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Vegan Cakes in Melbourne – 15 Best Spots for Sweets!

Trying to crush that craving with the best vegan cakes in Melbourne? We’ve got you covered!

Sweet treats and vegan food go hand-in-hand in Australia! There is no shortage of vegan cakes in Melbourne.

Here, you can find everything from vanilla slices, to lamingtons and jam-filled doughnuts. These are the cakes that define typical Australian favorites after all.

You can also find cheesecakes, sponge cakes, gateau and pastries that celebrate Melbourne’s multicultural vibe. Melbourne knows how to make good vegan cakes. In fact, Melbourne is the third most vegan-friendly city in the world. It’s home to many a skilled vegan cake maker.

Furthermore, the city has a rich coffee and café culture. Melbourne was even voted as one of the world’s best coffee-lover’s destinations.

For these reasons, Melbourne is the perfect place to hunt for vegan cakes!

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Best Vegan Cakes in Melbourne

Vegan Cakes in Melbourne - Australian Jam Donuts

Don’t worry though, you won’t have to hunt too hard for vegan cakes in Melbourne. This guide will have you chowing down in no time.

So get ready! It’s time to dig in! Here are a some of our favorite spots that are sure to hit the…er spot!

Conscious Cravings Co. in Mordialloc

Conscious Cravings Co is famous for its raw, refined sugar-free vegan slices and cakes.

They use high quality organic or pesticide-free ingredients as well as local produce where possible. But don’t let the word raw turn you away! Conscious Cravings Co.’s gorgeous creations are big on flavor.

Make your order for a cup of warming coffee and a slice as you sit back outside (or indoors) while listening to waves from nearby Parkdale Beach.

Their peanut butter crunch tart or lemon tart with sprigs of lavender are tasty choices. While a simple slice of banana bread is a favorite (non-raw) among regulars. This is a must on any vegan cakes in Melbourne list!

Mister Nice Guy’s BakeShop in Ascot Vale

This is a must-try destination for anyone who wants to try vegan cakes in Melbourne.

Not only is Mister Nice Guy’s a bake shop, it’s a quaint café where you can also buy hot drinks.

Lucas Cook and Deb Kantor have always loved baking together and they keep thinking of weird and wonderful concoctions for vegan cake recipes.

In addition, customers with food intolerances aren’t forgotten. Their freshly baked raspberry gluten-free muffins are particularly tasty.

Power Plant in Templestowe

Power Plant is a bright and vibrant café in the outer north east. It includes lots of vegan cakes and baked treats. You can try the many vegan cakes in the cabinet with an element of surprise because the choices change constantly.

You’ll find an abundance of hot drinks here including good coffee and tea, as well as ‘specialty’ lattes like turmeric, beetroot or red velvet.

If you need a cake for a celebration, you can order one in advance here. We suggest the ‘Funfetti Cookie Cake’. It will elevate any special occasion.

Don’t miss this awesome spot for vegan cakes in Melbourne!

Soulpod Foods in Croydon South and Ferntree Gully

Soulpod Foods has two locations in Melbourne’s outer-east and both café’s stock a never-ending supply of house-made vegan cakes, croissants and muffins. Plus, Soulpod serves delicious vegan cakes from local commercial maker The Compassionate Kitchen.

Fresh organic ingredients are used here (where possible), and you’ll find a big range of organic teas, coffees, hot chocolate and chai.

In addition, their food and vegan cakes can accommodate those with food allergies and intolerances. You can find Soulpod Foods in Croydon South next to Eastfield Organics and in Ferntree Gully inside Wholefood Merchants.

V Series in Kew

V Series is a fusion vegetarian café that is incredibly vegan-friendly (half the menu is vegan).

They bake all of their vegan cakes and desserts fresh onsite including cupcakes, cheesecakes and a range of delectable French pastries and petit fours.

If you have a serious craving for vegan cupcakes in Melbourne, then V Series is where to go.

Vegan Cakes in Melbourne to Go!

Vegan Cakes in Melbourne - Australian Lamington

Need to order something to go? There are plenty of takeaway options for vegan cakes in Melbourne! Here are some of our favorites!

La Panella Bakery in Preston

Melbourne’s Vietnamese community knows how to bake, and La Panella is a vegan cake institution in Melbourne.

While it’s a vegetarian bakery, La Panella stocks an ample supply of vegan pies, cakes, pasties, sausage rolls, slices and doughnuts, plus hot drinks. Custard tarts and dusted jam-filled doughnuts are more quintessential Aussie fare and you can buy many here.

If you want to buy in bulk, you can. First, choose from La Panella’s wide selection of cakes and pastries that are baked daily then have them packaged up in takeaway trays.

You can also buy slices and mini tarts, including another Australian favorite – the Hedgehog. This is a chocolate slice filled with walnuts and biscuit (cookie) pieces then smothered in a thick layer of chocolate icing on top.

If you need lunch, you can also buy a fresh vegan banh mi.

Smith & Deli in Fitzroy

Smith & Deli is the sister-location for the iconic Smith & Daughters restaurant. This is a corner stop New York style all-vegan deli in vegan-friendly Fitzroy.

