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Vegan Travel – Winter Packing List for Europe

Vegan Travel Packing List

Vegan travel is a special kind of travel. We do our research about the best vegan places to eat in a destination, we pack vegan snacks, we even research vegan activities. But what about packing for your trip?

Traveling around Europe during winter is a special experience. There’s nothing quite like seeing beautiful old cities like Paris, Prague, and Munich blanketed in powdery white snow. However, one really has to prepare in advance to make the most of their European winter trip.

Part of that preparation is deciding what items to pack to keep you warm and well dressed in Europe. Of course, you’ll also want everything on your packing list to be vegan…not always an easy task.

Don’t despair, I’ve traveling throughout (and lived in) Europe for a few winters, and have come up with the perfect winter packing list for vegans traveling to Europe. My suitcase is full of items from some of the best European vegan brands that keep me warm, and well dressed no matter where I am.

Vegan Travel – Tips on how to pack for your next European winter trip!

Vegan Coats – LOVECO

Obviously a warm cruelty-free coat is an essential for vegan travel item for Europe during the winter. Unfortunately, finding a vegan winter coat can be a daunting task. Wool, leather accents, and fur collars are everywhere! It’s as if the only way we can stay warm is to cloak ourselves in the skins and coats of other creatures. Gross!

Thankfully, there is a better way. One of my favorite vegan winter wear brands is Hemp Hoodlamb. They design absolutely gorgeous vegan coats that are extremely well made, will last for years, and will keep you warm on the coldest of winter days. You can order these stunning coats online from LOVECO.

Vegan Hoodie – Recolution

vegan hoodie in europe

I never leave home without a hoodie. For me, it’s an essential travel item for the cold winter days of Europe, and while traveling on overly air-conditioned buses and planes.

My Recolution hoodie is hands down the best hoodie I’ve ever owned. It’s made from high quality, 100% organic cotton, has a super soft and cozy interior, and a nice large hood. I’ve worn it nearly every day since I got it.

Recolution not only has fantastic products, but it’s also a magnificent company to support. Their clothing is fair trade and vegan, and usually made from 100% organic cotton. Their production methods are sustainable, and they focus on eliminating practices that have a negative social and ecological impact.

Vegan Travel – Vegan Sweater from LOVECO

loveco vegan sweaters

Another essential piece, the dressy sweater. It will keep you warm all day or night, and ensure that you feel appropriately dressed when wandering around fashion forward cities like Paris, Barcelona, or Milan.

I got my favorite travel sweater from LOVECO, a fantastic European online shop that only carries vegan products and brands! This sweater is one of the softest I’ve ever owned and no animals were harmed to make it. It was love at first touch!

Vegan Long Sleeve Shirt – Recolution

vegan winter packing list

Another item I fell in love with instantly is my basic long sleeve shirt from Recolution. The soft cotton loosely hugs my body and makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside and out. Plus, the shirt will last for years, and is a great piece to layer or when the weather is slightly warmer out.

Vegan Casual Sweater – Blossom Yoga Wear

vegan yoga clothing

Not only is this casual light sweater great to wear to yoga classes, it’s also wonderful for when you don’t feel like dressing up, want to spend a cold rainy or snowy day in a local cafe sipping tea, or for active days hiking or exploring the European countryside.

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It’s made by Blossom Yoga Wear, who also have a super cute line of yoga pants with unusual prints like flamingos, pineapples, and galaxies. They’re perfect for the traveling Yogi.

Vegan Eco-friendly Dress – JAN ‘N JUNE

JanenJune Vegan Dresses

One of the easiest ways to dress up your travel wardrobe, without taking up a lot of space in your luggage, is by packing a basic and versatile dress.

This cotton dress by JAN ‘N JUNE, a sustainable, fair and transparent eco fashion label from Hamburg, is an excellent choice. The dress is comfortable, made of heavy organic cotton, and can be worn with colorful tights and boots or sneakers. It’s also reversible, (v-neck on one side and scoop neck on the other), so it’s like having two dresses in one! What more could you ask for in a travel dress?

