Vegan in Medellin, Colombia: Where to Shop

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If you read our article about eating out in Medellin as a vegan you know there are loads of excellent options in El Poblado to satisfy your hunger.  What makes the neighborhood even more incredible is that there are shops everywhere carrying cruelty-free goods.  Here are the ones we found ourselves frequenting during our stay in Colombia’s second largest city.

Here our our tips for Being Vegan in Medellin, Colombia: Where to Shop

Natto Mercado y Cocina
Carrera 37 Calle 8 A – 68, Medellin

Natto Mercado y Cocina, Medellin

Natto Mercado y Cocina is a beautiful little market nestled among charming shops just a few steps off Parque Lleras.  It carries a variety of whole foods, vitamins, and faux meats and cheeses. They also have a selection of frozen fruit pops at the store entrance that demands your attention as you stroll by, many of which are vegan and perfect for a sweet and refreshing afternoon treat.

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Ceres Mercado Organico
Carrera 35 # 8a – 3

Ceres, Medellin, Colombia

Ceres Mercado Organico is part of the Verdeo Restaurant and has a wide variety of vegetables and fruits, convenience food like tofu and burger patties, fresh bread, energy bars, dairy free milk, and nuts and grains.  Everything is organic and they offer fresh juices, smoothies, nut butters, and a few baked goods.  The vegan brownie is out of this world!

Healthy Organic Market (HOM)

Healthy Organic Market, Medellin, Colombia

Healthy Organic Market (HOM) also carries a wide variety of vegan friendly items but what we loved about it the most was the extremely friendly staff and the fact that it was the only shop we saw in the Poblado that carried almond milk cheese!

Paleo Store
Carrera 36 # 8A – 60, Medellín

Paleo Store, Medellin

Just downstairs from BioFilik is their organic market that carries a wide selection of vegan supplies including chia seeds, nuts, and cookies.  They also have tasty bottled natural fruit and vegetable juices, tofu cheese, vegan chorizo, and a tantalizing vegan berry tart that is sugar and gluten free.

Vegan Berry Tart from Paleo, Medellin

Animalista Diseño
Carrera 35 # 8A-16, Medellín

Animalista, Medellin, Colombia

If you’re in the market for a new pair of adorable cruelty-free shoes or a cute handbags while in Medellin be sure to make a trip to Animalista!

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