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Vegan Malmo Guide – Best Vegan Food in Malmo Sweden

Looking for the best vegan food in Malmo Sweden? This guide to Vegan Malmo is for you!

I recently spent six days in Malmo, Sweden’s third largest city, and hit up as many vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants as I could. I left Sweden a very happy woman.

Being vegan in Malmo is awesome. The vegan food scene in Malmo is fantastic and seems to be growing at a super fast pace. Not only does the city feel incredibly vegan friendly but it also feels like it’s on the brink of becoming one of the most vegan-friendly cities in Europe. Mark my words, vegan foodies will soon be flocking to Malmo.

vegan food in malmo

Eating out as a vegan in Malmo was a pleasure for a number of reasons. First of all, the waitstaff are incredibly friendly and knowledgable. Not once were my vegan-related questions met with blank stares or half-confident answers. Everyone I spoke to was 100% knowledgable about what was and was not vegan on the menu and why.

Second, everything I ate in Malmo was well constructed, creative, fresh, and flavorful. I could see and taste the pride and love that went into creating every dish.

Lastly, Malmo generally has a chill vibe that carries over into the dining experience.

Great vegan food, friendly and knowledgable staff, and a nice vibe. What more could vegan foodies visiting Malmo ask for?

Vegan Malmo Guide – Best Vegan Restaurants in Malmo

There are seemingly endless vegan dining options in Malmo, so to help you narrow down the choices I’ve compiled a list of places that I think have the absolute best vegan food in Malmo.

Bon appetit, or Smaklig måltid as they say in Sweden!

Mineral – Possibly the Best Vegan Restaurant in Malmo!

Mineral best vegan restaurant in Malmo

Mineral may very well be the best vegan restaurant in Malmo. It was certainly my favorite, and I ended up going there three times during my six day trip to Malmo.

Mineral’s interior is super cozy and inviting. The all wood furniture, plants, oversized pillows, and recycled wine bottle candleholders gives the place a special atmosphere that instantly makes you feel right at home.

On sunny and warm days, I suggest grabbing a seat outside. They have a sweet little garden with picnic style bench tables, and massive light-strung trees.

The only thing I didn’t particularly like about Mineral was the ordering area. It’s a bit awkward, but everything else at this fabulous restaurant made up for it.

dish from Mineral the best vegan restaurant in Malmo

The menu at Mineral is tiny. As in, there are only three savory options a day to choose from and a few desserts. Even so, you’ll still have a hard time choosing what to order. I suggest going with a friend so you can try it all, because boy is it worth it!

Everything I had at Mineral was packed full of flavor, and the love and care that went into thinking up and preparing the dishes was obvious.

Their toasts are piled high with fresh ingredients like mushrooms, hazelnuts, creamy nut cheese spreads, fresh herbs, and tangy pestos.

The risotto was, for lack of a better word, incredible. Creamy, cheezy, unctuous, and the best vegan risotto I’ve every put in my mouth.

Mineral also has a nice selection of natural wines and craft beers on their menu that pair perfectly with their amazing vegan food.

seasonal vegan risotto from Mineral in Malmo

Vegan Malmo – Jord

best vegan cafe and shop in Malmo at Jord

If I lived in Malmo, I would spend a lot of time at Jord. It would be my go-to cafe to work from, gobble up hangover curing breakfasts, or have an afternoon fika at with friends.

Vegan Pea Pesto Sandwich from Jord in Malmo Sweden

Everything at Jord is vegan and they have an all day breakfast menu. Tofu-scramble, pea pesto toast, chia-pudding, and creamy gluten-free porridge with rhubarb were all on the menu when I visited.

I went for breakfast with a few friends and managed to try each of these dishes. Everything was fantastic and well prepared. It truly is good to have friends!

best vegan fika in Malmo at Jord

In addition to the breakfast menu, Jord also has a beautiful dessert case and fantastic coffee (with 5 krona refills). I recommend having the carrot cake. I got it twice because I loved it so much.

The Raw Kitchen Malmo

Vegan Cheese from Raw Kitchen Malmo


Raw Kitchen Malmo is a stunning raw vegan restaurant in Malmo.

