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19 Incredible Vegan Restaurants in Melbourne Australia

Narrowing the list of the best vegan restaurants in Melbourne, Australia is tough! The city’s inhabitants love vegan food so much that it was recently voted the third most vegan-friendly city in the world. A case can even be made that the city should be re-named vegan Melbourne!

Melbourne is Australia’s second biggest city. Diverse multicultural flavors can be found all over town! The city’s well known for its strong café culture and a passion for tasty food. So, it’s no wonder that the best vegan restaurants in Melbourne are at the cutting edge of incredible vegan food.

If you want to travel to Melbourne and experience the city’s vegan food, you need to try any one of the best vegan restaurants in Melbourne. Or, why not try them all?

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Local’s Guide to the Best Vegan Restaurants in Melbourne

Vegan Melbourne Guide to the best vegan restaurants

Brother Bon

Any vegan Melbourne tour wouldn’t be complete without this spot! Loving Hut in Northcote has had a revamp recently and is now called Brother Bon.

This family run hot-spot is entirely vegan and prides itself on catering for those with food allergies. Plus, the restaurant is run entirely on solar power!

Their Asian-inspired breakfast, lunch and dinners menus are ‘100% delicious’. There are so many dishes to try, from small bites, to salads, dumplings, burgers, stir-frys, comfort food and more.

Must Try: Bun Bo hue Vietnamese noodle soup


Chanhouse serves traditional Chinese banquet lunches and dinners each day.

Chanhouse is popular because of their specialty mock meat dishes cooked in a traditional Sichuan meat-based style. If you’re craving a meal that’s not Chinese, they also have a small selection of Vietnamese and Thai dishes, vegan of course.

Must Try: the Sze Cuan Eggplant Hot Pot

Fina’s Vegetarian Café 2

If you’re in Melbourne, you have to experience the city’s Vietnamese food with a stop at Fina’s Vegetarian Café 2. Thankfully, Fina’s Vegetarian Café 2 provides all the vegan versions of your favorite Vietnamese dishes without animal products.

Originally, the first Fina’s restaurant opened as a vegetarian restaurant. Fina’s Vegetarian Café 2 then opened as an all-vegan location in Fitzroy. It’s since become one of the best vegan restaurants in Melbourne. Don’t let the name fool you!

Must Try: Vermicelli Noodle Salad with Spring Rolls and Tofu

Good Love

Good Love spreads the vegan love around to everyone who visits for food or drink.

This beachside vegan bar and restaurant is the place to go for snacks, after 5 o’clock drinks, or even a heavier vegan meal. Good Love is dimly lit and warm, and they make all of its vegan food from scratch. They even distill some of its liquors and spirits, and host famous bottomless lunch events. Gotta love the good love in Melbourne!

Must Try: Jackfruit KFC Bowl

Gong De Lin

In Melbourne’s central business district, Gong De Lin serves simple, authentic Chinese stir frys, soups, mock meat dishes and rice to the hoards.

Gong de Lin’s simple décor means they can focus on their flavorsome food. Equally, it’s the perfect spot for a quick and delicious vegan meal in Melbourne so don’t let the name misguide you.

Must Try: Crispy Tofu Stuffed with Mushroom

Herbivore Eatery

Herbivore Eatery loves serving delicious, affordable and nutritious vegan food from salads and wraps, to pitas, falafel and burgers and it’s because of this that Herbivore is one of the best vegan restaurants in Melbourne.

This restaurant has a multicultural approach and their choice of cuisine shows that vegan food is possible no matter what you’re craving.

Must Try: Tofu Pita with a fresh juice

8. Home Vegan Bar

In the middle of Melbourne’s central business district, nourishing and delicious home-style vegan meals are being served at Home Vegan Bar.

It’s one of the best spots to enjoy fresh salads, raw desserts and cold-pressed juices in the area, while giving you a healthy alternative to the fast food in the area.

Must Try: Walnut ‘Meatball’ Bowl

Just Vegan

Melbourne loves Vietnamese food and vegans won’t miss out thanks to the eat-in and takeaway spot called Just Vegan.

Just Vegan’s vegan versions of classic Vietnamese flavors promote healthy eating through an alternative lifestyle with cheap classics like rice paper rolls, noodle soups, and broken rice dishes.

Must Try: Broken Rice plate

Kevabs Brunswick

An all-vegan kebab shop in Melbourne is a dream come true. Kevabs Brunswick, the first in Australia, makes dreams a reality!

The traditional kebab dish originated in Turkey, yet it has become a popular go-to snack for Melburnians after a big night of drinking. Now, you can enjoy a vegan kebab and huge Turkish flavors in Melbourne without harming animals in the process.

You can choose from ‘kevab’ stuffed with vegan meat substitute and salad, or choose vegan boreks (vegan meat filled pastries), gözleme (spinach and vegan feta pastries), salads, or Turkish delight for dessert. It’s no wonder that Kevabs Brunswick is another place that deserves to be named one of the best vegan restaurants in Melbourne.

Vegan Melbourne Must Try: Freshly-made ‘kevab’ with salad, hummus and garlic sauce wrapped in flatbread

Loving Hut

Loving Hut is located in West Melbourne and Richmond. It serves all-vegan food that’s true to the global Loving Hut chain started by Supreme Master Ching Hai.

