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23 Desserts That Prove Vegan Food Doesn’t Suck

Do you know how many times I’ve been asked “So, what do you eat? Salads?”, as if to imply that a vegan diet is boring, limited, and consists of nothing more than lettuce. The fact is, there’s a shit ton of fantastic vegan food out there. There’s even vegan dessert and I kid you not, it can be sublime and every bit as good as the non-vegan stuff.

To prove that vegans aren’t crying every night in bed because they had to skip dessert, I teamed up with some of my favorite vegan travel bloggers to share with you our favorite desserts from around the globe. We managed to narrow it down to 23 of our favorites including sinful chocolate cake, decadent ice cream, sugary fried donuts, creamy cheesecake, to name a few.

So get a bib, grab a seat, and be prepared to drool.

Here are 23 Desserts That Prove Vegan Food Doesn’t Suck!

Don’t read this article on an empty stomach or without a tub of emergency vegan ice cream nearby.

Vegan Chocolate Mousse in Medellin, Colombia

Vegan dessert at Verdeo Restaurant, Medellin

Eaten Passionately by Randi from Veggie Visa: Medellin, Colombia was surprisingly filled with fantastic vegan dining and shopping options. I ate so much delicious food while I was there and a couple of desserts I will probably never forget.

The one I remember the most is the Vegan Chocolate Mousse I had at Verdeo. It was thick, creamy, intense, and everything you want chocolate mousse to be. The sweet macerated strawberries paired perfectly with the dark chocolate.

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Keylime Pie in Brasov, Romania

I can’t get enough. Spectacular raw vegan desserts from Delicious Raw in Brasov, Romania. Matcha Key Lime Pie and Chocolate Blueberry Pie. Creamy, delicious goodness.

Eaten Passionately by Randi from Veggie Visa: I had to ask three times if the desserts were vegan. It’s not every day you find a vegan, raw dessert shop in the middle of a very small town in Romania.

I had the chance to try several desserts from Delicious Raw in Brasov and they were all fantastic but my favorite was the raw key lime pie with chia seeds. It was decadently creamy, tangy, sweet, and fully satisfying.

Vegan Artisan Ice Cream in Barcelona, Spain


Photo Credit: AngloItlaian

Eaten Passionately by AngloItalian: My partner and I have traveled a lot and tried a variety of delicious and exotic desserts around the world, but there is nothing quite like a delicious vegan ice cream, like the one we had in Barcelona from Gelaaati! Di Marco.

It’s not always easy to find a good vegan artisan ice cream, but the rice milk one made by Italian hands at the popular (for good reasons!) ice cream shop in Barcelona was just perfect, with a creamy and rich flavor. We tried the dark chocolate, cinnamon, and avocado and lime flavors and believe me when I say it was hard to leave without having a second one.

Cheesecake in Glasgow, Scotland


Photo Credit: AngloItalian

Eaten Passionately by AngloItalian: Another incredibly tasty dessert we loved and missed when we weren’t in Europe was a good old fashion cheesecake.

You can imagine how happy we were when we finally found a delicious looking vegan cheesecake from Mono in Glasgow, made with cashew cream. The base was just crunchy enough and not too hard, and the cream ‘cheese’ was incredibly soft, smooth and luscious.

We had one slice with mixed berries plus another with an Oreo topping and it was pretty hard to choose our favorite between the two.

Raw Pistachio & Cashew Cake in Prague, Czech Republic


Photo Credit: Indefinite Adventure

Eaten Passionately by Indefinite Adventure: Before I decided to become vegan, I was already in love with are vegan cakes. When done right, these can be amazingly tasty, and usually are also very nutritious. I really started to love them after visiting a place in Prague called Sweet Secret of Raw, which serves only raw desserts. This generous slice of heaven is a raw pistachio and cashew cake: divine! This place is an absolute must for any vegan planning a visit to Prague.

Soy Peanut Crunch Ice Cream in Berlin, Germany


Photo Credit: Indefinite Adventure

Eaten Passionately by Indefinite Adventure: These past summer months, I’ve been searching endlessly for vegan ice cream to cool down with after the swelteringly hot days. In Berlin where I live, my favorite is still the soy peanut crunch ice cream from Mos Eisley, perhaps the most hipster ice cream place in all of Berlin. Being just a block from Tempelhofer Feld, a former airport turned public park, it’s the perfect place to grab a cone to accompany the sunset…if it doesn’t melt before you get there!

