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Vegan Shopping in Paris – Vegan Groceries, Clothing, Tattoos & More

Paris is chocked full of vegan and vegan-friendly food shops and clothing stores. Hankering some vegan cheese? There’s a shop for you. Want a new pair of vegan shoes? Paris has that too. Trying to get a vegan tattoo or piercing? That’s not a problem. Vegan shopping in Paris is super easy, and fun because there are so many amazing products you won’t find anywhere else.

Here are all my favorite places to get vegan products and services in Paris France!

Vegan Shopping in Paris – Guide on Where to Get Vegan Groceries, Clothing, Make-up, and More in Paris France!

Vegan Shopping in Paris - Le Marais

If you’re looking for a guide to the best vegan restaurants in Paris check out my guide!

Aujourd’hui Demain – Vegan Shopping in Paris

Aujourd'hui Demain - Concept store et restaurant vegan à Paris

Aujourd’hui Demain is certainly the most lively and interesting vegan shop in Paris. This cafe, restaurant, clothing store, and grocery store is 100% vegan. That means you can get everything from a full meal, to coffee and cake, to a vegan t-shirt, shoes, and groceries here.

The cafe is in the front of these shop as well as the shoe and clothing section. Popular vegan shoe brands are showcased along the wall as well as a variety of beautiful vegan bags, backpacks, and purses. There are a few racks with vegan clothing and socks nearby as well as several vegan cosmetic options.

Toward the back you can find vegan and zero-waste household items like bowls and straws as well as vegan books and cookbooks.

The back of the shop is devoted to vegan grocers. You can find everything from vegan cheese, faux meats, canned and jarred items, jackfruit, nutritional yeast, wine, spices, and more there.

Un Monde Vegan – Vegan Grocery Store in Paris


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Un Monde Vegan is a fabulous little vegan grocery store in Paris. The shop stocks both refrigerated items pantry staples. They have loads of French vegan cheeses, and faux meats. Additionally, they have packaged cookies, breads, and croissants and pain au chocolates. Un Monde Vegan also has a nice selection of French pates, nut butters, sausages, and chocolates. All vegan of course!

If you plant to stock up here or frequent Un Monde Vegan then sign up for an account. You get €5.00 your purchase every time you spend €100.

Jay&Joy – Crèmerie végétale bio shop – Vegan Cheese Shop in Paris


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Jay&Joy is one of my favorite vegan cheese brands in Paris. They have an awesome little shop where you can stock up on their products and see how they are made.

If you’ve never had their cheese, don’t worry. The friendly staff members can describe every single one to you and offer you as many samples as you like before you make a purchase.

In addition to vegan cheese, Jay&Joy also makes vegan foie gras! If you loved the stuff before going vegan then you’ll be very happy with their product. Actually, if, like me, you never really liked foie gras, you’ll still love this. The flavors are spot on, but the texture is much nicer. None of that nasty gelatin texture of real foie gras, but more of a smooth silky spreadable pate texture. Perfect to pair with a nice crusty baguette.

Veganie – Vegan Beauty!


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For anything beauty related head to the all vegan Veganie. This little shop has vegan make-up, deodorants, lotions, lip balms, and natural oils. You can even get menstrual cups here for a totally vegan period

La Maison Vegane


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Le Maison Vegane is an all organic shop selling vegan food, cheese, mock meats, milks, ice cream, and snacks. The shop also carries natural cosmetics and soaps. They stock my favorite cheese brands like Tom Pousse, Petit Veganne, and Jay&Joy and Beyond Meat products! If you’re craving a homemade vegan burger topped with some fancy vegan French cheese, this is the place to head to!

Mon Epicerie


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Mon Epicerie is an all vegan grocery store in Paris. They vegan beer and champagne, faux meats, vegan cheese, ice cream, snacks, pastry staples, and a nice selection of international groceries. They also have a huge variety of vegan frozen foods.

Avril Organic Make-up & Cosmetics

avril vegan makeup

Avril isn’t 100% vegan but I’m including them because they have loads of vegan make-up options. I purchased several products and love them!

Also, the shops staff are incredibly friendly and the vegan products are clearly labeled.

Vegan Clothing Shops in Paris – Manifeste011

Manifeste011 Vegan Shop in Paris France

Manifeste011 is a fabulous little vegan clothing store in Paris France. The boutique shop carries purses, bags, jeans, coats, tops, shoes, belts, and accessories from vegan and vegan friendly brands like Matt & Nat, People Tree, Hoodlamb, Swedish Stockings, Organic Basics, Will’s Vegan Shoes, and more.

If you’re looking for quality clothing that is also vegan then Manifeste011 is an excellent option.

Aenima – Vegan Tattoo Shop in Paris

Aenima Vegan Tattoo & Piercing in Paris

Quite possibly the coolest tattoo shop I’ve ever been to. The reception area alone is worth visiting for a peek. The artists here are all ultra friendly and helpful and everything is 100% vegan. In addition to tattoos

Aenima also does piercings. I had my nose piercing done here and can attest that everything is of the highest quality! I highly recommend this shop.