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23 Best Vegan Restaurants in Houston Texas!

Looking for the best vegan restaurants Houston has to offer? You’ve come to the right place!

Vegan Houston is not a term that is commonly heard, it almost sounds like a mistake. But as veganism continues to grow all over the globe, the Lone Star State is no exception. Still not quite at the level of the vegan scene in Austin, at least yet, but vegan food in Houston is thriving and only growing more with each passing year.

The Bayou City now boasts all vegan restaurants, cafes, food trucks, and plenty of other non-vegan places that now accommodate a vegan lifestyle.

So, let’s take a look at some of the best vegan restaurants in Houston Texas.

Best Vegan Restaurants in Houston

Houston Skyline - vegan restaurants in Houston

Houston is sprawling city with an expanse of suburbs that seems to go on and on in all directions into the countryside. The climate is humid subtropical, you can feel the wetness in the dense air as soon as you step off of the plane, and in the summer the heat is brutally oppressive.

It’s a car town, as with most of the US, so think of it less as neighborhoods and more as areas and parts, as Texans say.

Walking to your local vegan spot in this massive city is an extreme rarity. As the fourth largest city in the nation, it’s the kind of place you can target an eatery and then drive to it, and hopefully you don’t hit traffic.


We’ll start out west in the Spring Branch area with Cascabel.

This all vegan Mexican restaurant is a standout and always at or near the top of any vegan food Houston list.

Located just off of I-10, between the loop and the beltway on Murray Bay street, this snazzy joint has a beautiful garden courtyard, for the times of the year that the weather is less sweltering.

Mouth-watering flautas and quesadillas are on offer, as well as enchilada plates with Spanish rice and beans. Tortas, soyrizo empanadas, and charro beans are just a few other delicious bites available at this charming establishment. There are also margaritas and a handful of beer options.

This is the kind of place that you can bring any omnivore to and they will appreciate the authentic flavorful dishes that this place simply does right. It’s a don’t miss for any vegan visiting H-Town.

  • Cuisine: Mexican
  • Price: $$
  • Address: 1415 Murray Bay Street, Houston
  • Type: Vegan


Not too far from Cascabel — by Texas standards — is Govinda’s, an Indian vegetarian spot that serves up plenty of tasty vegan dishes.

This spacious spot is on west 34th street just outside of the Northwest loop.

Bhindi Masala, a spicy dish with okra and potatoes, and staples like Chana Masala and Dal are on hand. There’s also tofu curry cooked in coconut milk with chickpea flour, and vegetable Jalfrezi, a mixed vegetable plate with oils and spices, that any vegan will be seduced by.

Come here to get your spicy Indian fix, vegan style.

  • Cuisine: Indian
  • Price: $$
  • Address: 1320 W 34th Street, Houston
  • Type: Vegetarian — Vegan Friendly


Out west, south of I-10 and outside of the beltway, you’ll find Veegos, another place that does Mexican the vegan way. You are in Texas, after all!

It’s a little more of an industrial place, but still serving up delicious savory bites. Entrees include pozole, a corn hominy stew with sliced baby mushrooms. Veegos also offers a jalapeño beyond burger, and a jackfruit flautas plate. Tostadas and nachos are made to order, as well as chili cheese fries.

For something unique that I’ve never seen before, take a shot at the mole fries; a bed of fried potatoes covered in a mole sauce.

With two locations, one on Westheimer and another on Blodgett street, this is an easy choice for vegan on the go.

  • Cuisine: Mexican
  • Price: $$
  • Address: 10932 Westheimer Road, Houston
  • Type: Vegan

Chef Kenny’s Asian Vegan Cuisine

Chef Kenny’s Asian Vegan Cuisine is out west just past the beltway on Wilcrest Drive.

This dine in establishment has a wide assortment of vegan sushi, along with classic noodle dishes and other stalwarts like vegan kung pao chicken. Korean bbq beef and lo mein are also on the menu. And as with any other asian vegan place I’ve tried, the egg rolls are a delight.

Vegan desserts like strawberry cheesecake, ice cream, and tiramisu are perfectly done.

