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Best Organic Pajamas: 6 Vegan Pajamas You Need Today

It’s time to stop buying into bulky, itchy, non-organic pajamas and start embracing the fact that there are smooth, comfortable vegan pajamas out there waiting for you! 

Let’s be honest, the fast-fashion world has left us accustomed to low-quality products for a cheap price that we have to buy again and again. But it doesn’t need to be that way. There are lots of sustainable companies that produce organic vegan pajamas without any harmful practices weighing down on your heart. 

So if those old pajamas made from who-knows-what are starting to rip on you – then it’s time to upgrade. Here are my favorite 6 vegan pajamas brands that you can feel good about buying from.

Please note – Some of my selections contain affiliate links. These allow me to earn a small percentage every time you make a purchase. Using my links enables me to provide all the information found on this site free of charge. Thanks to Maylyn & Co for sending samples to review for this article.

Why Organic Pajamas?

First, you might be wondering – how do you make organic pajamas? And what do you mean by “vegan pajamas”? 

It’s a good question that shows why veganism isn’t a diet – it’s a lifestyle. Lots of pajamas actually aren’t vegan because they’re using animal products as part of the fabrication process. 

Also, those $10 pajama pants likely have some ethical costs behind them. And the same goes for pajamas that aren’t organic. Many companies use unsustainable practices to harvest the cotton – or they just use microplastics that can’t be broken down. 

That’s why we need to support companies that produce sustainable, organic pajamas. This way we know that we can stay warm at night without harming the planet via cruel practices.

6 Exceptional Vegan Pajama Options

With that mini-lecture out of the way, let’s move on to what you came here for! Here is my list of six exceptional organic pajama options that are also vegan.

Note: not all brands metioned are 100% vegan, but all pajamas mentioned are vegan.

1. Maylyn & Co. : Ethical & Sustainable Canadian Clothing Brand

Pact Orchid Vegan silk Pyjamas Set

As their name suggests, Maylyn & Co is a Canadian brand that creates high-quality women’s lingerie and organic pajamas. They pride themselves on being a female-founded brand that is PETA-approved. That means this brand, unlike most, are totally vegan!

All of their vegan pajamas are incredibly soft and perfect for anyone with skin sensitivity issues. They only use premium, natural fibers harvested from family-run farms to produce sustainable and durable loungewear. 

One of the best parts about this company is the way they treat the environment and their workers. They harvest a completely vegan silk using sustainable practices and make sure to pay all of their workers dignified and livable wages. Many times these “sustainable” companies forget to treat their workers well – but not Maylyn & Co!

vegan pajamas -  Lemon Macaron Loungewear set - organic pajamas

I own two sets of their pajamas. The Pact Orchid Vegan silk Pyjamas Set and the Lemon Macaron Loungewear set.

The Pact Orchid vegan silk dress is incredibly soft. Perhaps even more soft than actual silk.

The Lemon Macaron Loungewear set is made from organic fabric, is also incredibly soft, and stretchy. Both sets are beautifully stitched and, as the price implies, made to last for years and years.

In addition to lingerie and loungewear, Maylyn & Co. also offer beautiful vegan silk robes, and vegan pillowcases.

Whether you’re looking for comfy organic loungewear, soft vegan lingerie, robes, or pillowcases, this is the place to shop. One suggestion – size up – their products run on the small size, so opt for a size or two higher than you would usually wear.

Their vegan silk slip dresses average around $125 and cute, comfy, and soft. What more could you possibly ask for?

Vegan Discount Code

Take a look at their entire range of vegan organic pajamas here and use code “VEGGIEVISA” for a 10% discount.

2. Lüks Linen

Lüks Linen was inspired by the small family workshops and weavers in Turkey. The founder wanted to create a completely vegan cotton collection using their locally grown plants. All of their organic pajamas have a 20-year replace/repair guarantee.

Let me repeat that – a twenty year guarantee. In other words, these could be the only vegan pajamas you’ll ever need for the next two decades! 

They combine traditional weaving and contemporary design, leading to beautiful products that are durable and environmentally-friendly. All of their gowns have a simplistic, traditional design that screams stylish and comfy.

But as their name suggests, Lüks Linen is a linen brand. So you’re not just restricted to buying sleep-inducing pajamas, you can also buy the softest towels you’ll ever get  your hands on. So from shower to bed, you’ll be wrapped in warm, vegan linens. 

If you’re looking for vegan pajamas, you absolutely have to take a look through their organic lounge gown collection. They start at around €115 and go up to €215, but they are absolutely worth it. 

Their Ceren linen cotton gown is everything you could ever want in comfortable organ pajamas. So if you’re in the market for some comfy loungewear, there are few companies that offer such high standards. 


