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Vegan Hiking Boots: 12 Seriously Cruelty Free Options

Looking for a killer pair of vegan hiking boots (without the killing)? You’ve come to the right place!

What can make or break an incredible hiking trip is your choice of vegan hiking boots. 

Your feet are your most valuable asset you’ve got out there on the trail. Therefore, a wise choice in footwear will keep your feet in great shape. 

So what makes a wise choice in vegan hiking boots? You need to choose a reputable brand that’s well-made, comfortable and durable for changing conditions. You also need to feel comfortable and avoid blisters at all costs!

So, how do you choose a good pair of vegan hiking boots? Tips below!

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Trek Appropriate Vegan Hiking Boots

Randi Hiking in Vegan Hiking Boots

Think about the type of vegan hiking boots you will need for your trekking needs. Are you going to experience a range of weather conditions? Are you traveling to destinations where weather conditions change unexpectedly or stay the same?

You need a good, sturdy pair of vegan boots that keep your feet warm, dry, well-protected and well-ventilated.  

Analyze Your Hiking Habits

Are you a hard-core hiker who loves getting lost out there in the wild? Do you like to hike in rugged terrain, through waterways and muddy fields or snow? Do you love getting messy and dirty or do you prefer the lighter, flatter trails?

The type of vegan hiking boots you choose will match your hiking needs, plus they’ll give you a bit of room to move as your hiking ability or preferences change.

Size Matters – Big Time!

Hiking with vegan hiking boots in the mountains

When it comes to choosing the best vegan hiking boots, size definitely matters!

When you shop for a pair of vegan hiking boots, choose a time later in the day when your feet may be more swollen. You want to choose a size that feels snug and comfortable after s big day of hiking, and your toes have room to wriggle.

In addition, take a clean pair of your vegan hiking socks with you so you can try on boots with them. Then, consider a vegan hiking boot that will offer sturdy support your feet and ankles will need.    

Not everyone’s foot shape is the same so make sure you have the right length, width and arch that best suits you. However, if you’re unsure about your foot size, or if you think you need an assessment or have pre-existing foot conditions, consult a podiatrist before you shop. 

What Makes Vegan Hiking Boots Vegan?

It’s not just leather.

Traditional hiking boots are made from animal-based fibers and materials as well as glues and adhesives that are animal-derived.

In addition, some manufacturers may choose cheaper manufacturing practices that exploit humans for the sake of producing a cheaper product. Furthermore, vegan hiking boots are generally lighter weight when compared to non-vegan styles. 

You need to do your research into which hiking boot makers avoid using animal-based materials and are ethically produced.

Luckily, we’ve taken the guesswork out of the process for you with this list of the best on the international market!  

13 Best Vegan Hiking Boots & Brands

  1. Astral
  2. Eco Vegan
  3. La Sportiva
  4. Vegetarian Shoes
  5. Wicked Hemp
  6. Will’s Vegan Store
  7. Lowa
  8. Merrell
  9. REI Co-Op
  10. SCARPA
  11. Trekstar
  12. XPETI


  • Totally Vegan Company? – Yes, all their shoes are 100% vegan

Astral is known to put nature first in all their business and product decisions. Plus, all of their products – including vegan hiking boots – are made by the best factories located close to their business and sustainability is a key driver of theirs. 

This vegan shoe company makes men’s and women’s vegan hiking boots that are non-slip, making them suited for either water or trail hiking.

The brand’s range of vegan hiking boots comes in high-top or low-cut styles depending on hiking conditions. For example, their men’s and women’s water boots are suited to extreme whitewater conditions while their trail vegan boots are lightweight and well-ventilated.    

Eco Vegan

Eco Vegan Hiking Boots EVS Hiker 2
©Eco Vegan
  • Totally Vegan Company? – Yes, all their shoes are 100% vegan

You gotta love a vegan shoe brand that can cater for “everyone” and “every foot”.

Yes, vegan hiking boots can be inclusive especially Eco Vegan because they have four international vegan certifications. Furthermore, Eco Vegan were award winners in Vegan Health & Fitness Magazine’s greenest products using leather looking microfibers.   

Eco Vegan love a fashionable vegan shoe and have a range of fashion-friendly vegan hiking boots for men and women. From the Easy Walker to the All-Terrain Pro Hiker, you’ll find something to suit your size and hiking preferences.  

La Sportiva

  • Totally Vegan Company? – No, but they have a line of 100% vegan hiking boots.

This is another brand making vegan hiking boots that proves you don’t need animal products to make a high-quality shoe. La Sportiva never set out to make vegan-specific products but many of their hiking boots are vegan. 

They have a decent selection of vegan hiking boots to suit many hiking conditions, from mountain running and climbing, rough hiking and trail walks to high-altitude mountaineering. Much of their vegan-friendly boots are built for extensive use from water repellent styles to those that are breathable and machine-washable.   

Whether you’re traveling to the scorching dusty outback of Australia or the icy peaks of the Himalayas, you’ll find suitable vegan hiking boots here.   

Vegetarian Shoes

Vegetarian Shoes Vegan Hiking Boots Approach
©Vegetarian Shoes

  • Totally Vegan Company? – Yes, all their shoes are 100% vegan

Vegetarian Shoes was founded by Robyn in Brighton in the U.K who taught himself how to make shoes after leaving Art College. He discovered a range of fabrics and materials to make vegan shoes and boots because he was veggie himself.

