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Ultimate Vegan Bags Guide: 14 Enchanting Brands for Your Ethical Wardrobe!

Are vegan bags trending? Absolutely! In fact, more and more high-quality vegan bag brands are cropping up each year.

In fact, cruelty-free fashion and vegan lifestyle products are becoming more mainstream every day. So, now it’s easier than ever to find vegan bags that can suit any style and budget.

Here’s a quick guide to what vegan bags are and some of the best brands to choose from to get you started!

What Are Vegan Bags?

Vegan Bags - Mumray Pink Vegan Leather bag

Unfortunately, there’s more to think about than just leather when it comes to vegan bags. Yes, many traditional bags use animal skins or furs, but the adhesives and dyes can also be animal-based.

Leather is, of course, the most obvious culprit. Although cow hide is most often used, other animal skins are used too. These could include sheep, pig, snake, and even dog skin. Exotic animal leather like crocodile, alligator, and ostrich are also in high demand. Leather bags are not only expensive, but incredibly cruel, and the process of creating leather and suede is quite environmentally-damaging.

Luckily, there are many brands creating high-quality vegan bags that use animal-free materials. These can range from simple cotton and hemp, to more elaborate plant-based leather. Some of the most innovative companies are even creating vegan bags made from fruit and vegetable-based leathers, recycled plastics, or cork!

In addition to knowing the creation of a vegan bag didn’t contribute to animal suffering, they also tend to be more environmentally friendly. So, it’s a win-win for everyone.

Vegan Bag Brands

If you’re wondering where to find some awesome vegan bags, don’t worry there are plenty! Here are some we recommend, which range in style and price. Many are PETA-approved and use sustainable materials, which is a definite bonus.

Please note – Some of my selections contain affiliate links. These allow me to earn a small percentage every time you make a purchase. Using our links enables me to provide all the information found on this site free of charge. Also, Will’s, Jord, SINBONO, and Kula bags sent me samples for this and previous cooperations and I included them here because I truly love them.

Matt & Nat

One of the top players in the vegan bag game is the Canadian company Matt & Nat. It’s been around for over 25 years, so you know their bags are great!

They are renowned for their stylish and durable vegan bags, which can be found in hundreds of boutiques around the world.

Matt & Nat are constantly seeking out the latest sustainable materials for their vegan bags. They use vegan leather, cork, rubber, cardboard, recycled tires and recycled plastic bottles to make their bags.

If you’re looking for a specific type of bag, you’ll likely be able to find it at Matt & Nat. Not only do they have your standard purses and totes, but also backpacks, yoga bags, diaper bags, and even dog bags! The styles are sleek, fashionable, and classic. You really can’t go wrong with Matt & Nat.

Will’s Vegan Store

Vegan Bags from Will's Vegan Shoes

Will’s Vegan is undoubtedly a popular brand for vegan shoes. This London brand also make a variety of vegan bags for men and women.

The style options are endless! They have vegan messenger bags, laptop bags, backpacks, tote bags, and more. In addition, their bags are made ethically in Portugal and are completely carbon neutral!

Their Will’s Vegan Duffel Bag is a chic and practical option. It’s made with vegan leather and cotton canvas. It’s big enough to comfortably hold a laptop and has inner and front pockets for keys, books, and accessories. The neutral black color makes it a perfect day bag or travel bag.

If you want something more traditional and with a zipper close, have a look at the Will’s Vegan Large Backpack.

Another favorite vegan bag from Will’s Vegan Shoes is the snake print Wristlet. It’s small, stylish, and perfect for a night out. It can hold your keys, cards, and phone and looks incredibly cool with its vegan snake skin pattern.

JORD Handbag Collection

Jord Vegan Bags

JORD is a small, United States based vegan watch brand that produces a variety of accessories featuring natural materials. Their newest collection includes a line of vegan handbags! They come in several colors and styles including crossbody bags, backpacks, and clutches.

So, what makes JORD’s line of bags vegan? Instead of animal leather, they use a super soft and durable material called Suberhide that they created, from cork! 

If you don’t already know, cork is a pretty special material and using it is incredibly eco-friendly. The cork tree is one of the few that can continue to grow and actually replenish its bark after it’s stripped of it. In fact, the process actually removes CO2 from the environment!