They make the traditional dishes you might expect from a raw restaurant – -raw pizzas, rice paper rolls, and burgers, but the restaurant is also doing something incredibly special…vegan fermented nut cheeses.

I’ve eaten a LOT of vegan cheese in the past years all over Europe and I can confirm this is among the best. In fact, their vegan cashew camembert ties for first place with a vegan cheese I had in Paris.

I tried it on their cheese plate and it was so impressive I brought a wedge back to the hotel with me and devoured the entire thing the same night for dinner. Trust me, this vegan cheese is a must when visiting Malmo. Don’t leave without trying it!

For some pretty incredible vegan cheese pics, check out their IG account here.

Poke Poke

vegan poke poke malmo

I only recently heard of poke poke bowls. Maybe it’s the new fad in food? I don’t know, but what I do know is that these deconstructed sushi bowls are sublime.

The vegan poke bowl at Poke Poke in Malmo is, as the restaurant’s tagline proclaims, love in a bowl. So many flavors are packed into this bowl that I desperately wished it was bottomless while I was eating it.

Tofu, chickpeas, kale, cucumber, avocado, nori, black and white sesame, ginger, and creamy spicy vegan mayo on top of tangy sushi rice. What more could I ask for? Nothing really but the locally made ginger flavored Roots Kombucha was an excellent accompaniment to wash it all down.


vegan dumplings at sajvva in Malmo

Sájvva is a beautiful vegetarian and vegan restaurant serving some of the best vegan food in Malmo.

Eleven of the 13 items on the Asian inspired menu are vegan. They even have vegan cocktails made with aquafaba instead of egg whites!

The decor and atmosphere at Sájvva make it the perfect restaurant for a romantic dinner or a special celebration meal. I was neither on a date or celebrating when I visited Sájvva but was inspired to splurge and treat myself to a big dinner after being shown to my table. It was the right decision.

vegan Asian food at sajvva in Malmo

I ended up feasting on the Korean Dumplings, the Korean Street Bowl, and a fancy aquafaba yuzu cocktails.

The dumplings were tender pockets filled with crumbly chewy soy, crunchy red cabbage, ginger, and hoisin. The dipping sauce was a tangy, sweet, and spicy papaya concoction. Each bite was a delicate symphony of Asian infused flavor. A perfect dish to whet the appetite.

I’ve heard people wax poetic about portobello mushrooms. They’re the royal crown of unprocessed vegan meat replacements they say.

However, in my experience they’re nothing worth having on a plate. A filler, something that usually causes me to skip a dish on a menu, and certainly not an ingredient that would every really entice me or cause my salivary glands to awaken.

But, the portobello mushrooms in the Korean Street Bowl were like a sleeper agent whose full potential was activated the moment my tongue touched them. They were incredibly meaty, juicy, salty, smokey, earthy, and perfectly cooked. I don’t know what they did to these mushrooms but it must have been magic.

The rest of the bowl was, while not at the same level as the shrooms, delightful. Spicy, savory, smokey, sweet, and tangy. A full rainbow of textures including the meaty tofu and mushrooms, fluffy rice, crispy chilies, and crunchy pickled cucumber ribbons and kimchi. A stunning medley of oral entertainment and completely satisfying in every way.

The portions at Sájvva are not for the meek, which is unfortunate only because I didn’t have room for dessert! No matter, the meal left me on a high and wanting for absolutely nothing.

Uggla Kaffebar

Uggla Kaffebar vegan breakfast feast in Malmo

You know that saying, “it’s the little things”? At Uggla Kaffebar it’s the little things that made all the difference in the world.

At first glance the breakfast menu didn’t seem overly exciting, and to be honest I wasn’t expecting anything grand after I ordered. I was, however, pleasantly surprised by what was delivered to my table.

Not just porridge but porridge with fresh raspberries, nectaries, flax seeds, and a steaming hot carafe of oat milk to pour over the top just before enjoying it. And not just sandwiches, but rustic toasted bread stuffed with hummus and veggies, vegan mayo to dip it in, and crispy potato chips on the side.

Everything was fantastic, and let’s just say, breakfast was the most important meal that day!