Not only can you order massive deli-style bagels, breakfast muffins, sandwiches and deli supplies here, the vegan cake selection is indulgent. You can get your hands on cinnamon and jam-filled doughnuts, crispy croissants, iced doughnuts (such as their mint-chip or key lime doughnuts), orange and poppyseed cake or carrot cake (another Aussie favorite). Plus, they have cookies and slices. There are delicate tarts including Smith & Deli’s tasty pecan tart in a short pastry.

If you want to try a baked savory treat, choose a vegan cheesy vegemite scroll; another huge Aussie favorite. You can also buy hot drinks to go – a soy chai is always a winner, here.

For something bigger, celebration cakes for special occasion can be ordered in advance. Just make sure you arrive early; the line is almost always out the door.

Markets, Shops & Restaurants for Vegan Cakes in Melbourne

Vegan Cakes in Melbourne - Flat White

Obviously, vegan cakes and desserts need to be entirely free from animal ingredients like eggs, butter and animal-based milks. So, you’d also be pleased to know that white sugar in Australia hasn’t been filtered with charred animal bones since the mid-1990’s.

Moreover, Australia is the third-fastest growing vegan market in the world according to Euromonitor. As a result, vegan cake-making ingredients and makers are in ample supply.

There are regular markets in Melbourne where you can find delicious vegan cake makers who are testing their latest creations. Vegan-specific markets include The Big Vegan Market, Vegan Market of Melbourne, Vegan Mini Market and Wholey Day Market, while vegan-friendly ones include St Andrews Community Market, St Kilda’s Esplanade Market and Queen Victoria Market.

Some of Melbourne’s popular cake makers to look out for:

If you still need more sweetness in your travels through Melbourne, then why not skip the main meal and head for the vegan dessert menu? There are a number of vegan restaurants around the city where you’ll want to make a beeline for a vegan dessert before anything else.

Kevabs in Brunswick

Kevabs is Australia’s first all-vegan kebab shop that makes Turkish fast-food favorites in their vegan form.

This is small, casual dining at its best while celebrating Australia’s love for a good kebab. However, you’d be keen to eye off the vegan desserts in the front cabinet first. You’ll be drooling over all-vegan Turkish Delight, and sweet rounds of crispy and syrupy baklava.

Get excited over Kevabs’ walnut, cinnamon or pistachio flavors, or even their Oreo version of this timeless Turkish dessert. Additionally, you may discover baked Portuguese tarts, apple pie and carrot cake here. There are gluten-free options, too!

Red Sparrow Pizza in Collingwood, Prahran or Brunswick

Melbourne’s love affair with Italian food continues here at Red Sparrow Pizza.

Vegans who visit can chose from not one but three locations around the inner city. Red Sparrow Pizza is another casual restaurant experience with all-vegan wood-fired pizzas, fries, buffalo ‘not’ wings with gerkins and dipping space and a fully-stocked range of local beers and ciders.

Another bonus is that Red Sparrow is Melbourne’s first vegan pizzeria. What a way to try Melbourne’s best pizza, all cooked using Napoletana techniques? Just make sure you leave room for a slice of house-made baked cheesecake of the day. You might find options like salted caramel pretzel or peppermint chocolate cookie.

Shakahari Too in South Melbourne

Shakahari in Carlton is Melbourne’s longest-running vegetarian restaurant. In recent years, the owners decided to open a second – entirely vegan – location in South Melbourne.

Here, you can dine in with confidence from a large selection of entrees, mains and desserts. Shakahari Too’s Pandan Soya Pannacotta with pistachio toffee and ginger melaka sauce is unforgettable

Smith & Daughters in Fitzroy

If you want to experience Smith & Daughters for longer, then book in for their vegan banquet on a Friday or Saturday night.

To finish, you can dive into a choice of two vegan desserts. The Kataifi, a semolina custard, fig, cinnamon ice cream or the Chocolate, Turkish coffee and cardamom mousse and apricot.

You’ll love the cosy, dimmed retro feel here, particularly on a wet and wintery night; the best way to experience Melbourne (in our opinion).

Girls & Boys in Fitzroy

Finally, a sampling of vegan cakes in Melbourne wouldn’t be complete without a stop at the city’s only all-vegan cake and dessert bar…

If you only want to eat vegan cake or dessert, then skip first and second course entirely and go to Girls & Boys.

You’ll be spoilt for choice here, and you’ll definitely get your sweet fix sorted. If you’re a traditional ice cream on a cone kinda person, then choose from one of the many flavors from the cabinet. Peanut Butter and Miso Caramel are flavors you definitely can’t overlook. Take-home tubs are available, too.

If you need a gluten-free cone, you’ll be excited to know that you can get gluten-free waffles cones here. Plus, you can buy all-vegan soft serve ice cream as well as ice cream sandwiches (gelato or sorbet between two chunky cookies), thick shakes, smoothies and sundaes.

You’ll also find vegan cake or doughnuts in the cabinet, if you prefer a cake option. As Girls & Boys attests, you definitely need to “eat with your eyes” here.

Can’t Survive on Cake Alone?

Now that you’ve got vegan cakes in Melbourne covered, you probably want to sort out your savory feasting options.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Check out our guide to the Best Vegan Restaurants in Melbourne here.