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Best Vegan Food in Medellin – Eating Out in El Poblado

The best vegan food in medellin

Medellin, the City of Eternal Spring, has an abundance of vegan dining options to choose from.  We spent a month in El Poblado, an upscale neighborhood in Medellin where most visitors opt to stay, and had a fantastic time feasting on a variety of options from fine dining to fast food.

Here is where you can get some of the best vegan food in Medellin!

Lenteja Express

Lenteja Express, Medellin

We ate at Lenteja Express at least a dozen times during our stay in Medellin. We tried almost everything on the menu that is vegan including the lasagna, nachos, falafel plate, and a few different burgers.

Every dish was well seasoned, hearty, and satisfying making this one of the best places for vegan food in Medellin.

Lenteja Express Burger, Medellin

Our favorite vegan option by far was the Lentil Burger Special Combo.

The burger’s “meaty” lentil patty is topped with a thick slab of tofu cheese, hearty mushrooms, tender leaf lettuce, and a tangy slice of green tomato.

The burger is served with roasted potatoes doused heavily with a spicy and salty seasoning mix and accompanied by fresh juice or wandolo, a hibiscus drink, to wash everything down.

Lenteja Express, Falafel Plate

The hummus plate is a bit on the lighter side but still satisfying.  The creamy hummus is sprinkled with paprika and drizzled with olive oil.

The falafel have a crispy exterior and creamy interior and the tabbouleh’s acidic flavor brightens up the dish.

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Veg Station Medellin, Colombia

Vegstation’s philosophy is rooted in healthy eating for the mind and soul. The set menu is almost entirely vegan and offers options like seitan, paella, and burgers.

The Menu del Dia, however, is so enticing we stuck to it every time we visited Veg Station. It usually included a soup, huge plate of vegetables and grains, dessert, and fresh juice or smoothie.

IMG_6453 (2)

Veg Station has some of the best vegan food in Medellin. We simply could not stay away!


Verdeo Restaurant, Medellin

Verdeo is the most well known vegetarian and vegan restaurant in Medellin. The dishes are expertly executed, the setting is super relaxed, and the decor is absolutely adorable.

Verdeo Restaurant, Medellin

My favorite dish was the nut patties. They came drizzled with mango salsa, and are accompanied with a fresh green salad topped with roasted pumpkin. It’s a skillfully composed dish. The variety of textures and immense flavors keeps your mouth happy till the last bite.

Verdeo Menu del Dia

If you’re on a budget while visiting Medellin, check out Verdeo’s menu del dia.  It usually includes a starter, main, drink, and dessert.

This veggie chili came with a sweet and savory side salad, wandolo, and a slice of sweet watermelon sprinkled with cinnamon and drizzled with a mango compote.

Verdeo Restaurant, Medellin

Their Chocolate Vegan Mousse will satisfy even the most extreme chocoholic.  This dessert is thick and creamy, intensely flavored with dark chocolate, and paired with a shot of sweet macerated strawberries.  It’s the perfect way to end any meal at Verdeo.


Biofilik Menu

BioFilik has a menu del dia special with three options, one of which is the Kibbie Plate.  The vegan version comes with warm pita bread, kibbie, a fresh green salad drizzled with sesame dressing, a big bowl of delicious hummus, fresh juice, and a vegan granola bar.

Biofilik, Medellin

Sushi Shop

Sushi Shop, Medellin, Colombia

Sushi Shop is not a vegan or vegetarian restaurant but they do have the best sushi we had the chance to try in El Poblado.  We fell in love with their avocado, cucumber, and hearts of palm sushi roll and went often for a light lunch.  Just make sure you ask for it “sin queso” (without cheese)!

Sushi Shop, Medellin, Colombia


Naan Indian Restaurant, Medellin, Colombia

Naan isn’t a vegan or vegetarian restaurant either but the menu does denote which dishes are plant based.  The tofu in spinach sauce is one of the many options.  It comes with refreshing ribbons of cucumber that are an excellent palate cleanser.

Naan Indian Restaurant, Medellin, Colombia

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Saturday 7th of April 2018

Justo, Fresh and easy, Marietta, Pran√° (Envigado), Natto, Dharma, all of them in El Poblado.


Tuesday 24th of May 2016

I think you missed a couple.

Espiritu Libre is a decent vegan restaurant in Medellin. Carrera 76 no. 32 E 32, Medellin 4117253

And, of course, Vegarden. Calle 32B Unit 81 41 Villa de Aburra, Medellin 4411-12-77

Granted, you did say Poblado, which is one of the upscale neighborhoods in Medellin, but most of the decent vegan and vegetarian restaurants aren't in this area because of the price of real estate. So you have to venture over to Laurelis, Belen, or some of the other neighborhoods to find the better restaurants.

And Vegetarian Resto is not to be missed. Carrera 51D no. 67-32 Medellin, Colombia 58338386


Wednesday 30th of August 2017

Thanks for the tips Mark. Yes, this article is about Poblado. :) Thanks for your tips on veggie restaurants in other neighborhoods in Medellin.


Sunday 20th of September 2015

THANK YOU!! I hope to visit these in my travels!


Sunday 10th of May 2015

This is great thanks! Did you happen to find a good place you can buy things like tofu and soy meats in Medellin?


Sunday 10th of May 2015

Kim! Yes, they are everywhere in El Poblado. Take a look at this related article:

Cheers, Veggie Visa