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Vegan Watches – 11 Leather Free Watch Brands!

I’ve been thinking about vegan watches a lot lately.

After not wearing one for nearly 20 years I recently started to consider getting a watch again. My thinking behind this was simple. It would stop me from looking at my phone so much.

Seriously, I can’t tell you how often I pull my phone out of my pocket to check the time when I’m out and about. More than necessary, because once I do I almost always get distracted by whatever notification is blinking on my phone. I inevitably open it up, check the message, reply, lock my phone, and put it back in my pocket. Only to realize a few moments later that I totally forgot to check the time.

Luckily, just like everything else to do with veganism, watches are trending. Big time! Watch brands are creating vegan leather from a plethora of materials, concentrating on eco-friendly production and shipment methods, and even donating profits to various charities.

But the only option for vegan watches, isn’t vegan leather. There are plenty of other materials being used to make vegan watch straps! Plus, there are a lot of watch brands making eco-friendly, sustainable, and ethically produced watches.

So, I decided to seek out the very best 100% vegan watch brands on the market, and test as many as possible.

Vegan Watches Quick List

  1. Hurtig Lane
  2. Solios
  3. Ksana
  4. JORD
  5. CHPO
  6. VOTCH
  7. Aubrey
  8. TIVC
  9. Nordgreen
  10. Olivia Burton
  11. Jason Hyde

Personally Tested Vegan Watches

I teamed up with five of the best vegan watch brands. They sent me a sample product so I can give my personal and honest review of their watches.

The fun part is, each brand produces totally different products. One creates a brilliant eco-friendly watch with a lifetime battery.

Another creates bands entirely or mostly from wood. One uses colorful silicon, and another creates timeless pieces with sapphire crystal glass and Pinatex bands.

Additionally, the price points vary. So, there’s pretty much something for everyone here, no matter your style preference or budget.

Here’s some information about each company, what they produce, and my 100% honest review of one of their products.

Please note – Some of my selections contain affiliate links. These allow me to earn a small percentage every time you make a purchase. Using our links enables me to provide all the information found on this site free of charge.
Thank you to Hurtig Lane, Solios, JORD, Ksana, and Nordgreen for sending me watches to test.
As always, opinions expressed are 100% my own.

Hurtig Lane

Hurtig Lane Vegan Watch
  • Fully Vegan Watch Brand? Yes
  • Price Range: $116 USD and up
  • What Makes Them Unique: Really something for everyone!
  • Personally Tested: Yes!

Hurtig Lane is a cruelty free, PETA approved, vegan watch brand based in Barcelona Spain. They make vegan watches for both men and women, and also produce fantastic jewelry and beauty products like vegan makeup brushes and clay masks.

Hurtig Lane focuses on sustainability and aims to be as eco-friendly as possible. Their products are shipped and packaged with environmentally friendly recycled cardboard. They don’t use a shred of plastic in their packaging either!

Additionally, their straps are PVC free and are made with recycled materials. They offer vegan leather watch straps made from cotton woven fiber and PU. Additionally, they have vegan suede, tweed, silicon and stainless steel straps. None of them include harsh chemicals.

This vegan watch company also cares about people! Their entire process is ethical, and they pay their staff fair wages, have fair working hours, and pay special attention to the rights of women on their team. This includes offering “above and beyond” maternity leave and ample promotion opportunities.

Sounds great, huh? Okay, what about the actual vegan watches? Yup, those are fantastic too.

Hurtig Lane produces stunning timepieces. Their designs are truly beautiful. Plus, the various straps, colors, face designs, and sizes means that Hurtig Lane really has something for everyone!

Personal Review – Neliö Square Vegan Leather Watch Silver, White & Green

Neliö Square Vegan Leather Watch

When Hurtig Lane reached out and offered to send me a watch to review I was thrilled. However, choosing which watch I wanted proved to be a bit tough. They have so many watches with different stunning styles, straps, and colors that I had a really hard time choosing.