Tiramisu from Dolce Vegan in Florence, Italy

vegan tiramisu

Photo Credit: Justin Plus Lauren

Eaten Passionately by Justin Plus Lauren: I used to love eating tiramisu before I switched to a vegan diet because…well, coffee. I am a coffee addict. So naturally, I’d love to have a coffee dessert alongside my coffee! In Florence, Justin and I dined at Dolce Vegan and I was finally able to enjoy a vegan version of a tiramisu…and, in Italy of all places. It was just perfect!

Chocolate Nirvana from Sublime in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

chocolate nirvana

Photo Credit: Justin Plus Lauren

Eaten Passionately by Justin Plus Lauren: It’s a huge slice of chocolate cake with a side of coconut ice cream. But, it was no ordinary slice of chocolate cake. It was called Chocolate Nirvana for a good reason!

At Sublime Restaurant in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, we had a delicious meal that was followed up by an incredible dessert. The moist and fluffy chocolate cake was taken to new heights with a Kahlua butter cream and topped with chocolate ganache. To make the deal even sweeter, 100% of profits at this vegan restaurant are donated to animal charities.

Hot Fudge Sundae at The Springs in Los Angeles, California, USA


Photo Credit: Klean-Slate

Eaten Passionately by Klean-Slate: One could wonder why I would choose a seemingly simplistic hot fudge brownie sundae for one of my most memorable desserts, but if you take apart this particular brownie sundae you would find that it is not just the old school classic you once remembered.

No minimal flavor profiles or lack of textures here. Instead you have a vegan, raw, hot fudge almond brownie sundae with vanilla and chocolate ice cream, candied almonds, hot fudge sauce and whipped cream. It is all organic and nutrient dense; yet decadent and rich. Somehow it manages to be light, fluffy and every detail highly impressive.
A traditional dessert catapulted into the modern era no vegan or non-vegan could resist.

Pumpkin Spiced Cake with Vanilla Bean Coconut Ice Cream in West Hollywood, CA


Photo Credit: Klean-Slate

Eaten Passionately by Klean-Slate: Rightly so, we associate certain flavors with seasons and in turn we create an emotional bond such as comfort foods. In my opinion, one of the fondest comfort food seasons is fall. You can thank seasonal starchy vegetables, Thanksgiving and the introduction of cool weather for that. In turn becoming the perfect storm!

Pumpkin is one of my favorite seasonal vegetables and when you create the traditional pumpkin spice flavor; it just melts my little fall heart.

Gracias Madre’s moist Pumpkin Spiced Cake is well seasoned by not being overbearing, nor too modest. The coconut cream glaze drizzled on top adds a sweet touch while the vanilla bean coconut ice cream creates a chilled balance. It’s texture made in heaven when you take a bite of the cake and the ice cream together.

Mango Sticky Rice, Everywhere in Thailand

mango sticky rice

Photo Credit: Vegan Food Quest

Eaten by Passionately Mindful Wanderlust: Mango sticky rice for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. No really. Fresh sliced juicy fragrant mango, over sweet and sticky coconut rice. What’s not to love?

Cody and I tried mango sticky rice for the first time in Thailand. We LOVE this dessert because it is simple, inexpensive (about 40 baht), and authentically Thai; while still full in flavor, and quantity. The best time to enjoy sticky rice in Thailand, is April through June during mango season. They sometimes drizzle condensed milk over this dessert, so be sure to say “mai ow” (don’t want) before they pour it over top.

Waffles with Black Sesame Ice Cream in Bangkok, Thailand


Photo Credit: Mindful Wanderlust

Eaten by Passionately Mindful Wanderlust: Veganerie is a 100% vegan bakery located in the Sukhumvit area of Bangkok. When Cody and I discovered that Veganerie was open, we took the BTS straight to Mercury Ville Mall (more than once) to stuff our faces.

The prices are definitely not as reasonable as mango sticky rice, but the treats are well worth it!

Cody and I both had the waffle plate with a scoop of ice-cream. They were warm, fresh, and flavourful, and the ice cream creamy and decadent. You can choose from a variety of flavours for the ice-cream like black sesame, green tea, Thai tea, chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, and more, and the waffles come in vanilla, chocolate, or red velvet. We also shared the dark chocolate brownie smoothie.

This place is BONKERS!! Bread, muffins, icecream, waffles, cinnamon buns, whipped cream, brownies! OH MY! Why do we love it? You only need look at the photos! They put a lot of care into these dessert, and it shows.

