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Vegan London 2021 – Best Vegan Food in London

best vegan food in london

Vegan in London? Need some tips on where to get the best vegan food in London? Keep reading!

When most people think of British food they probably think of… Fish and chips? Bangers and mash? Meat Pie? Nothing particularly plant-friendly. But I am here to dispel those stereotypes. After living in London just two months, I can tell you that it is an unexpected vegan haven.

From the famous food markets to boutique cafes, London has everything to bring a vegan eternal happiness (read: cookie dough milkshakes). Check out my favorite vegan food in London below! Just make sure you have a snack first.

Vegan London – The Facon Cheesbuger | Big V London | Borough Market

V Burger London

For all the closeted bacon loving vegans out there, this is for you. This masterpiece actually tastes like meaty, cheesy deliciousness. No shame.

Big V London is a 100% plant based burger joint with newly permanent home in Camden market as well as stalls in Borough Market, Greenwich Market, Broadway Market, and HQ London.

So find one near you and make the trip! Best vegan burger, hands down.

Vegan London – Jackfruit Tacos | Club Mexicana | Camden Market

Vegan Jackfruit Tacos London

Not going to lie, I have been eyeing up Club Mexicana since I entered the country and finally made it to this Mexican mecca last weekend.

I first spotted them preying on tipsy millennials at Dinerama, a crazy-cool, mulit-level outdoor bar in Hackney. Self (and accurately) described as “totally banging Mexican-inspired street food”, Club Mexican also has locations at Camden Market and a sit down space in Dalston.

Club Mexicana’s unapologetic advertising and bright pink branding is almost as enticing as their menu, so you definitely won’t miss them in the craziness that is London’s market scene.

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I kind of created my own thing by asking for their famous Jack fruit burrito in taco form  and the staff was more than accommodating. They must be used to vegans? Either way, this place is awesome and if, like me, you happen to have a second stomach reserved specifically for Mexican food also consider trying their beer battered cheese fries. Heaven.

Vegan London – Avocado Fries | The Avocado Bar | Shoreditch

Avo Bar London

The Avocado Bar is the newest addition to London’s weirdly-unique bar food scene. It can be found exclusively at the trendy summer pop-up, Last Days of Shoreditch.

Declared the brainchild of Belli Freschi, Italian street food specialists, the avocado bar menu is concise but careful. I personally went for the avocado tempura with Italian herb dips, which (no surprise here) was seriously mind blowing. The avocado burger in a crostini bun and avocado hot dog with caramelized carrot also looked pretty tempting but in my opinion nothing can beat the creamy/crispy combo of some seriously solid avocado fries.

One last bonus: when you head over to Old Street for your deep fried avo you’ll also be able to check out the amazing-ness that is Last Days of Shoreditch. Get ready for an outdoor slide, urban beach, and a full on ball pit. Need I say more

Vegan London – Spinach and Tofu Dumplings | The Ugly Dumpling | Covent Garden

The Ugly Dumpling London

The name of this place was kind of enough to convince me it is home. Dumplings and puns? I’m in. But in all seriousness, these little guys aren’t just cute, they’re delicious.

For £4.00 you will get five colorful (yet, admittedly, not that filling) vegan dumplings. They’re savory, slightly salty, and soft in the centre. I say go for ten.

Found at a variety of markets all summer, The Ugly Dumpling recently set up permanent shop in Covent Garden. And guess what: they now serve brunch.

Vegan London – Pistachio Cacao Turkish Delight | Taste of Turkey | Borough Market

Vegan Turkish Delight London

The only reference I had for Turkish Delight before chowing down last weekend was the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. Not the most reliable source? Still, I took a leap of faith, and after reading the carefully displayed ingredient list (thank you Taste of Turkey!) I decided to try a few flavors.

I got the Rose, Dark Cherry, Maple Walnut, and of course the Pistachio Cacao. Seriously incredible.

When you bite into this baby you not only receive a smooth mouthful of powder-sugar, nutty goodness, but a rich and creamy chocolate centre. This really should convince you, but if you’re claiming your “not a sweets person” Taste of Turkey also has tons of classic Mediterranean veggie options like grape leaves and hummus. Check them out!

Vegan London – Peanut Butter and Jelly Sunday | Cookies and Scream | Camden Market

cookies and scream vegan ice cream london

You cannot talk about the best vegan food in London without talking about Cookies and Scream.

A 100% vegan and semi-famous cookie stall in Camden Market, Cookies in Scream is so good it’s painful.

On my visit I was lucky enough to snag a warm Peanut Butter and Jelly cookie sundae with soy vanilla ice cream. The cookie was massive: gooey in the centre, crispy on the corners, and perfectly paired with the ice cream on top. I went into a mini-coma after eating it, but in a good way.

Next on my list is their caramel cookie dough “milk”-shake. Yum!

Vegan London – The Guac Burrito | Burrito Cafe | Kings Cross

the best vegan burritos in london

This little gem is for everyone who is just kind of over Chipotle. No hate (well… maybe a little? that whole e-coli thing, you know), I just couldn’t justify getting my London burritos from a place that has four restaurants within a 2 mile radius of my college campus.

Enter Burrito Cafe. If you go for the veggie (i.e. vegan) option they won’t charge you for guac, so take advantage. Plus, Burrito cafe always has sample tortilla chips out (if you get there before me, that is). And, wait for it… they’re open until 4am on weekends! Hallelujah.

If you ever take a train from Kings Cross, skip out on the overpriced, under-refrigerated food in the station and trek the 2 minutes to Burrito Cafe. Promise it’s worth it.

About the Author
marie londonHi guys, I’m Marie: designer, blogger, wannabe yogi and amateur adventurer. I am currently interning in London and traveling Europe, finding and recording delicious vegan food as I go.

Note: All images aside from header credited to Marie.

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best vegan food in London


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