Vegegården – Vegan Chinese Lunch Buffet

Vegegården Vegan Chinese Buffet in Malmo

Brown, fried, greasy, meaty Chinese buffets are an old friend. Something I thoroughly enjoyed from time to time in the past, but thought I had said goodbye to forever when I went vegan. So, when I heard Vegegården was a fully vegan Chinese buffet restaurant in Malmo, I knew had to go.

This buffet did not disappoint. It was chocked full of all the best veganized versions of dishes you’d find on a traditional Chinese American style buffet. Fried noodles, curries, rice, stir-fries, crispy wonton filled rolls. There was even fried vegan shrimp, which was eerily similar to the real thing.

If you’re craving a greasy meal of epic proportions with a Chinese flare, don’t hesitate to visit Vegegården at lunch and eat as much as your stomach can hold.

Cafe Trubbel

Cafe Trouble in Malmo

If it’s a sunny day in Malmo and you’re seeking a lazy brunch or lunch head to Cafe Trubbel, order something from their daily selection of quiches, open faced sandwiches, or soups and take a seat in their huge garden. Or opt for one of their vegan desserts and delicious coffees for the perfect Fika.

I’ll warn you in advance, this place is trouble…it has some of the best vegan food in Malmo. You’ll love it so much you’ll want to stay for hours and forget about all the sightseeing you planned to do in Malmo.

Flax – Farmstand, Cafe, and Shop

Flax Cafe in Malmo

Flax is a farmstand, cafe, workspace, and shop located a stones throw from Folkets Park.

Visitors can enjoy vegan pastry, delicious coffee, fresh veggies, croissant sandwiches, and awesome vibes in this little shop.

The space is run by a Swedish-Australian couple who also have the largest commercial urban farm in Sweden called Los Perros…yes they are really embracing the international theme here. In addition to running the cafe and farm, they also make their own line of hot sauces, salts, marmalades, and honey which you can sample at Flax.

The one drawback of Flax is that they are only open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

Leve – Vegan Donuts and Pastry in Malmo

Leve Bakery in Malmo has Vegan Donuts

Leve is a bakery in Malmo that makes vegan pastry, breads, and donuts. Everything is made in-house and totally vegan. However, they do serve butter and cheese in the shop so it’s technically not a 100% vegan bakery.

Every day at exactly 4:00 pm Leve offers freshly made vegan donuts, or Munk as they call them. The day I visited they had a chocolate hazelnut donut which was quite nice. I also had their vanilla cream filled donut and elderflower filled donut at Flax, which I thought were much nicer but only because I’m not a huge fan of chocolate.

These are some of the best vegan donuts I’ve ever had…only second to those at the Donut Shop in Prague.

Leve Vegan Donuts Malmo Sweden

If you want to try Leve’s warm, freshly fried and filled donuts be sure to show up a few minutes before 4:00 pm as a line does form.

In addition to their donuts, their french pasty is also stellar. Try the pain au chocolate for a real treat.

Kold Ice Cream

Kold Vegan Ice Cream in Malmo

Kold ice cream shop is located in the newly updated Mitt Möllan strip mall that’s jam packed with innovative and creative businesses and restaurants.

Once you’ve finished perusing the DIY jewelry shop, or the funky second hand clothing shop, head to the food court and treat yourself to Kold.

Like the rest of Mitt Mollan’s shops, Kold is serving up something special – vegan ice cream. No, not sorbet but actual ice cream made from plant milks like coconut or cashew.

Not all flavors are vegan so ask the friendly staff members for some advice. Kold has a “taste as many flavors as you want” policy so don’t be shy. Sample away before you commit.

I went with a strawberry coconut and chili pepper ice cream the first time I visited. I don’t even like strawberry ice cream but Kold totally converted me.

Golden Milk Vegan Ice Cream at Kold in Malmo

On my second visit I had the Golden Cream ice cream. A concoction of flavors that make you feel like you’re walking through some spice market in Asia. It’s made from coconut milk and has turmeric, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger and black pepper.

The food court at Mitt Mollan has plenty of other vegan options too like Poke bowls, Vietnamese noodles, and curry. So have a look around, but be sure to save room for dessert!