  • Cuisine: Asian
  • Price: $$
  • Address: 6128 Wilcrest Drive, Houston
  • Type: Vegan

Trendy Vegan

Drifting inside the 610 loop but still on the west side, Trendy Vegan sits on Richmond Avenue, an east west thoroughfare with plenty of eateries.

This sleek and casual Asian cafe does everything from bento to broth delights with udon an ramen noodles. Veggie sushi, dumplings, fried rolls, and tofu dishes abound.

Don’t leave without trying one of their fresh fruit smoothies too!

  • Cuisine: Asian
  • Price: $$
  • Address: 3821 Richmond Avenue, Houston
  • Type: Vegan

Lindiana’s Southern Vegan Kitchen

Lindiana’s Southern Vegan Kitchen is aptly located on Dixie Drive south of the 610 loop.

Vegan fish po’ boys, mac n cheese, collard greens and dirty rice are just some of the delicious plates that this little treasure cranks out daily.

Plus, you can grab some vegan carrot cake for dessert, and wash it all down with their hibiscus limeade.

  • Cuisine: Southern
  • Price: $$
  • Address: 6502 Dixie Drive, Houston
  • Type: Vegan

Mo Better Brews

North of the medical center and in the heart of the museum district is Mo Better Brews, a sexy little cafe with a garden patio and a DJ.

It’s a buzzing joint with vegan breakfast, plenty of good coffee and classic bites done right.

Very popular with Houston vegans and non-vegans alike, expect a wait during their hot hours.

Their breakfast combo includes you grits, truffle hash or tofu scramble, breakfast sausage, and toast with elderberry jam. Waffles and pancakes are available too.

If you’re their for entree hours, try the chik’n fried shrooms with grits, all drizzled with remoulade sauce. Flat bread pizzas are a delight too.

The coffees come however you like it, and there are also cold brews to beat that Texas heat.

  • Cuisine: Brunchy Americana
  • Price: $$
  • Address: 1201 Southmore Boulevard, Houston
  • Type: Vegan

Houston Sauce Co

Staying in the Third Ward and just a few blocks down from Mo Better Brews, Houston Sauce Co has become one of the biggest smash hits in the vegan restaurants Houston scene, and beyond!

Expect to wait on line at this bold bbq truck with a Texas sized reputation. They tend to pop up in different spots around the Third Ward, so it’s best to check in to see where they might be next.

Do you want real Texas links, thick and charred? They got em. Wood burning pits give this well seasoned vegan bbq classic smoke rings. Their chopped veef is made out of a soy protein, and the links come from a pea protein, which gives them that natural finely ground texture. Legit mac n cheese, and also baked potatoes dressed up with their chopped veef with fixins like sour cream and chives.

They’ve expanded with their Sauce Co Shoppette on South Wayside Drive just before the 610 loop. This is a grab and go spot with items like coconut curry and chicken n rice. This little gem also has boudin balls, Chik’n fried shrooms with grits, beyond burgers, and cauliwings.

Stop by either place for true bbq bliss, Texas style.

  • Cuisine: BBQ, Southern, Americana
  • Price: $$
  • Address: 4906 Almeda Road, Houston… 4300 South Wayside Drive (Shoppette)
  • Type: Vegan

Korny Vibes

A nice laidback spot with cozy comfort food is Korny Vibes.

This joint on Westheimer at Taft street has crusty Texas dishes like Chik’n fried steak with mashed potatoes. By this time, the trend of Mexican, Southern, and BBQ is obvious, and this place fits in with a nice enchilada plate with rice and beans.

The vegan burgers are kick ass, and there’s milkshakes are perfect to wash back your bites. The fried okra is a definite on the money and a must try.

Unfortunately, it’s closed on Mondays, so plan accordingly!

  • Cuisine: Texas, Mexican, Americana, Southern
  • Price: $$
  • Address: 403 Westheimer Road, Houston
  • Type: Vegan


If you’re in Houston and you’re beginning to feel bogged down by some of the heavier Southern, Mexican, and Texasy dishes, then Uchi is a good place for a change. You can shift into a different, flavorful vibe with their highly touted Japanese cuisine.