So, buying a bag from JORD means you are supporting a small, eco-friendly, vegan company. Which is pretty cool!

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Kula Vegan Bags

Kula Vegan Bags

UK company Kula is quite unique in the fact that they use reinforced paper to create their vegan bags. This paper material is called Texon Vogue and is not only washable but also very sturdy. As you might have guessed, this paper material is sustainable and responsibly sourced.

The price point is attractive too! Their most expensive vegan bag only goes for £40.00.

Kula offers four different styles of backpacks and one shoulder bag. They are all a tan color, which gives them gender-neutral and minimalist style. Even more impressive is that they’re waterproof and just as strong as a fabric bag. Officially registered by the Vegan Society, you need not worry if these bags are cruelty-free.

Can you imagine how light a paper bag is? Say goodbye to uncomfortable straps, heavy materials, and an achy back!

Check out their collection here. If you buy one use the code “VEGGIEVISA” for a discount.
Note: Kula only ships to the UK, Germany, and Ireland.

Tropicfeel – Shell Backpack

Tropicfeel Vegan Bag - Backpack for Travelers

If you’re looking for a vegan travel backpack that will last a lifetime, look no further.

The Tropicfeel Shell Backpack is by far the best travel backpack I’ve ever owned. It’s clear that this bag was designed by travelers, for travelers.

One of the absolutely amazing things about this backpack is that it’s three vegan bags in one. The backpack can transform from a 22 liter day bag to a 30 liter weekend bag, to a 40 liter longer trip backpack.

That means, you can cram it full of everything you need before hopping on a flight to Thailand, then remove the internal wardrobe system (more on that in a bit) when you get to your hotel or hostel, and you have a day pack to set out and explore Bangkok with. Where has this backpack been all my life?

It’s a great vegan backpack option for any avid traveler!


SINBONO vegan bag - Emma in Brown

SINBONO is a luxury vegan bag company that was established in New York City. They focus on creating sustainable, vegan high-end bags at affordable prices.

Their vegan leather is responsibly sourced, sustainable, and made from recycled plastic bottles and reclaimed fruit leather. The company intentionally produces timelessly designed bags that are made to last for years, regardless of new fashion trends.

They’ve even been featured in British Vogue’s October/November/December 2021 issue as emerging designers.

Two fantastic options are their Emma in light brown, and the Ella in black. They run between $69.00 – $129.00 USD, and worldwide shipping is free.

One critique about this company is that I wish they was more transparent with their manufacturing process. The bags are made in and ship from China. There is no mention on the site of the working conditions of their employees.


With the company’s name meaning “conservation” in Japanese, you can tell Hozen cares about the planet. This list of sustainable materials the company uses is extensive. These materials include grain-based leather and suede, recycled plastic, rubber, and Pinatex leather made from pineapple.

Hozen’s minimalist designs don’t lack in color or style, however. You’ll find clutch bags, totes, duffel bags, and unique crossbody bags here. The best part is the company donates a portion of each purchase to Mercy for Animals, an animal charity. Don’t miss their drawstring bucket bags, which use vegan adhesive. They’re perfect as a day bag, fashionable accessory, or even at the beach.

Stella McCartney Vegan Bags

A celebrated name in high fashion, Stella McCartney has long been a pioneer in ethical and cruelty-free fashion. These high-end bags are pricier than the other brands on this list but fall in the designer category of vegan bags.

With gorgeous tote bags, belt bags, and backpacks, this brand screams sophistication and understated style. The company uses recycled plastics and synthetic leather in its products. In addition, the company proudly monitors its own social and environmental sustainability each year. This way, they can improve the lives of workers and create less of an impact on the planet.

The Stella Logo vegan bags are quite eye-catching. These come in both faux leather and faux snakeskin styles. Also, they can be paired with any outfit to give off a simple yet classy look.


Certified vegan brand Labante is an example of a vegan bag company that’s doing everything right. Many of their vegan bags are 100% recycled, which saves millions of plastic bottles. You’ll find vegan backpacks, totes, purses, wallets, and cross body bags at Labante. The London company prides itself in being completely transparent. This includes providing an ethical working environment and proudly claiming to be “sweatshop free”.

