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Will’s Vegan Store – Vegan Groceries Online Delivered to Your Door!

Want to get vegan groceries online? Nowadays that’s totally possible. Will’s Vegan Store has recently launched a vegan grocery delivery service with a wide variety of products.

This service gives vegans across Europe and the United Kingdom easy access to vegan pantry staples, snacks, and lifestyle products. So, whether you’re in a small town in southern Portugal, or Paris, it doesn’t matter. Vegan groceries can easily be ordered online and delivered right to your door.

Disclaimer: I have worked with Will’s Vegan Shoes on a number of cooperations. The sandals shown below where sent to me as part of one such cooperation. While they did give me a certificate which offset the cost of shipping, my purchase from their grocery box deliver service was made out of pocket. As always, views expressed are 100% my own.

About the Will’s Vegan Shoes Brand

Will's Vegan Shoes - Sandals

Will’s Vegan Shoes is a UK based vegan shoe, accessory, and clothing company. It was founded in 2012. The eco-friendly and sustainable company creates PETA Approved and Vegan Society registered vegan products. Additionally, they adhere to ethical practices and manufacturing.

Will’s offers high quality vegan shoes including boots, sandals, flats, and sneakers, as well as beautiful bags, belts, wallets, and clothing. They use 100% vegan materials to create their products. This includes vegan leather, suede, cork, rubber, and recycled fabrics. All of the vegan leather used in their products is made in Italy, and all of their products are created in Europe under EU employment, discrimination, and healthy & safety laws. So, you know that their employees are treated well.

Will’s doesn’t only place importance on the creation of their products, they also focus on the shipping. Everything is eco-friendly, carbon neutral, and plastic free. Even the shipping bags and boxes that their products are sent in are made from untreated paper and cardboard.

Will’s Vegan Groceries Online

Will's Vegan Store - Get Vegan Groceries Online

The Will’s Vegan Grocery Box is an online vegan grocery store for anyone living in Europe and the United Kingdom. This service makes ordering vegan groceries online simple. They offer a wide variety of products including vegan snacks, pantry items, baked goods, plant milks, meat alternatives, lifestyle products, and more!

With over 1600 items, it’s pretty much a one stop shop for everything on your vegan grocery list. Looking for vegan pasta, coffee, and cake? They’ve got that. Need a six pack of Oatly Barista Edition (because one is never enough!)? Check. How about some vegan gummies, stroopwafel, or popcorn? Check! Or maybe you need jackfruit, vegan tuna, tofu, or tempeh? Yes, they have all that too.

The Will’s Vegan Store has even started offering lifestyle products. They have items like reusable coffee mugs, vegan razors, toothbrushes, and dental floss. 

My Experience Ordering from Will’s Vegan Store

Will's Vegan Store - Vegan Groceries Online

When I first heard about that one of my favorite shoe brand was offering vegan groceries online I was intrigued. To be honest though, at first it sounded like an odd choice. Why would a company that makes high-end vegan shoes, accessories, and clothing start selling groceries? After taking a look at their online shop, however, those thought faded. 

This shop is full of so many amazing vegan products that I simply did not have access to living in the Czech Republic. Vegan minced meats, canned tempeh, vegan tuna, sodas, beef jerky, cookies, marshmallows, evaporated coconut milk, chocolate, crackers, seasonings, pancake mixes, and more. That said, they do offer some products I have access to here in Prague. However, more often than not the pricing on Will’s Vegan Store is cheaper than what I’d get at my local vegan shop or mega-chain grocery store.

With a bounty of vegan groceries online and at my fingertips I knew I had to try the service. So, I ordered a variety of sweet and salty vegan snacks that I’ve never tried before. In fact, for the most part I’d never even heard of some of them!


I even decided to film a tasting video and share the experience on my Youtube Channel. You can watch that video above to see what I thought of each of the products I ordered.

Overall, the experience was fantastic. The shipping was fast and affordable. Also, the items were delivered to my front door, and shipped in a sturdy box with plenty of biodegradable packing beans. Plus, everything arrived in perfect condition without a dent, break, smush, or scratch.

Where Does the Will’s Ship? + Pricing, & Other Details

Will’s Vegan Store ships products from their online grocery box anywhere in Europe and the United Kingdom. So, if you’re in Romania, Spain, France, the Czech Republic, or anywhere else on the continent they’ve got you covered. 

Delivery within the UK seems to be a low £3.00 for 1-2 day delivery. For me, delivery to Prague was £9.00 and took about a week.

One thing to note; there is a 10 item minimum. Really though, with so many incredible items to choose from…you’re not going to have any issues reaching it!


As with everything else Will’s does, their grocery delivery service is also eco-friendly and carbon neutral. Their grocery box shipments are up to the same standards as their classic products.

Will's Vegan Store (of Will's Vegan Shoes) has launched a new vegan online grocery store where you can get all kinds of vegan snacks, pantry items, drinks, vegan meats, and lifestyle products delivered right to your door! So, I ordered a bunch of sweet and savory snacks to give it a try. Here's my review.