That said, when I came across the Neliö Square watch with the green strap, I knew it was the one for me. This stunning watch has a smaller face which works well for those with petite wrists, like me. Additionally, and surprisingly, the strap is also on the smaller size and makes for an elegant look overall.

When the watch arrived, I was immediately pleased. It is as stunning as it looks online. Also, the vegan leather watch strap is incredibly similar to real leather. It is soft, flexible, and incredibly comfortable to wear. The inner strap is akin to suede (super soft) and branded not only with the Hurtig Lane logo but also with the words “Cruelty Free”. A nice touch, and a reminder that these products are made without causing harm!

Speaking of watch straps, theirs are interchangeable! Hurtig Lane was kind enough to send me three additional watch straps; one black, one tan, and one brown. So, I can change the strap to match basically any outfit I am wearing. And don’t worry, they have clip release pins, so changing them out is super fast and easy!

As you can see, I’m a fan of this brand, and love my watch! If you’re interested in checking them out and decide to buy one, use the code “veggievisa” for a 10% discount!

Vegan Discount Code


Solios – Responsibly Powered Solar Watches

Solios Vegan Watches

  • Fully Vegan Watch Brand? Yes
  • Price Range: $259 – $266 USD
  • What Makes Them Unique: Lifetime rechargeable battery!
  • Personally Tested: Yes!

Solios is a vegan watch brand after the heart of every eco-warrior. This Montreal based brand is focused on making the world a better place one watch at a time.

“Yeah, yeah. We’ve heard it before. What makes Solios different than all the brands that claim to be eco-friendly?”

Solios’s Eco-Friendly Practices

For one, their watches are made with a battery meant to last a lifetime! That’s because they’re solar powered, baby! Before you start to worry about having to stick your arm out the window to charge it, don’t. They only need two hours of natural light to keep ticking for six months! Afraid of zombies? Live in a bunker? No problem, they can charge on artificial light too – just slower!

Solios also use eco-friendly vegan leather. Unlike some vegan leather Solios’s is made with silicon vegan leather straps, so no harm is done to the environment. Plus, they’re adding hemp, cork, and recycled plastic to the mix soon.

Finally, their recyclable packaging is hand made in Montreal and they use 100% recycled cardboard to make it. Hell, even their ink is natural, and the facilities that make their packaging is powered by renewable energy. Plus, 1% of sales go to the Rainforest Trust Foundation which saves endangered species, and every watch sold saves an acre of tropical land!

Additionally, just in case you’re still not convinced, Solios is the first certified B Corp watch company! So there’s no denying it’s a responsible business!

Solios’s Design

Let’s talk about design too, because even the best of us are wee bit shallow. Their watches are sleek, minimally designed, and downright beautiful. They’re made with stainless steel casing, Japanese solar power technology, scratch resistant sapphire coated glass, and interchangeable straps. So, if you like variety you can swap your strap out every day of the week if you want.

Personal Review – Nova Silver Watch

SOLIOS sent me their beautiful Nova Silver watch with a 36mm dial and 215 mm silver mesh strap. I’m smitten. This watch is truly something special, and because of the magnetic strap there is no such thing as a less than perfect fit. The lightweight watch means it’s pretty easy to forget you’re wearing it, so comfort is optimal. Plus, it’s beautiful!

This watch is fantastic for a more put together look, work outfits, or dressy occasions. To be honest though, I’d wear this watch any time, regardless. There’s just something about it that makes me happy knowing it’s made to last a lifetime.


Ksana – Neon Colored Vegan Watches!

Ksana Ruby Red Vegan Watch
  • Fully Vegan Watch Brand? Yes
  • Price Range: All watches are $97.42 (£75.00)
  • What Makes Them Unique: Brightly colored silicon bands
  • Personally Tested: Yes!

If you’re looking for a fun vegan watch brand, look no further than Ksana! Claire, the founder of Ksana, created this gender neutral watch brand after her hunt for neon colored watches turned up disappointing results.