Nearly all vegetarian dishes can be easily converted to vegan, and there’s a lot of fine bites to choose from.

The chef had stints in Tokyo, New York, and Austin before opening this snazzy location on Westheimer at Grant.

They have cool and hot tastings, along with innovative sushi, crunchy tempura, and plenty of other elegantly crafted fare.

Tip: Inquire about personalized tasting menus and other food friendly adventures.

  • Cuisine: Japanese
  • Price: $$$$
  • Address: 904 Westheimer Road
  • Type: Vegan Friendly

Dumpling Haus

Dumpling Haus keeps you in the Asian wave with their lovely little eatery on Edwards street near downtown.

Owned and operated by a mother daughter trio, they crank out casual bites like vegan dumplings both fried and steamed, along with chili garlic tofu, and spicy Szechuan noodles and plenty of vegan sides.

  • Cuisine: Asian
  • Price: $$
  • Address: 2313 Edwards Street, Houston
  • Type: Vegan Friendly

Green Seed Vegan

Green Seed Vegan is the old sailor on the vegan Houston ship. Open seven days a week, they’ve been a stellar vegan spot since they opened in 2012.

Located on Almeda road at Wheeler Avenue, you can’t miss them in their bright green colors. It’s a plant-based paradise that once acted as an oasis in the meaty city.

The large menu ranges from an assortment of tasty paninis, wraps, an illy cheesesteak on a french baguette. They also have raw vegan options like their solburger, rockin tacos, and a tiger bowl that has raw zucchini spirals, yam, and kelp noodles tossed in an almond sauce. Fresh juices and smoothies come in many tasty flavors too!

  • Cuisine: Raw, Healthy, Americana
  • Price: $$
  • Address: 4320 Almeda Road, Houston
  • Type: Vegan


Heading into The Heights, a hip north Houston neighborhood, you’ll find Verdine on west 19th street at Nicholson.

Upscale burgers and pizzas, mac n cheese for starter in a nut-based sauce. This place is on everyone’s best of vegan restaurants Houston list, and deservingly so.

There’s a Buddha bowl that comes with stir-fried udon noodles with hoisin sauce. Other dishes include nachos and a beet falafel salad, and also a Caribbean jerk plate which comes with spinach coconut green rice, black beans, crispy jerk-spiced carrots, and kale. The tempura style orange cauliflower is a spicy dish in chili oil with pickled daikon.

Be sure to check their site for happy hours and other specials.

  • Cuisine: Eclectic Americana
  • Price: $$$
  • Address: 449 West 19th Street, Houston
  • Type: Vegan

Planet Vegan and Houstatlantavegan

Planet Vegan on MLK and Houstatlantavegan are both food trucks that serve up similar souther comfort vegan food.

There’s burgers and fries and the usual bites in the vegan food Houston sweet spot.

Planet Vegan

  • Cuisine: Southern, Americana
  • Price: $$
  • Address: 12000 Martin Luther King Boulevard, Houston
  • Type: Vegan


  • Cuisine: Southern, Soul Food, Americana
  • Price: $$$
  • Address: 119 Gray Street, Houston
  • Type: Vegan

Soul Food Vegan

Soul Food Vegan is on Emancipation Avenue at Tuam street.

The name says it all, plenty of vegan soul food here like collard greens and also dirty rice, along with a jambalaya and a mushroom po’ boy.

This black owned vegan spot is in the heart of the Third Ward. The owner gives special attention to the healthy quality of his food, choosing better oil options and also making all of his breads from spelt.

  • Cuisine: Soul Food
  • Price: $$
  • Address: 2901 Emancipation Avenue
  • Type: Vegan


Mantra is another hot spot that is a must try that makes everybody’s best vegan restaurants in Houston line up. The dishes are all plant-based and gluten free.

Yuca fries, jackfruit buffalo pizza, along with plantain nachos are just a few of the interesting creations that you’ll find here. The coconut calamari is a hit as well.

