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LastSwab Review – Gross or Great? I Tested 4 LastObject Products!

I’m super happy to share my LastObject & LastSwab review with you! If you’ve seen my IG stories you know I’ve been using them. So, I’m pretty pumped to let you know what I think.

Chances are, you’ve seen this zero waste product all over social media. The posts have probably prompted questions like, “reusable q-tip, how does that work” or “is this reusable cotton swab really legit”. Well, I gave it a go, along with three other awesome zero waste products from LastObject (the business behind the product). Spoiler, I’m pretty impressed!

But why even bother with these products? Well, remember that picture of the little seahorse in the ocean clasping onto a q-tip with its tail. That picture is a stark reminder of what we as humans are doing to our planet with our single-use products. They’re piling up in our landfills, clogging our oceans, and polluting our beaches. We know we should make a switch, but how?

If you’re trying to live a zero waste life, or want to invest in products that will help you live a more minimalist lifestyle then keep reading. This LastSwab Review will give you the lowdown on LastObject’s reusable q-tip, reusable cotton swab, reusable makeup cotton swab, and reusable tissues!

PS – I sent this article to a friend who promptly replied “Nice, are they actually good?”. Umh…I’m not blowing smoke here. Everything I say in this LastSwab review is 100% honest.

Also, check out the above LastObject & LastSwab Review video if you want to hear me talk about the products I tried.

LastSwab Review – All of the Zero Waste Products from LastObject

LastSwab Review

Please note – My selections contain affiliate links. These allow me to earn a small percentage every time you make a purchase. Using the links enables me to provide all the information found on this site free of charge.

LastSwab Review Overview

We know we shouldn’t do it. We’ve been warned. It’s dangerous they say. It should not, under any circumstance, be inserted. Somehow, though, we find the tip (just the tip) breaking past the barrier and swirling around. And it feels ohhh so good.

Just like plunging cotton swabs, aka q-tips, into our ear canals against the advice of doctors and official packaging instructions, we also know we shouldn’t be addicted to single-use products. It’s wasteful, contributes to our worldwide pollution problem, and costs us a lot of money over time. Additionally, if you’re a neat freak, it can add to unwanted clutter.

So, how to break the habit of buying and using single use cotton swabs to…erm clean the outside of our ears? Easy. LastSwab!

When I first heard of it, I thought it was weird. Multi-use cotton swab? Seriously? I’m suppose to use that over and over again inside…I mean on the outside of my ears? Gross.

Sometimes I can be an idiot. Obviously, LastSwab is meant to be cleaned between uses.

I’ve been using it for about a week now. Here’s my LastSwab review.

LastSwab Review – The Reusable Q-tip

Reusable q-tip

First of all, I love the packaging. The colorful shell and cool design are really nice. Even the box LastSwab comes in is clever. It is full of messaging about how you’re making a difference by opting to use the product rather than single use cotton swabs.

Secondly, the cotton swab is sturdy. No bending or breaking is gonna happen here. Unlike cheaply made knockoffs you may have seen, they’re made to last 1,000 uses!! Yes, you read that right.

Third, and this might sound weird, but the bumpy texture of tips feels pretty amazing when being used. It feels like it grips onto wax, dirt, or whatever, much better than its cotton counterpart.

Plus, it’s super easy to clean. Just a bit of soap and water, a second under the stream, and it’s done. I pop it back into the case, leave it open to air dry, and that’s it.

I really could not be happier with this product, and since my little European bathroom is tight on space I’m totally looking forward to not having boxes of q-tips cluttering things up.

If you want to know a bit more about why LastSwab was created, and meet the cool and fun founders, check this out.

LastSwab Review Summary: Love it!

LastSwab Review – The Reusable Makeup Cotton Swab

LastSwab Reusable Makeup Swab

You know how it goes. You put your makeup on. Concealer, foundation, powder, blush, eye shadow, mascara. Everything looks great, then you get to the eyeliner. Somehow your fingers look like you’ve been working in a coal mine by the time you’ve got it exactly how you want it. And that’s with basic application. I’m not even talking about applying a dramatic look! Maybe that’s just me though?

This is where the LastSwab Beauty swab makes things a lot easier for me. I really like it because, in addition the cool packaging design and fun colors to choose from, it also works much better than a traditional cotton swab. The material has texture so it really smooths things out much better than a q-tip. Plus, it doesn’t unravel all over you face and eyelid like a traditional cotton bud.

Also, these babies are made to last 1,000 uses. So, they are sturdy. And, the fact that one end is pointed, and the other rounded makes it multi-functional. Whether I’m trying to sharpen up edges or blend eyeliner for a softer look. It works.

I was a bit worried it would be stained and gross looking after using it to blend black eyeliner. However, washing it with soap and warm water worked pretty well. Though, not as white as it was in the first place, it still looks clean.

LastSwab Review Summary for the beauty swab: Love it too!

LastRound – Reusable Makeup Cotton Swab

If you wear makeup or have a daily skincare routine, you’ve probably used hundreds or thousands cotton rounds. Sadly, these oh-so-convenient and useful rounds are one use. Which means, they are not environmentally friendly, no matter how you slice it.

