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Best Vegan Restaurants in Glasgow for Comfort Food

Best Vegan Restaurants in Glasgow

Best Vegan Restaurants in Glasgow for Comfort Food

Looking for the best vegan restaurants in Glasgow whipping up delicious comfort food? Look no further!

There are a lot of reasons why people think it is hard to be vegan and eat only plant-based foods, but I think comfort food is a biggie for many who would otherwise be happy to give it a try.

Many folk I’ve spoken to, say that they need their fry up for breakfast, their burgers and pizzas, their fish’n’chips or bacon rolls and of course their mac & cheese. How else would they be able to prepare for a big night out, have a lazy night in or cure a hangover? But of course, all these things exist for vegans as well!

Just because I eat a plant-based diet, does not mean I don’t need to eat big before a night out, want to order in for a lazy night on the couch or cure a hangover with greasy delicacies. Luckily I live in Glasgow, where all these things are just a stone’s throw away. If you live here, or find yourself on a city trip to Glasgow, make sure to indulge in some of the best vegan comfort food in the UK.

This is a guide to my favorite comfort food eateries in Glasgow, sorted after dish.

Best Vegan Restaurants in Glasgow – Soy Division

Vegan Breakfast at Glasgow Cafe in Glasgow

A full Scottish breakfast is usually very heavy on the meats, so you can imagine that a proper vegan fry up in a Glasgow cafe will come with its fair share of fake meats. My favorite full Scottish breakfast is served at Soy Division, Glasgow’s first vegan cafe. It contains of a potato scone, square sausage (homemade after Debbie’s secret recipe), bacon from the local vegan butchers Sgaia, beans, mushrooms, black pudding, tomato and bread. If that doesn’t sort you out, I don’t know what will.

Vegan Breakfast at Glad Cafe in Glasgow

Other great options for a rich vegan breakfast to cure all hangovers are Rose & Grants, The Glad Cafe and Mala Carne.

Best Vegan Restaurants in Glasgow – Flying Duck

Vegan Burger from Flying Duck in Glasgow

By far my favorite burger in town is served at the Flying Duck, a trendy and student-friendly gastropub in the city centre. You get to choose between a chickpea or a seitan patty (I prefer seitan) and then there are a number of different options. I tend to go for the Kahuna burger with cheese, fakon and pineapple – nothing wrong with that!

Other great vegan burgers in town are served art Bread Meats Bread, Steak Cattle and Roll and Picnic, if you wanted a slightly healthier option.

Best Vegan Restaurants in Glasgow – Mono

Vegan Fish n Chips from Mono in Glasgow

A hangover in Glasgow wouldn’t be a real hangover without a fish supper to cure it. If you have the energy to go out and sit in, I recommend Mono, a real vegan institution in Glasgow. They serve a tofu fish’n’chips dish that looks incredibly close to the real thing. The “fish” is actually a piece of battered and fried smoked tofu, reminiscent of the smoked haddock you can order at most chippies.

If you need a takeout or don’t care for tofu, make your way to Hooked, a chip chop in the Southside of Glasgow. They fry all their goods in vegetable oil and have veggie sausages, veggie haggis and a spicy bean burger on their menu. Perfect for a lazy dinner in the house.

Best Vegan Restaurants in Glasgow – Flying Duck

Mono Vegan mac n cheese in Glasgow

Even though I’m personally not a huge fan of Mac & Cheese, it is such a staple in a Glaswegian’s diet – it’s no surprise that you can easily go out and find it on a vegan menu. Two great places for vegan mac & cheese are the Flying Duck and Mono, which I think both use a cashew nut base for the creamy “cheese” sauce.

Best Vegan Restaurants in Glasgow – Pizza Punks

Vegan Pizza from Pizza Freaks in Glasgow

Pizza is often a biggie for vegan-curious omnis or vegetarians, because they think you’d be forever stuck with a dry veggie pizza without the cheese. Not so in Glasgow. There are now several vegan cheeses that melt almost like the real thing, and pizza restaurants in Glasgow are catching up to that. One of the best vegan pizzas in town is served at Pizza Punks, where you can build your own pizza with as many toppings as you like for just £10. There are plenty of vegan options (not just veggies) and they are clearly labelled. Most importantly, Pizza Punks also delivers!

Vegan Pizza from Mono in Glasgow

My other favourite vegan pizza in Glasgow is served at Mono – the spicy sausage and fennel pizza.

Best Vegan Restaurants in Glasgow – bloc+

Vegan Hot Dog from bloc+ in Glasgow

Hot dogs were not a massive thing for me until recently, when I discovered the delicious Veganoid hot dog served at bloc+. The vegan dog is homemade with nuts, lentils, sweet potato, butternut squash and chickpeas, topped with dried apricots, spiced rum, spicy avocado puree and jalapeños – I’m not usually one for spicy food, but this hot dog can cure anything. Order it with a side of vegan poutine!

Other great places for vegan hot dogs are the Flying Duck and Surf Dogs in the Southside, where they also top their hot dogs with a variety of vegan cheeses!

You can find individual reviews for most of these restaurants and listings of even more vegan-friendly eateries in Glasgow on my website Glasgow Vegan Guide, which is a useful resource if you plan to visit or live in Glasgow as a vegan.

So, whether you need to cure a hangover or simply want to treat yourself to some feel-good food, these vegan comfort food eateries in Glasgow will serve you well!

What are you craving?

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best vegan comfort food in Glasgow

Best Vegan Comfort Food in Glasgow by Kathi Kamleitner from Watch Me See

Hailing from Austria, Kathi is a vegan travel writer based in Glasgow. She shares her passion for travel all over Scotland on her blog Watch Me See and offers travel consultation for Scotland visitors who are overwhelmed with choosing where to visit. She recently launched Glasgow Vegan Guide, a platform for vegan and vegan-friendly business listings, restaurant reviews and tips for vegan life in the city.


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