Robyn no longer makes the boots himself. Rather, it’s all done by European and English factories, including one which was established as a co-op in 1881. 

You could say that Vegetarian Shoes is the little vegan shop that could. They are still a local small business but they ship around the globe. 

Many of their boot styles truly have that U.K. punk look, though you will find vegan hiking boots with a traditional look like the Veggie Trekker. They can be worn all year round because they are durable, water-resistant and a grip that can suit you on your way up or down the trail.    

Wicked Hemp

Is there anything hemp can’t do? Seriously, hemp is ballooning everywhere now from the food industry to clothing and footwear companies. One company that’s kicking it is Wicked Hemp, a natural footwear company that uses hemp as well as natural and recycled materials. 

If you need a light shoe that will get you on the light trails, then check out their Trail Master in men’s and women’s sizes. For the one-day hikers out there, then a Path Finder will be more your style. Multi-day hikers aren’t forgotten – you have The Trek Hiking Boot which has added enforcement in this vegan hiking boot’s high-stress areas for extra durability. 

Will’s Vegan Store

Will's Vegan Shoes Vegan Hiking Boots
©Will’s Vegan Store

If you need another shopping option for vegan hiking boots, then visit Will’s Vegan Store where they make their own. 

Not only will you be doing your feet a service, you’ll be helping to protect your planet. For example their waterproof hiking boots are certified carbon-neutral while ensuring you get a stable boot. They have reliable traction, stability and offer cosy comfort when you’re navigating those demanding terrains. 

How do Will’s they achieve this? Their factory features one of the “largest photovoltaic plants in Italy” so 70% of the power used to produce WVSport footwear is from solar.


LOWA vegan hiking boots
©Felix Meyer
  • Totally Vegan Company? – No, vegan options.

Much of Europe is famous for the world’s best snow locations and pristine nature hiking. It just makes sense that Lowa vegan hiking boots are 100% hand-crafted in Europe. All of their “vegan-compliant” hiking boots are handmade in the region. 

You’ll find comfort in these highly durable, stable and tactile boots as you hike your way around the continent with your backpack. Check out the Innox Pro range for the best choice in vegan hiking boots with a range of colors, even olive or white! Just make sure the description for any shoe you choose includes “100% vegan” in it.


  • Totally Vegan Company? – No, vegan options.

In 1981, a guy by the name of Randy Merrell started making boots for people who wanted to “combat the elements and conquer their summits”.

Now, the Merrell name is as synonymous with boot-making as snow is to the Swiss Alps. The company is 40 years old this year, though they continue to adapt to a changing market so that new vegan hikers can conquer their summits, too.

Merrell’s Moab 2 range will get any vegan started with their hiking journey. They are made with no animal products and provide optimal style and comfort. This is made possible by Merrell’s Vibram high-performance rubber soles that give you durability, stability and slip-resistance in tough terrain.     

REI Co-op

  • Totally Vegan Company? – No, vegan options.

Ah, the great outdoors! There’s nowhere else a vegan hiker would rather be. REI Co-op share that same passion for nature with their customers, whether they’re vegan or not. 

Additionally, REI Co-op strive to create outdoor equity for all abilities and create products that aim to shrink their carbon footprint. This is possible through their range of vegan hiking boots. 

Their choices include some of the reputable brands mentioned in this list as well as their very own Flash brand of hiking boots for men and women. They are water-proof and made from a mix of recycled PET polyester and thermoplastic urethane (TPU), plus algae-based foam. They’re breathable, non-slip and offer the foot support you need for those longer hikes.   


  • Totally Vegan Company? – No, vegan options.

The Italian brand SCARPA is another one for the serious vegan hikers out there who also ski and mountaineer. They are a family-owned company from northern Italy that makes innovative mountain boots for covering tough terrain. 

A part of the company’s history is its sustainable approach to manufacturing. However, they only have one model of vegan hiking boots named Charmoz (in men’s and women’s sizes). While their vegan-friendly range is very slim, the intention is there to create a vegan hiking boot to meet a demand. The boot is lightweight and offers tremendous ankle support for walking, hiking and mountaineering in all seasons. 

Let’s hope SCARPA add more vegan-friendly options to their catalogue in these current times when sustainability has never been so important.         


  • Totally Vegan Company? – No, vegan options.

Treksta have their sights set purely on the trail and understand there is a high demand for vegan hiking boots. Case in point? They have 19 vegan hiking boots and trail runners to choose from.    

Much of Trekstar’s vegan range is for those of you who prefer to run rather than walk the trails, though a couple of vegan hiking boots are on offer. Their vegan range has choices available depending on whether you are hiking in summer or winter. 

Good traction, comfortable insulation and breathability are all features to Trekstar’s vegan range, as well as some sleek colour choices.  


  • Totally Vegan Company? – No, vegan options.

XPETI is another non-vegan hiking boots brand that offers a decent selection of vegan hiking boot. The company is the brainchild of a group of outdoor enthusiasts who are driven by a passion for adventure and connection with nature. 

Combined, men and women have 24 boots to choose from depending on their hiking requirements. Do you need to tackle the snow? Then check out the Nora Winter Waterproof Snow Boots. Need something a little lighter for the faster trails? Choose something like the Fastrail Mid Light Hiking Boots. 

XPETI’s range of vegan hiking boots offers durability and breathability, and they compete easily with some of the best non-vegan boots on the market. While there is a decent selection of boots here, XPETI is another hiking boots company that’s keen to meet the rising demand for vegan hiking boots.