But they’re biodegradable? So, what’s the problem? Well, it takes a whopping 5,200 gallons of water to produce about 2 pounds of cotton! And let’s not even talk about the pesticides and insecticides that go into the growing process.

LastRounds are different. One of these reusable makeup cotton swabs replaces 1,000 single-use cotton rounds, they’re compostable, and they’re made from sustainably sourced materials. Even the box and container can be recycled.

Each pack comes with seven reusable makeup cotton swabs. That means each pack will give you 7,000 uses! I’m pretty impressed.

I’ve been using my LastRound for about a week now. Here’s my LastRound review!

LastRound Review

LastRound Review

Well, I was skeptical.

The rounds are not soft and fuzzy like the ones I’m used to. I thought it would be like rubbing tree bark on my face.

As I said before, sometimes I can be an idiot.

So, turns out running LastRounds under water transforms them into silky soft pads. Squirt a little face cleanser on them and they turn into cleaning machines (not literally, come on). Suds abound, and unlike the traditional cotton rounds, they don’t fall apart. One pad is more than enough to clean your whole face. Plus, if it gets bogged down with makeup you can just rinse it with warm water and continue to use it.

They’re easy to clean too. You can wash them with a bit of soap and water and lay them flat to dry. If you want to get them really clean you can pop them into a mesh laundry bag and throw them in the machine with the rest of your dirties.

For me, these are a big winner and I had to include it in this LastSwab review!

LastTissue – The Latest Single Use Product from LastObject

Reusable tissue might not sounds appealing, but seriously we’ve been using them since the dawn of time. Handkerchiefs were not just for our grandpas, the cave people used them too!

Okay…that’s nonsense. But our grandpas did use them. So, if it’s good enough for my Papaw Tal (yeah, I’m from the south), it’s good enough for me and you!

That said, it did cross my mind. What am I suppose to do with the dirty tissue after I use it?

Well, LastTissue has a pretty smart design. One of the tissues has a silicon barrier sewn in. So, as long as you store it at the top of a freshly cleaned pack, the dirty ones will always be neatly separated from the clean ones. And, the silicon bit will alert you that it’s time to clean the pack. Which is super easy. Just pop them into the washing machine.

I’ve been using my LastTissue for about 5 days now. Here my LastTissue Review.

LastTissue Review


Since moving to Europe I’ve joined the seasonal allergy club. For several months of the year, birch tree pollen destroys me and turns my body into an itchy, runny, sneezy mess.

Because of this, I have to carry around those little packs of tissue in my purse, backpack, and gym bag. When cleaning out my bag it’s pretty much inevitable that I’ll find several nearly empty packs of tissue in it. A reminder of just how many I’ve managed to go through.

So, I was really really excited to give LastTissue a try. A bit hesitant, given my germophobia but my concerns were quickly blotted out. I discovered the silicon tab thing and voila, worries laid to rest.

What I love about LastTissue is the fact that, unlike paper tissues, these are silky soft and don’t make the skin around my nose red and raw after frequent use. Plus, if I need to use one just to tidy up my watery eyes I don’t feel guilty about wasting a tissue. These things are meant to last 520 uses!

There is one issue with LastTissue though. Since they only come six to a box, it’s pretty much mandatory to buy at least a few packs. Unless you’re one of those people that does laundry every day. Oh wait! They sell refills! So, you can buy extra tissues and always have a stocked box. Problem solved!

About LastObject – The Founder & Mission

This LastSwab review wouldn’t be complete without telling you a bit about the company behind these products.

LastObject, the makers of LastSwab, LastRound, and LastTissue, is founded by a woman! Okokok, there are a few guys involved too but that’s fine.

The idea behind this Danish company came from eco-warrior Isabel Aagaard, and was born out of frustration. She was a bit fed up with single-use products and decided to make some changes. As we know, when we women decide to do something there is little that can stop us. So, LastSwab was born.

A huge success, the company has grown to include four multi-use, eco-friendly products in just two years! Their mission is to eliminate single use products by offering cool and practical alternatives. I’d say they do that pretty damn well.

Find out more about LastObject’s mission in the video below.

Final Thoughts – LastSwab Review

Yes, this LastSwab review is glowing. But that’s because I think the LastObject products are awesome. They really exceeded my expectations, and I honestly can’t find much of anything to complain about. So, if you’re someone who wants to live a less wasteful and more eco-friendly lifestyle, they’re an awesome product to consider!


Thursday 4th of March 2021

Regarding LastRounds: Do they 'clean up' properly (and reassume their own colour) between uses? I have uses a few similar reusables before, but after 1 use they are mascara-coloured forever

Randi Delano, Creator and Owner, Veggie Visa

Thursday 4th of March 2021

Hi, thanks for asking! In my experience they clean up exceptionally well. You can check the video in this article. I actually show me cleaning one in it. I don't wear mascara often but on the occasions that I have, I've managed to clean the color off completely. Now, I will say I think I have discolored them a bit by washing them in the laundry with dark clothing. But that's just user error. My make-up has always come off completely when I wash them by hand with a bit of soap and water.