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12 Best Vegan Body Wash Brands – Get Cruelty-free Clean!

Choosing the best body wash will involve asking lots of questions, especially if you’re vegan. Plus, deciding on the best body wash could be a personal journey. 

What makes a body wash vegan? Two things. First, are companies testing their products on animals? Second, does the body wash contain any animal products or byproducts.

Other helpful questions you may want to consider are – will a body wash dry my skin out? Does my partner, who I share my shower with, want to smell like me? There are many unknowns that could create a few awkward moments that will either make or break your morning bathing routine.        

What Makes Body Wash Vegan?

If you need an effective vegan body wash, look at the ingredients first. Check for things like honey, non-vegan milk and additives that may be animal derived. In addition, look for a ‘vegan-certified’ badge on the pack from a reputable vegan body like Vegan Action

What About Cruelty-free Body Wash?

Again, do your research and visit the company’s website. More often than not, you will find the company’ stance on animal testing and whether or not they participate in this practice.

The packaging should feature a cruelty-free certification badge and the most recognizable one is from Cruelty Free International.  As an aside, certification bodies should also list the companies they have certified. 

Vegan Body Wash Neutrality

There seems to be a trend among vegan body washes where they could be gender neutral. Companies are now meeting the demand for vegan body wash products that are convenient for all family members. Many fragrance blends aren’t always necessarily female or male-specific now, and can appeal to everyone in the household.

Recycling & Disposable Waste

Look for those vegan body wash brands that can offer refill packs in recyclable or compostable refill packs. Or, using a concentrate is another option. Either way, you’ll ensure you reduce your consumption of plastic bottles and lids.     

12 of the Best Vegan Body Washes

Vegan Shower Gel and Heart Sponge

Here are our top 12 picks for vegan body wash!

Everything body wash listed is vegan and cruelty-free. Most of the brands are vegan but all make awesome vegan body washes.

So, you can feel good about lathering up with any of these vegan body washes!

  1. Puracy Natural Body Wash
  2. Lush
  3. JĀSÖN®
  4. Soapbox
  5. Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day
  6. Pacifica Beauty
  7. Sukin
  8. The Right to Shower
  9. Ethique
  10. Function of Beauty
  11. Live Clean Body Wash
  12. John Masters Organic

Puracy Natural Body Wash 

Are you looking for natural products that actually work? Look no further than Puracy Natural Body Wash.

Two best friends based in Texas are the brainchildren behind this effective plant-based personal care product that are also safe for children. They make cleaning products, hand-wash and hand sanitizers, as well as refill packs so you can reuse your bottle.

You can purchase your cruelty-free body wash online as a one-off or on a subscription arrangement where you’ll save 15%.  


While Lush is a household U.K brand, it has fast-become a popular worldwide vegan body wash maker. They’ve been fighting against animal testing since their first store opened in 1995, and they’ve been making vegan (and vegetarian), cruelty-free products like body wash since.

They extend their ethical business practices through vegan products such as The Olive Branch Shower Gel. Order it online, though you may need to check the prices against your currency converter.

Also, sizes are in grams so a little converting might be needed here, too.

Note: Some of their products are vegetarian, but their vegan products are clearly labeled!


Did you know that JĀSÖN® is a Greek word meaning ‘healer’?

Imagine rejuvenating your body after a long day of hiking or a stressful day fighting through packed crowds with a warm shower and one of JĀSÖN®’s vegan body washes like Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil Body Wash. You’ll feel less stressed after using this wash that’s made from gentle, simple ingredients.

Nature is simple, and so too should be your vegan body wash. 


You’ll love a Soapbox body wash because they’re certified vegan and cruelty-free by PETA.

Another bonus is Soapbox’s sense of social responsibility. Case in point – for every product purchased Soapbox creates a soap bar that is then donated by a non-profit partner to someone in need.

So far, Soapbox has donated over 20 million soap bars and has worked with local communities to hold 30,000 hygiene classes.

Want to help make a difference? Start with Soapbox’s Oat Milk & Chai Comforting Moisture Body Wash, their five-star reviewed vegan body wash.