Vegan Green Tea Ice Cream Sundae in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

Vegan Ice Cream in New Mexico

Photo: Burger Abroad

Eaten Passionately by Burger Abroad: A delicious vegan green tea ice cream sundae. This was actually at a Thai restaurant called Thai Vegan in Albuquerque, New Mexico, US. It was so deliciously creamy and even came with chewy nuts, juicy lychee-flavored jelly bits and, of course, a cherry on top.

Vegan Chocolate Cake in Edinburgh, Scotland

vegan chocolate cake edinburgh

Photo: Burger Abroad

Eaten Passionately By Burger Abroad: Unexpected vegan chocolate cake discovery! This was at Loudons Cafe and Bakery in Edinburgh, Scotland. All at once light, moist, chewy and decadent, it was the perfect combination of fluffy cake and dark chocolate goodness.

Sugar-coated Violets in Toulouse, France

vegan sugar violets

Photo: Nomadic Vegan

Eaten Passionately by Nomadic Vegan: I always make a point of seeking out vegan dishes that are part of the local cuisine in the places I visit. In some countries I find myself overwhelmed with options, while others present more of a challenge.

France definitely falls into the latter camp, which is why I was thrilled to find this most unusual treat while visiting Toulouse at a shop called Regals. Purple-coloured violet petals are highly prized in this part of France and are used to make not only bath and beauty products but also a number of edible treats, many of which are vegan. The one that is probably the most typical is also the simplest: sugar-coated violet petals.

The practice has expanded to include petals of other flavours, so I decided to sample a mix of violet and lilac petals while I was there. I was surprised at how crunchy they were. In fact, they seemed almost fake, like flowers made of icing on top of a wedding cake. This super-sweet delicacy is not one I would munch on by the handful but is certainly one that I won’t soon forget.

Vegan Chocolate Brownie in Canterbury, England

Chocolate Brownie

Photo Credit: Nomadic Vegan

Eaten Passionately by Nomadic Vegan: This chocolate brownie has to be the best one I’ve ever tasted, vegan or not. Once my fork had pierced the crispy outer shell, the center just oozed with gooey, chocolately goodness. Topped with two scoops of vegan vanilla ice cream and a rich, dark chocolate sauce, this was one decadent and truly divine dessert, and it opened my eyes to what is possible in the realm of vegan baking.

But what amazed me most of all was the fact that it was served, not in a vegan or vegetarian restaurant, but in a regular old rock-n-roll pub in Canterbury, England called The Lady Luck. Adding a veggie burger to the menu is one thing, but for a mainstream eatery to create a vegan dessert, and such a killer one at that, means that either (a) The Lady Luck is light years ahead of its time, or (b) veganism is poised to take over the world.

Happy Cow Ice Cream in Hong Kong, China

vegan happy cow ice cream

Photo: Plant-Powered Nomad

Eaten Passionately by Plant-Powered Nomad: My first memorable dessert has to be Happy Cow Ice Cream in Hong Kong. I’m such an ice cream person (a tub of raspberry Swedish Glace ice cream will be my first meal when I return to the UK), and it seems completely illogical to me that Asia, where it is boiling hot for a lot of the year, has no decent vegan ice cream.

I don’t know how Happy Cow Ice Cream stands up to competition in the world vegan ice cream market, but I can tell you that after a year in Asia with nothing to cool me down, this stuff in AMAZING. Creamy, interesting flavours, and incredibly rich.

Black Forest Gateau in Taipei, Taiwan

vegan black forest cake

Photo: Plant-Powered Nomad

Eaten Passionately By Plant-Powered Nomad: My second is a tough one, it’s between the chocolate cake at Saramago in Glasgow which still holds the title of best chocolate cake I’ve ever eaten, and the Black Forest Gateau at Fresh Bakery and Cafe in Taipei, Taiwan.

It has to be the gateau, though. This cake was my first cake in Taiwan, my birthday cake, my Christmas week feeling homesick cake, and my farewell Taiwan cake. It’s just like the Black Forest Gateaus I remember eating in Germany when I was 15 and with my exchange family in the German alps, so although not quite as good as ice cream, it still had chilly memories to cool me down from the ridiculous heat in Taiwan.