Vegan Black Skinny Jeans

vegan skinny jeans

Black skinny jeans are a must have item for your winter packing list. They’re comfortable, will keep your legs warm, can be worn with casual or dressy tops, and go well with most winter shoes.

Skinny jeans aren’t exactly in short supply these days but for a great vegan option check out Mud Jeans. It’s a Dutch brand that makes eco-friendly jeans that don’t have leather labels. They recycle old jeans, upcycle used jeans, and even offer customers the option to lease jeans. You can find out more about Mud Jeans here.

Vegan Basic Black Skirt

vegan black skirt

The basic black skirt is one of my favorite things to pack for all seasons because it’s super versatile, and can be paired with sweaters, long sleeve shirts, and even hoodies.

In the winter you need only throw on a thick pair of  tights underneath to keep your legs warm while out and about in Europe.

Of course the basic black skirt can be found in most shops but for an eco-friendly, vegan option try this one from ARMEDANGELS.

Vegan Boots – Will’s Vegan Shoes

wills vegan winter boots

The Aviator 2’s from Will’s Vegan Shoes are the best pair of boots I’ve ever owned. Not only are they totally vegan, but they’re also extremely sturdy, comfortable, and will keep your feet warm all winter long.

They also have slip-resistant soles that make them perfect for walking around on the cobbled streets of European cities on rainy or snowy winter days.

If you’re looking for the perfect pair of vegan winter boots, look no further than Will’s.

For more animal-friendly shoes check out my guide to the best vegan shoe brands here.

Comfy Vegan Walking Shoes – Ethletic

Ethletic Vegan Sneakers - European vegan brand

I’ve long been a fan of Converse shoes, until I found out that they aren’t vegan. Yeah, you read that right. Converse are not vegan. They use animal glue. Sorry to burst your bubble. Don’t worry though, there is a much better option for casual walking shoes out there.

Ethletic is a fair-trade, vegan, sustainable shoe company based in Germany. They make a wide range of fantastic casual vegan shoes. My favorite is their Fair Trainer line.

Unlike Converse, there is no need to break these shoes in. They’re super comfortable from the very first day you put them on your feet. They have nice padded insole arch support and slip resistant rubber soles, both of which I’ve been thankful for while walking around on rainy days in Prague.

Vegan Leather Bag – MumRay

Since Most of my wardrobe consists of darker colors, I love adding a bright and colorful bag to liven things up.

MumRay is a Czech brand with beautiful and sturdy vegan leather and canvas bags. After having mine for over a year, it still looks brand new.

Vegan Backpack – Will’s Vegan Shoes

best vegan backpack - Will's Vegan Shoes

Will’s Vegan Shoes now makes stunning and sturdy vegan backpacks with vegan leather. These beautiful bags are the one of the best travel accessories you can bring with you on a trip throughout Europe.

The Will’s Vegan Duffle Bag is the perfect size to carry around everything you need when out and about in Europe. A small laptop, camera, lenses, jacket, snacks, water bottle, wallet, and more fits easily in this roomy backpack. I’ve even brought it on flights as my “personal item” and it easily fits in the small compartment under the seat.

Vegan Luggage – Osprey Luggage

best vegan luggage

If you’re looking for well made, cruelty-free luggage, look no further. Osprey has what you need. I have two of their bags, one carry on size, and one that’s larger for longer trips.

Both have served me extremely well and turned me into a loyal Osprey customer.

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Sponsorship Disclaimer: Big thank you to Ethletic, Will’s Vegan Shoes, JAN ‘N JUNE, LOVECO, Blossom Yoga Wear, & Recolution for sending me sample products to review in this article. As always, opinions expressed are completely my own.

As you can see I included handy little affiliate links for the above items, in case any of our readers want to order an item from Amazon. I receive a small commission for any sales made, without any additional cost to you, dear reader.