They also avoid refined sugars when mixing their tasty botanical cocktails. So, sip away!

  • Cuisine: Americana, Eclectic Latin, Fusion
  • Price: $$$
  • Address: 4104 Fannin Street, Houston
  • Type: Vegan

Sinful Bakery

Sinful Bakery is a midtown treasure that is totally vegan and uses organic ingredients. Cinnamon rolls and cookies are knock outs here, along with kolaches.

They also have a chicken salad sandwich. And the rare find these days — pop tarts!

  • Cuisine: Bakery
  • Price: $$
  • Address: 1714 Webster Street, Houston
  • Type: Vegan

Meek’s Vegan Pizza

Meek’s Vegan Pizza is on Blodgett near the TSU campus. They offer dine in, pickup, and delivery.

The owner brings legit pizza cred all the way from The Bronx. It’s a cheesy crusty pie done right, the old New York way.

There’s pepperoni and other classics, beautiful one with peppers and onions and mushrooms. Try the stuffed pepper appetizers too.

  • Cuisine: Pizza
  • Price: $$$
  • Address: 2616 Blodgett Street, Houston
  • Type: Vegan

Doshi House

The Third Ward seems to be blossoming with vegan food, and Doshi House is another example with their sleek modern cafe.

There are lots of vegetarian and vegan options here. The coffee is top level, and cortados, flat whites and a chili mocha add to the exquisite beverage menu, which has dairy alternative milks.

Nice teas like oolongs and Japanese matcha are on hand for those that shun the bean.

The aforementioned Sinful Bakery provide cinnamon rolls. There’s a potato and quinoa taco with black beans, cilantro, and a creamy cashew sauce.

Overall, a great place to chill with a light bite.

  • Cuisine: Cafe, Latin Fusion
  • Price: $
  • Address: 3419 Emancipation Avenue, Houston
  • Type: Vegetarian — Vegan Friendly

Voodoo Doughnut

The vaunted Portland temple that is Voodoo Doughnut has now spread across the nation and made a home with two locations in Houston Texas.

Doughnuts abound in nearly every concoction imaginable. With names like pride bars and old dirty bastard, a few of the many vegan options, this place will spark both your mind and your belly with joy.

The maple cream and the Portland cream are both vegan, as are the voodoo doll and the school daze PB&J.

  • Cuisine: Doughnuts
  • Price: $
  • Address: 3715 Washington Avenue, Houston… 1214 Westheimer Road, Houston
  • Type: Vegan Friendly


Nokturne is a late night spot that serves health conscious bites on Saturn Lane just outside of the NASA Johnson Space Center. They’re open until 1am dishing out plenty of vegan choices like potato flautas, steamed buns with leafy greens, and veggie burritos.

  • Cuisine: Healthy, Eclectic, Juice Bar
  • Price: $$
  • Address: 17062 Saturn Lane, Houston
  • Type: Vegetarian — Vegan Friendly

Raw Chef Renee

Last but not least I have to mention a lady out in Katy who’s been doing her best to serve healthy meals for years now, Raw Chef Renee, also known as The Traveling Carrot.

It’s a walkup and order food truck situation, and also delivery is available through Uber Eats and Door Dash.

Fajitas, collard wraps, vegan nut tacos, also sliders, nachos, and veggie pizza too. Her donut holes are well worth the trip out, and the apple cobbler is also a nice treat.

If you’re every out west in Katy, give her a try.

  • Cuisine: Raw, American, Eclectic
  • Price: $$
  • Address: 3427 North Fry Road, Katy
  • Type: Vegan

Vegan Restaurants in Houston – Wrap-up

The current booming vegan restaurants Houston scene is dynamic and exploding each year with new and unique options. They call it Hustle Town, and that moniker fits for the vegan food in Houston at the moment.

It’s nice to see that the biggest city in Texas is growing in a health and animal conscious wave into the future. It’s using traditional foundations of Mexican, Texan, and Southern soul food into a mixed pot with Asian and cutting edge vegan foodie cuisine to do so.

The future for vegan Houston eateries looks bright and exciting, I can’t wait to see what the next few years bring.