Everything at Loving Hut is vegan and inspired by Asian countries from China to Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia. In addition, there is a sense of love that goes into preparing each dish, including a wide choice of non-alcoholic drinks and dessert options.

Loving Hut is also known for its fast and cheap options if you’re in a rush or you just want to eat something quick and easy.

Must Try: Pad Thai

Madame K’s Vegetarian

Madame K’s Vegetarian is another Asian-inspired restaurant that has locations in Williamstown and Fitzroy Melbourne. Again, don’t let the name fool you as the menu is completely vegan. Madame K’s started out as vegetarian but soon moved to all-vegan in 2013.

With a range of delicious dishes from China, Thailand, Japan and Indonesia, Madame K’s has a dish for every vegan craving something Asian-inspired.

Vegan Melbourne Must Try: Sukiyaki, a Japanese style vermicelli fried noodle dish

Red Sparrow

A Vegan Melbourne Favorite!Melbourne has some of the best Italian food outside of Italy. So it’s only fitting that Red Sparrow Pizza is Melbourne’s first and only 100% vegan pizzeria.

Since 2017, owners Michael Craig and Shelley Scott have opened two locations, one in Collingwood and the other in Prahran. Both inner-city locations meet Melbourne’s hearty demand for all-vegan pizza.

What’s equally important is that Red Sparrow proves that pizza can taste great without the use of animal products. They even proved it by winning the Best Pizza in Melbourne competition recently!

Must Try: Mushroom Pizza for main and Nutella Pizza for dessert

Shakahari Too

Shakahari in Carlton, Melbourne’s first and oldest vegetarian restaurant, opened its doors over 40 years ago. Now, their second location in South Melbourne has a completely vegan menu!

The restaurant, named Shakahari Too, has a classy vegan food menu and serves dishes made with the freshest seasonal produce. Shakahari Too represents the city’s plant-based history in this vegan Melbourne guide.

Must Try: Croquettes Chinamoon for main and Tofu Caramel for dessert

Shoku iku

Shoku iku is a pure, wholefood vegan experience.

The restaurant was started by Yoko, one of Melbourne’s best raw organic food chefs. She prepares all of her dishes with superfoods and herbs as a way to heal the body while promoting clean, healthy eating. Therefore, Shoku iku is a café that aims to inspire, connect, nourish and educate. Additionally, Yoko hosts regular dinner nights and special events for vegan Melbourne foodies.

Must Try: Zucchini Wrap

Sister of Soul

Sister of Soul is another of Melbourne’s popular vegetarian restaurants.

From bowls, to stir-frys, lasagnes and noodles, Sister of Soul encourages you to step into the lightness and be part of the change in what humans eat.

Must Try: Green Sister Stir fry

Smith & Daughters

Smith & Daughters became a game-changer for the city when they transformed one of Fitzroy’s oldest pubs into an entirely vegan Melbourne eatery and bar.

This rockabilly rock ‘n roll inspired eatery became popular because the founding owners – Mo Wyse and award-winning chef Shannon Martinez – are vegan and non-vegan respectively. This combination gives them the ability to make sensational vegan versions of old Italian meat-based classics.

Smith & Daughters is a regular on any vegan Melbourne list.

Vegan Melbourne Must Try: Spring Ragu

SoulPod Foods

Another café to make it to this list is SoulPod Foods. The restaurant is nestled in a thriving strip-shop located in the outer east of Melbourne. It hosts exclusive dinner nights and vegan cooking classes.

SoulPod Foods may be small in size but their mission is big. They use organic highly sustainable ingredients, and create low waste, diverse, and most importantly, delicious food using locally-sourced ingredients.

Their ethically-sourced coffee is on-point, too. Be sure to order a soy latte, the signature beverage among vegan Melbourne coffee connoisseurs.

Must Try: Green Bruschetta with a side of mushrooms

Tyranny of Distance

You’ll be pleased by the chilled choice of comfort food at Tyranny of Distance. It’s a casual bar and kitchen in south-east Melbourne serving burgers, tacos, finger food, sliders and curries.

It’s another more casual vegan Melbourne spot. They even host Happy Hour every day from 4.00pm to 7.00pm.

Must Try: Grilled Portobello Mushroom Burger

Vegan 365

Vegan 365 in Coburg is another all-vegan Vietnamese restaurant worth driving the distance for.

You’ll find many of your Vietnamese favorites in vegan versions including pho, vermicelli noodles, rice paper rolls, and soy bean drinks.

At Vegan 365, you can enjoy a relaxing casual all-vegan meal in a light-filled shopfront where the flavors speak for themselves.

Must Try: Vermicelli Dry Noodles

Vegan Melbourne – Final Thoughts!

As you can see Melbourne is packed to the brim with amazing vegan restaurants!

Do you have a vegan Melbourne favorite we don’t have on the list? Let us know in the comments below!


Saturday 13th of March 2021

“Neko Neko” — Japanese Restaurant in Fitzroy. Beautiful wholesome and nutritious food and amazing flavour! The ramen noodles are also made on the premises! Great service too!


Wednesday 17th of February 2021

Shu Restaurant in Collingwood