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Vegan Restaurant Barcelona Guide: 19 Best Vegan Spots

It’s almost impossible to choose the best vegan restaurant in Barcelona. The Catalan capital is buzzing with delicious plant-based options.

And since the options are seemingly limitless, you’ll need to narrow down some options – especially if you’re just visiting Barcelona!

So, to make things a little easier for you, I’m listing the top the best vegan restaurants in Barcelona. Plus, I’ve thrown in a few markets and shops to make your vegan life even sweeter!

Best Vegan Barcelona Restaurants

I’ve been to Barcelona several times as a vegan. Trust me when I say, it’s one of the most vegan-friendly cities in the world now.

So keep on reading and get ready to start planning your next trip to Barcelona, Spain! Here are my favorite spots in the city.

Roots & Rolls

Roots & Rolls vegan restaurant in Barcelona

Every big city needs a go-to vegan sushi restaurant, and Barcelona’s Roots & Rolls fits the bill here.

This Japanese/fusion restaurant serves up some of the best vegan sushi and gyozas, but they even go the next level and offer a vegan tasting menu! 

Their Heüra Karaage is the appetizer to go for. Heüra is a vegan meat substitute brand from Catalonia that is one of the BEST mock meats you’ll find anywhere.

Vegan Geisha Roll from Roots & Rolls in Barcelona.

My top choices for their vegan sushi at Roots & Rolls? The Geisha or the Say Cheese. You can’t go wrong with any of the options, but these are real standouts!

If you’re vegan and visiting Barcelona, this vegan restaurant is a must.

Bubita Sangria Bar

Bubita Sangria Bar in Barcelona

Bubita Sangria Bar is an adorable, female forward-feeling bar and restaurant in the El Born neighborhood of Barcelona.

The adorable and funky interior is the perfect setting to enjoy one of their many fruity and quite strong Sangria concoctions. Their food menu includes classics like pallela that come in several varieties. I highly recommend the mushroom option. It’s perfectly flavored and packed full of a myriad savory mushrooms.

Vegan Mushroom Pallela from Bubita Sangria Bar in Barcelona

Other options include pancakes, bagels, vegan cheeses, salad, and even a full English breakfast. If you visit in the evening, check out their tapas, especially the seafood board or the vegan cheese board. YUM!!

Vegan Junk Food Bar

Vegan Junk Food Bar in Barcelona

If you’re starving, hormonal, or generally craving junk food, then Barcelona’s Vegan Junk Food Bar is the place to be.

The Vegan Junk Food Bar, Barcelona is part of a chain of revolutionary pop-ups that have been taking over Europe. With a crazy-huge, neon-pink interior, this innovative pop-up has turned into a permanent obsession in the city.

Vegan Mac n Cheese Balls at Vegan Junk Food Bar in Barcelona

Their menu matches their chaotic interior. You can fill just about any possible craving imaginable here. From loaded fries to their absolutely amazing vegan mac and cheese balls, this is a spot you have to head to if you want to pig-out.

I highly recommend the afore mentioned mac and cheese balls, as well as the not-fish & chips, and their delicious cocktails. Just make sure you go hungry or with a group. The servings are almost as big as the restaurant itself!

Eqvilibrivm Café

Vegan Pancakes at Eqvilibrivm Cafe in Barcelona

Eqvilibrivm Café is another perfect example of a fantastic vegan restaurant Barcelona is obsessed with.

The quaint interior makes you feel right at home. Their primary focus is breakfast and brunch and they’re so good they manage to stand out amongst all the other brunch spots in Barcelona.

They have a completely vegan English breakfast option that is almost too good to be true. If you’re craving sweet, you can opt for the delicious pancakes and fruit, or the incredible plant-based cheesecakes.

Whether you want salty or sweet – this vegan Barcelona favorite is a must. PS – The restaurant has limited seating, so if you are in a rush opt to grab a few pastries to go.

The Vegan Corner

The Vegan Corner Restaurant in Barcelona Spain

This Gothic Quarter restaurant was my most frequented of all the vegan restaurants in Barcelona on my most recent trip.

The Vegan Corner is an excellent cafe serving a wide variety of treats that are perfect for breakfast or lunch. They include donuts, croissants, sandwiches, Spanish tortillas, cakes, empanadas, and more. Coffee comes in the espresso variety and oat, almond, and soy milk are all on offer.

Vegan zucchini tortilla and croquettas from The Vegan Corner in Barcelona

Additionally, they have a selection of wines if you fancy an afternoon or evening drink.

Service is exceptional, the cafe is cozy, and the people-watching view can’t be beat!

Areca Bakery

Areca Vegan Donut in Barcelona

Areca Bakery is a completely vegan restaurant Barcelona lovers will adore.