Every watch comes in two different face sizes, trimmed in either silver or rose gold. They’re made from stainless steel and with Japanese components. The silicone straps are made with synthetic dyes and come in a variety of fun and funky colors including ruby red, emerald green, neon blue, orange, yellow, and more! If bright and colorful isn’t your thing, don’t worry, they come in black too! 

In addition to being vegan, the company also donates 1% of the sale of each watch to a cause that’s helping to make a positive environmental change!

Finally, I love the fact that this company offers payment plans through LayBuy. So, if you’re a bit strapped for cash but need a watch now, you can get one now but pay for it, interest free, over six smaller payments.

Personal Review – Ruby Red Watch

Ksana sent me their Ruby Red watch with a 30 mm face. It’s super lightweight, adds a bright pop of color against my mostly black wardrobe, and looks fun and elegant. The strap is incredibly comfortable against my skin, and comes with plenty of sizing options (holes), which is great for someone who has tiny wrists like me! I love this watch for it’s functionality, light weight, and fun color! It’s an excellent everyday watch. 


JORD – Vegan Watches Made of Wood

Jord Wooden Watch and sunglasses

  • Fully Vegan Watch Brand? Yes
  • Price Range: $179 – $495 USD
  • What Makes Them Unique: Wood Bands
  • Personally Tested: Yes!

JORD (pronounced Yode) is a US based watch company making exotic timepieces and accessories that feature natural and sustainable materials. JORD’s most unique selling point is that their straps are made entirely or primarily from wood! So, not a speck of animal leather is used to create these stunning pieces. Additionally, natural and re-claimed materials are paired with quality movement mechanics to create unique watches. 

Another interesting bit about JORD is they are constantly developing new designs. Some of their most recent limited edition watches include those made using real coffee beans, semi-precious stones, and leopard grain black palm. Additionally, the brand also creates Apple watch bands, and has a line of retro and modern sunglasses and beautiful handbags.

Personal Review – Gift Set With Louie Sunglasses and Purpleheart & Lavender Watch

JORD kindly sent me one of their gifts sets to test. It included their sunglass frames in it.

Firstly, I wasn’t sure if the round sunglass frames would work on me. However, I was pleasantly surprised and love them. The quality is fantastic, and they feel extremely sturdy. As someone who wears glasses during most of my waking hours, I can confirm that these are very comfortable. Plus, I think they look pretty good. Additionally, they come with a lovely, structured case. So, you can throw them in your bag and not worry about them getting crushed or scratched up.

Jord Discount Code

The Purpleheart & Lavender watch is equally lovely. As you might expect, this wooden watch has some weight to it. That said, it doesn’t feel cumbersome to wear. In fact, the fit is exceptional. Perhaps this has to do with the fact that JORD offers a custom fitting option, which I highly recommend. I took advantage of this service so the watch is perfectly sized for my wrist. That said, if it didn’t fit for some reason, a local jeweler can easily size it.

Overall, I love both products. I think they are very much statement pieces. The design, material, and colors are unique. On top of that, the quality is fantastic and I know they’ll last for years.


More Photos of Each Vegan Watch Brand I Tested

More Vegan Watch Brands – Not Personally Tested

As I said, there are a lot of vegan watch brands on the market. Here are five more that are 100% vegan. I have not personally tested any of their watches so I can’t give my opinion on them. However, I’m including them for informational purposes.


This Swedish brand is creating watches that are affordable for all! So, their watches start at $65 USD. Plus, they’re inspired by skateboarding, music and art. Also, the brand takes a strong social stance and promotes equality, and rejects homophobia and hatred against women.

Additionally, they work with a different non-profit charity organization each season to raise funds through the sale of their watches. Oh, and of course the brand is 100% vegan. It’s a lovely company to support!


Votch, a cruelty-free, UK based watch company. The brand creates watches with vegan leather, Pinatex, and mesh bands.