Komodo is an eco-friendly brand dedicated to producing organic products with fair labor conditions.

The founder (the eponymous Joe Komodo) wants to mix fashion and planet-nurturing behavior. As he says, “Why can’t we look great whilst fighting for the world we live in?”

All of their products are sourced and manufactured in South East Asia, and most are vegan. They have a strict code of conduct that requires all their workers to be fairly paid and treated. 

If it wasn’t already good enough – all of their factories also use sustainable practices. Their Kathmandu location is solar powered and uses recycled water systems. So if you want to support a company that puts their money where their mouth is – make sure to check out Komodo

Jim Jam, their organic pajamas, are just about the coziest piece of clothing you’ll ever see. Made from 100% GOTS Certified organic cotton, they’re a fantastic set of vegan pajamas that will keep you warm even in winter. 

And at a reasonable €37, there’s no reason to go back to fast-fashion.  

4. Charlotte Dunn Design

Looking for organic pajamas that also meet your high standards for luxurious sleepwear? Charlotte Dunn Design is absolutely the brand you need to be looking at. They’re a sustainable luxury brand focused on organic vegan pajamas that “elevate bedtime”. 

The founder, Charlotte, discovered the potential of bamboo silk while working for an eco-friendly bridal boutique. She then set off to make vegan silk pajamas that met her incredibly high expectations for luxury loungewear. 

Now all her bamboo “silk” pajamas are produced in Belgium and Italy using GOTS certified organic cotton and vegan silk. All of her high-end designs are put together in London in an eco-friendly factory that reuses textile waste to produce new materials. They also use completely biodegradable packaging to reduce their carbon footprint. 

Their Basque Edition Bamboo Vegan Silk Pajama Set is an adorable set of pajamas that will have you feeling like you’re sleeping on the clouds. The chili pepper design was inspired by the dried Espelette peppers hanging from bars and restaurants in the Basque city of Biarritz. 

So for €256, you can have this ultra-soft vegan pajama set that is sustainable from head to toe and has an elegant and thoughtful design. 

5. The White T-Shirt Co

From Day one, the White T-Shirt Co has been dedicated to 100% organic cotton products. They become well known from winning the award for the Most Sustainable Menswear in 2019 after the Times called their product the “perfect white t-shirt”. 

So if you want to purchase from a brand that has a long-standing history of transparency and eco-friendly practices, then look no further. The founder, Penny Jones, has been on a mission to create the perfect t-shirt that encapsulates a timeless design with environmentally-conscientious materials. 

All of their products are made from organic cotton, with recycled polyester added only into the thread in order to create a more durable garment.

All of their GOTS certified organic cotton is sourced from Turkey and harvested sustainably. Then, your vegan pajamas will get to you through biodegradable packaging so the environment is kept in mind every step of the way. 

Almost all of their organic t-shirts are around 30 British Pounds and can be found in a range of neck and sleeve cuts, as well as in several different colors.

So whether you want to have an eco-friendly undershirt or you prefer to wear cotton t-shirts as your vegan pajamas, their products are affordable and sustainable. 

6. Billy Sleeps

Billy Sleeps is known for their signature luxury women’s pajamas set. They are living proof that you can create high-quality, luxurious garments from the best materials and still have a small carbon footprint. 

Their luxury vegan pajamas were born in 2018 when the founders – a mother/daughter duo – chose to produce their own Christmas gifts for their family.

They bought sustainable fabrics and crafted their first set of organic pajamas. To this day, the duo still work together as a designer and creator pair that makes their elegant designs in small batches in London. 

They use only vegan bamboo silk in their manufacturing process through a closed-loop system. Any waste products are recycled directly back into their production. All of their cotton is GOTS certified and harvested in small farms in India. 

They specialize in women’s long pajama sets that are stylish, yet timeless. Most of their Women’s Long Pyjama Sets are available for around £70, making them an affordable option, while still being a luxury brand. This Lemon Gingham set features a delicate and feminine twist, that maintains a loose and comfortable design. 

Who knew you could look so good while sleeping?

Time to get comfy with organic pajamas

These days it can be pretty difficult to find a brand that you can trust to give your money to. Too many companies use predatory practices, non-organic materials, and leave an enormous carbon footprint – all to maintain the largest profit margin possible. 

That’s why I absolutely love the fact that these business are breaking the wheel! Finally, you can feel like your money is going to a brand that shares your values and takes care of our planet. 

So if it’s time to put away your old pajamas that are falling apart and find some durable vegan pajamas that are still stylish – make sure to check out some of these six brands. 

Whether you’re in the market for a simple, timeless look or elegant lingerie-style organic pajamas, one of these six brands are sure to have a product you’ll love.