vegan wool coats that are high-quality and stylish.

They have a best-selling vegan puffer jacket for women, as well as full-length vegan parkas. Basically, anything you need to survive the winter, Noize has a sustainable, cruelty-free option for you. They also have a wide selection for men, so this company has something for everyone. 

The prices range from just under $100 to $300, although they often have some of their items on sale, so it’s a good idea to keep a lookout! 


Culthread is a PETA approved, vegan and cruelty-free brand. They plainly state “Culthread is a sustainable brand that respects the planetpeople, and animals.

What more could you ask for in a vegan coat brand?

They use rPET, or recycled polyester, rescued deadstock fabrics, and Thermore Ecodown® (another recycled polyester fibre) to create their lifestyle and outerwear clothing. These materials not only keep the wearer warm, but are fantastic for the environment.

Culthread has a beautiful range of vegan puffer jackets, rainproof waxed vegan rain jackets, and stunning faux fur coats.

Their vegan coats range in price between $390 – $645. Obviously, these are vegan luxury fashion pieces at those prices!


ThokkThokk is a Munich Germany-based company started as a one-person company that wanted to get into the vegan and fair-trade marketplace. They have several clothing options, from vegan t-shirts to vegan winter coats. 

Their best-selling Kapok jacket is completely vegan, made with plant-based products and recycled nylon. Kapok is fiber from a specific tree that is sustainably harvested and is incredibly lightweight. Germans know how to handle the cold, so you can bet this is a great jacket to own. 

Their prices range from $150 – $399. Their slightly higher prices are justified by the fact that they guarantee better labor rights during every step of the manufacture and delivery, working together with NGO’s to fight against child labor. 


Rains is a Danish company that sells products that are great for those of you that live in extra cold regions. While they don’t specifically brand themselves as a vegan brand, the majority of their products are cruelty-free. Even their puffer jackets are vegan!

They have a great waterproof vegan parka for both men and women that is perfect for rougher climates when you need to be outside often.  

All of their vegan winter coats range from $250 – $600, so it has a higher price tag compared to some of the others on the list. However, it’s better to buy one good vegan jacket than several unethically sourced winter coats. 

Unreal Fur 

Do you miss the comfort of a soft fur jacket but don’t want anything to do with the cruel process that it entails? Well, Unreal Fur has solved that problem.

This Melbourne Australia-based company has the solution. All of their products are 100% vegan, chic, and durable. They believe in the longevity of their vegan winter coats, so you can be sure to wear them season after season. 

They have a ton of vegan fur coats, like this chic coat for women. They also have several “furry” jackets that are super stylish. 

As they are a high-fashion brand, their products range from $260 – $400, but since they are so durable, they could last you a lifetime. 

Wuxly Movement

Wuxly Vegan Parka - Vegan Winter Coat
© Wuxly

Wuxly Movement is a great brand for those of you living in extra cold regions. They have a large variety of vegan winter coats that are sure you keep you warm. They use vegan designs for their exteriors and recycled plastic inner linings to keep their coats extra cozy. 

This vegan parka is one of their most requested products, serving as a vegan winter coat to last you a lifetime. It is a classical style, fits comfortably, and is suitable even in the coldest climates. 

Their vegan winter coats range from $500 – $900, but they are guaranteed to keep you warm for years to come. 


Jakke is an ethical fashion label with 100% vegan products and environmentally-friendly materials. They have everything from biodegradable raincoats to vegan leather jackets. They pride themselves on selling high-quality, cruelty-free products to forward-thinking women. 

Their vegan fur coats are made from recycled plastic and their vegan leather coats are both great options if you’re looking to keep warm this winter. 

Most of their products range from $250 – $450, as they combine ethical practices with high-fashion designs. 

Matt & Nat 

Matt & Nat are a 100% vegan, cruelty-free shop for woman’s fashion. They have a large variety of clothing options and have an awesome selection of vegan winter coats. 

This classic vegan wool coat will be the last coat you ever need to buy. It’s stylish, comfortable, and super warm. This is a great option if you’re looking for a cruelty-free topcoat to get through a windy winter. 

Their prices range from $150 – $450 for their vegan winter coats, so you’re bound to find something within your budget that you can keep in your closet for years. 

Cotton On

Cotton On is another great company, that while not 100% vegan, does have a ton of vegan products and they support environmentally friendly practices. In fact, they have partnered with PETA, so that their vegan products are completely certified. 

This oversized leather jacket makes a great vegan winter coat for those that live in warmer climates.  They’re an Australian company from First Nations land, so their winter clothing reflects the climate they’re from. 

Their prices range from $30 – $150 for their vegan brands, also making them some of the most inexpensive options on this list. Their lower prices, combined with their ethical practices make this brand an exciting, rare find! 


Boohooman specializes in durable, vegan-friendly jackets for men. All their clothes are made sustainably, while still focusing on an edgy, stylish clothing design.

Their vegan leather coats are a great stylish and affordable option. They have several different ones to choose from and the best part is they have an entire section dedicated to plus size and tall clothing options, so there are no body limitations to this brand 

Their prices are certainly the most affordable on the list, with most of their vegan leather coats being around $30 – $60. 


Superdry is another brand that is not exclusively vegan, but promises sustainability and ethical practices for their workers. The majority of their products, however, are either vegan by design or they only use recycled animal products. So while certainly not 100% vegan, it’s a step in the right direction. 

This men’s parka is 100% vegan, with a faux fur trimming. It’s a stylish vegan winter coat guaranteed to keep you nice and warm the whole season. 

Most of their jackets and coats range from $100 – $400, but it seems like all their vegan products are on the cheaper end (another win for the vegans!). 

All Wrapped Up…in a Vegan Coat!

This list is, of course, isn’t comprehensive. Every day more and more brands are moving towards a cruelty-free, sustainable, and ethical fashion industry. 20 years ago, having all of these options for vegans was nearly unthinkable. 

Luckily, it’s just about knowing where to look, now. So check out some of these brands, keep yourself nice and warm this winter, and let us know what you think! 


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