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Vegan Travel – 11 Tips to Rock Veganism on the Road!

Before I set out on a round the world journey in 2014, I didn’t know the first thing about vegan travel.

I was still in the process of transitioning to veganism and was trying to eliminate eggs and a few other animal products from my diet. As my travel date approached I often wondered what vegan travel challenges I would face on the road. Worst case scenario, I could survive on bread and crackers, right?

Luckily I haven’t had to do that. In fact, I was able to become fully vegan during my travels, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised at just how easy it has been to keep an animal-friendly diet. Vegan travel has even been possible in countries whose local populations don’t have a clear definition of what it means to be vegan.

That said, there was a bit of a learning curve along the way. I’ll admit it, I made some mistakes and it took some time to get the hang of things. So, I want to pass on everything I’ve learned about vegan travel to you!

Vegan Travel Tips

Here are my top vegan travel tips to help you rock veganism on the road!

Vegan Travel Tip – Find Accommodation Options With Kitchens

Having access to kitchens on the road is my top tip for vegan travel. It’s the best way to ensure that you are not only able to stick to your diet, but that you can also cook your favorite recipes while traveling.

Eating out is fun, and a big treat, especially when you’re traveling. However, there is also something great about being able to cook cheap, comforting, vegan meals while you travel.

But hotels don’t have kitchens, you might think. True but there are other accommodation options. If you’re flying solo, hostels are the way to go. If you’re traveling with someone or a group, Airbnb apartments are an excellent choice. Both will give you access to a kitchen and usually be a lot cheaper than a hotel.

Save Space for Vegan Cooking Essentials

Speaking of cooking, make sure you to save a little space in your backpack for items you pick up along the way.

Things like curry powder, salt, olive oil, and brown rice will come in handy throughout your travels. If you move from location to location quickly there is no need to throw out unused products when you can just bring them to your next destination.

Shop at Farmers Markets for Fresh Vegan Goodies


​Produce at local grocery stores in many destinations around the world can often be disappointing. Farmers markets are a great place for vegans to get the freshest and most diverse local ingredients for meals.

They are usually much cheaper than a supermarket, and you’ll be supporting the local community by shopping at the. Additionally, you can often times find deliciously prepared items that are both local and vegan at farmers markets.

Use Happy Cow to Find Awesome Vegan Food

happy cow vegan app

A great resource for vegetarians and vegans, Happy Cow is a website devoted to sharing delicious restaurants throughout the world with vegetarian food.

If you’re visiting a new country or town, check out their website to see what is available and if you find a new restaurant with great vegan options review it or add it to the site to share with your fellow travelers.

Don’t be Shy. Ask for Changes at Restaurants

travel tips for vegans

Asking restaurant staff for changes is a normal part of vegan life. Substitute bacon for veggies, hold the cheese, etc.

There is no reason to stop doing this when you travel. Just make sure you clearly explain what it means to be vegan when you’re traveling. A lot of places around the world think the terms vegan and vegetarian are interchangeable, or that being vegan simply means one does not consume red meat.

Prepare for Language Barriers

Before embarking on your journey, it is a good idea to learn some basics phrases in the local language related to being vegan so you can explain your dietary restrictions to waiters, food vendors, and other locals you meet on the road.

You can also download an awesome App called V-Cards. It displays a description of veganism in over 70 languages on your phone’s screen so you can show it to waitstaff.

The app has come to my rescue so many times, especially while in smaller towns or remote locations around the world.

Learn About Local Vegan Food

Salata de Vinete - Eggplant Salad

Another thing you may consider researching before you hit the road is local vegan fare for the countries you are planning to visit.

You don’t want to miss out on delicious local treats like salata de vinete in Romania, gallo pinto in Nicaragua, bean tamales in Mexico, or arepas in Colombia.

Open Your Mouth – For Something Other Than Vegan Food

​I’ve met a lot of backpacking vegetarians and vegans on the road. Some of my favorite restaurants are ones that I would have never found out about without their suggestions. So, be bold and strike up a conversation with people around you. You never know who else might be a vegan or vegetarian.

If you’re on the shy side you can try sites like Couchsurfing, or Meetup to find vegans and vegetarians. If you’re single try Tinder. It’s a great tool for meeting people, including vegans.

Prepare in Advance. Pack Some Vegan Essentials

find health food stores with vegan products

Depending on where you are in the world, health food stores might not be readily available.

The best thing to do is bring items with you from home that might not be easy to find. You can also stock up on them when you do find a good store along the way. Things like B12, coconut oil, macha, spirulina, and probiotics are always good to have in your suitcase.

Take Yoga Classes

Yoga in Phuket, Thailand

Yoga may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of vegan travel. Hear me out!

​Yoga Hostels or Yoga Studios are great places to meet other vegans. Especially local vegans who are full of great advice about where to find the absolute best vegan food a destination has to offer.

Also, it’s always so much fun to meet other vegans on the road, and hear their stories or share a meal with them.

Finding Cruelty Free Vegan Beauty Products While Traveling

leaping bunny cruelty free vegan

Finding cruelty free beauty, vegan products in countries you are visiting has always been a little difficult for me. Language barriers can make it a challenge to explain what exactly you are looking for.

Thankfully there is a website that does all the work for you, Leaping Bunny. There is a section of the site that lets you search for cruelty free, vegan products in countries all around the world. It couldn’t be easier to ensure the products you buy around the world are vegan.

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travel tips for vegans

rhonda d.

Saturday 4th of January 2020

If you're a vegan you are most likely concern on the foods being serve to you, more so if you are traveling. Although there are many cities and countries that serve vegan food, there are also those countries which doesn't have any availability of vegan food. It can really be a struggle for you if you are leave with only few options to eat.

Jane M

Thursday 7th of January 2016

Awesome tips! Happy Cow is amazing and helped us find vegan restaurants in the weirdest places, including some small towns in rural China.

One thing we always take with us is a photo album on our iPad. It's very simple. Just pictures of animals with red crosses through them and then pictures of all our favourite veggies with no red crosses. When the language barrier is insurmountable, we just show the people running the restaurant our slideshow. We always get a big smile and laugh when the finally get what we're trying to say.

The other big tip is to walk into the kitchen and just point at items you want to eat. This works in small rural hole-in-the-wall restaurants - we've never needed to try it in a modern restaurant in a city though!



Tuesday 12th of September 2017

Jane, what awesome tips! I love the slide show idea. How hilariously fantastic. :D

Christy Morgan

Tuesday 22nd of December 2015

These are great! It's been both fun and nerve wrecking always being on the hunt for vegan foods wherever we go! Our yoga retreat in Bali was successful with accommodating us- it was so successful we're going back again in April!


Tuesday 5th of January 2016

Christy, thank you! I know exactly what you mean. It's a fun challenge to find good vegan food all around the world. :)


Tuesday 11th of August 2015

Hi, What a great website for all us vegetarians and vegans who love to travel!


Friday 14th of August 2015

Thank you very much Susan! Where are you traveling to next? Randi

[email protected]

Thursday 6th of August 2015

Awesome travel tips!! YAY for cruelty-free products and NO to ANIMAL TESTING! :) You forgot a very cool app, EatAway, it's a customized diet translator for iPhone!


Thursday 6th of August 2015

Eataway sounds like an interesting app.. Seems great if you have other restrictions aside from just having a vegan diet and needing more than the app I mentioned.. Thanks for sharing! :)