The vegan tote bags are particularly impressive, using biodegradable vegan leather. They also have removable shoulder straps, which means they double up as shoulder bags too! With mid-range prices, neutral colors, and sleek designs, a Labante vegan bag is a must-have in your closet.


Svala, founded by Helga Douglas, epitomizes the fusion of beauty, style, and sustainability, offering animal-friendly, luxury handbags and accessories crafted in Los Angeles from premium European materials. Inspired by a void in the market for such accessories, Helga’s vision materialized into a line of vegan products celebrated by publications like Vogue, Forbes, and LA Times.

Svala’s products showcase premium vegan materials, including Italian vegan leather and Pinatex® (pineapple leaf fiber). The handbags, crafted in downtown LA, emphasize fair wages and comfortable working conditions for artisans. By selling directly to customers, Svala avoids traditional retail mark-ups, providing sustainable luxury without inflated prices.

10% of all profits go to supporting charities like Wild Aid, combating illegal wildlife trade. The brand also participates in a carbon offset program, planting trees with each order through a partnership with Ecologi. Svala encapsulates modern luxury, marrying ethical craftsmanship, premium materials, and a dedication to environmental and social responsibility.

Jeane and Jax

Montreal-based company Jeane and Jax have a mission to provide fashionable and affordable vegan bags. The company uses PU fabrics with microfibre pores. This means they pledge to never use harmful PVC materials. The designs of the vegan bags are inspired by the art and culture in the city of Montreal, Canada.

With all styles of bags for both men and women, Jeane and Jax is guaranteed to provide something for everyone. This includes laptop bags, satchel bags, hobo bags, and backpacks. The styles are simple yet elegant, with solid colors favored over patterns. The Weekender bags are particularly impressive, with plenty of zippers, pouches, and hidden compartments for all your items. They’re perfect for a short weekend getaway.

Urban Originals – Vegan Bags

Australian brand Urban Originals proudly states that it’s completely animal-free and cruelty-free. This company uses PU vegan leather, cotton canvas, and recycled nylons. They are always searching for new and sustainable materials to add to their collection. In addition, they are a socially responsible company that donates 10% of profits to human rights charities.

With vegan bags for both men and women, the company ships worldwide. Their clutch bags are particularly attractive! They come in various shapes, sizes, and colors. These are perfect if you’re a minimalist, or rather someone who carries an entire survival kit in their handbag!

Urban Originals also has beach bags, backpacks, and travel bags, among others.

Eve Cork

Cork is becoming a more popular material used in vegan shoes, handbags and accessories. This is for good reason! When harvested correctly, using cork helps keep cork trees healthy, and is incredibly sustainable. Eve Cork not only uses cork in its vegan handbags, but also organic cotton, vegan adhesives, and vegetable dyes.

With clean and simple styles, Eve Cork offers a small selection of handbags and wallets in plain colors. All of their products are ethically made in Portugal. Best of all, it’s local farmers who harvest the cork. This choice of material gives these unique vegan bags a particularly natural look and feel. The prices are mid-range, but these vegan bags are ones you’ll use for a long time.

Von Holzhausen

The Von Holzhausen brand is led by former car designer Vicki von Holzhausen. The company is on a mission to replace animal leather with sustainable alternatives.

They offer stunning vegan leather backpacks, totes, and crossbody bags for both men and women. Additionally, they have a range of other vegan products like belts, shoes, wallets, and even furniture and car upholstery.

Von Holzhausen prioritizes plant power, recycled fibers, and eco-friendly materials. Their Conscious Code outlines strict standards, ensuring vegan and cruelty-free practices, low carbon footprint, ethical production, and items designed for longevity.

Additionally, Von Hulzhausen certified as a Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC).

Final Thoughts on Vegan Bags

As you can see, vegan bags are not so difficult to find these days. With styles that suit everyone, it’s easier than ever to find a vegan bag you’ll love. For an item that you use every day, choosing a vegan option is definitely the way to go! You’ll feel good about your purchase knowing that no animals were harmed.

Do you own any vegan bags that you absolutely love? Is there a brand you’d like to recommend? Let us know in the comments below!

Contributor: Kayla Hill

Kayla Hill is a former English teacher from Canada and is now eating her way around the globe as a long-term vegan traveler. She writes about food and travel for the South China Morning Post and is on a quest to find the best vegan burger. Follow her on Instagram at @greedy.vegans

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