The Vegan Bar in Malmo

Vegan Burger from the Vegan Bar in Malmo

Yes, there is a vegan bar in Malmo! I actually went to the Vegan Bar once about three years ago when I was in Malmo for the first time visiting a friend, and I’ve been dreaming about it ever since.

I mean, seriously. Just look at that vegan cheese oozing out of the burger! This is absolutely the best vegan burger in Malmo.

Cheese aside, the burger is everything a good burger should be. The bun is hearty enough to contain all the toppings, but still manages to be soft and toasty. The patty (I got the soy option) doesn’t crumble of fall apart half way through eating it, and all of the toppings give each bite a big burst of flavor.

Plus the fries are crispy and crunchy on the exterior, and fluffy and creamy on the interior. Add a beer to that and it’s the perfect meal to satisfy any junk food craving. If you’re looking for the best vegan burger in Malmo, head straight to the Vegan Bar.

Malmö Saluhall

Malmö Saluhall is an indoor upscale food market with stalls selling some of Sweden’s finest local products like produce, coffee, pastry, breads, cheese (including the vegan variety), and other products.

Swedish vegan products from malmo saluhall

It’s the perfect place for foodies to meander for an hour or so and pick up some vegan treats for breakfast or a picnic lunch.

Malmö Saluhall also has several street food style stalls with a few vegan options and an outdoor seating area. So come hungry and you’re sure to leave happy.

Swedish vegan breakfast from malmo saluhall

Möllevångstorget Market

Möllevångstorget Market in Malmo

Möllevången is a multicultural neighborhood in Malmo and home to the Möllevångstorget square.

A massive fruit and vegetable market is hosted in the square most days of the week and is an excellent place to head to and stock up on fresh produce for your Airbnb apartment or a picnic. It’s also perfect for people watching and to experience a little slice of Malmo life.

Astrid Och Aporna

Astrid och Aporna Vegan Grocery Store in Malmo

Astrid och aporna is a brand of vegan products in Sweden. You can find their products at most grocery stores in Malmo, but if you want to really delve in, head to their grocery store.

This massive shop has everything a vegan might dream of, including vegan meats, cheeses, pates, falafel, frozen foods, ice creams, pet food, dry goods, bath products, and more. If I lived in Malmo, I reckon I’d come here at least a few times I week.

Where to Stay in Malmo – The Best Eco-friendly Hotel Option

Best eco-friendly hotel in malmo Ohboy Hotell in Malmo

Ohboy Hotell is a new boutique style hotel located in Malmo’s Western Harbor neighborhood. Each of the hotel’s luxurious loft style apartments come with a kitchen, living room, bedroom, and private bathroom. All of the hotel’s furniture is locally sourced and designed from materials sourced in southern Sweden.

Ohboy Hotell in Malmo

The hotel rooms also come with a complimentary bicycle which is the perfect eco-friendly way to get around Malmo! Additionally, the hotel uses geothermal heating and solar panel energy to minimize the usage of external energy sources.

For more info, independent reviews, or prices on Ohboy Hotell click here.

Things to Do in Malmo

Lilla Torg in Malmo Sweden

History, art, trendy shops, Swedish saunas, and more! There is so much to see and do in Malmo Sweden! If you’re visiting check out my guide to all the awesome things to do in Malmo on my other site!

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Tuesday 21st of May 2019

Thank you so much for your awesome recommendations. We went to the Vegan Bar and to the Sájvva . The Vegan Bar was really good and the Sájvva was excellent. Unfortunately our visit in Malmö was to short to try all of your recommendations, so I think we must come back soon


Wednesday 22nd of May 2019

Hi Barbara! So happy the article was helpful. I love both of those restaurants and glad you got to experience them (they're so different from one another too!). And yes...get back to Malmo. It has so much to offer. :)


Monday 3rd of September 2018

Hey! Just read your Vegan guide! A little sad we weren't included in it, seeing as we were one of the first vegan places in Malmö. Come give us a visit next time!

/Lotta Love Superfoodbar Davidshallsgatan 25


Thursday 15th of August 2019

Yes! They have the best smoothie bowls!


Wednesday 22nd of May 2019

Hey! Yes, unfortunately when I stopped by it was a bit late and you all were closing so I didn't get a chance to try Lotta Love. Next time! :)