Cendol; All over Malaysia

vegan Cendol

Photo: Vegan Food Quest

Eaten Passionately by Vegan Food Quest: ‘Cendol’ (pronounced “chen-dol”) is eaten all over Malaysia. It’s a bowl full of crushed ice with green, pandan flavoured rice noodles, stewed red beans, a ladleful of sweet and salty coconut cream and a generous pouring of ‘gula melaka’ palm sugar caramel over the top. It’s one of those dishes where local people argue over who makes the best version and you’ll find it being sold everywhere from roadside street vendors who shave their ice by hand from frozen giant blocks to slick restaurants in Kuala Lumpur’s most expensive shopping malls.

We first ate it when we were in Georgetown, Penang, from one of the famous families who’ve been competing for the title of ‘best cendol’ for over a hundred years. Imagine refreshing iciness with creamy coconut, a hint of salt, the unmistakeable flavour of pandan and sweetness from dark palm sugar syrup; once we tasted it we were hooked.

Khanom Krok; All over Thailand

Khanom Krok

Photo: Vegan Food Quest

Eaten Passionately by Vegan Food Quest: ‘Khanom Krok’ are a street food found in Thailand. Part pancake, part set custard, these small sweet treats are made from a delicious sweet and salty coconut milk and rice flour batter. The outside is crisp from sizzling in a cast iron pan yet the inside stays soft and creamy. Best eaten hot from the pan, they’re one of our favourite foods in Thailand and we often scour the local night markets looking for them.

It’s great when you get to stay in an area for a while and get to know the different vendors, each with a slightly different sweetness to their batter or a thinner, crispier edge to their khan krok. Some add taro or sweetcorn or, true to the super sweet tooth of most Thai people, give you a little bag of sugar to shake on top.

Thai Banana Fritter in Phuket, Thailand


Photography by Vegan Miam. No republishing on other websites allowed. For permission to use photographs, please contact Rika

Eaten Passionately by Vegan Miam: One of the most memorable desserts we’ve tried was this Thai banana fritter served in the idyllic Talung Thai at Paresa Resort on the island of Phuket in Thailand.

This is a vegan version of the popular local street food dessert known as Khao Mao Tord. The ripe banana is wrapped in pandan soaked coconut, battered and fried. The naturally sweet and creamy banana combines beautifully with the floral pandan-coconut mixture and the crispy, crunchy batter. This was a truly decadent delight full of local Thai flavors.

Chocolate Uber Chunk and Waldorf Salad Cheesecake in Philadelphia, PA, USA


Photography by Vegan Miam. No republishing on other websites allowed. For permission to use photographs, please contact Rika.

Eaten Passionately by Vegan Miam: These two desserts are from Vedge in Philadelphia. Expectations are high at this now legendary vegan restaurant but they always manage to deliver exciting dishes. Their desserts are inventive and varied and not to be missed. The first dessert is their Chocolate Uber Chunk with pretzel peanut crust, malt custard and stout ice cream.

The second is a vegan Waldorf Salad Cheesecake with carrot cake ice cream served atop a celery gel and a walnut dirt. They both married flavor and texture with masterful skill and technique to create something we could never make at home and would happily eat again and again.

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Monday 7th of September 2015

RANDI!!! I love this post so much OMG! Thanks so much for featuring me and letting me discover all of these yummy looking desserts from all over! Vegan cake FTW!!

[email protected]

Friday 4th of September 2015

You guys, these all look so amazing! I want to eat them all, right now, for dinner. I mean I've already had dinner, but I still want them all, right now. Thanks so much Randi for bringing all this vegan amazingness together in one place! Hey Amelia, just wondering if you've ever tried the mung bean popsicles in Asia? They have them on mainland China, and I imagine in other parts of East Asia as well. Admittedly I'm not such a fan, but they ARE a form of vegan ice cream, and the locals claim they're very cooling and refreshing in the heat.


Friday 4th of September 2015

Wow! Awesome! They all look fantastic! This is going to inspire so many people to eat vegan cake!! :)


Friday 4th of September 2015

I certainly hope so Amanda! I sure do feel inspired to go get some :D


Friday 4th of September 2015

I broke the rules and read this whilst hungry.... Damn why do vegan desserts have to be so good!?

Great collection that shows a lot of dedicated research from a whole host of vegan travellers seeking out the sweeter side of life.

Thanks Randi! X


Friday 4th of September 2015

Love the selection of different delicious desserts from everywhere around the world, and they are all vegan. That shows that it's not that hard for us vegans, there is so much goodness to be discovered and all cruelty-free.

Thanks for having our sweet choices too! :)