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15 Top Vegan Restaurants in Athens Greece – 2024 Guide

Looking for the best vegan restaurants in Athens Greece? You’ve come to the right place!

Athens is a truly magical city. She (yes Athens is a she, named after Athena and all) will charm you with her ancient history, make you reflect on the human race’s architectural feats, and tempt you with delicious cuisine.

Lucky for us, there are loads of vegan options. Many vegan restaurants in Athens specialize in Greek delights, but it doesn’t end there. The city has a wide variety of international options to choose from.

Top Vegan Restaurants in Athens

Acropolis Erechtheion in Athens Greece

With all the options this city has to offer, it would take a great deal of time and effort to discover the best vegan restaurants in Athens.

Luck for you, I’ve done the dirty work. And it was delicious.

Here are the best of the best when it comes to vegan Athens.

Vegan Beat

The Space Gyro and Greek Dakos salad at the Vegan Beat - Vegan Restaurants in Athens

What do you get when you combine street food, Greek cuisine, and veganism? One of the best vegan restaurants in Athens, of course!

Vegan Beat dishes out absurdly good traditional Greek delights sans meat and cheese. But don’t worry, they are all about the substitutes here.

Their Space Gyro and Greek Dakos salad are the standouts here! The former composed of mushrooms, tomato, red onions, and cabbage, doused heavily in vegan tzatziki and wrapped in a crispy flat bread.

The Greek Dakos salad includes a layer of crispy Dakos bread, topped with chopped cucumber, tomato, and black greek olives. The salad is topped with HOMEMADE feta cheese that is to die for. Seriously, it’s the best feta I’ve ever had!

Other options include hot dogs, hamburgers, salads, and spiral potatoes with Beat Sauce.

The restaurant’s casual and welcoming atmosphere, coupled with its dedication to serving delicious, plant-based food, makes it a must-visit for anyone looking for vegan options in Athens​​​​.


Vegan Zucchini Pie with Tzatziki and Tomatoes from Veganaki in Athens Greece

Veganaki is the first vegan restaurant in Athens that I visited. It confirmed what I assumed would be the case – Greek food is exceptional!

This vegan restaurant offers plant-based takes on traditional Greek dishes like souvlaki, moussaka, and kebabs. Additionally, they have exceptional salads and interesting vegan pizzas​​.

Standouts at Veganaki – Zucchini pie, kebab plate, and the Gourmet salad with cashew feta.


Vegan Poke Bowl from Avocado in Athens Greece

Avocado is a vegetarian and vegan restaurant in Athens near Syntagma Square and across the street from Holy Llama and Winners Vegan.

Usually, I don’t visit vegetarian restaurants as I’ve found that their vegan options are often nothing more than an afterthought at best. Avocado delighted me, however.

Their super healthy and varied menu includes apps, soups, salads, sandwiches, burgers, pasta, pizza, dessert and more!

I opted for the vegan poke bowl, which was so delicious I returned a fews days later just to eat it again. It includes brown rice, edamame, cabbage, cucumber, avocado, peanut butter glazed tofu, and nori. It’s served with a roasted sesame oil and tamarin sauce. Divine!

Winners Vegan

Vegan Fried Chicken with macaroni salad and rice from Winners vegan restaurant in Athens

A part of Niki Athens Hotel, Winners Vegan serves plant-based bio food and drinks in an upscale environment. But don’t worry, this restaurant isn’t stuffy and the staff are very friendly.

The menu here is full of organic ingredients used to create international dishes. I opted for the Korean seitan fried chicken with rice and macaroni salad. This carbalicious dish was perfect for an incredibly late lunch after a day of exploration.

For an upscale brunch, check them out on the weekends. Their vegan pancakes are a must.

Holy Llama

Interior of Holy Llama vegan restaurant in Athens Greece

If I had a restaurant it would be exactly like Holy Llama.

This vegan restaurant in Athens specializes in viennoiseries, including croissants, chocolate croissants, almond croissants, and the more modern cruffins (muffin shaped, stuffed croissants). They also have scones, rolls, savory pies, and a few gluten-free desserts.

Vegan almond croissant from Holy Llama vegan restaurant in Athens Greece

In addition to the sweet stuff, Holy Llama also has savory delights like salads, bowls, sandwiches, burgers, and more.

I visited Holy Llama countless times during my trip and it’s absolutely a must visit vegan restaurant in Athens.

Can’t Miss Options: The almond croissant, scones, and the Holy Bowl that comes with tofu scramble, tempeh, tomatoes, baby potatoes, mushrooms, and a green salad.

Mama Tierra

Baked eggplant soutzoukaki with homemade tomato sauce and rice from Mama Tierra in Athens Greece

Mama Tierra is a vegan restaurant is Athens serving up healthy versions of traditional Greek dishes and other options from around the world.

They have two locations, including a takeaway spot near the Acropolis, but I suggest heading to the original in Exarchia. The sit down restaurant is cozy and the staff are warm and friendly.

