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The Best Vegan Food in Ubud Bali – Vegan Travel Guide

Looking for great vegan food in Ubud? You’re in luck!

It’s quite possible that I shed a tear while looking at the restaurant selection in Ubud, Bali. For once in my life, vegan options were the norm and dishes like nachos, pizza, and cheesecake were back on the list of things in my diet.

Narrowing this list down to five wasn’t easy and I urge you to go way beyond the glorious establishments I’ve gathered below. However, these guys will make your heart and stomach swell with joy and non-dairy comfort fats.

The Best Vegan Food in Ubud, Bali


Sage Restaurant Ubud

This one tops the list because it scores 100% in every way that it possibly could. Even down to the color scheme, this place is quaint, cozy, innovative and creative with its dishes. The menu is small but is so unique that it will have you blowing your budget with a smile as you order drinks, appetizers, a main meal, and dessert. Try the tempeh tacos, buffalo wings with ranch dip and the chocolate cake for dessert.

Honestly, just the chocolate cake is worth the trip out of Ubud’s main center. It’s kind of like what you would imagine the cake to taste like in that movie Matilda. You know, the one that her evil principal is always shoving in her face. It’s moist, rich and the best cake I and my non-vegan boyfriend have ever had.

Down To Earth Café

Down to Earth Cafe Ubud

Every craving I have ever had since becoming vegan was satisfied by this café. They took almost every comfort food you could think of and turned it into a delicious, non-cruel creation. From loaded nachos and burgers, to a Reuben sandwich, and a tuna pita pocket, I felt like I would never be deprived again.

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Their falafel sandwich was one of the best meals on the menu and their selection of desserts was more varied than I have ever seen. From the standard raw cakes to several jars of cookies, tofu cheesecake, and apple crisp, I always left ready to pop.

Seeds of Life

Vegan Restaurants in Ubud

Ubud’s premier raw/vegan café is Seeds of Life. They have a menu full of creative dishes and a weekly special list that includes an Indian platter, Malaysian soup, ravioli, Italian lasagna, and American style hamburgers. The salads had me drooling and I never had a bad meal while I was there. Their dessert case is glistening with chocolate covered, Turkish Delight cakes, mint slices, and raw chocolate pies. They also have a tonic bar, that brews ancient teas and elixirs.

Clear Café

Vegan Restaurants in Ubud

In addition to its ancient temple view, Clear Café offers comfy floor seating and an extensive menu that will even satisfy a meat eating travel partner. You can get raw food and dessert or cooked vegan dishes here. The Mexican wraps are on point, the raw kale salad with spirulina dressing is surprisingly tasty, and the vegan chocolate milkshakes will help you re-live some of your childhood memories.

Atman Café

Atman Vegan Restaurant Ubud

Right on Ubud’s main strip, Atman Café functions as a hangout and eatery for yogis and health freaks. Most people choose the floor seating and chat with each other over vegan breakfast burritos and tofu scrambles. Atman is the place to satisfy those hunger pangs for pizza and give a little love to your sweet tooth with some gelato for dessert.

I don’t want to spoil the fun of discovering all of Ubud’s vegan eateries so I will leave it at that. Bring a big appetite, a little bit of money and try to make time for Ubud’s other attractions because it’s easy to forget that there are other things to do besides eat your way through this vegan heaven.

Ubud, Bali Market

About the Author

Shannon, Lives AbroadShannon, Lives Abroad

Shannon is from the United States. She became vegan two years ago after living in China and seeing the process of killing animals for food up close and personal. She is a writer and travel blogger and although her blog isn’t about being vegan, many of her suggestions are vegan and animal friendly. Shannon’s favorite thing to do in a new city is to track down all of the best vegan restaurants, cafes, bars and businesses! She loves to eat and loves to travel. You can visit her on Instagram @livesabroad to see what she is up to!

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 Top Five Restaurants for Vegan Food in Ubud Bali


Monday 20th of June 2022

A new place which I’ve become actually obsessed with is Pizza Cult in Ubud. Amazing food, great service, such a cute venue and really affordable. Also a great place to bring your laptop and work from!


Thursday 15th of March 2018

we are planning our first trip to Bali and would love to eat vegan as we have been ..only I was told to not have any kind of sald or uncooked food there due to the water they wash with containing bacteria etc... I noticed some raw and salad foods in your pictures this not a rule that you have to follow to avoid getting sick ??? the whole issue is quite confusing ! is very relevant to me though as I have a gene that predisposes me to get very,very sick from these kinds of e coli etc.type bugs so any info would be really appreciated!


Saturday 31st of March 2018

Yes, if you want to be super careful don't eat leafy greens or any fruit/veg that isn't peeled. However, many restaurants wash their fruits/veg with purified water. Just ask the staff.

Hope you have a great time! :)


Sunday 2nd of April 2017

I wish I had found this article before I went to Bali last summer. Spend some days in Ubud, but none of these names looks familiar. LOL. Maybe next time I go to Bali :) x


Friday 14th of July 2017

Oh no, that's too bad. I hope you get to go back and try them all. :)