They are on a mission to revolutionize donuts with their vegan, sustainable, and low sugar options.

In fact, their donuts are actually baked first, then lightly fried to keep the calorie count lower. We don’t know about all that, but these donuts are delightful nonetheless.

Hot Tip: Their pistachio cream or vegan Nutella doughnuts are an absolute must! Every single bite is a reminder that vegan and sustainable is absolutely scrumptious.

Cat Bar Barcelona

Vegan burger from Vegan Cat Bar in Barcelona

A cat-themed bar in the heart of Catalonia? Forgive me for the pun, but this oddly adorned establishment it’s pawesome! 

Cat Bar Barcelona is one of the best places to head if you’re craving an old fashioned (pre-Beyond Burger) burger and beer.

They make their own patties that come in all varieties, including bean burgers, cactus burgers, seed and walnuts burgers, and more. If burgers aren’t your mood, opt for the To-Fish & Chips or Salad instead.

Teresa Carles

teresa carles vegan food in barcelon

Teresa Carles is one of the best places to get healthy vegan food in Barcelona, especially if you’re looking for healthy Mediterranean cuisine.

They focus on making healthy plant-based twists to Catalan cuisine. The restaurant is not fully vegan – but at 80% plant-based, it shouldn’t be a problem for anyone!

Teresa Carles Vegan Soup in Barcelona

Their vegan cachopo is a delicious twist on a traditional arròs del senyoret. Additionally, their croquettes and their vegan salmon are absolute musts when visiting Barcelona.

You can also stop by for a set menu during lunch time. The options are more down to earth, but still delicious.

Teresa Carles is another prime example of all the delicious vegan food Barcelona has to offer. 

Veggie Garden

veggie garden interior barcelona

Veggie Garden is proof of the myriad of flavors you can get at a vegan restaurant. Barcelona dwellers love this Southeast Asian-inspired menu so much, that they’ve opened multiple locations in the city. 

Veggie Garden Vegan Gazpacho

It’s a perfect spot to head over to for lunch. Their menu del día – a cheap alternative Spaniards love – offers an amazing rotating menu that keeps you going all day long. 

I suggest the Gazpacho, a glass of wine, and anything else that catches your fancy on the menu!

veggie garden menu del dia vegan dessert barcelona

Flax & Kale

  • Cuisine: Mediterranean
  • Price: $$
  • Address: Carrer dels Tallers, 74b, 08001 Barcelona

Flax & Kale is another one of the best health-focused vegan restaurants in Barcelona. They only serve organic products from farms that can certify 100% renewable energy production.

It’s another one of the great Barcelona restaurants that show that vegan and sustainable go hand-in-hand. 

Although 80% of their menu is completely plant-based, they do offer some dishes with fish. Make sure to ask for suggestions and they’re definitely able to walk you through their primarily plant-based menu.  

Eat My Trip Barcelona

As you can see, Barcelona is all about amazing brunch spots! As one of the best *mostly* vegan restaurants Barcelona has to offer, this chain is perfect for just about all diets!

Eat My Trip is 90% vegetarian with a TON of vegan options that are all very clearly marked. 

Even though they aren’t fully plant-based, they stand out for how unique all their options are. Including Korean sweet potatoes and pancakes with a tower of cotton candy. You absolutely have to try this place out.

They call themselves the most Creative Brunch Restaurant – and they live up to that name! 

Vegan Tulsi

Sometimes the simplest food is the best. Vegan Tulsi dishes out simple salads, burgers, and bowls that are incredibly affordable and delicious. Because if you’re vegan, Barcelona isn’t always the easiest place to eat on a budget. 

Luckily, I have Vegan Tulsi to take care of us. With delicious simplicity, they make the most of natural ingredients. The Tulsi Bowl is a fantastic plate filled with Heura, rice, edamame, and avocado – everything you need to feel good about eating out. 

Blu Bar

No list is complete without some delicious vegan pizza options. And Blu Bar is Barcelona’s favorite vegan pizza restaurant.

They’re close to the beach, serve delicious cocktails, pizzas, and appetizers, and they’re completely vegan! In addition to pizza, they also have bowls, tapas, and sandwiches. So, something for everyone.

Any of their vegan pizza options are to die for! Their homemade cashew cheese will make even the biggest cheese lovers finally go plant-based.


Monchito claims to be Europe’s first plant-based taco bar. So of course, I HAVE to include it on the list.

It’s by far the best Mexican-style vegan restaurant Barcelona has to offer, so you don’t want to miss out on it.

The pastor Monchito tacos are a local favorite and the nachos are the best option if you’re going to be sharing with friends. But be warned – once you start digging in, you won’t want to be sharing anymore!  