Options include the appetizers, salads, kormas, dhals, burgers, falafel, and Greek staples like Moussaka, and Soutzoukaki. Desserts include vegan baklava and a gluten free chocolate mousse pie.

Treis Laloun

Treis Laloun is a purely vegan restaurant in Athens’ Gazi neighborhood, near the Kerameikos metro station.

The restaurant has an adorable exterior and interior that blends vintage and modern aesthetics. Their massive and varied menu includes dishes like flautas, onion rings, mac n cheese, salads, Beyond burgers, risotto, and roasted vegan shrimp, pasta, pizza, and more.

My favorite dish was the crispy lemon vegan shrimp plate with fries, tomato, cucumber, pita and tzatziki. The tiramisu is exceptional and their pancakes, waffles, and crepes look absolutely mouthwatering.

Los Vegans

Los Vegans is the place to go in Athens if you’re craving vegan pasta.

Tagliatelle’s with veggies, cannelloni, spaghetti bolognese, penne primavera, mushroom meatballs with pasta and more all all for the taking here. If, for some reason, pasta ain’t your thing, they have some Greek staples like soutzoukakia, moussaka, and Greek salad too.

My favorite, the tagliatelle and beetroot salad. YUM!

Sugar Killer

Vegan sugar-free baklava from Sugar Killer in Athens Greece

I’m not going to lie, sugar-free dessert isn’t usually my thing. However, the rave reviews online left me curious enough to give it a go at Sugar Killer.

This little shop has sugar-free vegan ice cream, cinnamon buns, dessert pots, baklava and Kadaifi.

Not everything is vegan here, so make sure to check the labels and ask if anything is unclear.

Plan(e)t Ice Cream

Plan(e)t Ice Cream in Athens specializes in 100% vegan plant-based ice cream and desserts.

The most tasty options include the Holy Bueno, a hazelnut-cocoa praline, and the Epic Caramelised Biscuit, a Lotus Biscoff ice cream with crushed cookies inside.

In addition to ice cream, they also have donuts, cookie dough, and waffle bites.

Cookoomela Grill

Cookoomela Grill in the Exarchia neighborhood of Athens was the country’s very first vegan souvlaki spot. Unless you know better, you can’t even tell this restaurant is vegan at first glance because it looks like a regular old souvlaki shop.

Of course, that’s not the case here. Mushrooms are transformed into souvlaki and tossed in various sauces like tomato, mustard, BBQ sauce, and yogurt. They also have souvlaki, pita wraps, kebabs and dessert.

Bamboo Vegan

Bamboo Vegan Mini Market and Cafe is a vegan sandwich shop and market all rolled into one.

You can grab lunch here and a few groceries to take home for later. Products include coffee, plant milks, tea, smoothies, snacks, pies, sweets, and faux meat. They also have vegan cosmetics, and cleaning products.

For lunch or a late afternoon snack, sandwiches are made to order and the options change constantly. So, there’s always a nice vegany surprise in store.

Peas Vegan & Raw Food

Peas is a cozy vegan café in Athens that offers a variety of fresh and delicious plant-based dishes.

The menu includes salads, pitas, burgers, and for dessert, they have cake. Although it’s a bit pricey for the portion size, the food is fresh and flavorsome.

It’s a nice little spot with limited seating, making it a great place for a quick meal​​. And save room for dessert because their black velvet cake and God gave us lemons tart will put you right into a happy food coma.

Baba Ghanoush Vegetarian Restaurant

If you’re craving a big, fat, falafel wrap, Baba Ghanoush is the place to go.

This restaurant isn’t fully vegan but there are plenty of options. Obviously there’s the falafel, but they also have hummus, salads, and a vegan burger.

My favorite, the falafel pita, and the grilled cauliflower salad with tahini, pomegranate and pine nuts.

Mother Vegan Cafe

Mother Vegan Cafe in Athens is an artistic vegan bistro and bar that emphasizes organic and wholesome vegan treats, cakes, and savory dishes, including a vegan cheese platter and sandwiches.

Their beverage selection is diverse, featuring specialty coffee, wine, beer, cocktails, and biodynamic spirits. Established in 2020, the cafe offers a welcoming atmosphere with attention to design details​​.

Bonus – Drunky Goat

Wine tasting flight and vegan platter at Drunky Goat in Athens Greece

If visiting an Athenian tavern, tasting Greek wine, and nibbling on vegan meze sounds good to you, go straight to the Drunky Goat.

This goat decorated spot in Athens is not vegan but still worth a visit just for the self-guided wine tasting and quirky goat decor. The tasting features 4-6 Greek wines, alongside a scoring card and an educational booklet about the wines and their regions.

To complement the wine, three vegan meze plates are available to choose from.

Vegan Restaurants in Athens Wrap-up

Athens Greece

I hope you’re hungry, because, as you can see, there are so many vegan restaurants in Athens to choose from.

There may be too many to visit during a short trip, so choose wisely! And enjoy.