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day 

When you use one of Mrs Meyer’s vegan body washes, it won’t feel like a chore. That’s because you can actually shop for your vegan body wash by the scents you love!

You’ll have fun with this function on their website because you’ll find some options with a matching vegan body lotion or bar of soap. You’ll be spoilt for choice.   

Pacifica Beauty 

You know you’ve found the best vegan body wash when you can take it with you in your backpack.

One of the best things about Pacifica Beauty’s 100% vegan and cruelty-free products is that they make a few travel-sized products like deodorant wipes. Though, you might need to siphon your vegan body wash into a smaller travel bottle. In addition, Pacifica’s bottles are also made from 100% PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled) plastic.

Yes, they have their own recycling program as well as rewards program if you order from their website.


If you’ve ever traveled to Australia, you’ll be familiar with Sukin.

This is an all-vegan, cruelty free Australian brand that is carbon neutral and uses recyclable packaging.

Not only do Sukin make a range of body care products, they also have the traveler’s life in mind. You can purchase their vegan body washes in big sizes for tour bathroom or you can buy travel sizes that fit snugly into your backpack.

Sukin’s Botanical Signature Scent body wash is the perfect starting point. You can order online (both within and outside Australia), earn rewards points with every purchase and use all credit cards or Aferpay. 

The Right To Shower

Everyone has a human right to dignity and having a shower is one of the most basic ways to achieve this. The Right To Shower is a social enterprise providing mobile showers to America’s homeless.

If you’ve ever travelled, you don’t need a lesson in social responsibility. So, you can be a part of this when you’re at home by buying their vegan body washes and soap bars.

All products are made with natural cleansers, recycled packaging and organic, vegan ingredients. Your purchase will help The Right To Shower continue their important work.  


Will the way of the future for body wash take the concentrated path? If so, then Ethique is a trailblazer.

Brianne is the founder of Ethique and she started mixing formulas in her kitchen in Christchurch, New Zealand. At the time, plastic-free wasn’t “a thing”. Plus, she dabbled in the world of crowdfunding which was a relatively new concept in New Zealand at the time. Now, Ethique has a range of body care products including vegan body wash concentrate.

Each 50-grams (1.78 oz) of concentrate makes 350 grams (12.34 oz) of “super-lathery” body wash. Ethique is also stocked in the U.S, Europe and Asia as well as across Oceania. If you prefer, you can orders yours online with one payment, or spread it out over four weeks. 

Function of Beauty

If customized body care is more your jam, then check out the customizable vegan body washes at Function of Beauty.

Founders Josh, Zahin and Hien have cracked the code when it comes to body wash formula and offer an individualized, subscription-based approach to buying a body wash.

They’re keen to challenge the status quo so all you need to do is take a simple quiz to create your customised body wash. You build your body profile then choose your fragrance, product size, name and color of your body wash.

Once you create your profile, you can set up your subscription account and potentially join their loyalty program.

Psst…They’re also known for their vegan shampoo!

Live Clean Body Wash 

Live Clean Body Wash has called Canada home for the last ten years and is committed to creating a greener planet by making vegan, cruelty-free products.

You’ll definitely find the power of plants in every bottle of their vegan body wash that’s gentle to the body. Their Moringa and Matcha Butter foaming body wash is luxurious, rich and cleansing.

Plus, babies don’t miss out either. Live Clean have a baby range, too.

Check Live Clean’s website on where to buy and take advantage of their promotional coupons and offers that are posted there regularly.   

John Masters Organics 

John Masters was a leading stylist in New York. In 1994, a simple and radical idea rained on him – nature is the best source for clean beauty. As a result he was drawn to a more holistic way of living which influenced him to leave his posh New York salon life.

Soon after, he opened the world’s first ‘clean air’ salon in Soho and developed his range of personal care products.

While some items contain beeswax or honey, the Blood Orange & Vanilla vegan body wash attracts those keen for a product that can nourish, calm and purify the skin.

You can order direct from the website or in a selection of stores in the U.S and abroad.