Aubrey Watches

A cruelty-free accessory company that has created watches with vegan leather and stainless mesh straps. Their watches come in a variety of sizes, and the straps are available in several colors.


Melbourne Australia based vegan watch company produces a wide array of totally vegan watches. They have a variety of eco-friendly, vegan bands made from recycled bottles, Pinatex, high grade polyurethane, and microfibre bundles. Additionally, the watches are made from recycled aluminum and are organized by size, rather than gender. 

Non-Vegan Watch Brands With Vegan Watches

Veganism is becoming a very popular lifestyle and big companies are taking note. So, it’s no surprise there are plenty of non-vegan watch companies creating vegan lines to attract animal loving customers. Here are three brands that stand out!


Nordgreen Vegan Mens Watch - Pioneer watch with a black dial and black vegan leather strap

Nordgreen reached out to me recently and asked if I’d review one of their vegan watches.

At this point, I have a lot of vegan watches and pretty much no personal reason to accept these offers. Plus, at this point it’s pretty hard to impress me.

That said, there’s something about Scandinavian design and products that I’m drawn to. The simplicity and beauty of, well almost everything that comes from that region of Europe, intrigues me. Nordgreen watches are no different.

Plus, unlike some vegans, I’m fully supportive of non-vegan companies producing vegan products (if done right). And right is exactly how Nordgreen is doing it. I could probably write an entire article on all the things I appreciate about this company and how they operate.

I won’t, but I will say a lot. Let me start with the watch they sent me.

Nordgreen’s Pioneer Watch with Black Dial & Black Vegan Leather Strap

I decided it was time to include a “men’s” watch in this article. Though I could care less about gendering products, I know that people have preferences and sizes vary for “men’s” and “women’s” watches. So, I wanted to include one in this article.

I asked them to send me their Pioneer watch with a black dial and black vegan leather strap. This watch is utterly spectacularly in every possible way. First, the design is remarkable. Simple, but striking. Noticeable but understated. It’s not trying at all and somehow manages to be a showstopper.

As it turns out, the design was inspired by two things. The dial is meant to represent the clean environment humans want to exist in, and the red tips of the hands represent the blades of a wind turbine.

If you’ve ever been to the shores of Denmark or crossed over the Øresund Bridge to Malmö you probably, like me, have an image of these turning turbines burned into your memory.

The vegan leather straps (which are interchangeable) are also impressive. Soft to the touch, but obviously high quality and made to last. Finally, the watch is comfortable to wear, according to my boyfriend.

I have absolutely zero complaints about this watch, and about a million praises.

The watch is beautiful, but it’s also the epitome of high quality. It (like all their watches) is meant to last for generations, and is created with durable stainless steel and Japanese quartz movement. It’s also water resistant.

Nordgreen’s Danish Values

In addition to exceptionally designed watches, Nordgreen also takes their Danish values seriously. This is obvious in the multitude of ways they operate their business responsibly. This includes donating to charitable organizations, focusing on sustainable practices, and fair labor practices. Though their products are produced in China, their facilities operate with working conditions based on Danish labor practices.

I’ve just scratched the surface, but if you want to check out all the details of their focus on responsible practices you can do so here.

Needless to say, I’m impressed and highly recommend Nordgreen’s vegan watches

Olivia Burton

Olivia Burton is a British accessories brand offers a small selection of vegan watch straps in three metallic colors to go with their unique, and often ornate, watches.

Jason Hyde

This eco-friendly brand is serious about the environment. They create sustainable watches and jewelry from recycled and eco-friendly materials including wool, PET, cork, and paper. Jason Hyde watches are nothing short of unique. They combine a variety of textures and materials, along with stunning colors to create unforgettable watches.

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Looking for a new vegan watch? You'll quickly see there are a LOT of brands making vegan watches these days. So, here are 12 of the best. Plus, I've PERSONALLY TESTED several of them and shared my opinion.