La Trocadero

La Trocadero serves up some stellar vegan fast food. Located in the city center, this hip spot has a vintage, colorful interior and is even pet-friendly! 

The Crunchy Barbeque burger is highly recommended. Who needs pulled pork when you have this mouthwatering burger? 

Macrobiotic Zen Restaurant

Macrobiotic Zen Lunch Plate

Another fantastic vegan restaurant Barcelona has is Macrobiotic Zen. The restaurant has a daily macrobiotic lunch menu which includes either a main course, main and dessert, or a three course meal.

I ordered the main course and received a plate piled high with coconut curry bulgur, red beans, tofu and vegetables, flat green beans, and salad with sauerkraut.  Despite feeling ravenous, I was barely able to finish my plate.

Macrobiotic Zen is a great place to visit at lunch if you’re looking for huge portions of delicious macrobiotic vegan food in Barcelona.

Best Spots for Supplies and Vegan Groceries in Barcelona

Barcelona isn’t just good for eating out as a vegan. There are loads of fantastic shops around town selling vegan groceries and supplies.

Here are my favorites!


Frooty Bio Shop in Barcelona

Sometimes all you need is fresh fruits and veggies from local farms. And that’s where Frooty comes in. This completely plant-based produce shop has all of their food coming from local, organic farms. 

So if you need to do your grocery shopping AND grab a quick bite to eat – this is the place to go. You can buy little sandwiches, pre-made lunches, vegan cheese, pastry, and more!

Frooty Vegan Section Barcelona

So you can have a nice snack or create a quick dinner out of the amazing vegan options on offer.

Vegacelona – The Plant Based Market

Vegacelona Vegan Grocery Store in Barcelona Spain

Vegacelona is an awesome vegan food store in Barcelona.

It offers a wide variety of vegan substitutes, including vegan meats and vegan cheeses, catalan organic weekly vegetable boxes, vegan household cleaning products, personal care, and even vegan pet food!

Vegan Cheese in Barcelona at Vegacelona

They really have everything a vegan traveler (or local) in Barcelona needs!

The shop is centrally located near Sagrada Familia and the Joanic metro Station so getting there couldn’t be easier!

Boqueria Market in Barcelona

Boqueria Market, Barcelona, Spain

By far one of the best options for vegan grocery shopping in Barcelona is Boqueria Market.

The market is located just off of the raucous touristy strip of Las Ramblas, and has been around since 1217. Over time it has evolved from just a few tables and a meat stall to a massive market with some of the best produce on offer in Barcelona.

I visited in the summer so there was a bounty of fragrantly ripe strawberries, raspberries, and cherries that were nearly the size of golf balls.

There were also stalls with an unimaginable variety of olives, nuts, candies, freshly baked breads, fresh pressed juices, and even delicious frozen fruit pops.

Boqueria Market Produce

In addition to produce you can also purchase ready-made vegan meals like quinoa, couscous, and leaf salads.

The market was lively, colorful, and flavorful. A vegan paradise…if you avoided the meat and seafood stalls. It is an excellent place to get lost in for a few hours, have lunch at, and take home plenty of things to enjoy.

Where to Stay in Barcelona – Magatzem 128

Magatzem 128 Cafe
Photo Credit – Magatzem 128

If you are looking for a quiet, cozy, and unique hotel with an excellent location, look no further than Magatzem 128.

This hotel is located in the heart of Eixample, a centrally located, upscale neighborhood in Barcelona. Directly across the street from a grocery store, posh artisan food shop, and a bread shop, you won’t need to go far for an in-room picnic or last minute necessities like toothpaste or shampoo.

It’s also located in walking distance to public transportation, pharmacies, and several cafes to get your morning coffee fix.

The hotel is quite unique. In fact, it was once a furniture warehouse. It’s history obvious from the original details that still exist today. Additionally, the unique decor will impress anyone who prefers boutique hotels over large chains.

The rooms are cozy and small, but perfect for a single traveler or couple. They are nicely decorated, clean, and quiet.

I thoroughly enjoyed my stay here and wouldn’t hesitate to rebook at Magatzem 128 in future visits!

Please note – Some of my selections contain affiliate links. These allow me to earn a small percentage every time you make a booking. Using our links enables me to provide all the information found on this site free of charge.

Vegan Barcelona Guide – Wrap-up

Barcelona's Basilica de Santa Maria del Mar

From plant-based donuts to eclectic Asian fusion menus, absolutely every vegan restaurant Barcelona has to offer is amazing! And being a big city – you have a lot to choose from. 

So make sure to head over to one of the best vegan restaurants in Barcelona and let me know which one you like best! 

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